Hookers and The Illusion of Love

Women are women, whether they’re girlfriends or good time girls

Please welcome author and filmmaker Titanium Vulture to The New Modern Man.

I always liked the idea of having a steady girlfriend.  Being from the Caribbean, my family valued affection and feeling wanted.  With going out on my own as a man, I always felt that was the reason you got into a relationship.  Sex is good, of course, however I always became attached to my girlfriends too fast and too strong.  Along with the physical benefits, I yearned to feel wanted.  Affection and intimacy translated to self-actualization for me.

What a recipe for misery.

When the relationship(s) ended, in many instances, I fell to pieces.  Like a house of cards in the wind.


I felt starved for affection for many periods of my life….well, that is until I learned to endure the pain of a relationship loss.  One thing that will happen when you see (and bed) a lot of women is you gain some perspective on their true value.

Outside of reproduction and bustin’ a nut…..what value do they really provide?  I’m sure you can answer for yourself.

Although I’m stronger now, I must admit the desire for affection and intimacy is prevalent.  However, I’m abso-F’n-lutely done with the dating scene here in the United Corporate Cults of Degeneracy.

Shit is jacked up, man.  The readers of this blog are well aware of the toxic femininity that is eroding our opportunities of living an honorable, masculine existence.  Dating is especially problematic as women are trying to wear the pants, and the skirts, at the same damn time.

This was bearable in my twenties, but I’ve had quite enough!

When I got sick of dating, I had a problem.  I still wanted to feel the embrace of a lovely woman.  And I don’t dig the psychological warfare of auditioning to an average-ass American chick for the honor of riding her hole.

A friend told me to pay for it.  Plain and simple.

I never considered seeing an escort as a real option, but I went for it.

Titanium Vulture drinks a White Russian!

My first date in this new world was a lovely hunny bunny from The Former Soviet Union.  I’ll never forget her.  What happened was just about the same thing I have experienced with women over dozens of sexual experiences.

The scent of her body, the smoothness of her skin, the feel of her lips on my ear.  All that good stuff that is such a great part of intimacy.  And the poon was pretty damn good too.  I left the session genuinely satisfied.  On all fronts!

Then I saw a couple of other working girls.  And I began to notice something.  These were not mechanical, wham bam thank-you-ma’am encounters.  Many advertise the GFE (Girl Friend Experience) and in all the cases it felt like a date with a long time main-squeeze.

I knew it was an illusion.  These women were not in love with me.  They loved my wallet.  And it did not matter to me.

The fantasy of intimacy these ladies presented to me was just as fun as the real thing.

Yeah, they’re faking it.  But they work very hard to please me.  And I’m truly grateful for it.  I feel lucky that I had the opportunity to explore this misunderstood facet of society.  There are stigmas and laws in this country that interfere with this hobby.  That’s one of the reasons why we promote exploring your horizons in other countries.

There are many parts of the world where prostitution is legal and accepted. (Ed: Even many European countries have legalized this transaction between consenting adults.) If you can’t find what you want here, or are concerned about the legal issues, you can schedule some time overseas to have some real fun!  And it feels just as good as an IRL relationship.  Although now I question wether any relationship with a woman is truly the genuine love we were raised to believe in!

Now, a word of warning:  DO NOT FALL IN LOVE WITH THESE PRO’S.  I’ve known quite a few ladies of the night who have had issues with stalkers and wanna-be-boyfriends.  Don’t be a white knight.  “Don’t save her, she don’t want to be saved.”

These women are professionals and shall be respected as such.  Pay them well, treat them right and you’ll have the time of your life.  AND you don’t have to deal with a relationship going good or bad.  I’ll take it!

Please understand, that this is all a game anyway.  So why not play the odds in your favor?  If you find yourself desiring intimacy and are too busy, uninterested or plain sick from the dating wasteland here in the U.S., consider seeing an escort for that feeling of being wanted once again!

Peace, and stay focused gents.

