Your Most Powerful Financial Asset


Just Say No to a system that expects you to spend like a drunken sailor even as it worsens the conditions of employment

The exploitative Anglo American Matrix routinely and shamelessly profits off locking men into state and corporate-approved ways of thinking and behaving, using them like batteries to power quarterly profits which chiefly benefit women. It’s well established 80% of wasteful consumerism and at least 66% of government spending is by and for women. They can’t live without “beating” their friends in a reckless game of shopping and eating out. Then of course, there’s the endless parade of female medical entertainment and demands for government gibsmedats.

How does a man escape life as a farm animal on this corporate-government plantation? Put simply, men don’t need all the junk women think they need to be happy. Take it from someone who knows. Charles Bukowski said it best: The less I needed, the better I felt.

Through minimalism, many men are realizing we have more agency over our lives than we once realized. Our most powerful financial asset is simply saying, “No!” to rampant materialism, consumerism, and the illusion of home “ownership” that locks us into 15 to 30 years of debt slavery for a McMansion we really don’t need to be happy. We can say “no” to debt slavery for a box on wheels. We can say no to credit card debt and looking to consumer purchases to make us happy. (They never do.)

By saying no to all those things we can then say “No!” to an employer who uses and abuses us at a soul-sucking job that robs us of all of the hours of our lives to power this bleak existence.

Indeed, the Achilles heel of the current sleep-work-spend paradigm is men realizing en masse they don’t need anything the system is selling beyond basic food, clothing, and shelter. We can make our own meals for a fraction of the cost of eating from the corporate restaurant trough, we can buy well-made clothing and keep fewer items that blend well with each other in our wardrobes, and we can cut housing costs by living in anything from a tiny house to a semi tractor-trailer (like yours truly) to renting an apartment abroad for a fraction of the cost (also yours truly).

The current system runs on pushing labor costs down to exploitative levels while asking exorbitant prices for its wares. It then expects its subjects to spin ever faster in the hamster wheel to keep purchasing what its selling at an ever-increasing rate. But what if men don’t want to be treated like lab animals? We can free up our lives and our livelihoods by refusing what it tries to shove down our throats. Blissful happiness is usually the end result.

The transition from mindless consumer to empowered man and the happiness that results is detailed in the documentary Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things available on Netflix.

In it, Ryan Nicodemus asks his friend Joshua Fields Millburn, “Why the hell are you so happy?” as both are locked in the throes of corporate groupthink, wasting their 20s climbing the imaginary ladder. Millburn then proceeds to explain to his best friend over Subway sandwiches the happiness that comes from minimalism. They later escape their lives as corporate serfs, where they were forced to perform such noble deeds as figuring out ways to sell cell phones to 5-year olds.

What an unbelievable breath of fresh air when a man extricates himself from the cogs of this machine by downsizing his life and freeing himself from debt bondage. Suddenly, instead of living in the Gilded Cage filled with posh material things that all place chains around his ankle and his soul, a man finds he has agency over his choices and his life again when he balances his home budget to discover he is operating at a profit himself rather than a loss. (This is a similar concept to adopting a corporate philosophy in your own life to win, previously detailed at TNMM.)

Escaping the paycheck to paycheck paradigm instantly places a man at an advantage over 70% of the populace who think buying things makes them happy and thus live on the razor’s edge. But why stop there? Run with your new freedom and chase things that really make you happy!

Sadly, the obsession with cyclical consumption and turning citizens into debt slaves under the religious creed “economic growth is everything” has led to the death of Anglo-American culture (if it ever really had one). It has led to Western nations selling out the lives of its people, selling out their futures, and now selling out everything from their sexuality to their freedom in order to power this vicious economic machine, in which the gears turn on creating problems out of peoples’ lives to create profit.

The economic machine that has become a cancer upon the very people it purports to enrich arose from the Faustian longing for perpetual motion. It will ultimately kill its host nations and peoples in its quest for the unattainable unless the machine is stopped, or some balance brought into the equation. It’s already beginning to break down as it literally attempts to turn human beings into profit-producing machines bereft of humanity, sexuality, agency, and choice.

We can refuse to be treated like less than men by realizing that as men we don’t need any of what the system is foisting upon us. The most amazing aspect of the entire economic facade that robs men of their lives is the fact it remains quite easy to escape.

All a man has to do is start saying, “No!” to exchanging all of the hours of his life for endless gadgets and upgrades, and lifestyles he can’t really afford. His freedom, passion, imagination and control over his destiny are then returned to him. And all it takes is boldly saying, “No!”

