The Destruction of Masculinity and Family Are Nearly Complete


More “men” are now living at home with their parents than ever before

A stable marriage and a family were once considered the norm in America. But that has all changed since social engineers set out to destroy both.

Welcome to the decline. CNS News reports:

Four decades ago, in the mid-1970s, young American adults–in the 18-to-34 age bracket–were far more likely to be married and living with a spouse than living in their parents’ home. But that is no longer the case, according to a new study by the U.S. Census Bureau.

The government agency crows with glee.

There are now more young people living with their parents than in any other arrangement.

Notice the manipulative language. Age 34 is not “young people.”

Make no mistake, this didn’t happen by accident. The middle class “bourgeoisie” family is being systematically destroyed, along with the masculinity and traditions that brought it about. The ruling class wants adults living at home with mommy and daddy rather than forging the family they laud so much in political speeches but work so hard every day to undermine.

The elite don’t want to pay a man enough to support a family. They want both sexes competing with each other for a limited number of jobs. The ensuing buyer’s market means lower wages for both sexes but twice the tax base for their government servants to enslave us with the power of our own money.

What, you think greedy corporate CEOs are content to pay American workers a decent wage when they get by with paying slave wages abroad? This is why they’re flooding Western nations with third-world populations and reducing men to weaklings with one policy and one law and one social engineering scheme after the other. They don’t want you fighting back.

We are all being groomed to be androgynous, socially isolated serfs on the emerging, global corporate plantation as one pillar after another underpinning Western Civilization falls and a new social engineering scheme emerges in each’s place.

Meantime, the wrath of the post-feminism Anglobitch makes her a very unstable investment for any would-be Beta who wants to wife up one of these pale pieces of tail. Your government says:

What is more almost 9 in 10 young people who were living in their parents’ home a year ago are still living there today, making it the most stable living arrangement.

That should come as no surprise to regular TNMM readers, American women making for unstable living arrangements. They’re unstable in many ways, including mentally since they’ve forgone having families and children to become one of the boys. Penis Envy has gotten so bad they can even buy their own plastic penises at Walmart to pee out of. No, really. They can.

Let’s put all the pieces together.

It’s been said a great civilization cannot be conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within. Liberalism, feminism, and corporate greed destroyed the West. Now Islam is conquering Europe and Latinos are conquering Anglo America. I say good riddance to it in its present, weakened, emasculated form.

We are watching the modern day Fall of Rome in slow motion before our very eyes and nobody seems to get it. It seems the West and the white race will go out with a whimper rather than a bang.

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  • I’ve heard of ‘The New Modern Man’ in passing but haven’t taken the time to come here until now (as the result of the keyword query “destruction of masculinity”). Just reading this article and the posts above gives me some relief. This shit is fucking crazy and I believe it all is very real – I experience it every day. I am a single, masculine white man but this in no way implies that I wasn’t raised to treat EVERYONE with respect – the way I WANT to be treated. I am kind and friendly to strangers and will help anyone I can if they are in need and I am able. It seems as if every day I struggle more and more to be the way my father taught me to be because NO ONE ELSE HAS ANY of this for me! By “no one” I am primarily speaking of minorities and women! They will do anything it seems to take advantage of my kindness – they take it for weakness and seek to manipulate situations in their favor at my expense…many times it seems as if some of these people are in distaste or disgust simply from my presence, when I have said or done NOTHING to give them any impression of the sort.

    I am an educated man, the eldest of 4 boys, I put myself through school through my academic achievements – I come from a middle-class family and we didn’t have enough money to put all of us through school so I had to do this. I served in the US military, as did almost all the men AND many women in my family, until I started to realize what it is all about and what it feeds…afterwards, for 10 years I worked as a highly trained and experienced engineer in the oil and gas industry…. until I realized what IT feeds…. Two years ago, I was laid off along with TENS OF THOUSANDS of other (primarily white, highly educated men…many with families) …and to this day I and over 90% of those I know still do not have a job – or do not have a job anywhere near the previous earning power we once had! I believe this to be of no coincidence and it is disgusting how the govt and media has done so well to keep it a little-known secret to most of the American people, while celebrating “all” of the jobs that are being created and brought back to our soil. Gas prices are low, “everyone” is happy, but it is all part of the equation. I feel it is being done to level the playing field for women and minorities in the United States as described above.

