Maslow’s Hierarchy and The Marginalization of Sex in Anglo America


The Matrix takes sex away from men, then sells sex appeal proxies back to them in its place

Without a doubt, sex itself has become taboo in Anglo America. Sex scandals are everywhere. False narratives about the dangers of sex, whether it be the mass HIV/AIDS scare in the 1980s and 1990s, or dropping straws on the camel’s back with endless legislation that makes every male interaction with a female a viable sexual harassment or rape case are designed to marginalize heterosexuals. All are intended to scare men away from getting their rocks off.

Men are conditioned not to ask for it, and not to expect it unless they “get lucky” and a goddess descends from her pedestal to gift him with a sprinkle of pixie dust, i.e. a roll in the hay. This is, of course, just one of many neuroses of a gynocentric culture in decline.

Making matters worse, social engineers are doing everything they can to further separate men from women. Case in point: The women’s pay gap myth is another link in the chain they’re forging, invisibly tying each gender to opposite sides of the prison wall. Why? Because hypergamy is the foundation of the human sexual market. If women make more than men, there’s going to be a lot less fucking going on, because women mate and marry up, not down.

Social engineers know this.

Here’s how the game is played. They take sex away, then fraudulently sell “sex appeal” back to men in small doses. Want to score? You need this cologne. This teeth whitener. This soda can on wheels/car. This McMansion. This debt slavery. Of course, the skilled PUA sees through this charade. But, the great masses of men do not. And thus, the consumer economy trudges on.

What do increasing numbers of good, honest, taxpaying men face as a result of this social engineering? Lonely, sexless lives, leaving them stuck at the base of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. If they dare try to have their sexual needs fulfilled with a rent-a-hole from another willing adult, here comes Johnny Law to throw them onto the floor and cuff them, often treating lonely guys worse than hardened criminals.

The sad truth of the matter is – and prostitutes confirm this – most men arrested for buying sex just want some human affection from a female. They’re not the evil predators Anglo media and the police state make them out to be.

TNMM reader JD had some thoughts to share on Police State USA rounding up lonely men in endless prostitution stings, interjecting themselves as legal cockblocks in the sex lives of willing adults as they so often do.

I just had to comment on this. The notion that a non-AlphaChadBadBoi has a dick and wants to use it is VERBOTEN discussion. Any society that would let its most honest, loyal and productive men be treated like this deserves to perish.

The MGTOW & ‘Marriage Strike’ revolts (not necessarily overlapping phenomena) are the first actual resistance to the feminist onslaught since the Sexual Revolution began.

Average Joe can’t get laid? The very idea warrants only scoffing and contempt? Not permitted sexual release and loving touch from a loyal partner because that’s icky?

Fine, he can close his wallet. Say No to the Dress. Let Divorce Inc. get real jobs. Cut up the credit cards. Let Baby Daddy and Sam Sportfuck fix the flat tires, unclog the toilets and make the McMansion payments.

Oh, they won’t do that? They don’t actually give a rat’s ass what Cupcake wants?

Noted, baby. Noted.

The awakened man must agree with JD’s assessment of the matter. This is the fallout from rendering men sexless and, in the eyes of modern women, worthless. Men dropping out from a society that hates them. Indeed, what’s the point?


Without basic human sexual needs met, men never reach the capstone of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow’s Hierarchy

What makes the present modus operandi in Anglo America so cruel is the fact sex is both a physiological need, and a love/belonging need on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Some psychologists say it only occupies one position in the pyramid, but the fact is it occupies two.

What are the consequences of not having base human needs fulfilled? Men never progress to the higher levels of the pyramid. This keeps men’s minds and bodies nice and malleable so they can be used in profit-making schemes. Their sexuality stripped from them, they can “earn it back” by buying stuff to attract women. This provides men with a nice illusion for a while, but ultimately guys discover they can never buy a woman’s love.

Without satisfying sex lives, men never develop a full sense of self-esteem and definitely don’t reach the capstone of the pyramid – self-actualization. I’ve lived this transformation. Since enjoying abundant sex, I find I think about it less often, and I’m able to pursue higher ambitions in life than getting a quick screw.

The problem? Self-actualized men with self esteem go on to question why they need leaders and why they need to be manipulated by women and society at all. Taking a basic human need, like sex, away from men allows profit-seeking corporations and their accomplices in the revenue departments of government to drive men like animals in pursuit of endless “things” that are supposed to give them sex appeal. And, most importantly – keep them trapped in the lower levels of the pyramid.

The issue for the ruling class and The Matrix at large is, once they start selling out sex there’s never an end to schemes to trade a little sex for a little profit until the entire system eventually breaks down. Meantime, a small proportion of men endowed with innate Game (criminals, sociopaths, naturals, Dark Triad men, etc.) or who are clever enough to learn the rules of PUA and hypergamy threaten the entire house of cards if they get together and spread this information to the masses of men. Pretty soon, you have a Beta male tax slave revolt on your hands.

Those are the consequences of social engineering, taking men’s sex lives away from them and selling proxies back to them in its place. The ruse can only go on for so long. Incidentally, this is the Achilles Heel of The Anglo-American Matrix. It can’t function if men figure out how badly they’re being “screwed” by this system rather than a hot chick.

Are we about to hit this critical mass of awareness?

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  • this is true, havent had pussy in 3 years it makes me feel suicidal.


  • Yeah, women have something we really want. But what they want for it is ridiculous. Their beauty is there to attract a provider who’ll still be there when she isn’t beautiful anymore; ie the entire back 2/3 of their lives. Mother Nature gave them just enough to get it done; Uncle Sugar incentivizes them to go past the finish line alone, with our money.

    I don’t envy them. I don’t even really envy the men who got their youth, awe and surrender so much anymore. The women sold their inheritance for a mess of pottage, to men who were unable to appreciate it anyway.

    I’m just so goddamned glad to be out of the Matrix. Beta ignorance is as searing and desolate as the surface of Venus.

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  • GhostofSteveMcQueen

    Brilliant connection you’ve made here. Modern western capitalism is indeed all about engineering a feeling of “need” among the masses in order to fuel consumerism. If there is no demand for a supply, then the demand must be created.


  • I don’t even see blonde, redhead, brunette …

    I lied. I had to lie.

    What I saw was entitled “hawt” bitch, pay-for-play slut, feminist divorce rapist …

    Agent Smith was going to super glue my mouth shut if I didn’t get my lines right in front of the crew.

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  • Bring on the sexbots. With the entire apparatus going the same way, it’s time to check out. There is no real hope until the fall.

    Liked by 1 person

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