Vox Populi: Anglo Culture Has Literally Become Deadlier than the Vietnam War and Terrorism


Listening to what you have to say

My latest Return of Kings expose on America’s tremendous drug overdose problem, in which I link it to a spiritually dead culture that worships at the altar of garish materialism and novel eatin’ out experiences has sparked a lively conversation. More people are now dying of drug overdoses each year, trying to chemically escape today’s dystopia, than Americans who died during the entirety of the Vietnam War or who die from terrorism.

Here are some of the best comments, and for amusement, a jab someone made followed by a sizzling comeback from an ROK reader.

Michael Ryan ties the problem to liberalism, which certainly is related to the cultural nihilism that permeates modern America and encourages increasing numbers of people to escape the sleep-work-spend cycle through substance abuse.

Modern liberalism offers no future to the young, the modern liberal does not create a happy home for children nor seek a better life for himself, modern liberals just rot on the vine and do their best to make everybody else around them as miserable and pathetic as they are.

This is a good insight, as liberalism has indeed become something of a suicide cult in modern times. It is a creed centered on weakness, self-loathing, and jealousy.

Jolly Joker agreed with Ryan.

It is void and empty. The American way of life for most people is 45 years of work and then die off. There isn’t any American culture. There are no ballroom dances or partying or anything that remotely resembles a traditional or even functional [such as a] we are in it together, fun society.

We all live in a dog eat dog world where libs pile more deadbeats on us. We have our one thanksgiving meal and one Christmas day interrupted by the god of consumerism. We all work 52 weeks a year and if you take a week off your employer looks at you like you don’t have enough work to do. No – society is a complete pile of shit with fat woman on every corner. Religion is gynocentric- and hates the male while making sure females have zero responsibility in any relationship.

What do you have?

-The average marriage lasts 8 years. 50% divorce. 50% are unmarried.
-35% of females are overweight- which means no normal man will want to fuck with a bowl of fat-rolled goo.
-66% of females would rather read a book than fuck their husband.. .

So marriage is basically – 1 x .50 x.35 x.66 … = a 1 in 10 chance of success… thats before you add the bitchy woman or the woman who thinks she can spend you into oblivion.

So, you end up single and do your own thing. MGTOW for life with occasionally fucking women, knowing full well that society is royally fucked and you go down if you don’t take care of yourself.

Sonoran also agrees on the the sad state of cultural affairs in modern America:

The current Anglo culture is truly toxic. I’ve lived in the third world and I noticed the tranquility within me there. Less worries about materialism and about the future. People live for the day and actually know who their neighbors are. Its a joy to see everyone sitting outside in the evening time talking with each other and kids playing.

There is an aspect of loneliness which has led me to certain drugs. I do them VERY infrequently but I use alcohol, psychedelics and will soon be starting testosterone.

Not your typical drugs to get high, but drugs to make you feel more alive in a a dead world.

Of course, not everyone agrees. Chicken Hawk posted a typical, critical response that’s so cliché I’m sure every Red Pill man has been slammed with something like it before:

It’s because they’re a bunch of fucked ass losers like you who can’t get a girlfriend : )

MCGOO posted this delicious comeback:

Whoop whoop! That’s the sound of a White Knight vet firefighter with a fat wife.

Indeed, the “loser who can’t get a girlfriend” ad hominem attack is used so reflexively and so often it’s lost all meaning. It’s a mental version of a spasm. As always, nothing matters to me but searching for the truth. Thanks to all those who contribute to a lively conversation both here and at ROK.

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  • “But my question still stands: if we are spiritually dead and you don’t recommend returning to our
    traditional faith based on Jesus…how do we become spiritually alive?

    I mean, you can’t just tell us society is spiritually dead – I agree – but not point the way out!”

    Lots of good points in the comments here. Old Puritanism (plenty of it in Canada too) had the religion removed and replaced with liberal platitudes – like a genetically-modified vaccine. The seminaries become filled with Marxist devotees who equate socialism with Christianity.

    I don’t attend church myself anymore, but while I have innumerable problems with the Church it’s primarily because it makes no pretense of being a Biblical people. Most men who profess themselves as former believers or atheists point to the organization, not the book. So, one by one, a spiritual reawakening happens by individual Men seeking Truth.

