Thoughts on The Sex Drought


Important corollaries when discussing the intensifying Anglo American sex drought

Previously, TNMM reported on data now coming onto the radar of the lamestream press showing that Americans are having less sex. Specifically, millennials are bearing the brunt of a sex drought that is spreading across Anglo America. While most adults born in that generation (early 1980s to 2000) are having sex, the sex isn’t as frequent and the number of incels is up. And, in other age groups sex frequency and number of partners is also trending down. Multiple studies bear this out.

We touched on the “why” this is happening in the article. But, there are other considerations when analyzing this data. Fuzziewuzziebear posted this important corollary:

If this is male led, this is big news. That boys and men are avoiding women to the extent that overall numbers are being affected has to be a first in human history. Women are going to go crazy when the significance of this hits. Sex was the last card they had to play.

Who’s avoiding who is indeed important. My suspicion is both sexes are increasingly avoiding each other. But, the fact men are avoiding women is indeed huge. We already know men are avoiding women in increasing numbers because of one important movement. MGTOWs and men who don’t yet know they’re MGTOWs are having an effect on the sexual market as they decide loud, fat, arrogant Anglobitches just aren’t worth wasting the time or energy.

If this trend of men avoiding romantic/sexual (and therefore, financial) entanglements with women continues, gynocentric governments could be forced into passing punitive taxes directly aimed at men since wealth transfers via frivorce theft and child support slavery will decline with the end result being Anglo women rendered even more broke than they already are. (Since women spend more than they earn, the retail collapse is the first sign of this coming tsunami of female insolvency. We have also touched on the coming Spinster Bubble.)

Think a “dick tax” or something like it. Feminists will spin up a narrative creating a twisted version of reparations to make up for all the “evil” men have done to women. You know, typical leftist malarkey.

Women increasingly avoiding men is easier to explain. With the advent of Big Daddy Government and his cucking of Betas, Omegas, and Gammas with endless “programs” (i.e. free resources) for women while he simultaneously debases male roles in society with hiring quotas and the like, hypergamy has been rendered moot.

Since women only want to fuck and marry upward in social status, state-enforced “equality” which is created by pushing men out of jobs and putting women in them (stripping male social status) destroys the chances good men with a solid work ethic once had with women. It also destroys the need for women to have stable men in their lives, as the state assumes the role of provider by robbing Betas to pay Susies. The result? Women jump on the Don’t Need a Man™ bandwagon.

Additionally, Sebastian Hawks reveals an important bias the MSM constantly insert into the data:

When the idiots (both social conservatives and liberals) doing all these statistical analysis talk about people not having sex, they make the wrong assumption that this is the result of some moral choice. That these young guys are “choosing” to be celibate rather than angry sexually frustrated dudes just like the guys in “Revenge of the Nerds” who don’t get the happy ending the guys in the movie got.

Indeed, data are always manipulated to suit the biases of Puritanical Anglo culture and narratives the matrix prefers. The narrative is people aren’t lonely and sexless because of social engineering. Oh no, they’re making “moral choices” not to have sex. See how that works?

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  • There’s something the study has missed (presumably because it’s so Politically Incorrect) and that should be added here:

    The feminist-created bias in the legal system.

    I would say every guy I know from young to old, knows the expression “divorce rape,” even though it was only invented recently. Every guy in my circle is well aware of the fact that a woman just has to call the cops and allege that you hit her, or even just “threatened” her, and you’ll be handcuffed and dragged out to the cruiser in front of the whole neighborhood. And then you get to spend thousands of dollars in legal fees.

    We’re having sex, but we’re doing it very carefully. And not with just any chick.

    Also, to address possible flaws in that study- I would never agree to answer questions in a study like that. Waay to risky to rely on these people to keep your identity secure, and if your data ever got compromised, well, there’s the double standard where what a woman says about herself can never be used against her in court, but for anything a guy says, it’s open season!


  • Thanks for citing my comment. I have read all the others and there is some sound insight here. What is already starting to nag me is that bad borrowers are going to be assisted by the government while good ones will be made to to make up for their loss. When that happens, men are going to see that they are getting burnt by the same match twice.


    • I want to add, does anyone have an idea how to determine, through the given statistics, that this drought is female or male driven? While it is safe to presume that it is some of both, that men are refusing women en masse is very definitely news.


      • I think its has been and still is mostly female-driven. American women hate men and only see them as beasts of burden. Philosophies like MGTOW arose as a response to this female insanity.


  • Looking back at the late 80s early 90s when I came of age, no guy I knew just “got pussy” the way guys do in the movies. They all had to work and establish these psuedo marriages with chicks they dated who saw them as “winners.” I being very naive actually believed all the lies I was told about no differences between the sexes, so I assumed women picked men in the exact same way that I picked women, by physical appearance alone. So I preened myself like a queer and stood around expecting women to come up to me based on looks alone and had no response to the questions about myself they’d ask on the rare occasion one did start talking to me.(Questions meant to gauge my earning potential that I was oblivious to at the time. Questions I gave the wrong answer to when I basically admitted no goals other than hanging out and smoking weed.)

