Whites are Spiritually Dead


Why Anglo women and girls do this to themselves, I’ll never know

When an observant man travels to all 50 states certain observations tend to leap out at him. One of those moments just came my way as I pulled into a small truck stop near Lake Champlain in Vermont.

This is a stunningly beautiful area of the country. It looks pristine from the outside. But scratch the surface and you’ll find the familiar Anglo American death cult that’s wiping out an ethnic group lurking underneath.

I go inside to take a piss and buy an ice cream, when I notice a dead-eyed white girl running the store. She has that listless look so many white girls have today in America, as if nothing impresses her. I put my Reese’s ice cream on the counter, and she acts like it bothers her to even check me out. I look her in the eye and it’s almost as if she can’t stand to look at me, that my presence bothers her.

I notice she has multiple piercings and purple streaks in her hair before giving her the $1.99 and leaving.

I like to read about states I visit, and remember these lines from a demographic description of the state I just read before walking in the store:

94.3% of the population identified as white not of Hispanic or Latino origin in a 2013 US Census estimate. As of the 2010 census, Vermont was the second-whitest state in the Union after Maine.

In fact, after traveling around the nation that’s one of the things that struck me upon my arrival here. Wow, there’s nothing but white people around.

And here it comes…why am I not surprised one of the whitest states also has dead-eyed gals, one of the highest divorce rates in the nation (feminism has utterly obliterated white women and made them almost totally worthless to any family-minded man) and it also has an aging (dying) population.

In 2009, 12.6% of people over 15 were divorced. This was the fifth highest percentage in the nation. As of 2008 the median age of Vermonters was 40.6 and that of the work force was 43.7, compared with the national average of 41.1 years.

Economic growth is forecast to be stagnant because immigrants are not replacing dying whites here. Related to the breakdown of the relations between the sexes, Vermont also has skyrocketing drug abuse rates.

Following national trends for opioid use which has roughly tripled, addicts seeking treatment in Vermont have increased from 650 in 2011 to 7,500 in 2016.

In short, white men and women can’t stand each other, they can’t stay married, they can’t form families, they’re dying off and they’re trying to fill the void in their lives with drugs.

I know this scenario well because I grew up in one of the whitest areas of the country. What, you think it gives me pleasure to write the things I write? It’s like writing a fucking obituary.

An ethnic group has to be spiritually dead before it literally dies. I have to call ’em like I see ’em. Whites are the most spiritually dead people I’ve met in all my travels. Whether filling the emptiness with shopping, eating out, or drugs, why can’t they understand their lifestyles of conspicuous consumption, fear, and anti-family attitudes are killing them?

Feminism, materialism, and liberalism kill. Combine all three to watch the Anglo American freak show we have going on today. Once upon a time this girl would have been a happy mom making a happy home with a proud papa. Not in today’s dystopia.

If there’s one thing being in the States has shown me, it’s that leaving this behind was a wise decision.

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  • Not Born This Morning

    Do you think America could have kept drugs out of the country? Is it possible that they could have been kept out? Do people really need all the precursor opioids prescribed to them that lead them on to heroin? Or is the opioid epidemic occurring because big pharma is addicted to profit?

    The problem you sense is not limited to poor and middle class whites although they are a good representative sample to study the effects concerning the problem. The incoming immigrant population is being exploited worse than poor whitiee ever was and will eventually be disenfranchised even worse than whites. The black population was the first ethnic victim group and they have never been able to overcome the damage done to them. Have you noticed that year after year, decade after decade, the main stream media continues to promote racisim? Do you wonder why they do that? I will tell you why.



  • Not Born This Morning

    Read “Coming Apart” by Charles Murray if you want to begin to understand what is happening to poor whitiee in America. America may very well be headed for some real shit and soon if the debt bubble pops.


  • The girl in the picture is not Anglo. Her black eyes wide nostrils and skin tone reveal that she is half jiggaboo. Such self distortion of physical appearance is far more prevalent in the female jiggaboo population than in the white population. Tell us why that is.


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    This post stayed with my like spicy pizza. I have to wonder about any woman that feels that she has the right to nuclear reject a customer attempting to buy ice cream. The last few times I have been to the store, I have been taken care of by male clerks. No muss, no fuss and they got me out of there quickly without even trying.


