American Women Need to Lose 50 Lbs of Weight, and 100 Lbs of Attitude


Obesity is pandemic in the American dating pool. Jabba the Hutt has a better body than some of the Catfishes of the Day posing as goddesses

Sometimes I peruse online dating sites just to see if there’s any deviation from the normal, bitchy fatties and technicolor haired, female drones with boyish countenances I come across in my coast to coast travels when it comes to the American dating pool men have to wade through like so much murky swamp water.

There isn’t. I’m face down in a pile of shit until my next junket out of The Matrix for either a week long vacation or my 6-month plus sojourns out of cultural hell.

Jesus Christ, what a freak show. And in the rare circumstances there’s a moderately presentable girl online or on the street, her ego is so galactically huge and she’s such a PITA to deal with any attraction I might have for her evaporates. What? I’m going to become her clown, entertain her, and listen to her parrot the trite platitudes she gathers from the media and her vacuous friends for hours on end just to have to chance of scoring some lame sex? Or, becoming her Beta male slave?

Hell no.

Big bodies and big egos summarize the bulk (pun intended) of the experience of mate hunting in our modern dystopia. The thought struck me this morning that American women need to lose 50 lbs of weight, and 100 lbs of attitude. Seriously. What a gaggle of self-righteous fat wads. They’re physically and mentally repellent.

And worse, the mainstream media is not only condoning this behavior, but encouraging women to become even fatter, sluttier, and louder with books like Anne Helen Peterson’s work lauding the unruly woman. It’s as if behaving as anything other than a wild animal is somehow beyond the pervue of innate female desire. Check out this synopsis of what Cosmopolitan named one of the best books of the summer:

You know the type: the woman who won’t shut up, who’s too brazen, too opinionated—too much. She’s the unruly woman, and she embodies one of the most provocative and powerful forms of womanhood today. In Too Fat, Too Slutty, Too Loud, Anne Helen Petersen uses the lens of “unruliness” to explore the ascension of pop culture powerhouses like Lena Dunham, Nicki Minaj, and Kim Kardashian, exploring why the public loves to love (and hate) these controversial figures.

The hatred for masculinity in this dying culture has never been more plain than it is today. Maybe that’s why Americunts enjoy being offensive to the eye and all the other senses of the discriminating gentleman?

Taking selfies with the most slimming angle on their smartphones, they still come out looking like they made about a dozen too many trips to the all-you-can-eat, ersatz buffet. Lay off the biscuits, honey. And then the attitudes…their profiles read as if lowly men are nothing but pawns in the typical Americhick game of using sexuality to get ahead in the banal world of materialism and acquisition. It’s as if most of these women think men are pets that need to be broken before they can be blessed to see their ample frames in the buff and become their personal success objects and financial slaves.

I am astonished that men put up with this, and treat it as normal.

Goddesses that these abominations of true femininity think they are in the gynocentric milieu that is the strange world of Anglo Americana, their flaws can never be pointed out nor can they be asked to pop open a can of Slim Fast and to please bring something more than flabby arms, a well-worn piece of anatomy and a hateful, entitled attitude to the table.

This the product of a culture in which even modest criticism of women is verboten. With no restraints on female behavior, and what few restraints this culture once had on base female nature now removed, we are seeing the Anglo American female’s innate insanity reaching a shriking crescendo. She’s fat, she’s slutty, she’s loud, and she’s proud. Could hell really be much worse?

The time for criticism is here.

English scholar Rookh Kshatriya made an astonishingly insightful indictment of this pussy-worshipping culture years ago, more relevant now than ever with the recent success of Wonder Woman at the box office:

Indeed, this latent homosexual, unthinking liberal defence of Anglo women has recently reached absurd proportions, with women being portrayed in Anglo-American popular culture as superhuman beings endowed with awesome strength and superhuman intelligence. Frank Miller’s Sin City would be a perfect example: women are not only set on pedestals as semi-divine, they are also endowed with matchless martial prowess out of all kilter with biological reality. This absurd Anglo liberal tendency to claim women are simultaneously angelic and fearful can best be explained by the elite Anglo male’s latent homosexuality and dysfunctional educational experience.

Kshatriya goes on to explain this defect of Anglo-American culture is why homosexuality is the uniquely Anglo-American cultural obsession. Homosexuality is now sanctified by the media while heterosexuality is suppressed at every turn. It is literally no big issue for gay men to change sexual partners more often than they change underwear, but it is an unspeakable sin for straight men to change female sex partners, or to even desire sex with women!

What a sick culture. No wonder it’s dying off.

The bottom line is there has to be some way to figuratively stick a needle into the balloon-shaped heads of Anglo women, and allow this pinprick to deflate some of the cultural programming foisted upon both them and the men they assume exist only to serve them.

Continuing to let this go without throwing down the gauntlet only means the women will become even fatter and sluttier and louder in the years and decades ahead.

By the way, when’s the next flight out of this cultural inferno?

