Is MGTOW the Ultimate Destination for Successful PUAs?


Is PUA a stepping stone to becoming a MGTOW?

Regular visitors to TNMM will know I’ve gone through a lot of women in the past few years since learning female nature, writing about it, and becoming a successful PUA. I really should have a turnstile installed in my bedroom to keep track of all the tail that’s in and out of there.

Before learning the crimson arts, I managed to get about 30 women into bed by the time I was 30 years old. But in the last few years, I’ve been getting more ass than a toilet seat. I got to a notch count of around 150 women before I stopped counting and writing them in on my list.

The latest development is I have become bored with women and the Game. Sex is still fun, and appealing, but I need less of it. Once a man has climbed the mountain, realized a cornucopia of sensual delights and how to make females feign attention in him, he realizes success can often be a stale finale.

My success with women – and staring into the toxic abyss that is female nature with each successful pick-up – has caused me to lean more towards living a MGTOW lifestyle lately.  I won’t reach the level of a MGTOW monk and I’ll still go through about a dozen women a year by my estimation (about one a month), but my interest in women continues to wane after gaining extensive experience with them. Women are empty souls. The writings of Schopenhauer first clued me in on female nature, and later I found the writings of J.D. Unwin as well as Briffault’s Law:

The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.

  • Past benefit provided by the male does not provide for continued or future association.
  • Any agreement where the male provides a current benefit in return for a promise of future association is null and void as soon as the male has provided the benefit.
  • A promise of future benefit has limited influence on current/future association, with the influence inversely proportionate to the length of time until the benefit will be given and directly proportionate to the degree to which the female trusts the male.

From Briffault’s Law and the fact bad boys have higher notch counts than good guys, a man can glean that the essence of Game is this: If women don’t want to use men for resources (Betas) they want to try and tame them (Alphas and Sigmas). In short, Game is based on using innate female desire to manipulate and control men against them.

Once you realize women don’t see you as anything except something they can consume, try to tame, or exploit, the allure of sexual encounters with them starts to slip and the scales tip in favor of just avoiding them. The only thing most of them have to offer is sex. (And of course, children. But who wants to have children with Anglobitches dangling the Sword of Damocles i.e. state enslavement over a man’s head?) A man who is thoroughly experienced with women begins to see through every dissimulation, every trick, every game they play before they even make the attempt to move you like a pawn on the chessboard.

He knows how to short circuit the hamster. He even develops a sense of whether a chick is going to be a hot mamacita or a cold fish in bed before the encounter takes place. This man has even developed a sense of resentment towards women…but at the same time realizes he shouldn’t get mad at a predator for being a predator. Why would he get mad at a jaguar for being a jaguar?

But, he might be better off to just avoid the jaguar most of the time. (It’s always good to keep those PUA instincts honed, however, hence the most of the time reference.)

So, this conundrum does pose an interesting question. Do many, if not most successful PUAs eventually become MGTOWs once they’ve realized enormous success with women, and seen chicks for what they really are? I know I don’t want them in my life beyond occasional hook-ups. I’d much rather focus on activities and pursuits that make move me towards self-actualization on Maslow’s pyramid.

Sex is an important part of a man’s lifestyle. But sex and women should never be his final destination. Chicks are merely hedonistic, passing pleasures along the way.

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  • Funny how everybody sees whats happening but nobody actuay sees the cause and how to correct it. In my opinion, the advent of birth control and the hormonal imbalance created has created a slowly degenerative effect on women’s willingness to accept their role as natural caretakers. At the same time… men have been tricked into believing that a mans role is to be a stable and dutiful husband and father. Community is not a mans game. Mans game is to go out and get resources leaving the wife at home. This does not mean you do not love your kids. Hopefully, you mated with the right woman who will pay more attention to the kids than going out and getting more dick but the bottom line is that it isn’t your problem. Bottom line is: do what you love, get bitches pregnant, provide monetarily for the mom and kids, and forget. Look hard at inner city drug dealers and rappers and you will see what I mean. Go hard and let everybody else worry about the shit you will never be able to control. Check out The Based Report on YouTube. Peace, brothers!


