Trump Tweet Takes Orwellian Turn


Make a funny Tweet criticizing the puppets of your masters and have your personal safety threatened by CNN

In case you’ve been asleep in a cave for the past couple of decades, the American media now disseminates nothing more than overt propaganda. They don’t even try to hide it, anymore. When Project Veritas calls the Alphabet Channels and scandal sheets known as newspapers American Pravda, they aren’t kidding.

CNN has been up in arms over a comical logo of President Trump’s head and CNN’s logo superimposed on a WWE wrestling match in which Trump appears to body slam the red and white marquee. The President retweeted it, and the rest as they say, is history.

Despite the fact CNN’s parent company vocally supported “free speech” when degenerate actors on Broadway made a play depicting the bloody assassination of President Trump, events took a hypocritical turn when the logo of their damaged news brand was superimposed on a fake wrestling match. It’s World Wrestling Entertainment, you whiny bitches! Fake wrestling! Just like the fake news on your network!

But CNN has been screaming, flopping in the floor, and foaming at the mouth since Trump shared the video.


CNN is up in arms over this comical Twitter video, featuring Trump taking down their corporate logo

What a sorry state of affairs the American media is in. I saw this coming years ago, when the Internet began exposing a little lying here, a little lying there, and then eventually a whole lot of lying from the purveyors of fake news. I moved to exit this travesty of an industry as soon as I could pay off my consumer debt and come up with a new plan.

As TNMM has pointed out before, Americans are waking up from a 50+ year slumber to find our they’re now living in oligarchical tyranny thanks to the implosion of the propaganda model the mainstream media buttered its bread with during that time. The ins and outs of the Internet destroying the MSM propaganda model are detailed in The Wisdom of Crowds has Replaced Gatekeeper-Ruled Communication.

But free expression threatens the power structure. Now, make a comical tweet and anonymously post it to Twitter, and you may have your livelihood and personal safety threatened by the butthurt buffoons at CNN and other institutions of American Pravda.

The white bread Anglobitch Alisyn Camerota gleefully told the audience of simpletons who watch CNN’s New Day:

Something remarkable I thought happened yesterday, I thought it was remarkable that CNN found the Reddit user who created the gif of Donald Trump and the wrestling video and where he punches CNN, so the investigative team went back and found the guy who first created this he took credit for it, and then here comes the remarkable part, he apologized. He apologized for having done this.

Here comes the kicker.

This is a very full-throated I think genuine honest apology. He has also asked we not reveal his name or whereabouts and we at CNN are honoring that.

The Daily Caller writes:

CNN sparked a backlash Tuesday night after threatening to identify the Reddit user who claimed to have created a meme of Donald Trump body-slamming the CNN logo that the president later shared on Twitter.

CNN targeted Reddit user HanAssholeSolo because he took credit for the video and apparently had a history of making racist and anti-Semitic remarks online.

No word on the veracity of that CNN claim. A typical tactic of leftist institutions is to hurl “racist” or “sexist” or some other form of “ist” claims at their opponents to try and debase them. This ad hominem strategy of attacking the messenger rather than his message is one of the oldest tricks in the public relations handbook and has been effective for decades, but people are slowly wising up to the game.

Continuing from The Daily Caller:

CNN reporter Andrew Kaczynski opted not to identify the user “because he is a private citizen who has issued an extensive statement of apology, showed his remorse by saying he has taken down all his offending posts, and because he said he is not going to repeat this ugly behavior on social media again.”

In other words, in the opinion of any rational man, CNN blackmailed the bastard into an apology so blondie and her metrosexual co-host Chris Cuomo could crow about it behind their cheap news desk.

What an Orwellian turn of events. Don’t criticize us, or we’ll sic Antifa and other thugs on you by revealing personal information about you, and destroy your personal life and possibly your career. Over a joke posted to social media.

We aren’t living in America anymore, folks.

I would have told them, “Out me, bitches.” Then I would have sought the best legal counsel money can buy and retired on CNN’s dime.

Men, this is only the beginning. It’s all downhill from here. We are living in the last days of free expression and personal choice if the insanity of the corporate-government complex micromanaging every detail of everyone’s lives doesn’t end soon. And it isn’t going to end by us asking nicely. It will end when we demand it.

The game is afoot. Don’t expect the power structure to yield easily. The scientific authoritarianism they’ve flourished on is now in jeopardy, all because we commoners can now talk amongst ourselves without them controlling and manipulating our discussions.

Tweet on.

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  • The Angry Outernationalist

    Here’s one big uncomfortable fact for CNN: the people in the CNN Center food hall during the day are about 0.2% of HLN’s viewer numbers at this point, and that’s essentially a home court advantage

    When you figure in all of the HLN viewers at airports and other “captive venues”, you have to wonder who actually watches HLN.

    I used to leave HLN on in my hotel rooms in America when I first arrived, figuring that it would do as background noise while away from my room, but the cleaning staff would switch it off without fail.

    I found a workable solution: leave a sports network on instead.

    It’s totally believable that I simply stepped out for a moment while watching sports, but who would watch HLN all day?

    And this is supposed to be les actualités for the masses?


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    I think we hall have to realize that we are in a war and the press is not on our side. Sadly, for a republic to work, the press has to be free and independent. Benjamin Franklin would tell you as much. I feel bad for Ted Turner. Maybe Time Warner will offer CNN to him for a token amount. He can say that it is under old management.


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