    I have experienced several specific occurrences in Houston and Austin that lead me to believe that the radical feminist movement is pumping shit tons of money into recruiting young beautiful women, teaching them to hate and belittle masculinity and the men whom possess it. I am well-traveled and if it weren’t for the fact that I have brothers with families here it’s highly likely I would have already left for good, but then again, that’s probably what “they” want…no one else left to fight back….


  • Corporate America is all about profits. They know they can make a whole lot more for themselves whilst simultaneously keeping their investors happy by giving them just enough to stay invested. Don’t get me wrong – I like capitalism – but selling out your own wasn’t supposed to be a part of the deal. Meanwhile, they ship the good paying manufacturing jobs to slave labor markets and mass import low, medium and high skilled workers, creating a domestic slave labor pool here at ‘home’. Don’t think for a second that they don’t know the disastrous consequences it’s all having on the country from which they gained all their good fortune and power either. They simply care more about their money than your future and are willing to sell you out to the lowest bidder to get theirs. Your suffering is their reward. They’ll be dead by the time it all falls down, so what do they care? It’s not as if there’s a heaven or hell and he who dies with the most wins.

    The government? Just a bunch of bureaucrats looking out for numero uno, their salary and their retirement benefits. As long as they get theirs, why would they care about the dreaded private sector? The government is the epitome of socialism – taking from those that have it and giving it to those that demand it for themselves. Tis all greed and vote bribing.

    With women, it’s all about selling out to the highest bidder. Again, it’s all greed. Where did all the good men go? We’re vacationing. Men built all of the infrastructure and civilization necessary for women, the government and corporations to thrive and now they’re simply ‘culturally appropriating’ it all for themselves – whilst making the common man out to be at fault for everything. It’s projection. It’s toxic femininity. It’s woman spreading. It’s criminal. It’s the demonization of others to justify insane cruelty. Hitler did it with the Jews. Stalin did it with anyone he pleased. Inside every feminist is burgeoning Attila demanding their just due. Women have demonized men since the dawn of human existence. Why? It works.

    Is it really that surprising? The male-only draft? The vast majority of alimony, asset division and child support flowing from men to women? Title IX, Affirmative Action and Affirmative Consent? Provision and protection? Women getting fractional sentences for equal crimes? It’s all by design, not chance. It’s all gynocentric social conditioning. It’s forced wealth and power transfer (socialism) – which I always like to call ‘theft’.

    It’s all ‘morally wrong’, but when has that ever stopped anybody? The average naive, unaware, socially trained ‘good boy’ simply walks into the trap, gets used, manipulated, exploited, taken, trafficked and ultimately finds himself utterly discarded, homeless or a ‘war casualty’. If you think women, the government and corporate America are going to step in and stop the madness, please don’t hold your breath. They’re getting way to much out of the deal to sacrifice it all for honesty or such passe things as ‘doing the right and honorable thing’.

    Bondage -> Spiritual Faith -> Courage -> Liberty -> Abundance -> Selfishness -> Complacency -> Apathy -> Dependence -> Bondage. The contract was broken many decades ago. They walked away from the table – now men must do the same. That or continue to be made fools of. If you try and fight back, they’ll just throw you in jail.


    • “If you try and fight back, they’ll just throw you in jail.” That, or they’ll simply socially, legally and financially ostrasize you, which has the same life ending effect.


    • And the guys who figured it all out should just take their just rewards. If you made it out of the gynocentric jungle then just enjoy the paradise waiting for you once you’re outside. What makes it so hard is that you’re born right in the middle of it. But once you’re out, life becomes a daily heaven focusing on physical sensation, hobbies, and fascination with the moment.

