Travel Eye Candy: Grand Teton National Park


A peaceful scene from the majestic Grand Tetons – shot by the Relampago himself

Welcome to a new series of Travel Eye Candy from Relampago Furioso, intended to stir and inspire the masculine traditions of exploration and the great outdoors! Random installments of original scenic photography from Rel’s adventures (all images shot by RF himself) will be posted. High quality 24″ x 36″ poster prints are available for purchase.

Plans are to expand Travel Eye Candy into photos of hot women Rel encounters during his travels in the months and years ahead. In the meantime, enjoy our first installment from Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

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  • I was just out there last week-it’s become a yearly trip for me at this time of year since the temps are dropping and foliage colors are awesome. Once you get out into tieback country a bit, it’s really surreal and beautiful. Highly recommend as a place to disconnect and get back to are nature. Also a little element of healthy fear out there with bears and other wildlife hanging about all over the place.


  • Nice idea RF! Particularly the part with hot women.
    What equipment are you using?


    • Nikon Coolpix P900. Really like it so far, even if I haven’t learned all the settings yet.


      • Ok, looks great anyhow.

        I spend a lot of time hiking etc. in nature, so I hope to establish an income source from photos also. I`m not a fan of the equipment “hysteria” you encounter when you talk to people who are into photography though. I realize you need some basic knowledge and gear, but it`s nice to see that you can keep it relatively simple and still get good pics.


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