The Proliferation of Sex Scandals: A Product of a Bipolar Culture


Anglo culture has a bipolar view of sexuality

There’s nothing that’s quite as taboo in sickly, prudish, demographically moribund Anglo culture as sex. It is a culture that  seems to think there’s nothing so outrageous as people fucking and wanting to fuck, even though that’s what everybody secretly wants to do. The Anglosphere truly has a love/hate, good/evil, bipolar relationship with sexuality. The reality is, women are just as horny as men. But, culturally sex is only good and to be loved when women have absolute control it. Otherwise, it is as evil as the disposable men inhabiting this crumbling kingdom.

Enforcers of this strange mileau, the corrupt media (run by a plurality or even majority of homosexuals – take it from someone who was on the inside) and Anglo women love to assume the role of cockblockers, siccing their police state on amorous men. They are so rabid about their anti-sex views they have figuratively (and literally with prostitution stings) barged into people’s bedrooms and started knocking men and women off each other in recent years. When it comes to sexuality, Anglo culture is voyeuristic and nothing excites it more than acting on its innate sexual jealousy.

However, sex is everywhere in film, advertising, and episodic TV. What seems to be the forbidden fruit is actually doing it. The totally insane injustice system has put the onus on men to prove they aren’t rapists and miscreants in a culture in which guilty until proven innocent is the modus operandi. Sex scandals have proliferated the Anglo-American media over the last couple of generations and predictably, it’s always MEN who are to blame. As if women are innately sexless, perfect creatures.

Conservative media are just as guilty as liberal media (if not more so) when it comes to giving women carte blanche to make whatever accusations they want against heterosexual men with impunity. It’s a cultural bias. In fact, conservative media have been running the equivalent of digital witch trials as a flurry of sex abuse accusations have followed the breaking story of Harvey Weinstein. (We are not defending Weinstein. In fact, that scandal is good for one reason only – it’s great to see Hollyweird’s hypocrisy exposed.) But, high profile sex scandals have been going on for well over 20 years, as many can remember how a blowjob in the Oval Office nearly brought down Bill Clinton.

Having witch trials of rich, powerful Anglo-American men seems to be the latest cottage industry. Sometimes, the claims have foundations. Often, they do not. Frequently, they’re just cockblocks for normal human sexuality activity, with Anglo culture figuratively screaming at men: “You have sinned, evil man! And you will atone!”

They’re an easy way for Predatory Females to “cash in” with out of court settlements. Almost always, scandals are based on castigating men who did little more than have sex with another willing adult.


Women are subconsciously viewed as perfect, sexless goddesses in this culture

The Goddess Cult

As we mentioned, Anglo culture is obsessed with sex…and more importantly, the fact it doesn’t want men to actually have any sex. Sex is for the plump and pasty Anglo American goddesses to control from their lofty perches up in heaven. This bipolar culture especially doesn’t want men to ask for sex or make advances on “perfect” Anglo angels. This passage from Rookh Kshatriya’s erudite article on “The Goddess Cult” rings particularly true in the strange times we find ourselves in.

Anglo culture not only loathes and despises men, it sets women atop pedestals and deifies them. While men are the perpetual target of the trash media, vilified as animals, rapists and morons, women’s travails are the subject of a near continual violin concerto from all Anglo media outlets.

What’s to blame?

Above all, the latent homosexual Anglo culture deifies women in a cloud of candy-floss. In recent years, this deranged tendency has reached psychotic proportions.

Indeed, as Kshatriya points out in his article we saw the full flowering of this psychotic, bipolar tendency of Anglo culture with the goddess cult surrounding Lady Di. Could it be this culture is, at its core, latently homosexual? Does this not describe perfectly what is happening before our very eyes? Every time one turns around there’s another sex scandal. And the aim is always the same – knocking men off their lofty social perches, and putting women atop them. This is a dangerous place for society to be.

It’s easy to find religious terms being used in a secular context when discussing sex scandals. Time magazine even ran a recent series on Sinful Statesmen, listing the Top 10 sex scandals of modern times. The wording of that headline – “Sinful Statesmen” – screams latent Puritanism, which has morphed into modern feminism. The hidden cultural message? You keep your pants zipped, buster. That sex is the devil! Don’t you dare act sinful with one of our precious goddesses!

In supreme irony and proving American politicians play this bipolar sexual game from both sides of the fence, New York governor Eliot Spitzer made his name enforcing “morality” by busting Johns in prostitution rings as attorney general. Hilariously, Spitzer was then was caught up in a prostitution ring himself after taking office as governor! The screaming hypocrisy of a man passing moral judgment on men for renting a wet hole for an hour or two, then doing the same thing was of course, lost on the mainstream media who only focused on the fact he got caught having sex. This case is yet another example of why prostitution needs to be legalized and destigmatized.

Then, there’s John Edwards, Anthony Weiner, Barney Frank, Mark Sanford, and of course, Bill Clinton. Plus David Letterman, Ben Affleck, Bill O’Reilly, and countless other celebs. All Anglo-American men accused of “defiling” perfect American women by either copping a feel, having side chicks, sexting, or hiring a pro. (Or in the case of Frank, hiring a male prostitute.)

The rational mind must take a step back from all the hysteria about sex, and ask – what is so scandalous about people fucking? Why is this culture so anti-pleasure? Why is this culture so prudish? Why is it so anti-sex? Why does it believe women to be “above” men in all matters regarding sex?  Where are social engineers taking us with the ever-increasing frequency of sex scandals aimed at destroying men?

What’s so bad about sex?

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  • Assymetrical hypocracies.

    Asking out woman=sexual harrasment. Mistaking a transsexuals’ identity= hate crime.
    Locker room bragging= rape. Not being a faggot cuckold= extremist nazi. Proud of your people= racist.

    Damned if we do damned if we dont. Engineers are molding society. They love to see church shootings. They want us to kill ourselves. From cradle to grave the propaganda is beaten into you consciously and subconsciously. Young kids at school are indoctrinated with trans/homo based cirriculum, why? To weaken the masses to a helpless bunch of cocksuckers. Try to get a white collar job and the fairy with a lisp will be their virtue signal hire. Esp if it is a minority. Like Moses parting the sea, our world is undergoing a massive devide in all sectors of exsistance, and the two halves are accelerating apart quickly. Many factors are responsible, but I see humans gobbling up the poison as fast as its available.


  • Nailed it.. another good article… by the way.. who is the model in the bed?

    Liked by 1 person

  • Trump berated for a pussy grabbing comment, by female journalists and politicians feigning the vapours about him talking exactly the same way as every guy they blew in college.

    Yeah, no.


  • like The frog gradually warmed and heated to the boiling point, “Murica” is now being scalded by the acid insanity of female domination. What else is to be expected when males allow the social structure ito be controlled by the gender who’s primal social imperatives are gossip and schadenfreude?

    Fortunately only a very small minority of enlightened males with balls are necessary to bring such imbecilic idiocy under control and maintain order. This is manifested over and over throughout history.


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