    • @GotMgtowBut

      PUA means Pick Up Artist

      I don’t have the skills, money, or “right age” to be a PUA, but hopefully 1 day I will be lucky and get a gf without having to suffer so much rejection and bullshit from women


  • Feminism, or gynocentrism, has sprouted the seeds of its own demise. For the first time in many years, the Western mass-man can see what the female of the species truly thinks of him. He succeeded too well in laying the world at M’Lady’s feet. What is left to give her? What is left for him to fight for? Nothing, save himself. But that is the grandest cause of all, and really, the granddaddy of them all.

    PUA is simply Man identifying a problem and synthesizing a solution. As is MGTOW. The main difference I see is that PUA solves a specific problem, while MGTOW solves all the rest.

    Rookh stated, correctly, that Man transcends civilization because he built it. By our actions we have already begun the morphing of this one into something different. Woman’s pedestal, without male attention, evaporates. WIthout the appreciative and protective gaze of Men the most beautiful Woman is just an easier meal for the wild animals. They will live in whatever Men build, because they must.

    Galt’s Gulch will be the New Jerusalem. Imagine all that energy, productivity, wealth – no longer being pissed away. Women who spent their brightest days grabbing their ankles for every clown who put a tingle in their taco can wail and gnash their teeth outside. They’re no use to us now. Leave them with their worshippers; sad to say, they truly deserve each other. The spectacle will educate the young.


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    Ever read Henry Miller’s “Tropic of Cancer”?

    There’s a memorable quote: “All I ask of life is a bunch of books, a bunch of dreams, and a bunch of cunt.”

    That’s the quote everyone quotes, and that’s the quote everyone remembers.

    They fail to take notice of what Miller writes many pages later: “… but cunt’s a waste of time.”

    If you can afford to waste time, then by all means, enjoy the scenery … but don’t expect that you’re a resident of the park, or that you are necessarily tolerated after closing time.

    Otherwise, as for the PUA on a mission, Henry Miller’s battle rings true today:

    “It’s like a man in the trenches again: he doesn’t know any more why he should go on living, because if he escapes now he’ll only be caught later, but he goes on just the same, and even though he has the soul of a cockroach and has admitted as much to himself, give him a gun or a knife or even just his bare nails, and he’ll go on slaughtering and slaughtering, he’d slaughter a million men rather than stop and ask himself why.”

    Nota bene to the PUAs: you think you suffer as an “artiste”, well then, you should suffer a bit more so you understand why.


    • Miller probably still had a touch too much trad-con in him. I’m not claiming to know for sure at all. I know he was wild and a maverick etc but he pedestalized, didn’t he? He might have had too much old school integrity to simply opt for P4P options. With P4P, cunt is not a waste of time at all, but simple, physical pleasure. It’s a great use of time. Often enough to avoid going into the zone of psycho-social stress over the lack of physical sexuality. When the smartest, proudest and best men simply opt for P4P, the women will come back around. It’s going to take about a century though. I won’t be around. A couple more decades of under-25, slavic tits and ass in my face then I bow out and head to the woods with my stogies and bourbon. If it gets too lonely and depressing then bring on the weed. Good luck world!


  • I have to mgtow… Im ugly as fuck! Same for minimalism… Poor as shit!😄

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    • My brother, I am sad but glad to hear you say that. Please explain your circumstances that would make you despair so. Others do also but have not the courage to exclaim it. There is great hope in the abundant domain we call earth let alone the universe. There are many, many corrective efforts you may undertake.
      Please do not despair but engage your strengths to overcome.
      It is possible. I have seen death returned to life and there are no totally unbeatable obstacles.
      moriyah underscore tobyahnah at yahoo dot com.
      I welcome your challenge as my own.
      We can do it


      • Quite the reply i wasnt expecting. Yea i have issues but i finally accept them. Things got alot easier once i relenquished the inner resistance. So now i joke around bout em. Deepest thanks for reaching out to help a stranger.


