Ah, Those Evil Anglobitch Eyes


The cold, calculating look of the Anglobitch, with ice running through her veins

The eyes can be windows into the soul. Apparently, any hunches one might have that Megyn.. er… My Gyn Kelly is a man-jawed ice queen would be correct, according to some recently released political gossip. Kelly, now appropriately at openly Communist NBC News rather than pseudo-conservative network Fox News is, according to Steve Bannon a classic case study of the archetypal Anglobitch we discuss so often here at TNMM.

Reports have surfaced that Bannon, Trump’s chief strategist tried to warn Roger Ailes about what kind of woman she was dealing with in a report just that just dropped on left-learning Politico.

I told him then, I said, “She’s the devil, and she will turn on you!”

Of course, the rotund Ailes didn’t heed those warnings (as so many American men who are in total denial about the pure malevolence women are capable of) and was soon dismissed from his leadership role of the “news” organization with trumped up sexual harassment charges. Newsmax writes:

Bannon described a “massive falling out” he had with Ailes over her treatment, in particular, of then presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Of course, her setup questions backfired miserably and she now gets to address her nemesis as Mr. President. Ailes decided Kelly wasn’t the devil and the rest is history.

By the way, sexual harassment cases are the new witch trials in this Puritanical culture.

As someone with over a decade of experience working in the media, I know the My Gyn Kelly type. Pretty much every white girl I worked alongside could be described using Bannon’s description of Kelly. Pure evil hiding behind those blue eyes as women like her will do anything to be the queen bee.

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  • I’ve never seen her this close up before. The physiognomy of her post wall face is all too real as you can see her crows feet around her eyes and looks like all the makeup in the world can’t hide that peach fuzz beard she is growing.


  • This is why I like Rio. The thong doesn’t lie and Megan’s wastoid, half-dead Anglo hips would look like shit in a thong.


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