New Wine in Old Skins: Is the Manosphere’s Red Pill a Return to Traditional Elitism?

The manosphere has much in common with traditional Western thinking

Rookh Kshatriya is the creator of the Anglobitch blog, The Anglobitch Thesis and the author of Havok: How Anglo-American Feminism Ruined Society.

One of my favourite pastimes is putting historical meat on the bare bones of Manosphere theory. Although much Red Pill thought focuses on twenty-first century concerns (educational devaluation, student debt, minimalism, Game), the perspectives underlying it have a long and illustrious pedigree. Indeed, our outlook has much in common with a rich vein of elitist western thought that is centuries old.

German thinkers like Stirner, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche and Spengler, Italians like Vilfredo Pareto and Julius Evola as well as Britons like Hillaire Belloc and D.H. Lawrence were all united in contempt for mass society and its deluded assumptions. Due to American egalitarianism and legalistic puritanism, American elitists such as Ezra Pound and Henry Miller have long sought freedom in more enlightened societies.

Professor John Carey’s excellent study The Intellectuals and the Masses rounds up some of the core beliefs of the western creative intelligentsia:

  • Voting is a waste of time; electoral fanfare is a smokescreen to delude the masses into thinking they have a voice when all important decisions are really made by unelected elites
  • The mass media cannot be trusted; having to dumb down to the masses’ primitive levels of knowledge and understanding, it is inherently dishonest (Ezra Pound called the press ‘Liars for Hire’)
  • Elite rule is inevitable, even desirable; Pareto’s Iron Law of Oligarchy claimed that all social systems inevitably produce an elite, usually the most able people in any social group
  • Anglo-American culture is inferior; it has no roots in tradition and its egalitarian obsessions lead inevitably to the lowest common denominator in all things (this view is especially strong among English elitists such as D.H. Lawrence)
  • Women are defective herd creatures; allowing women to rule or pandering to their whims inevitably leads to societal collapse
  • History moves in cycles of growth and decay; the West is presently in its Autumn/Winter period, on the verge of complete collapse (also known as the Kali Yuga in Indian scripture)
  • Women want to be possessed by strong, dominant men; feminism is a smokescreen to deny this fact
  • The mass mind is inherently female; hence the mass desire to be dominated by hyper-masculine leaders who embody virility and strength (Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Kennedy, Trump)
  • Eastern spiritual culture is superior in most respects; while Western Christianity is weak, feminine and egalitarian, Hinduism and Buddhism are strong, manly and elitist. This view is especially strong among German elitists, who saw ‘feminine’ Protestant Christianity as central to Western decline (Schopenhauer, Spengler)
  • Solitude is desirable; the elite should live in lonely mountain areas, far from the masses dwelling in the valleys below. As Nietzsche put it, ‘Establish distances!’
  • Minimalism is desirable; indeed, a solitary life demands it. The philosopher Martin Heidegger spent most of his free time in a cabin in the Black Forest, chopping his own wood and scorning the trappings of civilization
  • Experiencing sensualist ‘Dionysian’ cultures is desirable; it liberates one from repressive Anglo-American culture, women and consumerism (D.H. Lawrence, Miller, Hemingway and many others followed this path, which Lawrence called the ‘The Savage Pilgrimage’)

It does not take Sherlock Holmes to see obvious links between these ideas and many of our own values. In fact, RF has combined such elitist concepts with American individualism to craft an exciting, vigorous lifestyle of great interest to enlightened American men. Minimalism, separatism, travel and social detachment are central to this lifestyle and all these values are associated with elitist thought.

Not only did these thinkers argue that modern democracy was a smokescreen concealing elite rule (the hypothetical ‘Deep State’), they also considered elitism the best social system. This belief is less common in the manosphere, and it is unlikely that Anglo-American Red Pillers will ever accede to it. However, is there anything they can learn from the traditional power elites in their own quest for autonomy, enlightenment and self-actualization?

Although many New Media celebrities like Alex Jones rail against the elite, the Anglosphere elites are themselves extremely Red Pilled. For one thing, they educate their children at private schools which stress individualism and self-reliance, not herd conformity. Mass culture never infects these schools which repel it with strict discipline, a classical curriculum and age old traditions.

The elites live in urban and rural enclaves, inoculated from the masses by high walls and hedges. While elite media moguls such as Rupert Murdoch disseminate prolefeed to the sheeple, the standards they expect from their own families are very high: ‘Charades’ in the Murdoch household made reference to plays by Aeschylus.

In sum, elites ARE elites because they shun the dysfunctional Blue Pill behaviours of the masses. In a couple of decades, the Rothschilds escaped from ghettos in central Europe to become the world’s bankers. Similarly, the Kennedys began life in America as despised Irish Catholics. Rather than hating on them, enlightened men should strive to learn from their example.

Only in one field is elite example irrelevant: mating. Simply put, elite tradition and family precedent generally deter their women from feeding the frivorce anarchy that has effectively killed marriage among other social strata. For men outside the elite, exotic foreign shores are the only answer.

