Faustian Civilization Reaches for Infinity with “Godhead” Robot


Faustian machine culture and its most eccentric offshoot – Anglo society – are moving to permanently strip man of his biology

Faustian culture, i.e. Western culture in terms used by German philosopher and historian Oswald Spengler, and its most eccentric, “civilized” and therefore detached from nature, wayward offshoot – Anglo society – is moving towards a life-threatening realization of its prime symbol of infinity.

If you aren’t yet familiar with Spengler’s epic work in Decline of the West, let’s catch you up. A century ago, German historian and philosopher Oswald Spengler designed a cyclical model of history based on a thorough study of six civilizations that showed high cultures become civilizations. Each culture goes through a cycle of birth, growth, decline and death. Western culture is said to be on its way to death. His predictions have turned out to be astonishingly accurate, because the cycles now afflicting the West have played out in all past civilizations.

TNMM considers Spengler’s work so key to diagnosing the cultural cancers that plague the modern Western world, we have written extensively on the topic and it is a founding philosophy of this blog. (For those who are interested, John David Ebert has published a fantastic series of videos on YouTube which detail the intricacies of Spengler’s Decline of the West.)

Based on Spengler’s theory, cultures are natural and organic but civilizations are artificial and superficial, detached from the culture from which they sprang. This is why high civilization eventually crumbles, because it becomes detached from its life-giving culture. Faustian culture, as Spengler predicted has shifted from a world of tradition and ideals to a world governed by politics and economics. It has become utterly critical of every aspect of life, unable to see outside its collective myopia. In its dementia, Faustian (and especially Anglo) culture has sterilized every ideal that made life worth living through constant vivisection – it has even sterilized itself demographically.

It is at this point our civilization should be falling apart, and there are clear indications it is doing just that. However, before primitive conditions thrust up into the highly civilized mode of living as Spengler phrased it, computing technology has propped up this declining civilization while at the same time it has become quite frankly, stifling and overwhelming to those wishing to enjoy lives governed by biology rather than technology. The lifespan of the highly civilized mode of living has been extended up by Faustian machines. The natural cycle of rise and decline disrupted by computer chips and those who worship them.

America clearly seeks to impose worldwide electronic tyranny with computer chip sentinels looming over each individual’s behavior and controlling what decisions they make. The worship of Deus Ex Machina, or “God from the machine” has become a virtual cult already in Western culture, and especially in anti-human, anti-biology Anglo society. Now in its Winter, as this culture reaches out towards fulfillment of its ultimate goal of infinite economic growth and perpetual motion promised by machines, it is beginning to destroy the biological side of man in the process.

This is the philosophical reason Cultural Marxism and social engineering have become endemic cancers in modern times. The West, in its final insanity is attempting to create a Utopia by replacing mankind’s biology – and the essential human play in work and decision making – with the precision and soullessness of the machine. This madness is now giving birth to a new religion that seeks to turn the entire world into a machine run by a computer program, totally stripping H. Sapiens of our biology.

This is why sexuality, culture, identity, religion, etc. are slowly being peeled away from our species in English-speaking countries. (With aims to foist this malaise upon the entire world.) Anglo society never really had culture to begin with (existing only in civilization mode) according to the ideas of Spengler, and now it seeks to end culture permanently in a strange merging with its technology.

As proof, a renowned Silicon Valley executive, Anthony Levandowski has openly declared he seeks to create a “Godhead” and turn it into humanity’s god. What does that mean? Levandowski expects man to worship machine. Specifically, AI or artificial intelligence. Wired magazine writes:

The new religion of artificial intelligence is called Way of the Future. It represents an unlikely next act for the Silicon Valley robotics wunderkind. Papers filed with the Internal Revenue Service in May name Levandowski as the leader (or “Dean”) of the new religion, as well as CEO of the nonprofit corporation formed to run it.

If that doesn’t send chills up your spine, this will:

The documents state that WOTF’s activities will focus on “the realization, acceptance, and worship of a Godhead based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) developed through computer hardware and software.”

That includes funding research to help create the divine AI itself.

The religion will seek to build working relationships with AI industry leaders and create a membership through community outreach, initially targeting AI professionals and “laypersons who are interested in the worship of a Godhead based on AI.”

The filings also say that the church “plans to conduct workshops and educational programs throughout the San Francisco/Bay Area beginning this year.”

How appropriate that the perigee of Western culture – known by some as San Fransicko – or the irreligious megalopolis (Spenglerian term for cities in a culture that mark the end phase of a civilization) will be the testing ground for this new technology.

