Even Women Are Now Saying Feminism Has Gone Too Far


Even women are beginning to question the motives of feminism on American college campuses

There are early signs the tide seems to be turning against feminism. At least, in some circles. More than ever, thoughtful women are beginning to see it as the cultural cancer + misandry movement that it is. And they’re speaking out.

But, as always, women have ulterior motives for opposing feminism. It’s not about truth and justice as much as it is keeping men from leaving women holding the bag. Sensing, perhaps that men are ready to walk off the plantation permanently, leaving women to handle the crushing weight of their own material and financial demands, even college women are now telling rabid feminists to calm down as they lob spittle-laced attacks at modern males.

As we were questioning the legitimacy of the aims of the International Day of the Girl right here at TNMM, so were some (worried?) women at George Washington University, as reported by IWF:

On the International Day of the Girl, the Network of enlightened Women (NeW) chapter at George Washington University hosted a panel discussion on why Modern Feminism and the Third Wave Feminist movement do not speak for all women.  Panelists included Karin Agness Lips, the founder of NeW and Senior Fellow at IWF, Emily Jashinsky, graduate of George Washington University and current commentary writer for the Washington Examiner, and IWF’s very own Julie Gunlock, the Director of the Culture of Alarmism Project.

Hmm. One immediately wonders what motive women have to break from the herd. Why, it’s self-interest, of course.

In any case, women telling feminists to keep their bile to themselves is a nice sentiment, but it’s a whisper in a very loud Anglo-American echo chamber. The fact is, feminists do all the talking in CIA-manipulated mainstream media and in the Hollyweird “play pretend in front of a camera” bubble. Of course, most women sheepishly follow along with the narratives extolled from their so-called social betters. Still, it’s nice to see women pointing out the follies of their own kind.

The toxicity of the Third Wave Feminist movement is easily seen on college campuses, making organizations like NeW and events like last night all the more important. Often times a conservative voice is lacking in the curriculum, let alone a female conservative voice. However, Gunlock and Lips agree that relations between the feminist movement and the majority of women who don’t consider themselves feminists didn’t used to be so vicious.

What an astonishing change in tone. For a half century, women have been happy to jump on the feminist bandwagon to take whatever they could get from men, and the system men support with their labor and tax dollars.

But now, they’re marginalizing feminism because the well of clueless chumps and hard workers the plantation needs is drying up. Men are going their own way, ready to abandon women completely beyond pump and dumps, and Anglobitches are changing their tune.

Analyzing women’s own claims about how mean-spirited feminists are, the viciousness of modern feminists makes it obvious that cultural brainwashing has been very effective on humanity’s ultimate followers: Anglobitches. Just as these unstable drama-seekers once had “witches” burned at the stake, they’re now figuratively burning nonbelievers in the feminist doxy at the stake.

Ergo, women are dangerous without proper male and cultural guidance. They don’t ever seem to know WHY they’re what they’re doing, really, but once they’ve drank the Kool-Aid served by their masters they forbid critical thinking outside the myopic world of what they’ve been told to believe. Perhaps that’s why the Christian bible has called for men to be the heads of family and community for two thousand years.

This is why all religion AND social engineering schemes AND advertising primarily focus on manipulating women. Because it’s so easy to manipulate them. The vast majority of women don’t think for themselves, so manipulators have been doing it for them for thousands of years. In today’s bizarro world of imposed feminist zealotry, if a woman decides she doesn’t subscribe to the ideals of the claven, she’s a heretic:

And the attacks are just that, vicious. Many conservative women face harsh criticism online, and in the classroom if they speak up about their political beliefs. While Jashinsky stressed the importance of reading the defining literature on both sides of the argument, Lips suggests that when dealing with the name calling that often comes with taking a stand against the traditional leftist feminist voice, to “talk about what the real secondary consequences are for their policies.” By turning the conversation into an intellectual debate, all of the panelists agreed that conservative women would have the upper hand.

This is how feminism will be destroyed. It is a doctrine based completely on irrational, emotional groupthink spurred on by social engineers working from lofty perches inside the Anglo-American thought control matrix. Once the cleansing truth of Realtalk reaches a critical mass, feminism will die from the massive doses of truth-based chemotherapy.

Like just about everything The Anglo-American Matrix is based on, feminism is a house of cards built upon a mountain of lies. Even the girls at GWU are asking questions about the origins of feminist narratives. Here’s what the girls had to say:

Where are all of these radical feminist ideologies coming from? And what makes them seem so prevalent in the feminist movement?

