Police State USA: Utah Nurse Arrested for Refusing Pig’s Illegal Blood Draw Request

In recent years, we’ve witnessed a strong-armed Police State USA kill a man for selling cigarettes without the blessing of the crown, we’ve witnessed them shooting unarmed citizens without cause, and now we get to see them taking down a frightened, screaming Utah nurse who refused an illegal blood draw.

The case stinks to high heaven as yet another shameless abuse of police power in America, from top to bottom. Reuters reports:

Video of the incident from Salt Lake City police officers’ body-worn cameras showed Alex Wubbels, dressed in blue medical scrubs, consulting with colleagues before showing the waiting officers a printout of the University of Utah Hospital’s policy on providing blood samples to test for alcohol or drugs.

The patient was a truck driver who was comatose when he was brought to the hospital burns unit after a crash with a vehicle being driven by someone fleeing police, the Deseret News reported.

Wubbels explained to the officers that under the policy, which she said was agreed to by the police department, she would need a warrant, the patient’s consent or the patient would need to be under arrest.

“I‘m just trying to do what I‘m supposed to do, that’s all,” Wubbels told the officers, noting that they did not meet any of those criteria.

Wubbels was right to stand her ground and refuse to violate the 4th Amendment rights of the patient even if the pig, Detective Alex Payne told her to. Payne had no legal grounds to request the blood draw. As she informs the pig in the video:

  1. The patient was not under arrest
  2. The patient had no warrants
  3. The patient could not consent

Worse, this accident would have never happened if the police had not been engaged in one of their infamous high-speed chases, endangering the motoring public. In all likelihood, the trucker who Detective Payne was trying to steal blood from was totally innocent and only put into the ICU because of the irresponsibility of the wild American police force. Were they trying to cover their asses?

What’s more, when the American police force are not oppressing commoners by requesting illegal blood draws from patients who are near death, they’re acting as road pirates stealing money from motorists for minor infractions to engorge the already gargantuan US government.

I personally witnessed a ticket-writing blitz covering 4 states Friday, in which sections of I-95 and I-70 had motorists pulled over every few miles. Driving some sections of major American roads have become the equivalent of trying to navigate minefields, because ticket-happy cops are out in force generating revenue for the oppressive American government. What’s worse, thanks to Move Over (and cause a pileup) laws, motorists are forced to swerve into the passing lane to dodge the crown’s thugs in blue. This creates hazards for motorists, especially when someone is pulled over every few miles.

And President Trump just made moves to militarize this already oppressive police force last week.

There’s is mostly bad news in the outcome of this case. Wubbels doesn’t want to press charges in the incident (I’d fry the pig if it were me) and local politicians are doing what they do best, playing politics with the issue since it has created a firestorm online. Metro UK reports:

The local District Attorney Sim Gill has launched a criminal investigation and put the Salt Lake City police officer on paid leave.

Paid leave. WTF? What investigation? The video says it all. The Detective broke countless laws and infringed on the 4th Amendment rights of a truck driver the police put into the ICU with their chase. Prosecute Payne just as mercilessly as you prosecute Johns who are renting some love from willing women. When the DA sees video of a man handing a woman cash for sex, do they launch a long investigation? Or do they take him to jail and shame him on the nightly news? This “investigation” line of crap from the District Attorney is a stall tactic, meant to protect the oppressive cop (as he still gets paid with your tax money) while the storm from this public relations incident blows over.

Next time someone starts talking about Land of the Free, remember this video and countless others that have surfaced only because of vigilant citizens refusing to bow to the unjust power of the badge. As George Carlin knew, “You have owners in this country. They own you.” Freedom, my ass.

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  • Protect and serve?
    Then why is it that when one pulls behind I feel intimidated not safe?

    It’s called taxation by citation. They only fleece and harass; never there when actually needed.

    They are taught NOT to profile so one, in my crime free all white town, will walk up to my window as if I’m a terrorist or dindu (hand on gun) to issue me a ticket for going 4 over.


  • The police are becoming a lawless, corrupt machine across the Anglosphere. In fact, they always were corrupt. The police are also partly responsible for the gender disparity in sentencing across the Anglosphere – everyone knows they show women preferential treatment in every circumstance.


  • Rel, when I was traveling to the midwest earlier this summer, I saw a fair number of cops along I-70 also-and it wasn’t even a holiday weekend! That’s when they’re usually out in force-during a holiday weekend…

    I’m still getting used to the idea of ‘move over’ laws; I don’t think I’ve obeyed one yet! Normally, when I see ANYONE along the side of the road, I just drive carefully and make sure I stay in my lane. That’s what I’d have to do if a regular (i.e. a non-law enforcement or non-first responder) vehicle was along the side of the road, e.g. someone changing a flat or overheated. I do the same when I see a cop car, ambulance, and/or fire truck alongside the road-drive by carefully…


  • I don’t typically link someone else’s post .. but this is an update to this author’s post .. Worth the read ..