  • Kentucky Headhunter

    Its just garden-variety attention-seeking behavior. Look at me! Look at me! See how magical and exotic I am with my strange hair color and piercings, but yet I am also conforming to my peer group in-crowd requirements.

    Can you imagine having to stand at a register all day and ring up people’s ice cream sandwiches? Wouldn’t you feel like killing yourself knowing that’s it likely what you’ll be doing for the next 30 years?


  • Anglo girls in this country are truly generally awful anymore. Even 10+ years ago, before I chugged the red pill, I joked with my buddies at work “whatever happened to being feminine and graceful”? I wasn’t really joking, but even back then I realized something was wrong with how masculine, hostile and just nasty creatures American broads have become. More power to you guys who have found better abroad! Can’t leave the Matrix here, as I have two awesome young sons to take care of, but maybe I can send them your way when they grow up so they can see what life outside our American freak/horror show is like.


  • “she acts like it bothers her to even check me out. I look her in the eye and it’s almost as if she can’t stand to look at me, that my presence bothers her.”

    That’s exactly what I see ALL THE TIME. I no longer eat at restaurants so I’m always hitting supermarkets and this kind of unlimited hostility from Anglo women is fair warning. They are sick. If they were just apathetically doing their job, that would be one thing, but the unchedked hostility displays something rotten to the core. Where do they get the energy? I get that they have dominion over the sexual marketplace, and that could lead to boredom, but their hostility is really something to think about and understand.


  • Fellow expat here. I’m currently home for awhile. I’ve seen/agree with just about everything you say here. One thing I noticed lately is the “Super Bitch Cash Register Girl,” just like that asshole you ran into in Vermont. The amount of hostility they project these days over simple, neutral exchanges has gotten hilarious. At least it’s fair warning; American women are about as feminine and sweet as a pit viper. Super Bitch Cash Register Girl can’t be tipped so go see who they really are once tips are out of the equation. I’m not even opening on these assholes at all. I’m just decent and go through the exchange with civility. But if they are below a buck eighty, their arrogance just comes roaring out of their body language, voice, jerky mannerisms etc, sometimes damn near slamming my shit into my grocery bag like it’s some marital dispute. Their “Have a Nice Day” just drips with sarcasm or at least emptiness. I’m 5’8″, well-dressed, boy next door beta, so I could die right in front of these cunts and they wouldn’t care. I’m mid-forties and I hate white American girls so once again, I say; I’m not even hitting on these girls at all. They just EXUDE this kind of “Don’t even fucking think of hitting on me!” Everything about their body language exudes that. Then I think (can’t be sure) that the fact that I don’t hit on them at all (which would justify their indignation) just ratchets up their bitchiness even higher. Girls from shitty neighborhoods are sometimes decent or simply zombie like, but the UMC Super Bitch Cash Register Girl is hilarious. I even look forward to it now. Pick a thin, youngish girl who is likely a univ. student with a weekend shift or a 25-35 year old yoga, EPL type and just watch how much hostility they convey over NOTHING. So any of you guys out there who still fall in love with your barista, waitress etc. THEY ARE WORKING FOR TIPS. You want to know who American girls really are then go check out at the supermarket, well-dressed with healthy food and act reserved and polite. I always have a cartful of smart, healthy food choices too. So I think that even pisses them off because it causes some dissonance over their ‘Men are pigs’ axiom. Add SBCRG to the incredibly long list of things that give guys fair warning.


    • What you speak of I know all too well. I would rather lay next to rattlesnakes than be forced to interact with such cunts. And the fact that a man is over 35 makes these sorry excuses for women even more hostile to him.


    • What you speak of I know all too well. I would rather lay next to rattlesnakes than be forced to interact with such cunts. And the fact that a man is over 35 makes these sorry excuses for women even more hostile to him.


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    Anglo women and girls do this to themselves, I’ll never know.”
    Because they can and they know that they will still have more interest from men than they can handle. It is a display of sexual marketplace dominance. If they felt that they had to compete for men, their appearance would be very much different.

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