Hint: These narratives originated from the CIA, the treasonous organization that funded Gloria Steinem’s Ms. magazine at the behest of the Rockefeller family back in the 1960s, as revealed by Hollywood filmmaker Aaron Russo. The CIA also has tentacles extending into the anal sphincters of the agenda-setters who run mainstream media, as revealed by whistleblower Kevin Shipp. Even the college girls see how they’re being manipulated:

Gunlock and her work at IWF focuses on conservative women in pop culture, and how they are never portrayed in a flattering light and almost always fall into the tropes that the Third Wave Feminists use against us. Gunlock argued that it is because “popular culture is not conservative” further calling it “overwhelmingly liberal”.

The tactic of freezing and polarizing your “enemy” (in this case traditional women and families) is known as Cultural Marxism. Here comes another blow to its aims:

Because the left “can’t comprehend being pro-women and also a conservative” Lips continues to push NeW on campuses across the country in order to give women without a voice, a platform to speak openly about their beliefs.

It seems women will used the tried and true oppression card (“women without a voice”) to once again get their way. Except now, they’ll use it to “speak openly” against feminism rather than in support of it.

In short, women are beginning to realize the fantasies they’ve been sold about having a “career” and being “empowered” and being a “YouGoGrrl” are mirages. As they’re sold into lives of corporate bondage under duress of neverending student loan payments by following the directives of the system, a few women are beginning to take note that they’ve been had. The Strong, Independent Woman™  fantasy is the same as the mirage of a vanishing oasis in a dry, dry desert.

The few women capable of critical thought are starting to maybe, just maybe realize they were fooled by feminism and the lies of The Anglo-American Matrix. These chicks then put on the cloak of being “conservative” women, when in fact they only realized they have it better with man slaves in their lives than without.

Make no mistake, this movement of women against feminism has nothing to do with chicks giving a damn about men. It’s just that some women are realizing they sold themselves out to become common laborers, and will have nobody but the bankrupt state to look after them once they’ve passed their prime. In other words, nature’s master manipulators (women) are moving to save their own asses because their plan to usurp men isn’t quite working out the way they had hoped.

How’s that for supreme irony? Women tried to show they weren’t weak and gullible by subscribing to feminism, a movement that preyed upon their weakness and gullibility. Wow.

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  • It’s subterfuge. Women are realizing how much they stand to lose by alienating and attempting to dominate men, the very men women rely upon for building, maintaining, fighting & dying for women’s rights and privileges over men. Women fear loss of female privilege and fear losing the passive income they’ve long enjoyed through divorce raping men. It’s the same as a criminal becoming regretful/remorseful only after being caught. It’s a distraction. It’s a ploy to keep men on the gynocentric plantation. It’s meaningless. Don’t buy it for an instant. This ‘epiphany’ will last only as long as it takes women to realize it won’t work and to realize men are onto their misandric games.


  • Well written and I agree. They only open their fucking mouths now because they don’t want to handle the mess they created. Only thing I hope for is that enough men realize this sham and go MGTOW instead of cleaning up after those cunts again…


  • Feminism revealed the ugly truth about most women, whether they carry a card or not. Man have been angered into understanding and seeking their own imperatives; a lifetime of sexual access to young women. It’s an outright civilization changer. The tradcon narrative of having a few sexy years with a college sweetheart and then ‘manning up’ and working for decades to honor her fattened ass……..yeah, naw. Sorry. Terrible deal. Add culture wide misandry and the incredible lack of fairness in the legal world….and yeah…naw. Sorry. It’s the worst deal you could ever imagine.

    I’ll believe women like men again when there are lines of women at every squat rack that are longer than the lines at Starbucks. They can come begging for us, like we had to beg for them. I don’t have to beg overseas, btw.


    • We’ll know there’s a precipitate retreat from the YouGoGrrl position when some 4Chan denizen at the Utah Data Centre lets us know of an enormous spike in searches for “cupcake recipes” and “blowjob techniques”.

      Beta dudes will be thinking the cavalry has arrived. Hopefully I’ll be watching the whole mess, via satellite, from the other side of the world.


