America Continues Assailing Men and Heterosexuality, Quinnipiac University Pours On More Hegelian Dialectic


The “look but don’t touch” view of sexuality is reaching insane new heights

The flurry of sex scandals now engulfing MSM in Anglo America is so obviously and sickeningly aimed at criminalizing any non-platonic communication men have with women in the workplace that it rises to a self-evident truth. (Later, criminalizing non-platonic communication will be legally pushed beyond the workplace as has already happened in some jurisdictions of England and Wales.) You are witnessing social engineering, Cultural Marxism, latent Puritanism, and misandry in action right before your eyes with each sex scandal that comes to light.

The lesson as rich and powerful men are raked over the hot coals? We (the corrupt American power structure) burned this big fish with trumped up sex charges. We sure as hell can burn you small fries out there. That’s the hidden message behind the heavy rotation of sex scandals.

The presumption of “innocent until proven guilty” was abandoned long ago amongst talking heads wearing pancake makeup, who now conduct modern day witch trials in front of HD cameras rather than kangaroo court rooms. “Sexual harassment” narratives have become the new “racism” – and any heterosexual man is presumed guilty of being a “harasser” by virtue of his existence. This is the same type of bias often seen leftist circles, in which white people are presumed racist by default.

Quinnipiac University chipped in to this latest agenda item with a poll that looks more like the thesis in the Hegelian Dialectic than a statement of truth:

Sixty percent of US women voters say they have experienced sexual harassment and more than two-thirds of them said it happened at work, a nationwide poll revealed Tuesday.

Read between the lines. This poll is intended to be a call to action so the government can step in and screw up relations between the sex even worse. The playbook works like this: bring in a biased shockpoll that legislators in the pocket of moneyed interests can point to with feigned disgust and cry, “We have to do something!” To add fuel to the fire:

The findings come as the United States grapples with sexual assault and harassment scandals that have rocked the world of entertainment, business and politics.

Again, most of these so-called scandals are baseless. It’s looking more and more like Roy Moore’s sexual harassment charges were yet another setup by the scandal sheet known as the Washington Post. Polls indicate Alabama voters have not fallen for the ruse, however, as Moore is still up by 5 points in the latest polling for the senate race in the Yellowhammer State.

Unfortunately, sheep have drank the Kool-Aid when discussing generalities and not specific sex scandals:

Eighty-nine percent of respondents classified sexual harassment of women as a “serious problem” and 55 percent said media coverage of the flood of recent allegations had led to a better understanding of sexual harassment, the poll found.

It’s sad that the plasticity of the human mind is such that large swaths of the public are like silly putty in the hands of diabolical social engineers molding man into a grotesque parody of himself.

Anglo America is becoming virtually unlivable to any rational and awakened man, and moreso for any guy with a healthy sex drive. The hounds of hell have been let loose as yet another false narrative is spun up by those calling the shots in positions of influence. Look for legislators to demand “tougher” laws, sentences, and ever-tightening definitions of what sexual harassment is as the anti-thesis in the Hegelian Dialectic is sprang like a trap on an unwitting public. All to “protect” women from evil, damaged men.

If you’re paying attention, this is starting to become quite a frightening country. The few of us who can see the reality of the situation – that the public are being led like sheep to the slaughter – are outnumbered and marginalized outside the Overton Window for the time being. Our narratives are oozing into the public dialogue, but the spinners of agitprop seem more determined than ever to desexualize men, castrating us legally if not later literally.

The good news, if there is any? It seems there is a growing segment of the populace who are wising up to these games. But how bad do things have to get before there is a backlash?

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  • “It’s sad that the plasticity of the human mind is such that large swaths of the public are like silly putty in the hands of diabolical social engineers molding man into a grotesque parody of himself.”

    True. However, how truthful, how real are the poll results? When the pollsters have complete control over the “results”, should they be trusted by anyone at all? They, after all, wield absolute power over the entire polling process and their presentation of its results. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Knowing this, isn’t it safe to assume or at least very strongly suspect that the results are in fact lies?

    The “pollsters” are like little wizards of Oz, in a little army of such wizards, orchestrating a masquerade of LIEberal bullshit.


  • Can I get two posts out of moderation jail?

    Thanks in advance.


  • GhostofSteveMcQueen

    You put into words what I’ve been thinking since Weinstein got burned at the stake. I thought, why is this guy being so viciously and thoroughly incinerated, after he’s been doing this for 30 years?

    Looking at the “scandals” that have followed, here’s my opinion: First, I see this witch hunt as a direct response to game and the red pill. The various social engineers, from SJWs to illuminati elites, seek to redefine and broaden the meaning of rape, sexual assault and sexual harrassment in order to turn the tide on betas waking to the truth and reclaiming their masculinity.

    This serves too purposes – one is to keep the economy going (for reasons you’ve described in some of your articles) and two is for population behavior control. Keep the masses submissive and fearful, particularly men, and corporations and government can continue to exploit us without fear.


  • Here’s a tweet ..

    This is why .. we must use their processes against them. Make ac’cue’sas’shuns of our own toward th wimminz. At college’s .. she didn’t ask for my consent .. to work .. she sexually harrassed me with the way she sexually objectified herself with her clothing .. she asked me how she looked .. I felt sexually harrassed. (Just an example .. use your imagination.)

    Full article ..

    PS .. Piers Morgan is an idiot .. but if we don’t start returning fire on these wimminz they will continue to feel justified.

    PPS .. There are a ton of vid’s now on th wimminz getting smacked-up by men when they mis-behave. I love it .. they hate it. NOW we need to use their processes to do the same thing against them at work or school.


  • I do not see this as a plan by the elites though. If anything, the elites’ actions are simply reflections of values held by the general Anglo population (i.e. that male sexuality is evil).


  • Hey Rel, NO backlash… men are cowards, they fear women and slaves to the vagina. Things will get worse and you know what men will do.. nothing, but acquiesce, complain and suffer. You already have the solution, but only a few will follow.


  • The question for men is “How to fight back?” This is a direct attack on all of us. Perhaps, it is already happening. Men are withdrawing from the sexual marketplace and women are going to suffer for it.


    • Over a year ago th (career) wimminz complained that they couldn’t get ahead in business because smart biz’ness leaders would not have a private meeting without a senior level male present.

      Th Wimminz don’t get cause & effect .. two things come of this .. 1) always record EVERY moment with th wimminz & 2) never be alone with any womminz in biz’ness.

      And number 3 .. never hire another womminz!

      Problem solved.


      • We (i.e. men) could turn the tables on th wimminz.

        Everytime they dress provocative, touch us, smile, wink, etc .. file sex’u’al her’ass’mint charges.

        Watch HR Dept’s burn to the ground.


  • Mr. Furioso,

    Amazing and prescient points as usual sir. I have an article I would like to submit to you that fits in with your work with TNMM, if you were possibly accepting prospective guest submissions? Could I email you a draft? Thanks in advance one way or another; you truly have the best site on the Web and are doing important work.


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