    • Stay minimalist and recondition yourself to work 7 days a week. It’s easier than you think. Avoid restaurants as if they are satan. Clothes at Goodwill (much better than it sounds). Shoes off of ebay. Don’t spend a freaking dime on movies, cable, music EVER (that’s where your 7 days a week of work gets easier btw). Get a library card. Gym for 50 bucks a month. A hundred dollar Swiss Army watch off of ebay (I know a multimillionaire who wears Swiss Army). A fifty dollar pocketknife. A 90’s era American truck. Now you’re done buying things for life, except for replacement shoes, belts, watch bands, clothing. A tiny apartment. Costco. Dinner can be a bowl of broccoli and a divot of cheese and buttered roll. Dessert is a piece of chocolate from a Costco bucket of luxury chocolate. A dram of whiskey. That all cost you about a buck and a half right there. Breakfast for a buck. Lunch for a couple of bucks.

      Your money will pile up regardless of income and then head to places where your looks don’t mean a thing. Here’s what Anglo women don’t understand; They are outclassed by third world women. Tits are tits. Ass is ass. Third world women have the same things. The only difference is that there is way more in the third world and it’s usually much more sexual and freakish than Anglo women. Freakish sexuality in Anglos is reserved for mid-teens until it vanishes entirely by mid twenties. I’m only talking about 15% of the young women anyway. Sexual freakishness abounds in the third world in about 70-80% of the young women. The best girls are selling it too, not the worst as in Anglo civ. Here’s the kicker; A first world man’s checking account and a third world man’s checking account are universes apart. That’s what Anglo women will never understand; we greatly outclass them when compared to international men. They are greatly outclassed when compared to international women. They need to stop wasting their time competing against men and think about trying to compete with other women. But who cares? They are neurologically locked in by feminist cerebral wiring to never admit fault in any way under any circumstances so to suggest what women ‘need to do’ is the most futile thing ever. The wiring won’t allow it. It would be like trying to jam a vinyl record into a cd player. It’s silly from an electronic standpoint, as is calling women to account. Women WILL NOT EVER hold themselves to any account.

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  • I’m a 55 year old man who never was a PUA, but MGTOW makes perfect sense to me. I remember a time long ago, when I was 18 (1980) and life and society in the US wasn’t like it is now, when I literally could just “be myself” and land an attractive woman. It ain’t like that anymore. Today, if you don’t jump through the right hoops or put on an entertaining enough show, you can forget getting anyone decent (and the number of decent ones seems to decline every year). The Rational Male calls this the old set of books (which still existed at least somewhat in 1980) vs. the new set of books (how things are today). Two marriages that consumed most of my adult life, and observing what the world is now like since I got single again, and I’m disgusted with women and how things have become. Yep, MGTOW is the destination. And you don’t have to be a current or former PUA to figure that out.

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    • Yeah, post-divorce, I have come to see “being together apart” as my ideal.

      That is, being monogamous, being an item with all that entails, but living separately. -> Little legal exposure and maximum personal freedom for myself.

      I mean, if they want to be men, then they can support themselves. And they better not try to tell me how to live. I don’t let other men tell me how to spend my money and prioritize my life (other than good, well-meaning brotherly advice!) so I sure as hell am not going to let a woman.

      Anyway, I don’t blame the women anymore. The system created by globalist, corpora-government interests created it. Women are suffering too…


  • It’s funny because even though I’ve never really had success with women, I’ve always hade this mindset…that most women are just not worth any damn attention at all. And now adays even if a guy wanted to pursue/chase women; he would have to become the equivalent of a circus clown doing backflips through hoops of fire just to get some sort of reciprocal attention from women, but even then, he wouldn’t be guaranteed any attention from them.

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  • Man. I’ve been reading your work for a long time. The one thing I can say is that you have blown up all the illusions surrounding women. There was a time in my 20s when the idea of “impressing the girl” motivated me to accomplish so many feats. Today, that particularly incentive is completely gone.