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  • Manuel Transmission

    – Dominique Loreau – L’art de la Simplicité: How to Live More with Less


  • I totally agree with minimalism, since leaving my partner, the house, the “keeping up” mentality that exists in both sexes, I am free. Not all women want McMansions, or child support. And I’ll continue to teach my 3 female children the same. They can already feel that the less we have, the happier we are. Men who havent taken that red pill, are ignorant to what they really can have, if they just stepped off the hamster wheel. And as a woman, who hates watching the decline of men, and the genderless generation take over, I will continue to educate myself, with articles such as these.


  • Another thing to think about is how you can please those same material needs on a small scale. Instead of a 40k car, indulge in a well-made 500$ watch. A 4k wardrobe in place of a 400k home. A few good pocketknives in place of a garage full of tools and hardware. If your mindset is right, you will derive more pleasure from a 200$ pair of leather shoes than most Americans get from their McMansions. That part of your brain that wants to possess and acquire can be satiated on a 1/100 scale. A 150$ German made cocobolo pipe can bring the right mind more pleasure than a house. Leather bound kindle, a solid, well-glazed ceramic mug. A dark-stone belt buckle, a silver chain. A whole set of material pleasures for under a grand total, all fitting inside a carry-on. Your brain will be pleased on the same scale as a landowner with a garage full of shit. You can still enjoy possession without it running your life.


    • I like your point. We can indulge materialistic urges on a small scale. Rather than have loads and loads of artifacts, why not stick to a fewer quality items? Less clutter in one’s life and less money spent. Quality over quantity for the temporal and, more importantly, the spiritual.


  • Rookh,

    I’ve always had a self-admittedly bizarre fixation on my small set of possessions; leather bookmark, class ring, small set of pocketknives, a few watches, nice wooden boxes, pewter figurines from childhood etc. They’re almost like religious idols to me in a weird way and I would often think about/search for things to add. It got especially insane when I was a long-term incel in my early twenties. Later, the one time I was rolling in beautiful women for two straight years was in Latin America and I never once gave a thought to my prized possessions and wouldn’t have cared if fire engulfed them while I was away. So I have to agree with you. You think a guy chewing on a beautiful 22 year old is going to care about his John Deere mower in the garage? No. Guys who go years without even touching healthy females will drive their libidos into a new set of clubs, certainly a car, shiny little collections of whatever. All of that visual pleasure of collecting art, woodwork, knives, guns etc is a man just trying to please his eye (which should be pleased by his woman, alas)


  • Rookh Kshatriya

    It occurs to me that the Anglo-American fixation on consuming manufactured goods arises from their lack of a healthy sex life. Wilhelm Reich suggested that the Nazis exploited the sexual repression of petit-bourgeois Germans when building their political cult (for example, he argued that rhythmic marching allowed ‘sinful’ sexual tensions to be expressed). Being less militaristic, the Anglo nations have instead displaced their sexual urges into a pointless consumption of food and electronic toys. Indeed, the US in particular seems firmly stuck at the ‘oral’ stage of psycho-sexual development (consider the popularity of TV shows like Adam Richman’s Man Versus Food).


    • Relampago Furioso

      I totally agree with this comment. In fact, so much of marketing is based on harvesting the pent up energy stolid Anglo American sexual repression creates. Two quick examples: Men buying pickups represents males trying to display their sexual prowess on a subconscious level; women spending billions on clothes and cosmetics represent their effort to attract Alpha males.

      I’ve written a couple of articles on now Freud’s nephew Bernays used his uncle’s ideas about human sexuality and psychology to create today’s consumer orgy. It’s a devious masterpiece. Only it’s progressed to the point people can’t even get off anymore, and everyone is miserable, trying to buy their way to that sexual fulfillment they’ll never find in a store or with consumer purchases.

      In short, people need to stop shopping and start fucking.


      • So right on! I look at the typical American couple’s house full of furniture hardly ever used (end tables and shit), basement full of multiple baby strollers (for running, for walking, for dragging behind the bike — aargh!!!), shed full of yard care tools, two mediocre cars, and then the bloated wife, and want NONE of it. It doesn’t matter how many shoes or dresses the wife buys or how many toys the man buys himself — it won’t make the wife’s ass or waist any smaller!


  • Spend your money consuming a few good tools and raw materials. Then build and create. You may even be able to sell the fruits of your labor.


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