      • Same here. Overseas is the only play. I actually think the battle of the sexes is over. The women won and their reward is misery. Their ‘body positive’ slovenliness won’t get them any alpha play and the betas have been made worthlessly unambitious after a lifetime of misandry dumped on them by their bitter, single mothers and the feminist school systems. The betas will be retreating into small town minimalism with their digital sexuality. Fat girls gonna fat, crime will go up, bridges will start to crumble. Septic grids will start to falter (Remember that promising young engineer who got kicked out of State U because he dumped a fattie who then had an entire department set up to facilitate her false rape claim? Yeah that guy. Would’ve made a decent septic engineer, instead he went off the grid) It will all slowly falter. Extended families (even Anglo) will start living all lumped together. People will start opting for 3000 dollar used cars. Mini-homes. Restaurants will get cheaper and shabbier. The 1%ers will still have fun in city centers which will become smaller, and more exclusive. Bastard rates will continue to rise, closer and closer to 90%. Starting to sound like the third world? Ha ha. Good job ladies. About a generation and a half of females assuming cultural power and it’s ruined. They’ve taken away all incentives for males to build civilization, innovate and sacrifice. Women do none of those three things and never will. In fact, they would immediately go straight into male bashing if you ever suggested that they do any of those things. So who’s going to do it? Who’s going to innovate, build, sacrifice? Why should men do it? Just to get the middle finger for doing it? A cultural/social/financial/legal/sexual middle finger at that. Not much incentive there.


      • an enormous spike in searches for “cupcake recipes”

        Why on earth would we want women gorging themselves on sweets? Where I work this is a Chinese dude who married a white woman who brings in baked sweets every single day, her ankles are all fat from all that sugar. His half asian daughter stuffs herself with cookies and cupcakes all day like and is this big tall massive tub of goo. Not at all slender like most asians. Processed sugar is total poison in one’s diet and women in particular really have a sweet tooth. I admit all go all in on barbecue or steaks or something delicious and savory, but sweets are one thing I NEVER eat. Yet every time I go to the grocery store I see the cookie and cake isle filled with fat women stocking up on their drug of choice. Having a big 1200 calorie “dessert” of ice cream, cake, and pie is another bad habit in the Anglo-sphere.


      • Sebastian Hawks – I was implying that women will be rediscovering “Girl Game”. A woman showing up at your work or even home with hot baked goods is probably gonna at least be let in the door, especially if it’s something you mentioned liking.


      • I have given this a good amount of thought, and it is too late. The amount of predatory laws that would have to be rolled back would spell the end of feminism, wave 1, 2, and 3. This is a strategic pause. Sweden is showing where things are going.


  • A few years ago, Rollo Tomassi said in a comment on a now defunct blog, that women would ditch feminism as soon as they realized that it ran counter to the feminine imperative. Before feminism, nearly all women had a shot at breeding. Feminism is taking that away and it is an option that women put a high value on.
    It is not that they are doing it for men, but they’re acting in self interest which is a stronger motive than altruism.


    • Fuzzie – funny that you should mention altruism. I have recently been using that word in this context: “As a man, my natural altruism did not die a natural death, it was murdered”.

      The only altruism women have is altruism of the self. Which is narcissism, exactly as Mother Nature intended. They cannot help it for it is as natural as breathing to them. We men were endowed (cursed?) by Mother Nature with self sacrifice altruism, which is what the word means, and also just as natural.

      I am reminded of the Battle of Iwo Jima and Jacklyn Lucas. He is in a trench with three other Marines when a Japanese grenade rolled in. He didn’t hesitate, grabbed the grenade and shoved it into the black sand. Just then another rolled in and again he did not hesitate jamming the second grenade into the sand with his free hand. One exploded, blowing him out of the trench. His fellow Marines fought off the attack. Lucas was so mangled they left him for dead. The next day a passing corpsman noticed he was still alive and saved his life. Lucas was awarded the Medal of Honor.

      When asked why he did it, Lucas replied simply; “I did it to save my buddies”. He had just turned 17 years old, he had lied about his age to get into the Corps. The only high school sophomore to be awarded our nations highest decoration for valor. Such altruism cannot be taught or learned, it is deep inside a man, even at 17.

      On Iwo Jima the Marines were awarded almost one Medal of Honor for each of the 36 days of Hell. Most were posthumous. Many for doing exactly what Lucas had done. Smothering the blast of red hot shrapnel from about to explode Japanese grenades with their bodies for the same reason Lucas had done it. Suicide to save another, altruism of the highest order. The Marines and sailors were also awarded countless Navy Crosses, silver stars, bronze stars, and over 22,000 Purple Hearts. They didn’t fight, kill, suffer and die for their country. They fought, killed, suffered and died for one another, as they knew their fellows would fight kill, suffer and die for them.