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    • that “particular” incentive.


    • You raise a good point; which leads me to believe going Galt is a real shift happening in western society.

      I don’t think many modern women understand nor care about the long term impact of their pursuit of complete matriarchy, not by merit or logic but by shame, will have on the near future. I see a time coming where every platform women take over is consumed by its own irony. Men free from marriage actually have no problem fulfilling their self-actualization potential. We are all commenting on the New Modern man platform. I don’t have to visit Twitter, Facebook or YouTube to build and dialogue with other men. This is the flaw in the whole feminist game being played right now. They are pushing the innovators and critical thinkers to go Galt; but the loser will be these women who rather they admit it or not, are dependent on the platforms they create. There will come a moment soon, where the sex card will expire as enough men have been red pilled and have migrated to male safe spaces across the Net, causing MSM platforms to go bankrupt. Since women are masters of dissimulation, they will do whatever it takes to reel in men, even if it means killing feminism themselves. Mark my words, the only thing that has stopped most men from going Galt is the prohibition against prostitution. Every action creates a reaction, and as more men are marginalized by overt hypergamy and awakened to red pill truths; these same men will demand certain quid pro quo policies for their political support. Demand will create a willing supply of Red Pill politicos to bring those issues to the forefront. Men have a responsibility to other men to keep misandrists out of political power, if they do nothing else.

      The election of Donald Trump, for all the other reasons he was elected, should raise some eyebrows; the fact that even when MSM tarred and feathered him over the ‘grab her by the pussy’ statement in a race with a misandrist; he still won. There are plenty of men who didn’t vote for Trump, but were happy to see radical feminism take an L. This growing male population is a constituency shouldn’t be ignored…


      • I would be curious to know if there is an effective replacement for the motivation that women used to provide (years ago) for men to succeed? So far, I have found none (and self-motivation can only take a man so far).


      • Yes, there certainly is. Two.
        It will turn around completely.
        In the first place; they will do far, far more pursuing. That is encouraging.
        In the second place; I find far greater pleasure in saying no to a woman today than I ever did. In fact, the pleasure is far greater than the pain of rejection whenever in the past they said no.
        It is almost sadistic.

        Women must have attention. It is like water. They will shrivel up into prunes as attention for ‘pink pussy hats’ wanes to less than nothing.

        What’s less than nothing?
        When you take evasive action by crossing the street!

        Exciting times we live in.


      • …further to that…
        the sex doll market is not being directed to women. They have had plenty of ‘toys’ for longer than I have been alive but men have had few of any interest.
        These ‘dolls’ will rewrite history for women. Not that every man will want one but certainly enough that approach’s and dates for very many, most, low SMV women will fall through the floor. Those women are going to put tremendous, unbearable pressure on the prima ‘Madonna’s’ through boycotts. There may well even be horrible crimes committed in the name of ‘balancing the checkbook’. Be it, ironically, our, men’s, checkbook.
        Indeed, ‘mark the words’ written here by many today.

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      • Larivee, hopefully your motivation in life doesn’t disappear. It just changes post-red-pill to reflect your new and truer understanding of the world. It should reflect who you are, and what your gifts and talents are.

        After my divorce, my life-goals changed tremendously. Working tirelessly to pile up money (so she could spend it) is totally gone. I value leisure-time way more in my life to pursue hobbies, reading, playing music, etc.

        Still though, the work I do, I pick more based on whether it stimulates my intellect, allows me to be creative, and grows me into a better adult.

        And honestly, having a relationship with God also helps one understand why they’re even on the planet. If I didn’t have that, I probably would be totally adrift…


      • Definitely ditto for me.


      • Jonathan and Moriyah, thank you both for your insight – I appreciate it. Jonathan, wonderful advice about choosing the work you do. You are correct, I do have to find a different motivation. In the past, “impressing the girl” was a motivation to push hard past the point when achieving a certain goal stopped being fun. Now, as soon as something stops being enjoyable, I just discontinue the activity. That is not a recipe for success in the traditional sense, as we all know that most success is achieved past the point when quitting is the most tempting.


