The Retail Collapse: Without Beta Bucks, Predatory Females Can’t Spend Hand Over Fist


American retailers are cratering post-feminism because women don’t have Beta Bucks guys to foot the bill for their sickening orgy of materialism

MGTOWs, John Galts, and minimalists are having a devastating impact on the obscene behemoth known as the cyclical consumption consumer economy. Take note of the ongoing demise of major retailers around America. As reported by MSM outlet The Atlantic:

From rural strip-malls to Manhattan’s avenues, it has been a disastrous two years for retail. There have been nine retail bankruptcies in 2017—as many as all of 2016. J.C. Penney, RadioShack, Macy’s, and Sears have each announced more than 100 store closures. Sports Authority has liquidated, and Payless has filed for bankruptcy.

The perceptive man immediately notices that most of those strapped for cash stores are retailers Anglobitches (of all ethnicities assimilated into the culture at large) patronize. Except for possibly Radio Shack. But wait, it gets even better.

Last week, several apparel companies’ stocks hit new multi-year lows, including Lululemon, Urban Outfitters, and American Eagle, and Ralph Lauren announced that it is closing its flagship Polo store on Fifth Avenue, one of several brands to abandon that iconic thoroughfare.

There’s an important statistic to keep in mind while analyzing the death of retail – women make or influence 80% of all retail purchasing decisions in the U.S. economy. The vast majority of these stores thrived in the past because women had Beta Bucks to lavish on wasteful purchases.

Men don’t shop at these stores. And increasingly, men are moving away from the shopping and eating out lifestyles that women get off on altogether. Since men started awakening to their exploitation by The Predatory Female, et al. and her enablers in the corporate-government complex, the well of chumps with cash and credit cards in hand is drying up. Men are no longer throwing money at ungrateful, frigid, sex-hoarding women.

Women, sensing the Gravy Train is about to come to a grinding halt are already showing signs they’re going to make moves to keep American men on the Anglobitch plantation. They’re having huddles about easing up on some of the bile they regularly spit at men, saying feminism has gone too far. Not because they give a damn about you or me, but because they want to continue to live on the largesse provided to them in the past by hardworking men they spat upon.

The death of retail can’t simply be blamed on a bad economy. Continuing from The Atlantic:

A deep recession might explain an extinction-level event for large retailers. But GDP has been growing for eight straight years, gas prices are low, unemployment is under 5 percent, and the last 18 months have been quietly excellent years for wage growth, particularly for middle- and lower-income Americans.

That’s another interesting piece of the puzzle. Wages have been growing even though the U.S. economy is based almost completely on rampant consumerism. What gives? Along comes TNMM reader John Smith to clarify what is actually happening.

There is now a rash of mall closings all across America. The MSM is blaming it on Amazon and online shopping. That is certainly a component, but I believe the reason goes even deeper.

Historically, women love to shop with their friends for social reasons, buying worthless crap, having a long lunch with wine of course, and gossiping the hours away. Teenage girls also love hanging out at the mall, the mall rats. The mall closings are caused by a huge decrease in sales, but this doesn’t explain the “why” given the historical social context.

My hypothesis is that so many men (MGTOW and those that don’t know they are) have denied the female collective so many billions of dollars that they are running out of money and credit. With no men to bail them out or sponge off (the strategy of their mothers) they are broke and can’t shop like they historically have. It is better not to go mall shopping with your friends, not being able to buy anything or having the credit card denied in front of you. I believe this is the true social answer for the closings and the plunging stocks of merchants.

Females have not changed their social needs. So, why the change in behavior? Getting their validation and gossip from their smart phones doesn’t explain it all. So, what does? The only answer I can come up with is that they are broke. This could also explain the ever rising stock market – men aren’t pissing away money on women anymore and investing instead.

Another telling indicator is the wedding chapel business in Vegas. The bottom fell out of it a few years ago and it continues to shrink.

John hit it out of the park with this one. The Anglobitch no can’t sustain her eat-prey-love orgy of consumerism without Beta Bucks chumps to finance her. It is a mathematical certainty that “empowering” women and disenfranchising men will lead to a cratering of the economy. It will be proven once again, as it has been throughout history, that putting women in charge of society and culture is tantamount to societal/cultural/economic suicide.