      The battle is immortalized in the Iwo Jima Memorial in Arlington, Virginia. Put it on your bucket list for a visit. It is truly awe inspiring. Carved into the monument are the words; “Uncommon valor was a common virtue”.

      Compare the altruism of men as best exemplified by Iwo Jima with the lack of altruism in women. In a crisis women will not rush in to save others, they will stand on the sidelines crying and shrieking for help. They will watch their house burn with their children trapped inside before they will sacrifice themselves in a rescue attempt. Countless husbands and firemen have lost their lives in the attempt to save others. Just look at the NYC Fire Department on 9/11. Those men knew they were going to die as the ascended the stairs as the civilians descended. Again, altruism of the highest order.

      A more recent example is the picture of an ordinary man carrying a woman clutching a baby through the food waters of Houston. Toxic masculinity at its finest!

      The point of my diatribe here is that male self sacrificing altruism was for centuries rewarded by the social contract. All modern women, feminist or not, and their male blue pill enablers have broken the social contract. There no longer remains any incentive for men to do what they are naturally inclined to do – aspire to heroism, as their boyhood fantasies encouraged. And women wonder where all the good men have gone!

      I myself, was the dream of every female before women were given the vote. I was the true blue, self sacrificing, hard working, tax paying, female worshipping, boy scout that Mother Nature intended me to be. I was betrayed, the bitterest of bitter pills. Now, to quote Terrance Popp regarding women: “I wouldn’t piss in your mouth if your teeth were on fire”. Sad, but true. I didn’t get to this state on my own. My former self, and my innate altruism had to be murdered. I lost some of my soul, but gained understanding and freedom. There is no going back.

      Thanks for listening. Cheers.


      • Great post man!!! Someone at Heartiste´s blog wrote sometime ago that the difference between men and women is that men see other men as allies that can help to build something better for everybody (civilization) while women just see other women as competition and men as merely objects that provide whatever they need.

        BTW I love your quote:

        “As a man, my natural altruism did not die a natural death, it was murdered”.


      • This is a great post. You are blessed with the gift of eloquence.


      • Thank you. There are other places I would like to visit too.
        Women have really blown it. They have no idea how reliant they are on the good will of men.


      • Fuzzie – If you haven’t already read the book “Flags of Our Fathers”, do so. It is the story of the six Marines immortalized on the monument as told by the son of Navy Corpsman John Bradley. Unlike most war novels, the story of these men (boys really) is told with a pathos that if it does not bring a tear to your eye you have no soul.

        When John Bradley died his family went through his personal belongings and there they found a Navy Cross, second only to the Medal of Honor. His children knew he had been on Iwo Jima but were clueless about his valor and his story. Like most combat veterans, Bradley was silent about it. And like just about all combat heroes he downplayed anything he had done and gave the label “hero” to those that didn’t return.

        Of the immortalized six, three were killed in that passion play of agony, Bradley was wounded, and the other two walked off unscathed. But even the survivors left part of themselves on that distant eight square mile island. Of them, only Bradley was able to live a somewhat normal life afterwards, even though his wife said he cried in his sleep for years. One drank himself to death. The last succumbed to the fame.

        Today, our heroes are professional athletes and movie stars. We wear their jerseys with their names on them in a pathetic attempt to claim some of their “glory”. We idolize their looks and their ability to fool us into believing they are someone they are not on a silver screen. How can a man be a hero for putting a ball in a hole or hitting a ball over a fence or for his ability to “make believe”?

        My second great-grandfather was with the 4th North Carolina (the Bloody Fourth) during the War for Southern Independence. He volunteered in June of 1861 and was with Lee for the surrender at Appomattox. Towards the end, as the Army of Northern Virginia was facing the inevitable, men deserted in droves. But my ancestor did not. A picture of him as a very old man hangs in my living room. The face of a hero (regardless of one’s stance on the war) stares down at me from the past, reminding me what manhood, sacrifice, and yes, altruism means. I would trade my life to able to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with that man for just one day, one charge, one fleeting instance of ……

        My father was a Marine Corps fighter pilot. He was on Okinawa when the war ended. Korea was where he made his mark. A picture of him standing on the wing of his Corsair in a tattered flight suit with a revolver and knife on his belt also hangs in my living room. He has the expression of a happy warrior and I’m sure he was.