      • Your last sentence, Jason, points out your Waterloo that must be worked on if only for the exercise and not necessarily the result.
        By example; I am working on a book about the medicinal properties of Rose, the flower, and its 20,000 species. My focus is unlike any other book except one that I have found so far, which is poor even though written by a PhD, a female, who got the point but not the process. This is about its medicinal qualities, particularly for women but indeed for all mammals and insects; at least.
        Should I mourn the dearth of resources? Should I endeavor to do all the research myself? Should I abandon the effort through lack of support or resources?
        I think not. I am convinced, convicted, of my thoughts, beliefs and experiences so far. Why should I be dissuaded by the chagrin, ignorance, persuasion or dissuasion of others?
        I will, less death intervene, complete and accomplish this task of exposing that Rose is one of, if not, the most significant herb(s) on earth. I know several hundred herbs so far and thus intuitively several hundred thousand more. Rose stands alone except in combination with a few others for support and not supplantation. Yes, I know supplantation is not yet in the dictionary.
        Can any man or woman stand in the face of such determination? I think not. They will willingly bow to and subject themselves to such conviction and determination because, singularly, because they cannot marshall it themselves. Ok? They have things we do not and vice versa. Get it?
        So, Jason, have the same for your great wonder, the step that will move humans forward instead of leaving us mired in war of spirit, heart and soul.You have it, I can see it and feel, don’t let it wane, please.
        There is no greater help you can acquire, nor hindrance, than woman. Choose very, very wisely.

        Commendations to the men who make this blog by contributions or direction. Your will determines the survival of our species and the fate of the universe. Hold fast to that which is righteous and disdain the rest. To do less is anti-life which we are not.


      • moriyah – what you wrote there times 10,000. It feels like the words spoken by someone not of this world. Thank you for this.


      • “Mark my words, the only thing that has stopped most men from going Galt is the prohibition against prostitution.”

        I’ve lived overseas where young, beautiful women are just there when you need them. I mean knockout, college girls who secretly want to buy their designer bags etc. KNOCKOUTS. And they must have great bodies or they wash out of the industry immediately. It’s all a respectful, clean service. It’s not some scummy or shameful environment at all. I tip well and become friends with the girls who are absolutely beautiful young women with Victoria’s Secret model physiques. They are not like home; half-insane, tatted up stripper idiots/criminals by any stretch.

        Just Imagine living in an American city where you could go and make out with a nude sorority girl when the urge hits you. A full nine or even a ten, for the equivalent of 2 hours of your wages. 2 hours of your work for one of hers. So the starlets in the crowd that you see while watching college ball on Saturday are just at your disposal for the cost of a round of golf and a few beers. Instead, in America, you just ogle them, happy to diddle yourself later to their memory. Sad.

        Then I come back home where a ‘working girl’ is a 38 year old meth-head in a truck stop parking lot. The fact that most men don’t even know about this discrepancy just goes to show how completely buffaloe’d men are by the feminine imperative. It also shows how restricted male sexuality is. The recent, full-blown criminalization of males seducing young, more than willing whores in Hollywood is very duly noted.


  • I’m not PUA, but now see a woman’s predatory nature FIRST before surmising whatever else she is.

    In other words, I ask “at her current station in life, what does she want from men that has nothing to do with me as a person?”

    It generally leaves me with a ‘meh’ attitude about relationships with them.

    Patriarchy tamed their predatory nature so men could safely go about making thing and building families. Patriarchy = family-based society.

    Without patriarchy, women are unleashed. And we positively see that stable families are secondary at best to their goals of self-aggrandizement.

    It may take three or four generations, but culture is devolving into a post-family structure that burns down any wealth generated during patriarchy.

    So yeah, MGTOW – not marrying or cohabitatin – seems like the necessary mindset for any man trying to live a productive life without being mauled by predators.