Because women spend more than they earn, men pay twice the amount of tax revenue into the system as women do, and the YouGoGrrl narrative has resulted in most women taking menial, low-paying jobs they hate rather than becoming the CEOs and titans of industry they dreamed of, women simply don’t have the spending power they had when men footed their bills. (Incidentally, the editor of this humble outpost thoroughly enjoys watching white chicks toiling miserably at those crappy jobs that were “supposed” to mean the end of men!)

As men start dropping out of the economy altogether, becoming Naughty Nomads and minimalists who live in minimal houses, the investment economy will continue to grow while the consumer side of the economy will continue to decline.  Why? Men are natural savers and builders of wealth, and women are natural spenders and destroyers of wealth.

The long and short of it all is, the great Marxist social experiment is ending in disaster and tragedy for the West. Men and women went from being natural allies to becoming modern day enemies, and men will be much better off post-feminism than women will be. In fact, the Anglobitch is on her way to utter destitution without nice guys to “bail her out” of the fiduciary disasters she creates by spending, on average, $100,000 or more than she earns over the course of her lifetime.

Anglo media is, predictably, turning a blind eye to the fact the War of the Sexes they helped foment is resulting in women becoming poorer and men becoming richer.

I say, let women reap what they’ve sewn. I’m enjoying my new lifestyle, free from the dead weight toting an Anglobitch around represents. I’m not ready to strap one on my back just yet, especially considering the superior quality of poon (not to mention behavior) I can pick up abroad.

Put that in your eye, feminists and globalists.

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  • Now the question is which businesses will profit now that retail is declining. I think it will be the more “male dominated” ones like tech.


  • GhostofSteveMcQueen

    This rings true. However, women aren’t really in danger of waking up to reality considering the way they are jumping on this Harvey Weinstein and “metoo” bandwagon. Maybe a few are, but the Feminist Imperative ain’t gonna go down without a bloody fight, brother.


  • Internet Schminternet, who wants to buy clothes, or shoes without trying them on first? Then you have to pay shipping and handling, wait a week for delivery, not to mention the pain of the return process. Some obscure old DVD or albumn is wonderful to obtain now on the internet. Clothing, what malls specialize in, is not. I rarely buy clothes, and when I do get it at Meijer (the Great Lakes region’s Walmart) on the cheap. Malls are a female thing. With them not having as much cash, and their generation bastard spawn now “hanging out” in the mall up to no good, this business model is coming to an end from it’s heyday 30 years back.


  • AWALT. I’ve been dating a cutie who’s in her mid-40’s (I’m about 60)..she has a massive student loan debt – – thanks to numerous available deferments – – and has lived the YOLO materialistic lifestyle, to her credit-impaired regret. She barely gets by on her salary. If her schemes to get the student debt forgiven don’t work out, she’s facing a bleak future of crushing debt payments.

    It’s obvious to me that she saw me as a possible white knight to rescue her, since I make a pretty good living. So, for the first year of dating, I got “love-bombed” with lots of sex to hook me. The spontaneous blowjobs and hot sex are beginning to taper off, and I’ve noted it aloud. Now It’s slowly occurring to her that I may not be the Beta-bucks rube ripe for the plucking that she’d hoped for…

    When you’re red-pill aware, the game is an amusing one.


    • Shark – I’m 62, retired with money, and have become very popular with the divorced skanks and the 40-something single mothers. The exact opposite of the lack of female attention when I was 20 and broke.

      About a year ago I decided that I was not only going to adopt ZFG as my life philosophy, but I would project it. My hair is long and my beard is out. I’ve been told I look like Dude from the Big Lebowski. I look like I don’t give a shit, because I don’t. Unfortunately, it has had the opposite of the desired effect.

      I now attract more women than I did when I looked and dressed like a respectable businessman. This confirms two things. Women love the bad boys and they only give shit about money, both MGTOW axioms.

      I’m now a MGTOW monk and have no intention of going backwards. I will try to politely refuse by saying I have “loner tendencies” (never admit to being a MGTOW) but invariably all this does is make them try harder. I’ve had to be down right rude to a few of them. The desperation reeks to high heaven.

      I would rather fish and play golf. Cheers.


    • Shark – well played.


