Reader Mailbag: The Female Kiss of Death


A TNMM reader provides insight into the Female Kiss of Death

As women move to discard unwanted men from their lives, how many times have we seen this scene play out in front of our eyes, whether we are on the receiving end or it is a brother of ours?

It is a behavioral pattern that could be referred to as The Female Kiss of Death, a process broken down into three simple steps by TNMM reader Doc J. He writes:

If a woman decides to get rid of a man that she no longer wants to have around, there is a process for that:

  1. Manufacture an “offense” – it doesn’t matter if the “offense” is real, only she has to think it is real. (All her girlfriends will agree with her reasons anyway.)
  2. Accuse him of that “offense”.
  3. Punish him for that offense and viola – she has easily eliminated a man that has done her no harm and made herself a victim in the process…an added plus!

I have seen it work over and over.

Indeed, Doc J provides a keen insight into the female psyche with this succinct writeup. This three step process is yet another illustration of female dissimulation Schopenhauer so eloquently detailed a century ago.

The Female Kiss of Death is related to the usual female record-keeping of “What I had to put up with” of actual and perceived slights, but in this case a bitch just makes something up and tags the hapless Beta male with a fake offense. The aim is to make it socially acceptable for her to dispose of him, and to make him the scapegoat so she can hide her ulterior motives. Like monkey branching or whatever the flavor of the day might be.

It is also another example of the sage wisdom to never listen to what women say, to watch what they do.

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  • Does this mean married women or dating?

    I encourage women to leave people who they feel are no longer good for them, as I know you do with men. For example, if a woman is a dating a man and he starts a bad drinking habit and makes that his priority and can’t stay sober around her, then it’s time to leave him be until he gets his shit together. And don’t stalk or harass him, even if he has done something bad like cheat Just go her own way, especially if there are no obligations like marriage or children.


    • Relampago Furioso

      I also encourage men to leave women who are no longer good for them, and for society to stop guilting men who cut the fat out of their lives. For example, when women start spending too much money on rampant materialism and Keeping Up With the Joneses, become emotionally manipulating or bitchy, or become prudish. I also think empowered women should be left to take care of their own financial problems post-divorce.

      Perhaps the best advice is to avoid Anglo women altogether. I’ve done so for years, and life has never been better for me once seeing what a woman can truly be, a true asset to a man, rather than a burden, when she’s brought up outside a misandrist culture.


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    This is compounded by the beta’s bafflement over the source of his offense. No one will tell him that it is unlikely he gave offense.


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