        Like the son of John Bradley, I too went through his personal belongings at his death as it was my duty to write his eulogy. I knew he had been awarded one Distinguished Flying Cross but was surprised to see he had three. I never knew.

        His very close friend was a Marine Captain at the Chosin reservoir. If you do not know of that particular agony, read up on it. It was Hell at minus 20 degrees. There, the greatest of Marine Corps traditions was on full display – no Marine, alive or dead, is ever left behind. They would counter attack to retrieve the bodies of the fallen. They hauled out their frozen dead by the truckload.

        I grew up surrounded by such men. Now, I am surrounded by metrosexuals and hipsters who couldn’t crush a grape and blue haired feminists who love nothing more than cutting a man’s balls off. I am a stranger in a strange land.

        The pussified men(?) of today will be worse than the generation that lost Rome. Their innate altruism has been bred of beat out of them by single mothers and feminized schools. The remaining men that volunteer to be cannon fodder in never ending wars to prop up the Petro-dollar for bankers return from foreign battlefields only to be unemployable due to gender and racial hiring quotas and spat upon by females for not being rich or missing a leg.

        How these men can keep the altruism they have proven is a mystery to me. If they lose it, I completely understand. I lost my altruism and faith in my country in a series of courtrooms. They, in a series of battles to retake ground already paid for with the blood of their comrades. Modern warfare is nothing but murder by another name, so is modern marriage.

        Anyway, I’m digressing, but I think you get the point. It being that men, the pussies and the brave, no longer have any incentive to fight, kill, suffer, and die for a broken social contract and a culture that has no use for them. The die is cast, the Rubicon is on the horizon. I will be dead when the crossing occurs, but I weep for the loved ones I will leave behind to face the upcoming repeat of the Dark Ages. Cheers, I think.


  • I love when a female tells me I can’t handle a “strong independent woman” ™ .. lol

    No sugar-tits .. you can’t handle a strong independent man!

    Fella’s .. if you stop giving / allowing these bitches the power to man’nip’you’late you .. you we win.


  • For feminism to succeed men couldn’t change. And for roughly 50 years we didn’t and every Anglobitch was happy to ride the wave of feminism’s successes, one after another. Now the worm has turned and we men have changed, in droves.

    MGTOW has now entered the MSM and soon will enter mainstream male consciousness. You can bet your ass these college girls have had many a discussion about their lack of dates, hits in bars, and marriages. They known their male financed gravy train is in danger of grinding to a halt and it scares the bejesus out of them.

    As usual, TNMM, is spot on. This recent upsurge in anti-feminist women is as self serving as it gets. Women don’t give a shit about men, never have never will. They are circling the wagons around the plantation. But it is too late. The truth genie is out of the bottle and the plantation will soon be a man desert to the delight of feminazis and the bane of the herd.

    You know what they say in Russia about this? Toughshitski.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Check Inst’whore and you’ll find no shortage of men following (i.e. giving attention and validation) to Younger, Tighter, Nublier and Fertile females.

      This is mainly a new pre-wall female discussion for females. Where until recently it was a wall / post-wall cry for help.

      Of course my observations vary on the relative hotness of said females .. because uglier females will feel the burn sooner .. enjoy the cats 😙 (nothin but love for the workin girlz .. supportin my future retirement lifestyle .. lol).


    • For every man whose life was reduced to a smoking crater, let two women experience the same.

      Yeah, they were deceived. But boy have we had plenty of time to see them enjoy it.

      Every girl who rejected you in her prime had a laugh at your expense when you weren’t around, if she thought of you at all. The cold contempt when they think they have the upper hand is instructive. The enjoyment of our suffering; the bristling at the attempts to warn them; the flagrant dalliances with every dyscivilizational moron who made them damp.

      No they don’t love us. They simply can’t. However, they’re going to miss our love a great deal. They’re going to pay a terrible price when we refuse to save them from the horror they created. And for once, if only once, they won’t be able to point a finger at someone else.

      The smart ones, the perceptive ones, are backing away from the spectre standing behind the feminazis. The trickle will become a flood, like Napoleon’s army in the last hour at Waterloo.


  • Another great article. In other words, anti-feminists are still feminists. They just realized their pussy pass is no guarantee of long term provisioning and need to rewrite the narrative, again. Hate to break it to you gals, but if you look at the stats, American men have all but lost interest in marriage.


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