  • Left out in all this is the fact that most or all of these various retail and restaurant chains were acquired by Private Equity groups. Their purchase of the company is typically done with crony borrowed money at a ruinous high rate of interest, saddling the company in question with an unsustainable debt load. Add to the mix generous fees and salaries for the insiders, persons who typically have no actual experience in the industry or retail segment they now control. Now in charge, they then proceed to locations, cut inventory, staffing and quality, strip assets, and generally run the company in question into the ground. Overall, they – the insiders- typically double their money, then spinning the remaining husk to whoever wants it for pennies.

    This is, in many ways, the lineal descendant of the Leveraged Buy-Outs you saw in the 80’s, the corporate equivalent of the parting-out of an otherwise perfectly serviceable and mechanically sound car at a junkyard. It might make sense if you’re just looking to make a buck, but it only destroys and never creates.

    While it’s true that Women do buy a lot of stuff, I believe what you’re really seeing here is the end results of yet another round of weird-ass financial games and – yet again – irrational exuberance.

    Just a thought.


    P.S. Two good reads on the subject of retail would be ‘Why We Buy’ and ‘The Malling of America, both by a guy named Paco Underhill. (What was his Mother thinking?) He’s considered *The* Retail God.

    You might also check out a business website called Retail Dive.


  • “It will be proven once again, as it has been throughout history, that putting women in charge of society and culture is tantamount to societal/cultural/economic suicide.”

    This is so true, the sad thing is that there are too many manginas out there who stll believe that women are our future. lol


  • OK. The reality has hit. Now, we have to wait for this to be realized by the greater public. Most of the power that women enjoy is based on their ability to consume. With marriage rates dropping through the floor, they can’t spend their husband’s money.


  • The quintessential problem internal and external to western civilization can be summarized as the habitual inversion of natural and moral laws. Oswald Spengler, author of the “Decline of the West” described our contemporary civilization as “Faustian”. Faust was a man who sold his soul to the devil to get the woman of his dreams (blue pill) who subsequently lost her because of it, and then went on to damnation or in a revised edition performed so many “redeeming” acts that he was mercifully given salvation upon his death. This is extremely problematic as what this implies is YOLO support for the gynocentric system (sell your soul blue pill) or the more dangerous salvation through sin aspect the permeates through everything Anglo and Western European. Why is this salvation through sin so dangerous? Because there are certain powerful individuals who believe that if you fuck the world up enough you can force the second coming, Mahdi or ect.

    So how do you get men to commit heinous sins against one another all for the sake of forcing the apocalypse?

    One of the best ways to fuck the world up beyond all recognition is to give women undue power in the work place, family, and everywhere else. This does many things which is increase the amount of pussy the elite can access by removing females from their immediate kinship who keep her in line. Increase the amount of pussy that the elite can dole out to the managerial class (ensuring dependency “Think Weinstein”), and increase desperation among the blue pill who will go through incredible lengths to gain enough social capital that he land a depedapotamus/land whale because whatever he could have been worth pre-feminism he is only worth half of it now due to sinking wages post-feminism.

    To these people in power, sex not money is the most potent tool to control men because money is used to pursue pussy in the case of most men. Did not Enkidu lose his freedom and home after he was seduced by the harlot sent by Gilgamesh? Did not King Solomon fall because of his wives? Did not King David cuck and murder one of his most loyal soldiers over used pussy? Did Adam not fall because of Eve?

    Let us not even go into the implications of Adam’s fall. While he fell because of pussy, Eve was trying to usurp God (i.e. The Father, Patriarchy, Male Perfection.) In addition, it is written in Numbers 30:10 as a part of Old Testament Law that a woman living with his husband can have her word (contract or promise) annulled if he was not present. In other words a woman’s word might as well not be one at all. Only men are capable of the solemn responsibility made through contractual agreements. This implies even the Bible supports that the average mental capacity of women seem to average around adolescence. So rare is a woman capable of going beyond this mental state that there are only four official female prophets in the Old Testament compared to the vastly greater number of males.

    What this all implies is female empowerment is a massive multi-generational plan to get blue pill men to accept a tyrannical new order unlike anything we have ever seen. At the moment we are nearing an inflection point where even blue pills are avoiding women, dodging commitment, or being unhappily celibate. They will welcome any new ruler under virtually any terms to put feminism back on the box. It will literally be a Faustian deal with the devil. RFID chipping in a cashless society where no one can buy or sell without it, 24 hour surveillance, and massive wars with countries who refuse to submit to this new form of “democracy”. However much like Faust they stand to lose everything in the end.

