Paper Chase: Exploring the Links Between Feminism and Law

Sexuality is being warped and other assorted cultural insanity is now being unleashed by endless legalism

Rookh Kshatriya is the creator of the Anglobitch blog, The Anglobitch Thesis and the author of Havok: How Anglo-American Feminism Ruined Society.

Despite the State’s unstinting legal support for false sexual abuse claims and misandrist divorce settlements, very few manosphere writers discuss the strong links between law and Anglo-American feminism. This is a startling omission, when one considers how many prominent feminists are lawyers, legal academics or politicians with legal backgrounds.

In fact, it must be said that law contains the intellectual ‘cream’ of the Anglo-feminist movement. Of course, the subaltern wing of academic feminism resides in the social ‘sciences’, with its non-patriarchal mathematics and other nonsense. The manosphere expends much (digital) ink discussing these poltroons, largely ignoring the legal wing of academic feminism. This is a pity, because the legal profession contains the best feminist minds; it is also the strongest feminist link to official institutions, the conduit through which feminism is imposed on the wider society.

Men always enquire, ‘How did this come about?’ whenever some misandrist agenda is arbitrarily applied to schools, public washrooms or sentencing procedures. More often than not, the answer is feminist legalism acting directly on ‘official’ institutions without reference to electoral processes.

Manosphere scholars seldom address feminist legalism for several reasons. First and most important, law is an obscure field full of specialist jargon. Second, manopshere scholars prefer easy conceptual victories against the (much weaker) arts-humanities wing of academic feminism. Third, the anti-Marxist fixation of the traditionalist manosphere blinds it to the intimate links between Anglo-American feminism and ‘traditional’ Anglo-Saxon culture. In this case the link is obvious, since ‘rule of law’ defines Anglo civilization. Indeed, law ‘rules’ Anglo-American society in a very literal way: think how many prominent Anglosphere politicians have a legal education or worked in the legal profession. In Continental Europe, a far higher proportion of politicians are scientists and economists (Angela Merkel is a scientist, for example).

Feminist legalism should therefore not surprise us, since the Anglosphere is defined by its legalism. The US is legalistic above all other nations; it has countless branches of law, all ever-growing like a vast tree. To pursue a biological analogy, if Anglo-American societies are the phenotype, law is their genotype; that is, they are regulated by pharisaic legalism above any other structural principle. Indeed, it might be said that the Anglosphere is law, in essence. Not only does Anglo-American feminism derive its legalistic character from this fact, it also derives much of its power from it. Curious, then, that the manosphere remains blind to feminist legalism and its power to engineer dramatic social change.

Some admiration is called for: dissident males in the Anglosphere raise a lot of rhetorical dust, while their feminist counterparts infiltrate the cultural genotype – namely, the legal system – and proceed to systematically fashion society in their own image. Equally important is their domination of legal education, since it will shape the next generation of lawyers, judges and judgements. Unlike the social ‘sciences’, law is one of the oldest and most prestigious of the university subjects: all elite universities have law departments and these attract high-status students who will become active members of the future ruling elite.

Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren and a host of other political feminists all trained at elite law schools. In sum, feminism has been wise to infiltrate Anglo-American jurisprudence, for whoever controls law has the true keys to power. Feminist sociology might be the yeast, but feminist jurisprudence is the finished loaf.

Law is the “teeth” of social engineering schemes, making entrenched feminists puppeteers

Legalism Begets Social Engineering

My research for this article unveiled a veritable hornet’s nest of feminist jurisprudence. Nearly every major law school in the Anglosphere has powerful feminist representatives, as we can see from the following website:

It is no surprise that the site unambiguously links law to social engineering. Since no one really understands law except for specialist experts, it is perfect for the underhand manipulation of society in this way. Even more disturbing is the close link between law and politics, a seamless association in the Anglosphere. RF and other American dissidents talk a lot about America’s lapse into a police state: Feminist Law Professors is where that process really begins. The following passage gives some idea of the kind of articles posted there:

The U.S. Feminist Judgments Project seeks contributors of judicial opinions rewritten to reflect a feminist perspective, and commentaries on the cases and rewritten opinions, for an edited book collection tentatively titled Feminist Judgments: Rewritten Torts Opinions.  This edited volume is part of a collaborative project among law professors and others to rewrite, from a feminist perspective, key judicial decisions in the United States.  The initial volume, Feminist Judgments: Rewritten Opinions of the United States Supreme Court, edited by Kathryn M. Stanchi, Linda L. Berger, and Bridget J. Crawford, was published in 2016 by Cambridge University Press.  Subsequent volumes in the series will focus on different areas of law and will be under review by Cambridge.