      Here is all you’ve been shackled with from day one that you can just leave in that rotting cultural jungle; pressure to overwork/ a psyche formed largely on approval/ neuroses developed around struggles with disapproval/ happiness that is pegged absolutely to the levels of approval you’re getting from females/ mental schemas formed around status and notoriety/ urges for excess consumption and the inability to be happy until they are reached/ anger/ frustration/ worry about yourself and ego/ the expectation that you should be twenty times more productive than females or brown males/ constant stress over money because males are indoctrinated into the idea that wealth is the only route to happiness (and guess who is intended to spend it) / the insane expectation to die with millions left over/ the pressure to overproduce in the form of having millions saved for retirement/ the silly idea that when you’re 85 you can only be happy if you’re fucking off on maddening/overpriced cruise ships or stressing out driving around in a huge winnebago/ the pressure to gather up a lifetime’s worth of sexual fullfillment from age 17 to 24 because it ends there for so many/ the lifelong regret if you stumble through your youth and miss those early peaks/ the constant stress from the disparity between your own life and all the pop culture and social schemas that your life was supposed to fill/ regret over lost chances at higher approval…on and on.

      Drop it all in that jungle. That whole huge stinking, useless backpack full of rotting food and rusted utensils that others told you to carry for their own ends. It was a scam. Just slough it off and keep going. Now you’re travelling light and heading off into the physical world. Not the cultural world–that one already betrayed you. Head into some new forest to swim, hike, eat well, lift, camp, ski, minimalize, lose yourself in hobbies, indulge in the bodies of 19 year olds overseas. Develop your taste for single malts, cigars, exotic tea, good food. Slow down your daily clock. Read. See things, go places. Visit the world’s best coasts, lagoons, lakes and just go swimming in them. Come out for your stogie and single malt and then pass the night with a local girl. Set up a life that you can leave in minutes. Get your small set of useful possessions that can all fit in a few suitcases and then just go. Cut all materialistic/social/cultural schemas from your mind and get yourself to day one again. Any lingering regret is usually rooted in social/cultural schemas anyway, so just forget them and go once the money is sorted.


  • sometimes it’s depressing being on team whitey. It resembles when I was one of the only good players on a sports team who was athletic and trained hard, while the rest of the guys were okay with participation medals and preferred to party. It’s as if whites have been engineered to be comfortable to suspend their dignity for pats on the head.


  • damn that conclusion hit as hard as a load of bricks. can you write an article on how we can come back and champion the masculine white man once again and at least create a better future for our sons.

    im a 25 year old whit man and im reclaiming my masculinity through sales, the gym, healthy eating and banging hotties…but how can i help and awaken my fellow suffering brothers???

    thanks in advance,


    • You can use the socratic method to lead them to the obvious conclusion, while showing them evidence (videos and social media) of nonwhites expressing explicit hatred for us and committing atrocities against whites. Use logic to show them that every other racial group exhibits in group preference, and to deny us because of hitler, well that is just a weapon to shame us into submission and strip us of our dignity. “White privilege” is expressly used to head off our natural inclination to reject the legitimacy of any indignities orchestrated against us.


    • “Now Islam is conquering Europe and Latinos are conquering Anglo America.”

      I’m VERY glad the US is close to Latin America and not Turkey / ME. There are important differences, sure, but the US has a lot in common with LATAM.

      Example: Brazil

      1) is a melting pot of white European (German, Italian, Portuguese), Black/mixed, indigenous tribes, and Sao Paulo is home to the largest Japanese community outside Japan (1.8 million more or less).
      2) the religion is predominantly Catholic and Protestant
      3) the democratic republic form of government has three branches: executive, two legislative bodies, and a judiciary

      Look at Mexico and Argentina, the 2nd and 3rd largest economies behind Brazil and you find more of the same.

      Since the globalists want to merge this all into one and because the Latinos are multiplying faster, resistance in my opinion is futile.
      Anyone with more than 30 years left in their life would be wise to do as Rel has done – learn Spanish (or Portuguese, which is very similar) and learn to appreciate Latin cultures by vacationing or moving there. PROBLEM SOLVED! As far as overseas options, Latam is a much smoother transition than having to learn Arabic or Mandarin Chinese and blending in with Islam or Eastern cultures. You will NEVER blend in as a white boy in Asia.


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