    There is no way out for “society” – each man must find his own way. “Society” just means “what Women and their Government Husband desire at the moment”. Men have always had to qualify for the right to participate in “Society”; Women had some training to undergo as well, but now instead of domesticity and motherhood it’s college, the Carousel and credit cards. But whether she’s a traditionalist or a raging career-gal slut, she’s “In”.

    The Whore of Babylon and its multitude of whorish daughters today have made things so ridiculously bad for average guys that eventually, one by one, they see it. Even when you clear the hurdles you become the legal serf of an expensive, ungrateful and uncooperative semi-retired slut who fucks you like a prude until her restless tingles draw her to divorce court.


  • Jonathan Castle

    Love the site and your writing. But there seems to be a central contradiction:

    1 – America is spiritually dead
    2 – America has ‘puritan’ sexual repression

    I probably don’t understand what you’re saying, or what you mean by spiritual, but if you want America to not be spiritually dead, shouldn’t you embrace some form of traditional faith – which necessarily puts boundaries on sexual expression?

    Have you set up a catch-22, a no-win situation?


    • Rookh Kshatriya

      Jonathan, there is no contradiction. The puritanical repression persists as a residual legacy of Anglo-American religion, albeit shorn of its religious roots. Its modern strongholds can be found in secular mass culture, for example Disney movies about perfect princesses or horror films in which all men are villains and women are all saints. Now, these cultural artefacts are not religious in any way, but the old religious puritanism persists in them, albeit in secular form. Similarly, feminism is not an explicitly religious movement, but Anglo feminism has exactly the same anti-sex, anti-pleasure stance as the temperance movements of the 19th century which it claims to despise. The Anglobitch Thesis teaches that Anglo feminism (and much Anglo culture in general) is essentially Victorian puritanism in secular guise. This explains the intellectually vapid and contradictory nature of Anglo feminism; it embodies what it claims to oppose.


      • Jonathan Castle

        Ok, I see where you’re coming from – the legacy of Puritanical Christianity is repressing us in secular guises.

        But my question still stands: if we are spiritually dead and you don’t recommend returning to our traditional faith based on Jesus…how do we become spiritually alive?

        I mean, you can’t just tell us society is spiritually dead – I agree – but not point the way out! 🙂

        Or are you saying ridding ourselves of any form of repression is itself a ‘faith’ ? If so that sounds like a “do what thou wilt” Crowley-esque / Luciferian belief system. …just asking..


      • Rookh Kshatriya

        There are many religions (or even variants of Christianity) that are not explicitly anti-sex/anti-pleasure in the way Anglo-puritan Christianity.is. Despite its many faults, the syncretic Catholic Christianity of the Middle Ages retained realistic ideas about sexuality, if nothing else. Rejection of Anglo puritanism is therefore not a rejection of spirituality as such, merely a particularly sickly and degenerate form of it. In the end, if you want to pursue a spiritual path, that is your own unique journey and no one else’s concern.

        Another factor to consider is that the Anglo-Matriarchal Matrix does not want the spiritual benefits of Anglo-Puritan Christianity, just the misandry that springs from it. In short, returning to your faith will not alter Anglo women’s misandrist attitudes; indeed, it will only strengthen them.


  • signor farfalla

    The one guy is on the right track but his “35% of women are overweight” is extremely under-estimated. I’d put it at 80%. For women over 30, you’re looking at 85% with many of the normal weight women being haggard with the salad and diet shake lifestyle that leaves them withered and kind of horrible in some respects. The lack of physical health in Anglo females is beyond epidemic. It actually renders all other considerations as unimportant. About 1 in 50 women over the age of 33 would be something worth looking at in a bikini. It is so outrageously bad.


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    “America’s tremendous eutopic drug overdose problem …”

    It’s rather convenient that the present “supply chain management” problem of “drug overdose” in America now largely consists of covert substitution.

    The punters think their back channel supplier will continue to provide oxycodone and other such pills as before, and so they’re surprised when they’ve been delivered a more-than-potent batch of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Oxycodone (Because It’s Carfentanil).

    What this leads to is an even more stark reminder of the point being made than was originally intended.

    The supply chain knew the rules: as a drug dealer or manufacturer you do not try to poison the consumers of The Products. Sure, a few greedy suppliers would fail to understand the rules, and they might fail to understand why The Official Competition would push hard to take them out before The Fuzz arrived on the scene.

    It’s possible that the rules have been suspended because The Consumers don’t have enough money anymore to pay for The Products that are genuine.

    Think of it as predatory culture in action.


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