Schadenfreude: Watching White Women Who Aren’t Getting Their Way


White girls still haven’t realized they lost more with feminism than they gained

Here’s a short story from the road as I suffer through my last couple of months in America before leaving to go abroad again this fall. There were two moments of schadenfreude, or pleasure derived from another person’s misfortune, I had today. Both scenarios involved white girls who didn’t get their way, and their reactions as I observed them.

It was really a delight to witness their disgust and powerlessness. There are other, more entertaining moments I witness white girls who are upset by their new roles as soulless worker drones in society, but for some reason these two stood out in my mind as they happened.

Just to let readers know, I don’t like white chicks. I haven’t liked them for a long time. My most recent experience with one was when I banged a 23-year old white girl off and on for a year or so just before I dumped her to run off to Latin America, but typically I don’t have anything to do with them. (True story: She faked a pregnancy to try and keep me from leaving. She also tried to get knocked up by secretly removing her IUD. I’m not your child support slave, bitch.) I’ve had experience sexually and otherwise with every major ethnicity of women, and trust me, white chicks are the worst of the worst. They are, after all, the progenitors of rotten Anglo culture we discuss so often here at TNMM and Anglobitch.

Anyway, neither instance of schadenfreude is anything major. They just tickled me as they happened.

In the first case, I was pulling out from a truck stop and a white girl wanted to pull into the Burger King beside me. Of course, I could have let her in as there were two trucks in front of me at the intersection, but I have such a mental block against any act of chivalry towards Anglo females since they constantly tell men how terrible we are, that they don’t need us, and that the world would be better off without us and our awful sexual needs around. I can’t play nice anymore.

She looked up at me from her little toy box SUV and put on the nice face, with the puppy dog eyes. She’s obviously a regular user of the pussy pass. So, I looked her right in the face and moved my semi into a position to block her. Emotionless. Cold. Stone faced. She immediately shifted to a posture of disgust and amazement that I wouldn’t let her in. As traffic finally started to move and I moved forward, I made note of her expression and enjoyed her look of outrage after I did the unthinkable and made her wait an extra minute to pull in for her next recreational eating session.

I laughed and laughed about that as I pulled onto the Interstate.

In the second instance, I don’t normally like to eat out but I was in the mood for a sloppy fast food burger this evening. I haven’t had one in weeks, and decided to stop by a national chain to pick up some trash food. As soon as I walked in, I saw one rather plump white woman weeping, another trashy one consoling her from the front of the counter, and several other white girls behind the counter toiling away. All were fast food workers who obviously hated their new roles as corporate slaves. A couple were cute, but cuteness does nothing for me. I’m still an asshole when it comes to dealing with chicks.

I thought, “Isn’t female empowerment wonderful, ladies?! Now you can slave away at menial jobs just like men rather than having a nasty family to take care of!”

All the white girls behind the counter had bleached hair, and the look of disbelief on their faces they they had to do manual labor to earn some money. They all seemed to have the attitude, “Where is my male meal ticket to exploit and berate? I’m too good to be doing a job like this. I have the precious, pink anatomy!”

So, I look one of the fake blondies in the eyes and make my order. I talk to her as though she’s my subordinate, which in this case she is, and you can tell it just kills her that a man is telling her what to do and how to make his sandwich. Ah, the sumptuous irony that even after feminism these white girls still end up making sandwiches for men. Gotta love it!

Of course, she fucks up my order.

I notice when I get to the truck the burger is plain with cheese, when all I wanted to do is add cheese to it. I plainly told her this. She undoubtedly did it as a shit test to see if I would come back. Naturally, I go back in with a mischievous spirit. This time, blondie hides from me and fatty comes up to assist me. I tell her no less than 3 times in a very polite but stern way, I wanted this normal, not plain, add cheese. She’s baffled by my request. The third time I tell her, she cops an attitude.

She takes the burger, hands it to the only guy in the place, and tells him, “I don’t know what he wants.” Dude comes up, I tell him the exact same thing I told fatty, laugh in a cocky manner about it, and he immediately fixes my order in a cool, calm, professional manner rather than the estrogen-filled flailing around I witnessed from the YouGoGrrl brigade on this visit.

Yet another irony appears. If I want something done right, I have to get a man to do it. Meantime, the blondies continued twirling their hair and complaining about their jobs in the background.

To close, I have no mercy on white girls or their fucking problems, anymore. I played nice guy for half a lifetime only to be used and abused by them. They wanted their so-called empowerment, now they have it. Enjoy those burger-flipping jobs, babies. You won’t have a man like me or millions of other once “good men” to kick around anymore. Now you can pay for your own conspicuous consumption with your meager wages.

Here’s the sad truth you girls haven’t figured out yet. Feminism burned you, it dethroned you, and it turned you into a worker bee rather than queens of the castle. Enjoy the bed you made, because a motherfucker like me is going to enjoy watching you lie in it. I’ll be doing everything I can to make life a little bit harder for you. And encouraging millions of other men to do the same.

And getting a kick out of it, too.

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  • A very wonderful article, just the way I am, with perhaps a slight change. The Anglo-Bitches are not the only “Professional” controllers, consider the Slavic women in Russia. Yes, they look good and can smile and act cute, but then can put on the bitch in a nano-second. I thought the A-B’s were the only ones this way. The most pleasant time in dealing with the women there were the Asiatic types; friendly, honest, glad to see me etc. Moslem’s without the hard-core stuff. Except the Tartars, who like the Frogs, do not like anyone else.


