Thoughts After Another Boystown Run


Foreign pro chicks are more emotionally satisfying than LTRs with domestic chicks

When a man is on the border with time to burn, can throw Spanish lingo around, and likes living dangerously, he has to take advantage of the Zonas de Tolerancia that are open in many Mexican cities. I rarely miss a chance to go to this oasis, since sex has become such a taboo in a florid modern America. It also saves my energy to focus on more productive activities than constantly chasing after and gaming women. Frankly, it’s exhausting and there’s not much return on investment on this side of the border. The dating pool is about an inch deep, and the waters are murky at that. Fatties, freaks, and flops are what women have become. It’s a dating dystopia, that’s for sure.

I jumped over the border again, this time in a different city (before being sent north because of Hurricane Harvey) and my mind was reassured of the accuracy of the claim I made in a recent article about $40 pay for play girls being better than the average American woman. (I always test my own claims again and again to make sure what I write is accurate.)

My findings after another rented rendezvous? It’s true. So painfully true. Anytime I go, I will have better memories and feel more natural with the Mexican rent-a-chick than any experience I would have had with an Anglobitch I try to woo with PUA. Ms. P4P will treat me better, and will talk to me like I’m on her level, not as if she’s looking down upon me. She’ll literally probably have a lower cock count than many chicks who ride the carousel on this side of the border. She’ll be thinner, and prettier. She’ll be proud to be a women, instead of embarrassed by her femininity. Of course, once I come back, all I see is sloth, bitchiness, and “my shit doesn’t stink” attitudes when observing Anglo women.

What an age for men to live in, in which foreign prostitutes are more fulfilling than LTRs with the women of his culture. My, oh, my, how they’ve fallen. How long can this vacuum last? The truth is, Anglo chicks have been in a bubble for quite some time. They’ve effectively created their own alternate reality, where, supported by endless Beta Bucks tax dollars and a gynocentric state they have the best of all possible worlds while Anglo men have the worst of all possible worlds.

Something has got to give. Are we reaching a turning point in the War on Men? Or will things get worse? If they stay worse, the extinction of at least one genome is likely. What we are witnessing in America today with the extremely poor nature of relations between the sexes is utterly culturally and demographically suicidal. This culture has to either correct itself or face oblivion.

One thing is for sure, much as microbes develop resistance to antibiotics when they get hit with them enough, it seems men in this culture are developing resistance to being sprayed with cultural Raid on a daily basis. Take a look on social media at what young guys are saying about feminists and feminism and the culture wars. Perhaps things are darkest just before dawn.

We can only hope.

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  • fuzziewuzziebear

    It is on a tangent to this post, but Western women are fully aware that they can’t begin to compete. While Western Europe is taking in refugees that are men of military age, they are turning away Ukrainians, who are women who would work under the table jobs. We should thank Poland. While they are turning down these fake refugees, they did take in one million Ukrainians fleeing the Civil War.


  • Went on first date with this new chick (34 yo) & on the way home she proudly proclaimed ‘I have the pussy I have the power’ & she was like a 5-6 at best! How pathetic.


    • Escape from the Anglosphere

      Sad man.

      “What an age for men to live in, in which foreign prostitutes are more fulfilling than LTRs with the women of his culture.”

      I said the same before…an average foreign prostitute has better wife and mothering skills than most American women. So when those Anglo-women throw out the insults that the foreign woman you are dating and banging is a whore. It still doesn’t change the facts,..she is still better prospect for a wife than they will ever be.


  • It will be oblivion for sure


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