Red Pill Men Need Our Own Educational Institution


Life is a chess game, unfortunately the vast majority of men are taught to play checkers

Here’s a novel idea.

Blogging is great, podcasts are great, books are great, and online discussion is great, but for Red Pill men to become truly successful with women and in the real world we need an educational institution to unlearn the ersatz education we receive from the edumacation system and the media. We can take the truths we elucidate in the manosphere and turn them into an “elite” form of education for men in the know.

This will be nothing short of an educational revolution.

We Red Pill men do not do well being shoehorned into the same passive grazer roles the rest of the sheeple are assimilated into by Anglo society. The truth is, the edumacation system and media are geared towards turning people into mindless, compulsive consumers who follow orders well and don’t ask inconvenient questions. It can take half a lifetime or more for men to realize they’ve been betrayed by institutions they’ve been asked to place so much trust in. By then, it’s usually to late to do anything about it beyond bowing your head and licking the boot at the office every day.

This isn’t acceptable.

For those men who have the capacity to understand and the mental fortitude to not have a breakdown when the truly evil, Machiavellian nature of this world is thus revealed, the proper instruction can prove priceless. It can truly save a man from being turned into a chump by women and a slave by the current socioeconomic paradigm. It can, borrowing a word from the feminists, “empower” men to make better decisions about women, their careers, the way they live their lives, and their future.

It ultimately can reform the world and make it a better place to live. This was the original intent of education to begin with. But it, like so many other institutions, proper education has instead been dumbed down, sold out, and corrupted by the influence of economic and political interests. It’s guiding principles abandoned, and men left to pick up the pieces of lives destroyed by a lifetime of misdirection, half-truths, and hidden agendas.

Many of us know the unexamined life, uncritical of our masters in business and government, is not worth living. Of course, there will be resistance to a “school” of this sort being formed. We can expect to be called every name under the sun, with vitriolic attacks and roadblocks all along the way. But as author Elbert Hubbard wrote, if you want to avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing. Just follow the herd into slaughter.

Living this way nearly consumed many of us before we awakened to the fact everything we had been told was a lie. We have been misdirected our entire lives. As pointed out in previous articles, we didn’t fail out of lack of talent, or intelligence, or ambition. We failed because we were given the wrong instruction book to life and placed into a system in which the only way to win is not to play by the rules, or at all. Educating men on the grim, harsh realities of a Machiavellian world is a noble aim.

Men of consciousness cannot abide as their brothers are exploited, their lives, freedom, and possibilities taken away from them by a system that hates them. Something must be done.

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  • Eduardo the Magnificent

    John Taylor Gatto tells you exactly how to do this. Look into him.


  • Rookh Kshatriya

    Great post. I’ve thought and written a lot about the ‘faulty instruction book’ given to young Anglo-American men over the years. Although it is now being challenged, I think ‘The Manual’ has persisted into the 21st Century for a variety of reasons:

    1. Prior to the manosphere, dissident commentary on women and Anglo society had very few outlets. In fact, no outlets.
    2. Cultural capital. Put simply, upper middle class white men controlled all the cultural narratives and anyone else was basically invisible. The upper middle class tend to be cocooned from social change in private schools, elite universities and higher professions, with little grasp of mainstream social currents. For example, they seem to think all women are virtuous Christian ladies, not vicious misandrist sluts. This explains why most males living in the real world find women such a disappointment.
    3. The puritanical nature of the culture always presents women in a positive light, however badly they behave. In fact, The Manual reflects and is sustained by the culture. Again, this creates a false and distorted view of women which only brings men disappointment.
    4. Hyperreal media. The Anglo media (the culture’s backbone, in many ways) persists in portraying women as perfect angels in a Disney fantasy world of sexless love. The media has a massive effect on young men’s minds, especially in our era of broken homes and fatherless families. Honest, realistic views of women rarely “(if ever) get a look-in.
    5. Boomer domination of the media and politics. Simply put, Baby Boomer narratives (which tend to pedestalize women) remain very strong in the Anglosphere. The Boomers might be dying off, but their outmoded attitudes still dominate film, music, television and politics (and by extension, The Manual). For example, the false assumption that all women are oppressed and all men are advantaged comes from progressive Boomers. MRA/MGTOW/PUA/PAD are predominantly Generation X and Millennial movements, for good reason – Boomers (especially the upper middle class variety) still think we are living in the 1950s and refuse to accept time has moved on. Hopefully, 2016 marked a watershed in their generational demise.

    So The Manual is faulty because it reflects puritanical Anglo-American delusions and is about 60 years out of date. Perhaps we need to write a new one.


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    What you need is a project so incomprehensibly large and grand that a genuine effort to succeed at it forces you to change everything that you know …

    Revolutionaries (or would-be revolutionaries) come to us with messages of educational revolt over and over: Paulo Freire in “Pedagogy of the Oppressed”, Jacques Rancière with “The Ignorant Schoolmaster”, Ivan Illich in “Deschooling Society”.

    You don’t need suitably agitated Marxists or former Marxists to tell you what you need to know.

    You simply need something so grand that nearly everyone you know will hope you never succeed.

    Toward this end, I propose a University of Impossible Projects, which has no buildings, which has no curriculum, but which has a highly motivated, useful, and knowledgeable group of mentors who are similarly engaged in such projects.

    The only worthwhile difference between teachers and students should be how far along they are in their studies.


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    For the time being, it may be best to stay with this medium. Buildings have addresses and make good targets. As for institutions of higher learning, the ball has yet to drop on those. Without question, they are “hostile environments” for men. Feminists are doing their best to bring that pot to a boil.


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