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  • Is that a photo of Bo Derek? Or just someone who resembles her? I remember seeing “Ten” as a kid, that scene of the neighbor and his hedonistic pool party with all the ho’s (quite literally cast with 70’s porn starlet with a Ron Jeremy cameo as well) then the way the Bo Derek character just jumped into the sack for casual sex with Dudley Moore at the end and this is what I thought I had to look forwards as a young adult. Free and easy sex everywhere, of course I should have paid more attention to Dudley Moore’s Anglobitch girlfriend in the movie to see what really awaited.


  • There’s no such thing as free sex. When it comes to sex, a man ALWAYS pays! One way or another, he pays for it; the only difference is whether said payment is direct or indirect…


    • No! If you are talking economically, I have fucked many women where I did not pay anything and did not get an STD/I from them.
      Yes! If you are talking emotionally, psychically, spiritually I did accumulate debt with each woman I fucked. I recognize that and hope they come back to collect. I look forward to it.
      However, I’m not counting on the forgoing and are therefore soliciting other women to accumulate other/more debt for my old age.
      Payback is a bitch. I mean, payback the bitch. I mean, bitches love the payback. Never mind, you know what I mean.


  • There is also the physical diversity in using pros. The anticipation of seeing a new girl naked is a big part of the allure too. Handpicking physical traits to play with; super long legs, massive breasts, perfect asses etc. You’ll find overseas working girls whose physical sexuality is overwhelming. Youthful physical perfection is the only way to go.


  • “They may or may not have been feminists but they stood by while they or their friends raked good men over the coals”

    Great line, out of many.

    Whether or not they use feminist hashtags on their social media isn’t where you find out. They think that’s where you find out but it’s not. They think that not jumping on the latest ‘period shaming’ hashtag nonsense will make them a cool non-feminist, but that’s not good enough. It’s their lack of empathy for any male issue that makes every female a feminist. Bring up a male issue; divorce rape, false rape allegations, female chauvinism in k-12, lopsided college enrollment, the general lack of health in Anglo females, “No good women” etc. Watch them not give a shit at all about ANY male issue, clean social media pages notwithstanding.


  • So sad but so true.
    If anyone thinks the interest on the national debt is costly then just let them pick the wrong woman to live with; they will see what real COST is.
    Nonetheless, nothing feels better to a real man than a real woman.

    When I think of my very special ex wife I no longer think of the pain of the breakup but rather how she really was more valuable than her weight in gold. She took nothing but her clothes when she left. As I have said, it took 200 girls before I found her. I keep looking for her replacement.

    The average, AVERAGE, ho will give you way more for your money than any girlfriend or wife ever will. They have to like sex, to begin with, and they really love money and admit it. They know how to please in order to get repeat business and they do.
    Although personally I have never hired a ho; a lot of my girlfriends and wives were definitely worth far less comparatively in value. Most women do not put their heart into having sex. Their conspicuous attitude of entitlement spoils the act for both.
    So very sad.


  • I think it is important to differentiate between love and romance. Love is a relaxed compassion and concern for the other’s well being. Romance is an emotional delusion (think Disney movies).

    Consider this paradox. A hooker who gets directly paid will treat a man like a human being while an American woman who is “in love” will treat a man like an ATM machine. Clearly, it is possible to get some love (the real thing) from bookers although the monetary exchange will always be a major factor.


  • Toxic Feminity is great word for it. Romance did not die- it was murdered…. By women. IMHO- a caution- do not be deceived by those that now say that they are non feminists or they never were. This is another lie. They are seeing the demise of of society (that they killed) and are looking for the soft ride of homemaker while the man takes the harsh job of the workplace ….that they realize they do not want. They may or may not have been feminists but they stood by while they or their friends raked good men over the coals, men who loved them and tried to do everything against a litany of never ending demands. That’s called an accessory…. if you ask me. Now they are asking men to repair what they fucked up. Women are incapable of truth since they are never responsible. They are without kindness, honor or loyalty. They lie because it is generally allowed without consequence. STOP admiring and honoring those women that now profess to be on our side. Some may be, others are not. This is another scam to get us back to the hard work. I will never believe it.

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  • I know several young players out there that shun prostitutes and, simultaneously, are only attracted to women in their 20s. Let’s see if they’re singing the same tune about hookers when they are in their 70s.

    God made hookers for a reason.


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