The Riddle of Female Sexual False Consciousness

Anglo women think they’re sexually liberated, when in fact they’re as frigid and repressed as their grandmothers

Rookh Kshatriya is the creator of the Anglobitch blog, The Anglobitch Thesis and the author of Havok: How Anglo-American Feminism Ruined Society.

Male Sexual False Consciousness is a well-described phenomenon in our branch of the manosphere. Blue collar males in the midst of decade-long sexless ‘dry-spells’ talk and act as if they were bedding models every night. Nor is this mere bluster and persiflage; many celibate males really believe they are having sex with teenage pop singers and actresses, women who would not spit on them if they were burning. Male SFC is a product of Anglo-American reality avoidance, lamestream media manipulation, simple self-delusion and (concealed) shame. In any case, most males in the Anglosphere are so psychologically damaged by institutionalised misandry that they cannot think rationally about their sexual situation.

What about female SFC?

Women’s magazines, TV shows and books are full of sexual tips and spine-tingling accounts of multiple orgasms with alpha paragons. However, this priapic narrative contrasts hugely with serious research into female sexuality, most of which finds that a huge minority (around 40%) of Anglo-American women have little or no libido. At a practical level, the average Anglo-American woman presents as a classic ‘Anglobitch’ – frigid, arrogant, misandrist, entitled, snotty and generally a cunt. This holds as true for the ugly, obese and post-Wall variety as it does for young and attractive ones.

So much for the boundless ‘liberation’ endlessly extolled by the lamestream Anglo-American media.

Most Anglo women dress like ten-dollar whores, read and talk about sex all day, even consider themselves intensely sexualized – yet are, in truth, as frigid and repressed as their grandmothers. Young males are rightly baffled when young girls dress provocatively yet resent all expressions of sexual interest: they seem to inhabit a state of ‘sexualized frigidity’, flaunting sex yet hating it too. What are the best explanations for this glaring contradiction? Why do so many Anglo women strive to talk, dress and look ‘sexy’ while being volcel or even actively hostile to sex?

The answer is complex. Unlike male SFC, the female form of this condition derives from the specific vagaries of female psychology – namely solipsism, the herd instinct and greater psycho-sexual plasticity. However, the fact that priapic gay men design female ‘culture’ in their own image is also highly significant.

Anglo culture is rife with latent homosexuality

Latent Homosexuality in Anglo Culture

Many gay men adopt homosexual lifestyles in the repressive Anglosphere to gain easy access to sex – as a group, they are disproportionately self-selected for hyper-sexuality. In short, gays are the kind of males who will project sex onto everything they see. Since such men are largely responsible for female fashion, television, music and ‘culture’ in general, they inject these things with their own sexual obsessions. Lacking the merest shred of creative originality, women have yielded control of all these activities to infinitely more creative and intelligent gay men. And gay culture is suffused with – indeed, defined by – sex. Assuming women to be female versions of themselves, these men have plastered the bare wall of female sexuality with their own erotic obsessions – obsessions Anglo women almost completely lack. In this view, frigid women do not dress provocatively to attract elusive ‘alphas’ – they dress that way because hyper-sexualized gay men told them to. After all, the average Anglo woman derives no more pleasure from the concept of ‘man’ than she does from a dose of hives.

In many ways, this gay domination of female culture is at the root of female SFC. It surely explains the massive gulf between sexualized female rhetoric and the frigid, uptight and misandrist reality. Female sexuality seems to be a provocative simulation of gay male sexuality, a frigid caricature. However, there are deeper issues in play. The female herd instinct is also implicated, as is female solipsism. If some trendy magazine or television show tells its female audience that the moon is made of cream cheese, their default compliance to authority makes them automatically believe it. Moreover, their infantile solipsism impedes women’s ability to check such claims against reality; to a solipsist, reality is what one feels on any given day.

