Desexualizing Humans Will Lead to Extinction


Sex is what makes the world go around

The elite are making every effort to desexualize human beings. TNMM has reported extensively on the ongoing androgyny agenda in Anglo America, an agenda that has already destroyed its host culture and now is going global. It is an agenda that will put the very survival of human species in some doubt.

Here’s how humans are being de-sexualized with social engineering schemes. Blurring the lines between male and female with feminism. Confusing the elites’ imperial subjects about which bathroom to use. Encouraging children to become cross dressers and transgenders. Putting male lives and livelihoods on the line for pursuing women or having sex with them. (Draconian sexual “harassment” and rape laws such as the “Josie was drunk, Jake was drunk” campaign.) Literally making it illegal for men to flirt with women in some jurisdictions in England and Wales. Promoting homosexuality and casting down heterosexuals in media narratives.

Why? So so the corporate-government complex can use the energy of human sexuality without letting human beings actually get off with each other. That’s where we are today. However, it’s never enough for the psychopaths who run the world. They want to totally dominate human sexuality to the point humans are bred only under their supervision.

This will destroy the human species.

Sex is the granddaddy of all human markets, economic and otherwise. Human beings do what they do so they can be attractive to the opposite sex. (Except in the 1-3% of our species that represents the statistical aberrance of homosexuality, bisexuality, etc.) Men want to spread their genes around with feminine, nurturing women and women want males to compete with each other so she can select the top dog.

In short, people do everything they do in service of a sexual agenda.

Take this life force out of human beings and it’s not long before the species goes extinct, because the shepherds will only be able to manage reproduction of their human livestock for so long. It will be the blunder of all time. Continuing with the current agenda of desexualizing humans will be the beginning of the end of the species. Meddling with primal, biological forces that drive every species for the benefit of the self-appointed masters of mankind is begging for disaster.

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  • a simple and poignant prophecy of extinction.


  • The World Is Yours

    Great article, I’d also like to add that certain GMOs, plastics that leak estrogenic properties, pesticides and also the gynocentric school system teaching boys to be in touch with there feelings and report problems to a teacher rather than fight, all leads to lower testosterone levels in men. Men now have 20-30% lower t levels than men of our grandfather’s generation and women are being desexualized by birth control pills that ruin their natural hormone balances.
    It’s a fucked up agenda and the masses will wake up when it’s too late- or never. In fact, it may be too late already.
    Good work brother. Thanks for spreading the truth!


  • Androgyny is being pushed hard by college professors as “more healthy” than traditional male/female roles. Hell, this was happening 20 years ago in America. Going against human biology, seems like the worst kind of science.


  • There is an interview with George Orwell where he claims they ultimately want to take enjoyment out of sex. Out of context ,it seemed like a weird statement, but in regard to your analysis, it’s as prescient as ever.


  • Rel, let’s be specific here: they’re trying (and succeeding) at desexualizing and androgynizing white, Western humans. Humans of other races within Western countries (blacks, Arabs, Hispanics, South Asians), as well as those in other non-white, non-Western cultures, like Africa, Asia, Latin America, are still displaying sexual dimorphism and reproducing at above-replacement level rates.


    • Need look no further than recent news of an ex-secret service agent getting sentenced to 20 years in prison for sending pics to a minor, while Muslim men can legally marry 10 year olds. Truth is stranger than fiction.


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