  • Your post brought something up that I hadn’t known. The man they wanted to draw blood from was struck by a fleeing violator. Why would they need his blood alcohol level? It is not pertinent.
    I think this has come down to a nurse not obeying a cop’s unlawful order. I hope the cop is prosecuted with the full vigor of the law.
    One thing about unlawful orders. Obeying them does not get your off the hook if they come from authority. There was a trial in Germany in 1946 to determine this. I think that Walter Cronkite covered it for UPI.


    • Eduardo the Magnificent

      One thing about unlawful orders. Obeying them does not get your off the hook if they come from authority.

      Look up Soviet Article 58. People were arrested for any reason, or no reason, and an excuse could always be found in Article 58. “Find the man and I’ll find a law”. Obedience didn’t buy you shit in Soviet Russia. Some people were actually relieved to be arrested.


  • toxicmasculinityweb

    I couldn’t be a cop because I spent my high school and college years doing drugs and getting my dick sucked at parties. That, and a IQ reaching well into the triple digits.


  • The actions of this cop meet the Utah Aggravated Kidnapping statute to a tee. There is no doubt a life imprisonment felony was committed. Nothing will happen to the cop, you or I would be fried for the exact same behavior.

    Charlottesville proved beyond a shadow of a doubt the police state will conspire against law abiding citizens to cause them harm by setting them up and then refusing to enforce the law. This latest incident just drives the point home.

    If government does not abide by the rule of law, it loses its moral authority to govern. This is how revolutions are born. This is also why the police have been militarized; to enforce the politics of the elite, not the law.

    If Trump was truly on the side of the people, he would be doing the exact opposite of what he is doing. I believe that in his heart he is on the side of the common man and I also believe he did not think he had a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning the election. But when he won he was told by the actual rulers of the world to get in line with their agenda or face the same consequences as JFK, RFK, MLK, or Ross Perot. He made the only choice he could – he chose his life and the lives of his family.

    It is now beyond obvious what is happening right before our eyes. Any armed rebellion against militarized police is doomed to fail without the actual military or National Guard on the side of the people’s freedom, which is highly unlikely. Dark days are ahead, the storm is on the horizon. It will unleash its fury in your lifetime. Prepare thyself, and prepare well.


    • Eduardo the Magnificent

      I wouldn’t be so confident in the infallibility of the police. As commenter above alluded too, they’re not very bright, as too high an IQ will bar you from employment. Most of them are either after the paycheck (and pension) or the social prestige that comes from legal bullying. If a war breaks out, a large number of them are going to instinctually protect themselves. If they sense the might get killed, they won’t show up.

      There are three, and only three, methods to taking down a police state. Yes, one is violence. Start killing cops or their families. Second is remove protections (legal and physical) that put them above the law. The last, and probably most effective, is economic. Slash the paycheck and the bennies. Give the departments a hard budget and make them stick to it, with criminal penalties attached. Make arrest and ticket quotas illegal, or better yet, unconstitutional. Return to the common law so the average man can have understanding and also afford to fight his own legal battles.

      Much of our country would improve overnight if the money trough to the state was cut drastically, if not entirely eliminated.


      • Eduardo -while I agree wholeheartedly with your final sentence, the reality is that it won’t happen.

        You are correct in that a high IQ will keep you out of the police force (the SCOTUS case from New Haven, CT) and the cops are more interested in their paycheck and pension than anything else. As far as them not being willing to face an armed revolt, I must disagree.

        They will know that if the revolt succeeds their paycheck is gone and they will be the first to face the vengeance of the people. They will fight because they have no other choice. Also, police forces are staffed with many Afghanistan and Iraq veterans who have killed before and in many cases like it.

        Killing cops individually will not be effective as all it will do is draw the wrath of the state upon the shooter. Their legal protections will not be removed by the politicians that militarized cops to protect them. For the same reason, their pay and bennies will not be cut. And also for the same reason, ticket quotas (taxation through citation) will not be abolished nor will a return to common law be allowed.

        Your arguments make sense in a republic governed by the rule of law, common sense, and enlightenment. We have none of those and they will not be coming back. It is only going to get worse. The only rational choice is the logic of MGTOW. There is nothing you, or any of us, can do to stop it. So kick back, make a drink, and enjoy the show. But only after you have prepared yourself, and prepared well. Cheers.


      • Eduardo the Magnificent

        Going MGTOW is,in its own way, starving the beast of the funds it requires. Look at Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia or Maoist China. Those evil empires did not collapse due to people fighting back against tyranny (although Solzhenitsyn noted, correctly, that resistance would have worked if done early). They collapsed due to the crushing economic weight the state was putting on the backs of their people. At this point, it’s too late for violence. But people ARE waking up. There’s still some time to right this ship, but the war will have to be waged economically, not physically.

        Not a small number of cops are cowards. They take full advantage of the privileges The Badge gives them. But choosing between their check and their life? An alarming number will bail. Maybe not at first, but if they realize they are walking into war-zone combat every single day (remember, one of the mottos of every police department is “make it home safe”) they will make a wise decision. But I think we’re past the point where that level of engagement against police could be sustained.


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