Solipsism distorts women’s views in another way. Because most women can get sex relatively easily, they assume the same must be true of most men. This is utterly bizarre when one considers the contempt Anglo-American women typically harbour towards most males; but being entirely self-absorbed, they never link their own sexual elitism to the reality of male experience. Hence, women quite readily assume both genders have equal access to sex, even as they mentally excise the vast majority of males as potential sexual partners.

So, while male SFC is largely a product of shame and insecurity, low self-awareness plays a much greater role in female SFC. As for the minority of sexualized Anglo-American women (yes, they do exist) – typically damaged, addicted, working class and Dark Triad (narcissistic, borderline and histrionic) – they are just as confused as their frigid sisters. Their SFC typically involves confusing abuse for love – something pimps, thugs and other male sociopaths are adept at exploiting. Essentially, sexualized Anglo women are so fucked in the head that true sexual false consciousness eludes them; they have no ‘real’ sexual identity to compromise. Their SFC concerns not sex itself, but a deluded interpretation of human relationships.

Female sexuality is a juggernaut that carries all before it, and even disabled women can still attract male attention. This is especially true in the repressive Anglosphere, where sex is a culturally restricted commodity. Consequently, while male SFC conceals sexual ‘inadequacy’ or inceldom, female SFC takes a more complex form. Unlike male SFC, it originates in female solipsism coupled with mental malleability, hyper-hypergamy and sheer hypocritical stupidity. Yet it has immense impact on men, since women regulate all sexual access in the post-feminist Anglosphere.

The only effective and rational responsive is planned departure to liberated, man-friendly shores.

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  • I know it’s a bit off-topic on a site dedicated to Spengler, Minimalism and Kulturkampf but the wild-haired Anglofoid RF has used to illustrate this article is absolutely stunning.


  • Forty percent have little or no libido? While I take this to be an educated guess, the true number has to be along this line. It goes a long to explaining why the sexual marketplace is messed up as it is and observably so. I have suspected this for a long time. All the more reason to not give Anglosphere women any business and take it elsewhere.


    • I wonder if there is any way to substantiate this and get into the mainstream. Women seeing this in print would curl their hair.


    • I can’t let go of the depth of disinterest of women for sex. Given that it is this deep, it is going to void a lot of Red Pill Theory that people around here treat as Gospel.


      • The Red Pill/Game is a flawed attempt to make sense of the Anglospere’s sexual dysfunction. While there is some truth to it (e.g. hypergamy), the irony is that these truths only apply to non-Anglosphere women


      • I don’t believe getting a dopamine fix on the brain from an orgasm is part of a woman’s strategy in life. There may be a few outliers as I mentioned below, but the idea that hypergamy is motivated by females looking to but a nut while a high status cock is stuck inside for the sake of busting a nut like a man is mistaken. The hypergamous male is not seen as a crack pile for good orgasms, rather a ticket for a new life with high status and lots of fancy trinkets. More akin to the classic Sci-Fi plot where a miserable nerd meets a mysterious stranger who turns out to be an alien or a wizard who whisks them away to another world where they transform into an Alpha warrior of their dreams and have untold adventures.


      • fuzzie, I think a large part of Red Pill/Game is just developing the kind of personality that makes women FEEL SOMETHING. ANYTHING.

        The last 50 years has been an ideal time for women to not have to focus on the practical. The celebrity worship – the YouGoGrrl propaganda – the sycophantic males around them from an early age – the constant stimulus to make them spend their money and youth, as well as the money of every man around them – the smartphone crack addiction.

        Maybe Napoleon was right when he derided England as a ‘nation of shopkeepers’. Possibly Anglo men were driven to satisfy their women by means other than the Pimp Hand. The Chivalry pedestalization gong show didn’t help either.


    • Here are two popular articles about the issue, although there are plenty of serious medical references if you google it:

      Interestingly, most frigid Anglo-American women do not see their condition as a problem and few seek treatment for it.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Well, it isn’t exactly a problem that can be fixed with medicine. The problem is cultural and ontological.

        Things can only truly change if an ontological shift occurs in the Anglosphere, which is not likely to happen for a very long time.