    Where were the Heterosexual “gaybars” I was promised existed by both Hollywood and social conservative moralists denouncing the modern world when I was entering puberty in the early 80s? Places the priests and nuns and my parents alluded that loose women just walked up to you and asked to go have sex? I later found some in Pattaya, but of course you had to PAY the women, girls didn’t do sex like gay men for the sake of sex alone. I remember seeing (according to my Mom) the ultimate “immoral” movie, Ten on VHS in the early 80s. The Bel Air neighbor’s hedonistic nude pool party (starring real life porn starlets and a cameo by Ron Jeremy) the way Bo Derek just jumped in the sack with (stalker by today’s definition) Dudley Moore. I thought THIS was awaiting me in adulthood and was SORELY DISAPPOINTED! Of course my Mom was right that such movies are no good, but not for the reason she thought, but for the unrealistic expectations in life they could engender. Of course reality was in Ten too, I should have payed more attention to the frigid Anglobitch girlfriend of Dudley Moore who drives him to chase Bo Derek, that was the true reality that Anglo culture offers it’s emasculated men. A culture that now raises all its obedient little girls to train for a “career” like a man and go out and steal all the little boys rightful places in the economic ladder.


  • It’s no wonder so many college grads delay working (and more established men quit) to “travel the world”, doing ‘whatever it takes’ to finance it with youtube channels or websites or teaching English.


  • The men that women are taught to despise nowadays will, by choice or by necessity, remove their money and attention from the equation. The gender with the clock ticking in their ears will blink first.

    No, it won’t be today. It won’t be tomorrow. But Western corporatocratic societes will feel the bite first, and hard. Then the massive layoffs and pension cutbacks come. Then the Wile E. Coyote moment when millions of make-work parasitesses realize the only men who can save them from ruin hate their fucking guts.

    When Yugoslavia went up in smoke 1992-99 any dude with a job and a car could park on the street and leave the passenger door open. Women who spent their day in the gym and the beauty parlour would come sit in the car and talk to him. Our New Soviet Women will rediscover their TradSexKitten schtick pretty quickly here too.

    Loosely related, last year I was looking for companies specializing in tattoo-removal equipment. One unlisted Italian firm listed the Vatican as a majour shareholder. There’s a woo-woo conspiracy angle if ever there was one.


  • Consider the sexual witch hunt unleashed upon males (particularly white), both hetero and homo, by the female collective due to the Weinstein debacle as a deep sea earthquake similar to the 2004 Indian Ocean quake. Detectors picked up the quake long before its effects were felt on land, just as the MSM is picking up on the sexual drought but interpreting the data incorrectly. The resulting tsunami from the quake was utter disaster, just as the coming asexual tsunami will be.

    One distinctive feature of an impending tsunami making landfall is the outflow of water from the beaches shortly before the wave (or series of waves) hits. The Weinstein debacle quake is going to cause a tsunami of men to awaken to MGTOW, whether they know of us or not. As Mike Buchanan at j4mb so accurately stated in response to the conviction for sexual assault of a med student who grabbed a woman’s breast too hard during consensual sex; “It is now official. It is too dangerous to have sex with a woman. MGTOW is the only option.”

    Even the most dense Blue Pill men are not so stupid as to see the witch hunt for what it is. It started with the most famous men from Hollywood, then moved on to politicians, then onto the business community, then onto 2nd and 3rd tier men the public has never heard of. It is no longer a question of if they will come for you. It is now a question of when.

    And the “when” is easily predictable. Just as the A-list actresses from decades ago were more than happy to knob polish Weinstein for fame and fortune, as soon as he lost his star-making power in Hollywood they turned on him like a pack of rabid dogs. He had lost his utility and was no longer needed by the herd. The very definition of male disposability and females trading sex for resources. The core tenet of MGTOW proved beyond any doubt for all the world to see. Will the “actresses” be called out for their whorish behavior or be lauded as brave victims? We know the answer.

    “When” occurs when an individual female or the female collective has drained a man of his utility, be he rich or poor. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that he has nothing left to give (or take) and when that happens he is discarded with all the ceremony of a soiled tampon. Be he Joe Blow or Harvey Weinstein. It doesn’t matter.

    The Blue Pill simps have no choice but to awaken. If the rich and famous such as Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Robin Williams, Harvey Weinstein and now an army of men unknown to the public are powerless against the rampaging hordes of the gynocracy, what chance do they think they have? The answer is zero and it has slapped them in the face.

    The sex drought will become very pronounced in the next six months. Consider it the water retreating from the beaches just before the first wave hits. A tsunami of freshly minted MGTOW will soon hit the gynocentric beaches with a fury of indifference. No dates, no cohabitation, no marriages. And the Weinstein witch hunt is all a man has to cite.