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    • Exactly. The whole Disney ‘lifelong love’ with great children might have been nice. Funny how I don’t envy those guys though. But whatever the case, I am a free animal first, long before I’m a socialized roleplayer. I have the right to ensure my own survival and my own basic needs first, long before I will feel any pressure to ‘serve’, ‘sacrifice’ ‘man up’. etc..

      “Mauled by predators” = dutiful, overworked, ‘manned up,’ self-sacrificing middle/upper class white males.

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  • I believe MGTOW is the final destination for those like myself who come from a PUA background. I discovered the pickup community way back in 2000 after I was dumped by my then gf. I immediately started devouring books by David D., Neil Strauss, Mistery, Player Supreme, Doc Love and many more. Then I switched to listening to Tom Leykis and that’s when I started to become fully redpilled and to perceive women for what they truly are: master manipulators who only go for men’s resources. I’m MGTOW since my last relationshit back in 2012. And I plan to staying MGTOW till the end of my days.

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      Prior to the Constitution of the State it was plagued with wars. Indian Wars, Mexican Wars, French incursions, Spanish incursions, etc. not to mention it is not exactly a hospitable environment with killer heat and freezes, scorpions, rattlers, big cats, coyotes, and many other poisonous/deadly creatures.
      Men died early and women would attach themselves to any willing man.
      In the event of a grid down or nuclear war YOU will be required to service many women to save the species from extinction.
      Prepare to man up boys!


      • didn’t know this particular history about Texas. Very interesting indeed


      • I am sure that it would be even more interesting to find out the story of how it was made illegal.
        Do you suppose that maybe the wives of well to do ranchers, oil and railroad barons (at the time of constitution Texas had more railroads and track than the rest of the USA combined), and, eminent bankers, politicians and even preachers lobbied their husbands to make it illegal?
        I do indeed suppose!
        That all probably started with Abigail Adams 60 yrs earlier. I am pretty sure she was fucking Thomas Jefferson while cuckolding her Presidential husband. Like Lesi Hillary with Bill; or like her trainee Huma Abedin with Weiner.
        And, I know for a fact that there are many Texans today with one or more wives/mistresses on the side.
        It might be miscreant for me to mention in the ears of women reading here, but I will anyways, the greatest mistake I ever made with women:
        I was dating/sleeping regularly with 3. I decided I needed to ‘choose’ one!!! What the fuck, you say, and you would be well to question my sanity.
        I was only 24, still quite immature, they were 18, 20 and 30.
        Yeah, I ‘chose’ wrong.
        Wisdom is very expensive and slow to come.
        That is why most of my lifelong friends have been 10 yrs older since I was 11.
        Girlfriends were 10 yrs older from 13 to 18.
        Now they are 20 to 40 yrs younger.
        Life’s a bitch only if you marry one and don’t tame her.
        Which reminds me of Kate’s soliloquy in The Taming of the Shrew. Should be required reading, or watch the movie with Elizabeth and Richard Burton, at every grade level in school for all children and not just adult males.


  • You raised some thoughtful and pragmatic questions.

    Over on the Rational Male, there were many men grappling with answers to this question in the Creep I & II threads. Many summarized it well, when they say ‘the juice isn’t worth the squeeze.” I believe I have reached a similar conclusion about most women being worth little more than sex. I have speculated before hat, “the natural consequence of peak hypergamy in America will be (1) legalized polygamy and (2) an end to the prohibition against prostitution.” In the former, women will beg for legalized polygamy as they pursue Alpha fucks, In the latter, women and men will lobby for as the bottom 50% of women pursue financial incentives from the more and more marginalized and sexless betas, gammas, and omegas.