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    Witness the madness inherent in a society that over-values pro-social competence over having other forms of skill …

    On that note, have you read H Beam Piper’s “Null-ABC”?

    This link to Project Gutenberg might do the trick:

    At least this way you might see which way the madness might be going.


  • Chris Stevenson

    Hi Rel, another great article. Would like to ask you some things that this article inspired. Quote: “Here’s the sad truth you girls haven’t figured out yet. Feminism burned you, it dethroned you, and it turned you into a worker bee rather than queens of the castle.”

    Even in the world of most menial tasks females have it kind of easy, not to mention the cakewalk that they often have in life. Forget the equal pay debate, let’s have an equal effort debate. In the same occupation most of the time I notice that for equivalent pay females do not expend the same effort or are tracked into easier tasks. This is especially true in anything blue-collar or somewhat physical. Perhaps whenever the equal pay BS is visited upon us it is a defense mechanism to take the focus off their lower productivity and other employment decisions. In the business world, females consciously track themselves to management, supervisory and in true Dilbert principle businesses place them here since they often are not capable of actual product centered work, can pull-off supervising people and frankly will do whatever management wants and BS them so well that they believe it. This was the bane of my existence in the blue-collar world for all of the “get a trade education” pushers in the manosphere. You will be haunted by the office bitch who could never do your job but has the attitude to boot. Even more disheartening is when you are busting your ass for the same pay while they are placed in physically more comfortable jobs, very common.

    Here is my question: housework and domestic chores are very easy and I know from long personal experience. They became so a very long time ago. Do you think that women having things so easy, essentially being the spenders of men’s hard earned money even when they were domestic contributed to their pathetic attitudes and lack of maturity? Do you think that this pampered mentality simply follows them into college, “finding” themselves in the work world, being protected by daddy and daddy govt., etc? Do you think that the obvious necessity of protecting females physically without discipline being part of that contract is the mother of most of our problems?

    One thing that I noticed when a young man was that I could not relate to females who vacationed all summer throughout their youth, never worked or had responsibility or challenges. Really, even with most men as many were beginning to be like females. It is like they are from a different planet. So I just used them as a player until I met one who while the most feminine thing that I ever knew busted her ass as much as I did during the formative years. What I am asking is that you comment on the fact that this meme that some in the manosphere are pushing: the redomestication of females and them being on the stay-at-home mother throne among other thrones in light of the fact that in my community the stay-at-home domestics where some of the worst human being that I knew along with the other situations that I described.

    It is a true joy to know people including females who busted their asses. You get so little annoying shit that it amazes. What this country needs is a return not to some cushy image of the 1950’s or 60’s suburbia, but some good old fashioned ass busting. Those of us that did it are done and we can smell laziness a mile away. The cute females who behind the counter who could not get your order correct need the kick in the ass of eight hours over a hot range, non-stop orders, one fifteen minute break, half-hour unpaid lunch, no way out; you get the idea. Even now when they are doing menial work, so below them, they are not busting their asses and somehow in life will find their cushy ticket, trust me they will.

    As an aside, I remember when Christina Hoff Summer started getting play before the rise of the internet. What really struck without knowing her or her motivations was that females and society had an “oh shit” moment. They realized that the ass busting men are the “In case of fire, pull lever.” When things need doing or missy wants a house or society needs stuff designed or built, we are the ones to call. It seems condescending that females were having the debate like higher level managers about employees. Every driven professional woman that I know of always pregnancy parachutes into a more domestic role with rare exceptions. The males in her life always carrying more weight. They never realized that creating a female centric world in education, career development and work to advance themselves would compromise their meal tickets. Every so often these domesticity movements come along. I remember in the 80’s the stay-at-home mom debates, the mid 90’s again, early 2000’s. They have their fun, save no money, take a lot of trips, etc. then boom time for us to man up. Screw that if we lost out educationally, career wise competing with you and sex based preferences, time, etc. You know, I kind of like equality; we need more, not less.


    • Eduardo the Magnificent

      One of the themes of Cinderella (that feminists overlook, obviously) is that Cinderella has a hard, hard life before she meets the prince. The pampered stepsisters? They get nothing in the end. The prince does not choose them, and in fact finds them appalling. Hard works grounds you. Women today are floating on air, their egos are so inflated. And they’re miserable that no men will choose them. It’s no coincidence.


  • Today’s post reminds me of this,
    “I am going to enjoy tormenting you, and I am going to enjoy making you enjoy it.” – Pinhead; Hell Raiser.

    Liked by 1 person

  • fuzziewuzziebear

    So, only the guy was able to fix what they made a mess of? It can’t be that hard. I wonder if employers will ever catch on?


  • Huh .. been doing this my whole life .. and I had no idea it had a special name .. this just became the word of the day.


  • I know a woman who liked to tell people her former non-husband (annulment) pointed a gun at her head while she was pregnant. She (and her mother) were constantly bitching about what an asshole this guy was. Yet, my question has always been why didn’t this guy go to prison, that is a fucking felony. Why didn’t they call the cops and have this guy sent to prison? Could it be they were full of shit? Nah, not possible, women never lie, they never embellish.

    Every time I see this grey haired harridan walking around, I have to laugh a little inside. She was cute once, now she is just a sack full of bitch face. How did I get so lucky as to find a decent anglo woman?


  • I think the main problem is that Anglo women are dishonest hoes whereas other women are honest hoes. Most women are pretty straightforward about the fact that trading sex for resources is part of relationships between men and women. Anglo women, however, like to pretend that this aspect of male-female relations doesn’t exist. They simply want resources without giving anything in return.


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