5 Reasons Why Men Are Still Opting Out of Marriage and Relationshits


Marriage rates are down once again, and men are wisely avoiding romantic entanglements with Anglobitches

Both marriage and long term relationshits continue a steep decline in a moribund Anglo culture. New statistics from the Census Bureau and Pew Research Center illustrate marriage hasn’t just died, it is a rotting corpse. This unfortunate reality reflects the ultimate success feminism was at achieving the Marxist goals of breaking up the family:

  • Last year, only 9% of 18-to-24 year olds in the U.S. were married, compared to 45% in 1960.
  • Only 45% of all households include a married couple.
  • 57% of adults got married ten years ago, but only 51% are getting married now.

But men aren’t just shunning marriage, they’re starting to shun relationshits altogether. It seems even the lure of the moist, pink anatomy is starting to lose its appeal. It could be because men know the average relationship isn’t going to last, anyway. From the Daily Mail:

A study looking into the impact of modern society on romantic lives has revealed that couples today are unlikely to last the distance that love birds in previous generations enjoyed.

New research reveals that couples are now most likely to end their relationships after just two years and nine months.

That’s the average. A man wouldn’t be wise to be in a relationshit that is statistically proven to be a passing fancy of overtly predatory women in today’s culture.

But why, on a deeper level, are both marriage and LTRs in decline as cock carouseling becomes the new, de-civilizing norm? We posit it is the unfathomably low quality of modern Western women. Men are getting wise to the game and the risks of the Divorce Industrial Complex. And they’re getting tired of taking shit from r-selected women. (Women in an r-selected environment become less feminine and less civilized with each passing generation.)

There are some very good reasons to avoid entanglements with fat, entitled, flighty, worthless American women. Here are 5 reasons men are wisely avoiding Anglobitches.

1. Anglobitches are total sluts. Women in modern culture aren’t just sluts, they’re proud sluts. This is, of course, a reversion to a primitive state of affairs in human mating rituals. Women are sluts and males are expendable ONLY in uncivilized societies. When women sleep around and a permanent pairbond isn’t the norm, men have no incentive to invest in either women or society. Ultimately, this will bankrupt the society as women are statistically proven to spend more than they can ever produce. It will also lead to problems with delinquency since single moms are proven to raise more criminals and deadbeats, as well as slutty daughters. (Carousel riders, just like mama.)

2. Anglobitch entitlement mentality and Princess Syndrome. Women who bring nothing but a laundry list of demands and a condescending attitude to the table expect to land Prince Charming who owns a McMansion and a Ferrari, giving her access to a large disposable income for her to waste on her flights of fancy and materialism. Tatted up, short-haired, damaged goods women don’t want to build a life with a “good” man, they want life in the lap of luxury to be handed to them by Richie Rich with no obligations. Until such time they get tired of him and want to monkey branch to one of his rich friends. Ergo, men are seen by women as nothing but expendable provider modules. She “deserves” it. Well, in her own mind she does.

3. Women have total power over men in today’s Anglo culture. The legal system in America is a complete joke. With nothing more than a passing whim, a woman can destroy a man legally and/or financially. Take your pick of risks: She can destroy him with fake rape claims. She can destroy him with a frivorce and endless all-the-money payments. She can enslave him with child support. Best not to become legally entangled with a proven predator of male utility value.

4. Men are pariahs in Anglo culture. The vitriol Anglo culture spits at men is astonishing to witness to those who have spent time in other cultures. Men are viewed as everything from rapists to sex fiends to simple-minded beasts by the altering eye that alters all in Anglo culture. It has even been said men are like dogs. To which the best response is, yes, we (like dogs) are loyal as fuck when someone treats us good. Unfortunately, the arrogant demeanor of Anglo women today makes them unapproachable to many men. Those men considered “unworthy” of a sniff of the golden vagina.

Here’s a personal anecdote about this oddity of Anglo culture: I was recently traveling through the South and found myself in the middle of a social gathering on a Saturday in Nashville, TN. As a pack of 20-ish females walked by, I got the sense of utter arrogance and contempt from these girls. They looked down at me and other men as pawns in their game of acquisition. No, I didn’t want to break through their bitch shields or pass any of their inevitable shit tests for a pale, flat piece of tail. I just wanted to get the fuck away from them.