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  • Rhoda Mercado-Lindsay

    I joined a Christian dating site years ago and tried their public online chat. I was surprised a lot of American women hate us Asian women. They said we are seducing their men. But I do think it has everything to do with the “entitlement attitude” of many American women (there are American women who still embody the real deal). My husband is an American and he had all the chances to date an American woman but did not. He, instead, pursued me even when we were continents apart. When we got married, I had the opportunity to mingle with American women that you so described in your writing. I do understand what you are trying to point out. Just as many Asian women are taught to be, I love my husband and put that love in everything I do for him without expecting that he will give everything back for me. It is just a matter too of respecting the male position in the household. I never questioned about equality or who is more intelligent between the two of us. I concede that my husband is a very intelligent man who works hard every single day and I do not feel less intelligent than he is because I know my worth as a woman and I do not need to compete for recognition with my husband. I do not need to assert my rights or be a feminist activist in front of my husband. I just love him every single day. I let him take the lead in the home and we mutually consider each other’s opinion and plans without being a sarcastic feminist. I just enjoy when we can talk intelligently about politics, sports, economy, science, nature, leisure, our marriage, our relatives without having to win any debate about it. Less ego, less stress. When he thinks I am right, he will affirm me. When I think he is wrong, I won’t tell him that he is wrong but I will explain to him why my position is different from his. Apparently, many American women do not have a deep understanding about the Asian form of submission to the man in the family and they always interpret it as being “slaves” to the males. Well, they can call it whatever they want, but in everything we do, we really love our men in the family (husband, brother, father) and we give them the respect that they deserve. From what I experienced, the less I demand from my husband, the more he gives me back in return.


  • Eduardo the Magnificent

    The title needs to catch on as a meme, and repeated anywhere men are talking about women, including talking about women TO other women.

    Her: How did your date with so-and-so go?

    You: She needs to lose 50 lbs of weight and 100 lbs of attitude….


    • The Angry Outernationalist

      “She’s going to have to pay extra at the airport when she flies.”

      “How do you figure that?”

      “There’s a 23 kilogram limit for bags and her attitude takes up two.”


  • There is nothing worse than the “Funny Fat Girl” persona that every fat piece of shit tries to pull off. They think they’re Schumer or sassy Meghan Trainor. Let the Betas try to corral their fat tit meat and try to shape into a tit with their hands and get their kicks. Who cares? I’d hate to see it when they let go of it and it just spills all over the bed like someone spilled a tub of yogurt. The betas are the ones maintaining the infrastructure so don’t wake them up. Just find your way OUT. I’m a committed expat who’s currently doing a long stretch stateside for a few reasons. The feeling I dislike the most is when summer rolls around. It’s SUMMER. You know, boats, bikinis, going camping with a hottie? But it’s so far from happening like that. The women just aren’t offering anything anymore. Yeah, congrats to that one guy in 300 who can pull good tail here. Good for him and his 58 hours of ‘cold approaching’ a week or his 75 hour work week to have the cash for a cigarette boat or whatever. Congrats. Seriously. Some guys do it. Meanwhile I can get much better tail almost anywhere in the world as a roaming teacher than the most guys worth 5 mill can get stateside. The only tail I even see anymore are the high school girls in their daisy dukes having those fundraiser car washes. One in five of those girls is something to look at so it seems like some kind of deluge of hotness because you see three hot 16 year olds in a group of 15 of them jumping around holding signs. Get me out of here!


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    What got to me, more than anything, was the attitude. I can’t read another online dating profile.


  • It’s tough for a young incel guy out there. I simply logged into POF the other day to send a few messages and I see this behemoth that looked like a house. Her tagline read “Alpha males only”. It’s so depressing to live where women act like this and treat men like shit.

    Thanks for writing your articles. They give me some clarity.


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    A recent visit to an American shopping mall while travelling told me everything I needed to know about the current situation …

    It wasn’t so much what the mall had but what the mall had lost over the years.

    What happened to Dunhill’s? What happened to Scribner’s? What the flying flaming hell happened to the decent Chinese restaurant shoved into a corner?

    It’s now all upwardly aspirational crap and esteem-boosting junk for chicks, along with shops that sell clothing that will make any guy look like a potential cross-dresser (which I suppose is the point of “unisex” clothing, after all).

    The only shop in there worth visiting for most men is the travel shop, where you can still get some deals if you’re a visiting tourist. Otherwise, maybe you might be able to justify going there for a little bit of forex counter trade abuse, at least if you’re not willing to suck up a trip to the airport or to your bank (if you have one in America). Otherwise, it’s mostly a waste of time if you’re a guy.

    There were a few men around, however … in the food court. But what I saw in the food court banged home the rest of it.

    This mall happens to be operated by one of the big American national mall real estate management companies.

    They show their own television feed, and it shows adverts as well as snippets of what looks like bespoke television programming.

    Not a single second of any of that televised rubbish was targeted toward men.

    And so I offer this bit of entertainment that speaks another truth:

    The Oatmeal — How the male angler fish gets completely screwed

    THAT COULD BE YOU … with your balls in one of those chicks’s purses at the mall! IMAGINE THAT!


    • Did Excalibur get shut down too? Seems like it would. That place required men to go in and buy something for themselves. Probably went out of business.


      • The Angry Outernationalist

        The only shops in major American malls I’ve seen selling knives have been Victorinox or REI. I remember what Excalibur was, but I haven’t seen one since my return to the States.

        This particular American mall I had to endure never had one as far as I know.

        Instead, the most striking feature now is the presence of a police precinct within the mall, and of course all of the police in the mall are armed response units. I can barely imagine what it’s like to have to walk a shopping mall as a police beat.

        OH LOOK THAT GUY’S BALLS ARE IN THAT WOMAN’S PURSE … there’s no way he could be a threat, but just in case, let’s keep him away from sharp pointy things. The mall shops will make sure of that by selling them only in housewares!

        This American experience has been like having my third eye squeegeed clean with drain cleaner.


  • While you might think women need to lose weight and attitude, they aren’t going to. Why not? Because they continue to get what they want being the way they are. Men are loving thick girls these days, and and they gravitate towards women who are outspoken and bossy. It’s not only nice guys that finish last anymore.


    • Relampago Furioso

      Thanks for explaining my I leave this cultural cesspool so often, and cherish each moment I have away from its suicidal and nihilistic trajectory.


  • Dude great writing . I laughed my ass off at your descriptions.


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