“What is going to be created will effectively be a god,” he said. “It’s not a god in the sense that it makes lightning or causes hurricanes. But if there is something a billion times smarter than the smartest human, what else are you going to call it?”

He added, “I would love for the machine to see us as its beloved elders that it respects and takes care of. We would want this intelligence to say, ‘Humans should still have rights, even though I’m in charge.”

Yes, Anglo society is attempting to surpass biology and put a machine in charge of man. It is lusting after creating an electronic “god” without thinking of the ramifications or consequences of doing so, or even if it should do such a thing. Totally divorced from biology, this culture thinks a machine, gadget, or computer program will make a perfect world. It won’t. It will destroy the biological world. Even more worrying, these eggheads ultimately want to merge humanity with machine to achieve a world of Socialism that Spengler said would be Faustian culture’s final world sentiment on its way out.

Here’s what this news means to me. I want out of this insane asylum. I want out now. I am an unwilling participant in this moribund culture. A little technology is good. However, making technology the master of mankind is insanity.

In fact, I’d say Faustian culture and Anglo society in particular have already traded too much biology for their technological, Utopian fantasies. The line was crossed with me with the advent of electronic behavior modification (coming soon to, or already in your smartphone and your workplace as everything is computerized) and eavesdropping devices like the Amazon Echo which are intended to listen to everything people say – even in the “privacy” of their own homes. No doubt, the ultimate aims of this junk are to later modify human behavior using the psychology of B.F. Skinner’s operant conditioning and electronic “dog collaring” for lack of a better term.

Americans have already been put through a test run of operant conditioning as we have seen with the rise and then fall of the mainstream media propaganda machine, in which millions were turned into unwitting subjects of a giant science experiment first devised by Edward Bernays using the psychology of Uncle Siggy, or his uncle Sigmund Freud.

This alternate reality crated by the “wizards” of Bernays’ public relations field (Bernays coined the term public relations) conditioned people to be mindless consumers and was a huge success – turning people into what Herbert Hoover called happiness machines – until it shattered with the advent of Realtalk on the Internet. In other words, there is a break in the storm of the onslaught of thought control against humanity. We must never give that kind of power to elites again.

There are two outcomes of this lust to create Deus Ex Machina, if it becomes reality. One, life won’t be worth living anymore, or two, this weird experiment will cause mankind to go extinct. That is, if this death cult isn’t stopped in its tracks. The technology worship in this culture must come to an end. Even if “Godhead” is never realized, some degree of electronically enforced tyranny is likely to emerge. Soon, there will be nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide.

With that said, who can blame a man for living for the day, before we all become part of a grotesque technological “singularity” as its known in the tech world. Or, in more concise terms, Faustian culture leads us all to become one with the Borg. Carl Sagan said it best:

We’ve arranged a global civilization in which most crucial elements profoundly depend on science and technology. We have also arranged things so that almost no one understands science and technology. This is a prescription for disaster. We might get away with it for a while, but sooner or later this combustible mixture of ignorance and power is going to blow up in our faces.

Sagan knew well the threat posed by technology a quarter of a century ago. We have not heeded those warnings. And we are indeed getting to the point that Deux Ex Machina is going to blow up in our faces. With that, I’m on my way to one of the remaining bastions of true humanity – escaping the Anglo-American machine culture for some time abroad. A man only lives once. This man doesn’t want to live life worshipping a machine “Godhead” inside a mechanical, anti-biology, anti-life culture.

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  • hmmmmm ..

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  • evolution is unstopable. human are only temporarily. machines with greater Consciousness will replace the biological machines. accept the inevitable. God works in mysterious ways,


  • None of this surprises me. Ultimately, the Anglo elite want a world not only without sex but without people. This worship of machines is the supreme expression of Anglo-puritan fascism: a dead, inhuman world of sterile ‘perfection’.

    And it is utter folly. Who knows what an omnipotent AI would think or do? It might not be benificent at all.


  • Worship the living, breathing image, or die. Just great.


    • Rome will burn and the beast too. That image will fade to be replaced by the original creation which we now only see obliquely. Have faith!


  • I’m all for studying, and practicing, ethnobotany as a means to the end of post-colonial civilization survival. However, the current Fukishima driven dystopia looks to only provide the southern hemisphere as an escape option.
    I cannot say that I am, as of yet, up to speed on Uncaria tomentosa/Una D’gato et al.
    Make sure to use your Brazilian/Venezuelan/Colombian/Chilean/Argentinian/Peruvian vacation/escape/retirement for some education as well as recreation.
    Still, while the north vaporizes the south will descend into coup after coup after coup after coup ad infinitum ad nauseam.
    Hell of a vacation!


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