Saving the World from Global Warming on a 450-Ft Yacht


Barack Insane Obama snaps a photo of Michelle on a yacht that probably runs on dirty fossil fuels and not banana peels

Do as I say, not as I do. That’s the mantra of uber-leftists who hypocritically enjoy spending quality time on big, polluting yachts but think you need to do more to save the environment like paying taxes on the air you breathe and downsizing to a smaller, more fuel efficient, shitbox of a car.

No surprise when one mentions hypocrisy they find the thin, smoking man, the (some say) ambiguously gay Barack Obama and his beard Michelle snapping a photo, no doubt showing their asses to their frenemies living life in the lap of luxury while claiming to be one with the poor and downtrodden of ‘Murica.

Don’t you dare think of flying around the world, spewing all that carbon into the air just to have a once in a lifetime vacation you’ll never forget. Get back to work on that cubicle farm! Let us take the vacation for you. We are your social betters, dammit!

Did they get called out for being a bunch of hypocrites for bellowing about global warming and natural resources and dirty fossil fuels while violating all three of their own premises?

Of course not! They’re specialer than you commoners! Just watch the media swoon rather than pointing out the blantant hypocrisy of people who crow about the environment, wealth disparity and equality prancing around on a boat bigger than many people’s homes – and the tract of land their homes sit on. The lamestream The Mercury News writes:

Hey, isn’t that former president Barack Obama and former FLOTUS Michelle Obama chilling on a yacht in Tahiti this weekend with an uber-elite pack of pals including Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks and Bruce Springsteen?

Well, golly be jeez I think it is!

The Obamas sure have a good racket going on, though. Hypocrisy pays big in an America filled with bloated, clueless idiots.

Amid the umbrella-drink-worthy good times, both Obamas are working on books after securing a reported $65 million joint deal.

Let that sink in: $65 million for pablum that will probably be mostly written by a ghost writer. Books that will be soon forgotten after they’re published and the money changes hands.

No word on how much carbon was emitted by the yacht, or if it ran on banana peels and flatulence after cheese burritos were served. Our guess is it ran on diesel fuel, like most yachts. There’s also no word on how much carbon was emitted by the private jets that flew them all to Tahiti, burning a gallon of kerosene/jet fuel every few seconds.

To the ass-kissing media, Oprah had this to say:

I can’t talk about it, I can’t talk about it! What happens on the boat, stays on the boat.

Of course, the weight-fluctuating talk show host made a career off being what a former photographer of mine had a colorful phrase to describe: “She a fake ass!” Don’t think all black people love Oprah. My friend Pam certainly didn’t.

In this author’s opinion, everybody on that boat is a fake ass. I can’t believe millions of people believe in any one of them or their global warming polemic. But why didn’t the world authority on global warming, Leo DeCrapio, join them? Maybe he was out on his own yacht.

Two big, polluting yachts are better than one.

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  • What a shame there were no Somali (or other oppressed ‘people-of-color’) pirates to visit that yacht on the high seas. I bet there was an arsenal on that boat that one couldn’t legally acquire even in Texas.


  • generalmaximusdecimus

    Superb reporting. Every time I read another one of these types of stories, I am continually reminded just how out-of-this-universe the left is.


  • Obama has a history of accepting money for writing books that he never completes. He was paid big $ after college to write and he took the money and ran


  • Rel,

    Your headline is incorrect; the yacht is 450 feet long, not 50. It’s one of the biggest, luxury yachts in the world! But yeah, the hypocrisy is astounding…



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