    As you mentioned, some degree of MGTOW is almost a natural side effect of the pursuit of self-actualization. Besides, having kids or sex, most women add very little to a man’s life. I believe as the 80/20 dating market intensifies many men are going question everything they were taught about women…

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    • I have to raise the issue of performance by women in bed. I have slept with very many women and it has always been a lot of personal work in the physical sense. Now, I don’t mind hard work of all kinds and I can outwork most men a third my age, but, the point is that most women, in my experience, don’t put much effort into sex. They expect the man to pretty much do it all. I am saying ‘most’ and there certainly have been a few who did their fair share. I would like some feedback on this.
      I note that the majority of the women who performed the best were those who made my attention very welcome from the get go.
      Otherwise, I have always been an off the chart introvert and, yes, sex and babies, plus cooking and cleaning, is a great purpose for women. The few women I know, belonging to a few friends for a lifetime, who pursued and enjoyed those things are the most joyful creatures on the planet.
      ALL OTHER WOMEN DIE AS BITCHES. Utterly unfulfilled, miserable and ugly. Period.

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      • I would have to agree about the sex thing; maybe that is why sex ends in EX, as in exchange.

        I believe modern women have become extremely entitled, whereas in prior generations, the women felt they had a role and to some degree had to earn the security provided to them. The welfare and corporate state has stepped into that role, so women don’t generally believe they have to do anything. Many think men are simply clowns or jesters to make them laugh, attention validators, and for the Alphas/Sigmas a random fuck but the betas utilities to be denied sex; but they see themselves as the prize. Just look at the ‘sugar whoring’ epidemic and the Instagram thots whom all think they are a ‘model’ which simply means escort, call or prostitute. However, I have come across women that are great in serving a man’s need in bed, but like you said, those women are actually attracted and aroused by you are going to put in the work to keep you coming back.

        That’s why I am a big fan of minimalism, strength training and pursuing your self-actualization. These are the qualities that attract the most qualified women because if you try to use affluence to secure female sex you are going to end up like the Hollywood Betas being stripped of your career, reputation, and any financial assets the state can steal from you. I’m an INTJ/Sigma type, never really had issues getting or keeping attractive women. The issue for me has been them keeping my attention beyond sex; most American women are just boring to be around outside of sex, I can’t speak for out countries. But this is true of America in general, most people have trivial and frivolous consumer based interests.

        You are correct that loneliness and misery is in the future of most women. Ironically, all the time wasting devices and apps that entitles and inflates women’s egos, are virtually ALL created by men. With more and more men pursuing minimalism, pump and dump, or MGTOW lifestyles; you have to wonder what the outcome is going to be for society as John Galt replaces the American dream for men..


      • Agreed on all points.
        I should add that my wife of many years, till menopause, was not great in bed but was at everything else. She was a joy to look at, to hear her voice speaking or singing, to watch her with children though we had none of our own, to see her excel at homemaking, sewing, healing and all the other things women can do better than men but most women do not do at all.
        As the proverb says ‘her value is far above rubies’.
        A fine ruby is far more valuable than a fine diamond.


      • The Angry Outernationalist

        The history of mankind parallels the history of the rise and fall of labour saving devices …

        But let’s have some fun and think about the future.


    • That’s a good point about the sex. I always do this when I find a girl attractive (not just physically, but in the sense of an old-fashioned ‘crush’ like the kind when you think of her and even think of a long term relationship. Or also when I regret losing touch with an old flame etc.)

      Think of her body and replace her ass with a horrible, wasted, cottage cheese ass. Don’t just make her fat in your mind because a fat person is just a different person entirely. Fat is a mirror unto a weak soul. But take your little crush who invariably had a sexy ass and replace it with a weary, 38 year old’s truck stop stripper’s horrible ass. You still in love? Still have a crush? Didn’t think so. It’s ALL sexuality. When you find a sexually attractive girl who is also cool then you call it love, but all the emotional, high-flown emotions of love just vanish once her ass goes from a 9 to a 3. All of a sudden you don’t give a crap at all about her adorable quirks. I can’t imagine giving my life over to a woman who loses her ass post 40. Like when she walks across the room naked and you just go out of your way to NOT look. So many guys are in that position due to trad-con chivalry.


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