    There is great deal more that can be said about this, but there are better SMEs regarding how the elites have deliberated FUBARed the world on this guy’s blog.


  • I do not think this reflects the growth of MGTOW or anything like that. Rather, I think this shows that American men are also broke. “Growth” statistics have not reflected the real economy of goods and services for quite some time. The real economy is going down and has been doing so for quite a while now.


    • TheK – It doesn’t matter if men are deliberately withholding funds from the female collective or, as you posit, they have no funds to give. If deliberate, then it is due to MGTOW and the men who are MGTOW but don’t know it. If involuntary due to lack of funds, the result is still the same and if due to the lack of funds it is because women have driven men from the workforce.

      The end result, either way, is that women do not have male resources to draw upon, at least in sufficient numbers. And this explains the mall closures and collapsing stocks of women’s apparel retailers. Cheers.


    • TheK – before the ’08 crash I saw a chart of the Dow Jones since 1969, adjusted for the CPI (and possibly against the price of gold) The market was actually flat or even went down, it was dubbed “The Invisible Crash”.

      Yeah, it’s bad out there. The middle class is basically a Potemkin village, keeping up appearances with debt, not savings.


    • TheK – More evidence just in to support your position that “American men are also broke” from an article by the Motley Fool posted today, 10/26/17, regarding the declining sales of Harley-Davidson.

      From the article, the target US market for HD is “white, middle aged, and male”. If wages are rising and the economy is supposedly so good, why the decline of HD sales to their target market in its prime earning years? I believe the answer is twofold.

      The first is cultural. Gen X does not ride motorcycles, particularly macho hogs, in the same numbers as their Boomer fathers. Nor do the Millenials.

      The second is financial and supports your position that men are also broke. But the questions becomes, “Why are they broke”? Particularly in their prime earning years? Gen X is not saddled with the crushing student loan debt of the Millenials, so why are they broke?

      The answer is in the percentage of married men, now at an all time low. I posit that many of these broke Gen X men were once married but lost everything in the frivorce that occurred in the intersection of their prime earning years and the prime divorce years. Snowflake saw the peak earnings and pulled the trigger at the top, saddling hubby with crushing child support and alimony payments.

      So, yes, these men are also broke, but for an entirely different reason than the female collective. Men are broke because it takes all their earnings to make the child support and alimony payments to keep themselves out of debtors prison. Women are broke because of unbridled consumerism via credit cards.

      So, we are both right. But either and both ways – the female collective is broke because the beta males they historically feed upon are also broke or refuse to spend on them after having been awakened by the frivorce. Regardless, shopping malls and Harley-Davidson are both in big trouble, and for the same reason – state destruction of the middle class beta male. Cheers.


      • ” I posit that many of these broke Gen X men were once married but lost everything in the frivorce that occurred in the intersection of their prime earning years and the prime divorce years.”

        Can confirm. Starting over from Square One at 52 y.o. sucks, but I’m climbing rapidly while both exes are post-Wall and mired in debt Casino operators, realtors, car dealers, travel agencies and mall outlets will just have to find someone else to finance this quarter’s dividends. I’m out for good, and very glad of it.


      • JD, well said, my brother. Our only weapons are our passive/aggressive indifference and withholding of money. The business community will soon take notice even though the stock market herd will be slow to respond, as is always the case. Its “irrational exuberance” will continue in the ongoing “melt up” to the ensuing “melt down” and crash.

        I, like you, keep my money in my pocket (or more accurately 60% invested, 40% in cash). I refuse to feed pussy or pussy sycophants ever again. I’ve had enough of both. I’m out. Cheers.


      • John Smith: Yep, I can attest to your hypothesis. At nearly 60, I’m going to be paying for my fairly recent divorce by “donating” to the ex-wife a tidy sum every month in alimony until one of us dies. Not to mention the substantial loss of savings as “joint property” (and half of my military pension). Marriage/divorce is merely income/asset redistribution.

        At least I’m still earning a decent salary for a few years until I can begin a – – rather modest – – retirement lifestyle. Assuming that the market doesn’t completely crater, and the government doesn’t find a reason to steal some of my savings (e.g., changing the pension/Social Security/or 401K rules), and…, and…, and…


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