Brainwashed, Manly Anglobitches Hate Feminine Women


A Russian woman comments on the hatred she receives for not being part of the Feminazi claven

An eyewitness account from the fires of modern Rome reveals what many of us who have abandoned aging, well worn, manly Anglobitches for superior foreign women already know. The comment came in response to a pithy writeup about the portrayal of white men by the lamestream media as bumbling idiots, weaklings and “racists” who need to be re-educated by shitlibs.

Here’s what one Russian woman had to say.

Anglo women (originators and purveyors of the cultural cancer of feminism) HATE, HATE, HATE women who still have intact feminine instincts, i.e. those who don’t subscribe to their creed of Penis Envy, YouGoGrrlism, the Church of Cock Carouseling, and civilizational destruction. These foreign women are the svelte, sweet hotties Anglobitches’ own men (including Yours Truly) have thrown them over for. PlutoKitten, hailing from traditional Eastern Europe, confirms the hatefulness and craziness of modern Western women:

Guys, this all much worse in here n Australia. I am a married Russian woman (32) and most Australian women over 30 hate-hate-hate the very fact I even exist. It’s like a subconsious thing. I am very attractive but also very bookish (rarely wear make-up/love science fiction) and I never let a Western woman to be my friend or even get close to me. They are dangerous, sick and deranged people, I am always stunned why Oz men can’t slap that shit down.

So much for the bland, feminist PR pleasantries about cultural diversity. The mere existence of this traditional woman perturbs crazy, power mad Anglo women who actually crave cultural uniformity. It seems that in Australia (like America) feminists have a “for us, or against us” attitude when it comes to supporting the evil feminist ideology. Diversity is actually a code word for anything that’s an affront to tradition and common sense.

This Russian babe knows well what many of us in the manosphere discuss amongst ourselves regularly: Western women are indeed dangerous, sick, and deranged. Is there anything that can be done this late in the game? An Australian man replied, explaining why Oz men haven’t slapped that shit down:

We’ve walked. Not allowed to fight. The state actively hates us. So we’ve walked.

He’s got a point. At this point, the Marxist state is so entrenched in Western nations becoming a MGTOW or PUA or Going Galt are the best options. I wouldn’t trade my freedom nor my time and experience with foreign women for any Anglobitch I’ve ever met. They made their man-hating bed, now they can lie in it.

Simple mathematics prove the gynocentric system will implode of its own volition once critical mass is reached, and Beta males stop allowing themselves to be fleeced by Big Daddy Government and predatory, frivorce happy women. Women will bankrupt the system without “x” number of Beta male dollars flowing into the coffers of revenuers working for Big Daddy Government to redistribute male productivity to hoes who spit upon the very hardworking men enabling their Eat, Pray, Love deathstyles.

In fact, the hatred for superior foreign women in English-speaking countries is so fervent TNMM was viciously attacked by feminists back in August 2016 for a simple comic portraying a lovelorn Anglo man winging his way over to Asia and finding true love. The vitriol was astounding.

But, it was truly, deeply satisfying to watch feminists writhe in pain over a comic about their men abandoning them for greener pastures of younger, tighter, hotter, sweeter poon. Feminist anger can be likened to a pet who shits up its cage, then expects someone it bit to now come clean up after it while it’s still growling.

Do you want to get your hands dirty doing a shitty job?

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  • Western women treat their horses better than they do their men. Love them more, too.

    Sure, they’ve been deceived. But they love the delusion. They. Love. It.

    Post collapse, I will gladly cast my vote to ship them to North Africa with all the pets they clamoured to bring in.

    Liked by 1 person

  • fuzziewuzziebear

    I am oversimplifying, but Western women do not want to compete with Eastern European women. While EE women have a healthy attitude of living with men cooperatively, Western women want to treat their men like rented pack mules. Most men are not masochists.


  • Anglobitch? LOL. Can’t wait for that word to be accepted into Webster’s dictionary.
    I find there are a growing number of Women that fit your description. I just ignore them. Don’t even acknowledge them.
    I usually can spot them a mile away. When one eludes my radar I quickly break off contact when discovered.
    Stay safe out there. Avoid the traps. They use government and cooped social practice as allies.


  • I hear you, bro. I’m making my plans to leave the USSA also…


  • While this is true, there still about one MGTOW for every 1000 Blue Pill Mangina simp put there. At this rate it’s going to be long after we’re dead before anything meaningful changes.


    • Manhandling the Anglosphere

      Enjoy the downfall.


    • I have given up trying to convince other men in taking up a better lifestyle than being Blue Pill it is so ingrained in their minds its a from of mind control. Leave alone is my motto and just become a better version of your own self. If the human race survives the next 50 years it will be a cross between Bladerunner/Westworld and Total Recall.


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