5. Women aren’t worth it. As a man ages and acquires wisdom and experience with chicks, he begins to realize they simply aren’t worth it. Sex ends up costing him more than its worth. It took me going through 150+ women to realize they’re all pretty much the same, only with different packaging of the same lies they tell me. There is no magic unicorn. Women are always a losing investment. At some point, the risk will begin to outweigh the reward. What’s more, trying to appease women with materialism and consumerism is a surefire ticket to slavery. A minimalistic man can live an awesome life on $18,000 to $25,000 a year. This modest income affords plenty of travel, booze, and rendezvous with fast women if he manages his finances well and learns the trade of PUA. Why work double to play a losing game of “Keep the Anglobitch Up” when a man can work half and invest in himself and his own interests rather than some ungrateful hag?

Fuck ’em.

Women are drunk on their power for the time being. But, the day will come when the pied piper must be paid. Society will collapse because the current state of affairs is not culturally, socially, or financially sustainable.

J.D. Unwin showed us all past societies that loosened restraints on female sexuality eventually fell and crumbled to dust. Bedlam ensued afterwards, as civilization ended. What’s more, each Anglobitch currently runs a $100,000+ deficit on society over the course of her vain, narcissistic life. This deficit has traditionally been balanced by taxing Beta males. Once these men stop working themselves like dogs to pay abusively high taxes to support a system that robs them to make up for the deficit Anglobitches create, the entire house of cards will collapse. Bring it on.

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  • 61 and never married. The author is right. Stay single men. Live the life you want. Make enough to cover you retirement and then get out of the rat race. See the world and enjoy the time you have. Life is meant to be lived, not destroyed by the hamster wheel of death. Live it !


  • If you don’t like America get the he’ll out you sexist pig.


  • You couldn’t have chosen a better photo. The guy has his beta colors on; checked shirt and jeans. The “Hey, I’m a normal guy and I know it. Do you accept me for being a nice, normal guy even though no one likes that since I am so obviously aware that I’m nice and normal therefore it’s kind of okay, right?” look. You see it everywhere. The nature photo too is so beta. Social media is deluged with “This is me in a natural environment!” photo. It’s so overdone and so 2009. “This is me and a field!” “This is me and a mountain!”

    Go with slacks and solid color shirts, either cotton oxfords or polo. Better yet, get blazers and neckties. leather shoes. BALLS. Like your day matters to you. Because no one does that anymore. No more beta uniform, at least. Check out this vid to see betas and their colors;

    Don’t wear untucked, checked or plaid shirts with jeans.


  • Here’s some more drivel in the mainstream about being a “real man” and marrying up these queens. The usual laundry list of requirements from women who bring little to the table. The guy the describe is the same man who will bore them to tears in a few years.

    It all screams of neediness and one-itis on the part of the guy here-“afraid to lose her”, “They want to put your pretty face on social media and tell everyone you’re with them. They want to call you their girlfriend or wife as soon as possible so that someone else doesn’t jump in”, “pay the bill on the first, 2nd, 3rd dates…”
    You’ve been warned-some nausea may follow:



  • “Anglobitch entitlement” had me in tears. Now jokes aside Men are still opting out because jack shit changed, it’ll only get worse from here on out. Some will get fooled by the current “tradwife” trend while a good bunch of men keep their heads clear and see this BS for what it is.


    • Trade in your freedom, financial security and travel options to all the world’s sexual fantasy lands of 19 year old 8s, 9s and 10s for a 6 who will either divorce you or become a 4 in a year or two, all in an atmosphere of legal, social, and financial hell, all leading to sexlessness and financial ruin in an ever accelerating time frame. Then when it’s over, you still have to work for her and provide her with resources, long after your relationship has ended. GOOD TRADE! GOOD IDEA! Jump right into penury, sex with fat women (or no sex with fat women, toss up there) and just walk right into our country’s most unfair legal concepts ever; VAWA, imputed income, child support payments determined by feminist judges with absolutely no legislated regulations though with full use of government violence to enforce. GOOD MOVE! GOOD OPTION! Trap yourself legally to work for a fat ass who never has sex with you whose only value to you is that she hasn’t bankrupted you yet by filing. SHREWD choice. Man up and jump into that great option.


  • “But, the day will come when the pied piper must be paid. Society will collapse because the current state of affairs is not culturally, socially, or financially sustainable.”

    That’s no doubt true, but one important thing appears to be omitted from this:

    Women will blame men for this.

    Run hamster run!


  • Very nice article Relampago!!!

    “There is no magic unicorn. Women are always a losing investment. At some point, the risk will begin to outweigh the reward”

    This is what most beta males and some of the so called “Red Pill Alphas” just don´t get: THERE ARE NO FUCKING UNICORNS!!!