    The recent plethora of anti-feminist women (there is, in reality, no such creature on the planet) will be the sound of crickets compared to the coming and predictable shrieking from the female collective when they reap the rewards of their engineered quake. In six months, they will be left high and dry on the devastated beach of their sexual war upon men as the MGTOW tsunami will have retreated to the serenity of the ocean from which it came. And if it does return, it will not be with a fury of indifference, but a fury of retribution. But don’t hold your breath.

    MGTOW were the early adopters. The Blue Pillers now have the choice of facing real reality and joining us or facing the façade of gynocentric reality and their eventual and predictable real reality destruction. Will the collective big head of men finally overrule the collective little head? I hope I’m right. We will see. Cheers.


    • Relampago Furioso

      Great comment. But it may take longer than 6 months.


      • Thanks. This is a little off topic but I will tie it together. Read the Bloomberg article on the retail apocalypse published today.

        As usual, the MSM is hiding the truth. But if you read the article closely and read between the lines the truth will come out. Bloomberg is blaming the retail crash on maturing debt bonds retailers sold ten years ago. This may be the surface reason, but it is also bullshit.

        The big boys who run these companies and also bought the bonds are anything but stupid. They all crunched the numbers and came to the conclusion the debt and the bonds were good bets. But now the bets are turning bad and no one wants to admit as to why. It is massively decreased sales that cannot support the debt.

        Bloomberg reveals the real reason for massively decreased sales in bringing up the problems issuers of retail store credit cards are having collecting! Now we are getting somewhere. The real reason for the collapsing retailers and the problems collecting is the same. It is the same reason discussed here at the TNMM a week or so ago. CHICKS ARE BROKE!

        The big boys crunching numbers on the debt and the bonds and the credit cards all came to the same conclusion ten years ago. Namely, the Great Recession was beginning to end and the pent up retail demand would explode as it had in all previous recoveries. But they failed to take the MGTOW factor into account. The frivorce raping of men begun in roughly 2000 transferring money from men to corporations using women as the conduit had been a great success and there were no signs it would not continue. But they were wrong in their calculations. At the same time the big boys were taking on debt and issuing bonds and credit cards, men began to change.

        Ten years ago MGTOW was barely heard of. Even five years ago, MGTOW was just gaining momentum. In the past 5-10 years so many billions of dollars have been denied women to spend on retail the effects are now being felt. Without the money historically stolen from men by the gynocracy the great retail Ponzi Scheme cannot continue. In 2018 it will begin to go down in flames for the simple reason that men are not allowing women to financially rape them anymore and the chicks have maxed out their credit cards.

        Add the retail collapse to the pension problems to the fact central banks are printing money to buy stocks and the lack of breadth in the S&P and the perfect storm is brewing. The female apocalypse will occur at the same time as the retail collapse. Namely, in six months when the first of the retail bonds mature and the retailers cannot refinance them at survivable rates.

        The gynocentric Ponzi Scheme will crash at the same time the stock and bond markets collapse, sometime in early to mid 2018. Reality is catching up with feminism and their debt issuing masters. It won’t be pretty. But, then again, a tsunami never is.

        As JD pointed out in his comment above, when it all goes to hell the chicks will realize they can only be saved by men who have grown to despise them. I believe the tsunami that will put a stop to the madness is upon us. But there will be many dark days ahead. Prepare thyself, and prepare well. Cheers.


      • Best news I’ve heard in decades.


  • Look guys, if you really want maximum pussy, from one or many, then you need to stack the odds in your favor.
    There are lots of things you can do.
    Here is just one; move to the capital city of your county, state/province or country.
    First reason why; you have lots and lots of young girls moving there to get work as secretaries and waitresses.
    Second reason; you have lots and lots of girls who moved there for that reason and who have been there for years. The ratio on women/girls to men/boys can be anywhere from 2.5:1 to 8:1. Yes, 8:1 is what it is in Ottawa/Hull where I live.
    Third reason; because of the large government/retail/hospitality employment, and small trade employment, many of the men who grew up in capital cities move elsewhere looking for challenging work, and; the men who move into capital cities are very, very often gay/queer/trans/fucked up and unable to work other than for the govern the mint. These men, therefore, impact the ratio even further in a positive direction for us REAL MEN.
    I could get fucked every day if I took up every offer.
    I choose not to fuck pink/blue hair/tats/tarts/fatties/bi’s/bitches/old-bags etc. and am quite picky. Only one in a hundred suits me at all and I continue to look for the one in a thousand who will suit me the rest of my life.
    You should, at least, think about doing the same. It is not getting better anytime soon and is likely to get a whole lot worse first before we return to 200 yrs ago when bigamy was legal in Texas because of all the wars with indians/mexicans/french/spanish/etc which killed off most of the men.
    In case you have not noticed women tend to be a bit thick/dull/dumb/unaware/etc. They operate on a different system and can be logically a bit slow.
    Nonetheless, in addition to all of the forgoing, I utilize every advantage at my disposal.
    You should too.
    Let me know when you are ready for another one.


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