American Woman Want What’s in Your Wallet Without Giving Anything Back


Transactional sex has become totally one-sided in a gynocentric culture

Let’s cut the bullshit and the pretenses.

Just like other animals, human sexual bartering basically amounts to a sophisticated form of prostitution. Women exchange sex for resources or social status. It’s just that simple.


Nature’s credit card

As detailed in TNMM’s transactional sex article, every woman has her price. And human females are not the only females to exchange sex for resources, the animal kingdom is full of examples of prostitution from penguin females exchanging sex for rocks to chimp females exchanging sex for meat. Females use their sexuality to get what they want. That’s just the way it is. Except, in Anglo culture and especially in modern times women just want the resources without actually giving men sex.

Strip clubs are a perfect example of this. Unless you know how to game strippers, and most Betas who populate these clubs don’t, the entire business model is based on cheating men out of their hard-earned money. The poor bastards walk away with an erection and blue balls as some chick rubs on them for the length of a song, and she walks away with $20 to $50 or more for 3 minutes of work.

What kind of culture would support a business model like that? Men giving women money to be rubbed on? What?

Only in a sexually repressed, female-worshipping culture would an injustice like this be permitted. I don’t play that game. When I walk in a strip club and they start asking for dances I tell the “dancers” straight up, “No. What do dances do for me? Nothing. I want to find a fuck buddy.” They’re usually stunned that a man will even say a thing like that in this day and age. That line has served me well, as the ones who don’t walk away often end up taking me home with them.

Beyond strip clubs, notice the profiles women make on dating apps. Almost every site features women who say, “I’m not looking for sex.” Then what are you looking for? You’re looking to spend a dumb Beta’s money without giving him anything back, aren’t you?

In short, women financially exploit men in this culture. What’s amazing is that men line up for the privilege of being abused this way.

“Oh, I got close to her that time.” Idiot.

But the real bother is this: What is sex, after all? Why is it such a big deal in this culture for a man and woman to have intercourse, yet it’s not a big deal for gay men to go through a dozen partners in a coke-filled escapade?

Why is sex considered a blessing from up on high women bestow only on “worthy” men rather than something everybody likes to do?

Women control men through sex, or even the promise of sex. Our overlords in the corporate-government complex know this which is why women get such vaunted status in the media and education system. It’s also why men who expect sex are labeled miscreants, deviants and predators. Sexually satisfied men are less likely to spend money like water running through a siv than those who are desperate to get off.

That is, until men wise up to how they’re being exploited.

The only way to beat the game is not to play it. Refuse to become a walking wallet for a women. Tell them with a stone cold attitude that if they can’t give you sex they’re worthless to you. Ghost and refuse to participate in the orgy of materialism and consumerism women have created with their vacuous lives of overspending.

Take the candy away from the baby and watch these women scream.

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  • About 1 percent of American males get trim like the girl in the picture. Everyone else is slaving away for international fours at best. So pointless. It’s like climbing the highest mountain with the heaviest load over the sharpest rocks just for the reward of a steaming pile of dogshit…that’s what the American Disney dream of ‘love’ has become thanks to the fat monsters here. Better to pile up cash and gtfo to ass factories in Asia or EE or LatAm


  • Bobbert Magoret

    I haven’t thought of it this this way, but you are right on, Rel. The corporate oligarchs and vested interests who run America’s miserable excuse for a “culture” intuitively know that dangling sex in front of men while encouraging women’s predatory (toward males) as well as supercharged provisioning instincts is the best way to keep the male productivity faucet going that powers our wasteful economy. Women and 1%ers benefit, most of our men essentially have to eat shit with a smile, however.


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    It’s the promise of sex and if they collect and never deliver, it is a double win!
    I thought I would leave all this behind me when I graduated high school. NOT.


  • Excellent article…… curious, have you read the “GAMES” book in the article and if so, what did you get from it?


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