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  • I remember seeing all these “conspiracy theory” types ranting on about how “The Trilateral Commission and The Bilderbergers” have decided the world is over populated and to “use Ebola” to “cull the ranks down to about one or two billion” and how horrible all these plots against us are blah blah blah. You know what, if that’s what the “Trilateral Bilderberg Commission” thinks I agree with them. I work in the returns department for Internet sales where I get to read the typical thoughts of the average human sending stuff back they bought on a whim and can say I AM ABSOLUTELY ASTOUNDED AT THE STUPIDITY OF THE MASSES! Not just ignorance, total feeble minded stupidity. The incompetence and inability to follow certain simple procedures is astonishing. The complete illiteracy of many of these lowlifes is also quite shocking. There quite literally are large numbers of people who are totally useless and unnecessary in this modern world. People just waiting for some giant Malthusian Bird of Prey of Darwinian selection to come swooping down and select those without the wits to avoid getting eaten. Quite seriously, it’s obvious that “selection pressure” has been absent for some time now for so many worthless pieces of moronic crap to be filling up the ranks of what is purported to be the most advanced society on the planet. All is not well in Dodge.


  • The West & all of its religions (including Catholicism, Protestantism, Christianity & Judaism) has succumbed to the Religion of Love which worships femininity, makes every woman on a pedestalised priestess & every man a humble petitioner and replaces the heavenly gates with the fleshy female introitus, as described by C. S. Lewis in his ‘The Allegory of Love’. The prologue says it all.


  • Every terrible revelation that the Red Pill brings also brings solutions.

    Anglobitches/Thot culture? Avoid commitment or eschew interaction altogether.
    Usury? Avoid debt and be diversified into antifragile assets.
    Elite control? Ghost or expat. The Anglo-American Matrix will not spread everywhere.
    Weakness? Diet, exercise and study.
    Apathy? Get your spiritual house in order.

    Now, there are plenty of guys who believe they are “not like the masses” or are “woke”. Identifying as an “atheist” seems to make many believe they’ve joined the intellectual elite. Liking – or hating – Trump seems to make ppl feel smart. And to be fair, being a ‘loner’ doesn’t necessarily translate to elite status unless you’re deliberately avoiding the crowd because they drain your energy, and not because you’re really just an Omega putz. Humility and self-reflection don’t negate self-belief or confidence.

    Is the course you’re on being followed consciously and deliberately? Are you pursuing health, wealth and just general antifragility? Is your course taking you in that direction? Then given sufficient time, barring some unforeseen disaster, I believe you are on the road to exceptionality.


    • I think my meaning has been misconstrued. It was not my intention to disrespect Christianity or any other religion. By listing the various features of western elite thought (not all of which I agree with, by any means) I was merely presenting enlightened men with ideas they might want to incorporate into their own self-development plan, as they see fit. Some might just want minimalism, others might want isolation, yet others might want to leave the Matrix altogether.


      • For my part, Rookh, I didn’t get the sense that you were disrespecting religion at all. My comment about ‘atheism’ was more a riff off the list of elite beliefs, and how some people think they’re in the inner circle by simply rejecting the entire premise of spirituality; ie the Fedora Brigade. Or the BernieBros. who don’t understand why socialism isn’t a new, radical or desirable concept. That sort of thing.

        Your summary of Western elite thinking is extensive and an excellent foundation for the man who wishes to ascend … IF he can comprehend and accept at least most of them.


  • “Eastern spiritual culture is superior in most respects”

    I think it is more accurate to say that Eastern spirituality has long-term durability while Western spirituality can give you quick and short-term success. A simple comparison of Eastern and Western Christianity makes this fact obvious.

    The authoritarianism of the Catholic Church is what led to the West’s material prosperity. The Catholic Church created the prototype of the nation-state (and its dark twin the police-state) through the Inquisition. The secular nation-states/police-states of the West as well as the communist states that used to exist outside the West simply make use of the Inquisition’s methods but updated with better technology and logistics. Of course, that same authoritarianism has now depleted Catholicism of most of its spiritual energy. The Protestant churches are in a similar situation, depleted of spiritual energy.

    The East never achieved the same level of material success that the West did. Part of this is due to Western colonialism and part is due to the fact that the East never had a rigidly authoritarian spiritual institution that took large amounts of spiritual energy from its followers and quickly expended it. However, Eastern spiritual traditions have shown a great amount of long-term durability.


  • “Eastern spiritual culture is superior in most respects; while Western Christianity is weak…”

    There is no western “Christianity”. There is only the Catholic Church; her dogmas and Sacraments. Everything else that claims to be “Christian” is a lie built on a bed of shifting sand. (Also Eastern Mysticism is crap, pagan and of no value)

    If you really want to understand why western civilization is in such decline. Understand this, there is no non-Catholic Christianity. There is only the Catholic Church and her immutable truths, anything counter to that is a lie and therefore destructive.


    • If the Catholic Church was the one “divine truth” and had all the answers for the decline of Western Civilization? Then why did I turn my back on it and leave the church a couple years ago?


      • “Then why did I turn my back on it and leave the church a couple years ago?”

        I guess it’s because, like the seed that fell upon thorns, you let the cares of the world entangle your thoughts and strangle your faith. That is not a defect in the Church that is a personal defect.


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