    • As explained at 5:00+ on the crazy hot matrix, there are NO UNICORNS and anyone that is 8+ hot and less than 4 crazy is a DUDE / TRANNY.


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    “A man wouldn’t be wise to be the farm on a relationshit …”

    Well, that there looks like a typo, but in the words of the judge from Squidbillies, I’ll allow it.

    I wouldn’t want to be a farm for some Relationshitworker either. 🙂


  • What you’re also seeing is something predicted in The Behavioral Sink Experiment. (The Mouse Crowding Experiment. Look it up, and you’ll recognize a lot of the behaviours described above, esp. the MGTOW phenomenon (The Beautiful Ones):


    It’s esp. evident in present day Japanese Society.

    Just a thought.



  • I agree with the over-all theme of the article. It should be called not Anglo but/also Bolshevik Jew culture, which does not nurture, does not actually contribute anything positive to the village, town, city, country in the Five-Eyes country. There is a connection between B.J.’s and spying.
    Also, just as in the corporate mentality it is the same in the Anglo countries: disposable boys and men. In some cases it would be interesting when an Anglo-Bitch ™ meets Moslems of any type. I bet the female would suddenly keep her place. In other words, Fifty Shades 0f Sharia.


    • OK, I’ve heard the arguments blaming Jews for feminism. But even if true, they curtailed their message with a form of subversion they thought would be accepted by the receptive culture. If so they took a look at the world of Anglo America before their arrival, with closeted lesbian bitches like Susan B. Anthony actually being taken seriously by the men who should have told them to go to hell and realized there was an angle to push to it’s logical conclusion. When did the Jews living in any other culture come up with the “feminism” game? Nope, the con artist taylor makes his con to what he has detected in your heart is your deepest weakness and inability to think critically about. The Anglobitch worship was always there, a ticking time bomb just waiting to be taken to it’s logical conclusion. A rot that was well under way before they arrived.


  • I have recently seen reason #3 destroy a friend of mine , the alimony and child support put him back at his parents house. He cannot afford to live his own life. Further the child support was immediately due per the court and withdrawn from his bank account. Building a family does not seem like a good idea to me anymore. I am 21 and have decided to build my future without a permanent mate unless I leave the country for greener pastures and I am seriously considering doing that.

    Liked by 1 person

  • Does anyone know why women were not allowed to vote back in the day and who set that rule?


    • Dude men were in charge of everything back in the day. Because evolutionary biology gave men the tools to hunt, fight, protect, and lead. There really wasn’t a “why” to it, they just weren’t in charge of anything, and they were not involved in property or business ownership, so they didn’t merit the right to vote. Read some English literature, and you’ll see how even 150 years ago a women couldn’t even inherit property, so the estate would go to a male relative. Men didn’t engage in politically correct nonsense 150+ years ago, so women were kept in check.

      Woman’s suffrage brought about the female right to vote in the late 19th century.

      The real question is, why in hell did men allow women to vote. Everything they have and take advantage of was created by man.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Easy killer .. before the federal gubermint allowed “suffrage” (et al) 19 ish states already allowed th wimminz to vote.

        So the real question is why have a federal amendment when it seemed very well taken care of as a states rights issue.

        (The answer is that evil word .. Federalism.)


  • I just sold my home, a small “McMansion,” and am preparing to build a tiny home in the country. I’m one step closer to minimalism and financial security. So I’m temporarily living in an apartment close to a small college. The apartment complex was built using ICF construction (concrete walls), THANK THE GODS, because three college cheerleaders live in the apartment directly underneath me.

    I usually can’t hear them due to the solid walls, but in just a couple weeks weeks I’ve witnessed an endless, nightly parade of fat assholes (yes fat – incredible what a college cheerleader will sleep with just for fun), jocks, male cheerleaders, beta orbiters, and yougogirls.

    Sure they’re 20 years old now, and in about 8-12 years they will be looking for volunteer husbands.

    But sure, men are bad for avoiding marriage.


  • Great last paragraph.

    I constantly have to remind myself of the contradiction affecting me.
    Physically I very much desire a beautiful girl. Mentally I have zero intrest in her at all. The mind should control the matter. Some girls i swear are tools of the devil sent to deplete a man of his wealth and his life force energy. Succubus is not a mythological term considering modern females. What they say, and how they respond are usually opposite. Theres a reason women were not allowed to vote once upon a time. Only if we let them have power over us, will they.


  • Despite never having searched for these products, I was amused to see adverts for nail polish under this article.



  • Replace “anglo culture” with marxist (jewish) culture



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