  • Check out my new article on why women should not be in the workplace, Titled Women Blew It. fit’s in with Lesten’s comment.


    • You’re merely a shill for a pay for porn website. No thanks. You see, there’s this new thing called the Internet, that’s chock full of more porn than anyone could view in an entire lifetime.


  • “Solipsism distorts women’s views in another way. Because most women can get sex relatively easily, they assume the same must be true of most men. This is utterly bizarre when one considers the contempt Anglo-American women typically harbour towards most males; but being entirely self-absorbed, they never link their own sexual elitism to the reality of male experience. Hence, women quite readily assume both genders have equal access to sex, even as they mentally excise the vast majority of males as potential sexual partners.”

    This was evident about a dozen years back on the Tom Leykis Radio show. His topic was prostitution and one female caller retorted “this isn’t the fifties anymore…any guy who’d need a hooker in this day of age” she clearly believes the media depiction of this fictional non existent “heterosexual gay bar” places where any man walks in and soon some woman comes up and she goes off to have sex for free. Sex for the sake of sex, like a man, yet that’s just not in the nature of any woman I’ve ever known? Only testosterone on the brain makes one want sex for a big dopamine fix. I was talking with this Korean Hooker I know and she was rambling on about stuff and said she just doesn’t get men, “I could care less if I ever had sex again.” I had another chick say the same thing back in the 90s how sex isn’t important to her. I also noticed the more “testosteronated” a chick looks the more she seems to enjoy sex. Heavy, telephone cable type pubes vs. peach fuzz, thicker hair on the upper lip. Less voluptuous and more athletic. More dominant personality. I’m not saying they are like gay screenwriters false depictions of women, but more into it than the super estrogenated quiet female who is a starfish.


    • Back in the early 90’s (circa 1990-1991) I was in-port & at the gym (it was my bulking back up phase after US Navy Diver training) off base.

      Lots of wanna-be body builder types .. women too.

      Almost all .. or all except me .. were on the GEAR (extra not so legal supplements) and it showed.

      A woman body builder came over to me & told me she wanted to fawk my brains out.

      Interestingly enough she was taking large quantities of T.

      She still couldn’t match our T levels as young men but .. she told me if this is how T makes you feel she couldn’t figure out how we didn’t rape the world.

      LOL .. let that sink in. She only got a taste of what we deal with and I was lucky she didn’t rape me right there .. heh.


      • As I understand it, Testosterone is directly linked to sexual desire. Hence, it does not surprise me that masculine females are generally far more sexualized since they simply have more T than most women. It occurs to me that the instability and anger that defines most sexualized women might well derive from abnormally high T levels. Essentially, they are men in female bodies.


      • women can’t handle high doses of Testosterone, and neither can we handle high doses of estrogren. In fact, part of a good testosterone replacement therapy is an Estrogen blocker (anastrazole for me)


  • This sounds like Toronto women—They prefer to be naked around little children, but they complain that men are rapists and because of that, men objectify naked Toronto females who prefer to showcase their nakedness around a young child.
    In the year 2014, former TDSB school director Donna Quan and her cronies ordered the Toronto Police Service not to pursue criminal investigations regarding complaints of female teacher stripping naked in front of minor students on school property.
    That’s Toronto Anglobitch feminism for you.


  • Our society has always been as dysfunctional as anyone elses’. We have electronics and don’t throw our poop out the upper bedroom window into the street anymore, but that’s about it.

    We have learned to distrust women, and to safeguard our persons and wealth from them. That is the distant past, coming back around.

    Women have no concept of what it will take to lure men back; they see no reason to at the moment anyway. They went too far and have totally blown it.


  • I love pussy but this site has made me realize how evil women can be. Don’t believe me. Look at all the holiday commercials on t.v and notice how the women are always trying to emasculate the men or hubbies in these commercials.
    Always looking at the cameras with a stupid grin showing how they have the upper hand.

    It’s disgusting and the media is playing a big role in the whole thing. RED PILLERS UNITE!!!


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