Dads Don’t Count: Men Share Their Experiences as their Unborn Children Were Killed By Mom


Moms continue to hold unilateral power over all issues pertaining to children, leaving dads to twiddle their thumbs as their son or daughter is killed at an abortion clinic

“I’m pregnant.”

Naturally, many men would be filled with joy to learn they were fathers in the making. At least, in a traditional, sane society. But today, that joy often turns to sorrow and even suicide when mom unilaterally decides the child must die, and be sucked out of her womb into a tube at an abortion clinic.


Feminists think men should have no agency in deciding if this is how their son or daughter ends up

In a gynocentric society, men have no say whatsoever over offspring that is genetically half theirs.  It seems, after conception, the only thing that matters is how many checks dad the sperm donor can write, and not much else.

In life and death decisions, his opinions don’t matter and his role as father doesn’t matter, it’s all about what women think and what they want to do.

It’s time to listen to what fathers have to say about having no control over whether their children are aborted by mom, despite men being held on the hook legally if women decide to keep their children. This courtesy is usually verboten in a culture that is virulently misandrist.

A daring BBC program just broached the issue, and introduced one man who has suffered through three different women who all aborted this children against his will.

I’ve not spoken to anybody about this ever. I did bring it up once recently but people just seem to want to sweep it under the carpet with me. They were embarrassed that I brought it up. It’s a taboo. You can’t really talk about it.

Ain’t that the truth. You can’t even talk about it in a society that vaunts women and denigrates men. The shabby logic of my body, my choice rules, while women never realize the hypocrisy of not extending that same courtesy to an unborn child.

Surprisingly, one women’s organization, the Abortion Recovery Care and Helpline, offers some sympathy, albeit tepid, for fathers who had to watch helplessly as their offspring were ripped from the womb.

Abortion is widely construed as a woman’s issue but there is no denying that men may also be negatively affected by an abortion decision. We know abortion hurts men too and it probably affects more than we know of since some men often find it difficult to open up about emotionally sensitive subjects.

In other words, “man up” about the issue. We know it hurts, but we can’t deny women godlike powers over helpless fetuses.

While there is truth to the fact women bear the brunt of the burden of pregnancy and childbirth, the question remains. Why do they allow themselves to become pregnant in the first place? Especially, with myriad contraceptive and birth control options available to them.

Only in a culture that absolves women of all responsibility and all agency over their own lives, blaming men for everything that goes wrong, including unwanted pregnancies, do we witness the spectacle of disposable fetuses occurring. In more traditional societies, the focus isn’t so much on whether the unborn child lives or dies as much as it is celebrating the circle of life and preparing to welcome another member to the family.

It seems expectant dads will just have to continue to stand by helplessly as mommy dearest decides whether his child lives or dies. Mother Jones was up in arms when Oklahama dared to try to give fathers agency over their own children in utero, treating them as 50/50 partners in parenthood rather than supplicants who exist only to feather mom’s nest.

In Oklahoma, abortion rights advocates breathed a big sigh of relief when a particularly Draconian measure, requiring a woman seeking an abortion to get written approval from the man who impregnated her, was tabled last week. That sigh may have come too soon: The state’s House Public Health Committee is set to reconsider HB 1441 today. The proposal would require a woman to get written permission for an abortion from the biological father, identify him to her doctor in writing, and allow him to demand a paternity test.

Notice the language, seething at the prospect of giving fathers an equal shot in life and death decisions: “The man who impregnated her.” If that doesn’t sum up the Anglo world’s solipsistic view of women, nothing will. It’s all about ME, and you’re just the bastard that impregnated me. Get ready to pay up, asshole.

At least, it’s that way in sickly and declining Anglo culture. There are places in the world where moms to be don’t completely shut dads out of the picture when it comes to deciding whether junior lives or dies.

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  • My first child was aborted (murdered) by a BPD “mom”. Abortion doctors deserve what should be coming to them – death – because they are totally fucking evil. Women have more of an excuse, flimsy as it might be, for murdering/ “aborting” a man’s unborn child/ genetic legacy, because women are truly overgrown children and they evolved to despise the idea of bearing beta males’ offspring. Regardless, fuck ’em, because murder is murder, so if a bitch tries to murder/ abort an innocent baby, then they should be prepared to reap the whirlwind.


  • Funksoulbrother

    Of all the things wrought by feminism, the so-called sexual revolution, and women’s rights, this has to be the most unethical, immoral, inhuman and heinous result. Or two results. That thoroughly blacken all the progress our species has made for millennia. Women are allowed to kill the unborn and men have nothing to say about it before or after. This is a cancer on our culture and our spirit.


  • This is always going to be a difficult topic and there are no easy answers. But regardless, I think there needs to be heavier focus on the prevention of unplanned pregnancy, and I think it needs pro-active involvement from both men and women who are interested in having sex. We need more birth control options for men and affordable, accessible birth control options for all. If we can decrease unplanned pregnancies, abortion would be much less of an issue. Also if men and women were smarter about who they are having sex with, I think that would also help as well.

    When it comes to abortion itself, I think a man’s input about what he wants should be taken into consideration, and should aim for coming to an agreed decision on the fate of the pregnancy and parenting options. If they absolutely cannot agree, one of them has to make the final decision.


  • Escape from the Anglosphere

    The oppressed and victimized sex reserves the right to enslave men for virtually two decades or murder his children. That golden Anglosphere vagina is nothing but a graveyard.


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