It is easy to see what these legal activists are doing: rewriting legal precedents in order to create a corpus of pseudo-precedent for future judgements. In so doing, the future will be theirs (for as long as this dysfunctional civilization lasts).

The Anglo-feminist domination of the legal profession is of seismic significance, when one considers the vast power of jurisprudence in the Anglosphere (not to mention its deep historical links to politics and social administration). Conversely, masculinist activism in the English-speaking world lacks any legal wing, let alone an organized one. Instead, it assumes being ‘right’ will automatically confer ‘victory’ over feminist lawyers and politicians; sublimely missing the point that law, not truth, is the key to the Anglosphere.

Perhaps the fact that most male rights activists are engineers and tradesmen explains their political impotence; after all, engineers and tradesmen do not create/interpret laws or become politicians. To be blunt, Anglo-feminists are winning all the battles because they fight on the right battlefield, namely the legal one. Unless the Anglo men’s movement adjust to this reality, they will always be marginalised and powerless.

Unless they leave the Anglo-American Matrix, of course.

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  • “Third, the anti-Marxist fixation of the traditionalist manosphere blinds it to the intimate links between Anglo-American feminism and ‘traditional’ Anglo-Saxon culture.”

    I would more accurately call it an anti-Jewish fixation. Most manosphere guys ignore 1st wave feminism for the same reason while pretending that misandry started in the 2nd wave. Yet, 1st wave feminism provides the most clues regarding the misandrist nature of feminism and the Anglosphere.


  • Great article. I think understanding law, history, business and coding are basics for any man. Without question, feminist ideology is spreading throughout academia as more women are admitted to law school than men:

    White females, disproportionately feminists or misandrists, are the greatest beneficiaries of federal and state affirmative action programs. And these women are non-STEM, so if things continue at this rate, these women are going to destroy America through the legal system. If men don’t create a legal counter balance. One issue, is that most public schools law tuition on average is $45k just for tuition. A lot of men would rather stay out of such financial debt, even though men score on average higher on the LSAT/GRE.

    So, not only are the highest test takers avoiding law school; these schools are being filled with entitled feminists.

    I truly see America closing 2017 in a Atlas Shrugged scenario as the most talented and independent thinking men ‘Go Galt’ and flee academia and corporate America…


    • This is a year plus old ..

      .. there are older articles and reddit forum rants about out of work & no work lawyers.

      For being so smart they are pretty dumb .. oh .. not the men .. they got the message.

      When all of this debt comes’a’calling we are doomed .. because th wimminz will be looking for a bail-out .. and we all know beta-big-bucks won’t be their for them .. and their Uncle Sam is flat broke too.

      These bitches actually believe that education is equal to intelligence. What a scam. They’re so stupid they believe it.

      Wonder where they would’ve learned that .. not Mommy & Daddy & Primary Teacher’s & Pop-Culture & etc .. oh no .. not those innocent souls .. sigh.

      No worries though .. themz beaches are’a’calling.

      I’ll be retired .. hopefully .. in less than 10 years on a tropical beach racking in that stock div’eye’den from cat product sales.


      • Nope, no debt bailout for the little ladies, they can put on a bikini and stand there in a glass window on the street like in Amsterdam, or be up on a go-go pole like Pattaya trying to attract customer’s and pay it off on their backs. The welfare state causes an abortion in the natural process of up and coming hookers. In non Western societies when you have a bastard child it’s over, you then become a whole and the whole town gets to enjoy your pussy. Here we coddle these sluts giving them free taxpayer money to sit at home, eat chips in front of the TV, and get fat.


  • The Anglo males are have their minds so warped by Anglobitch thought they think their captivity is actually a virtue. I actually see some of these deluded souls trying to argue that the main reason they should oppose the Islamization of Europe is to save feminism and queer rights. They see their submission to the Anglobitch as not a sign of their societies greatest evil, but as a virtue. They even can be conned to going off to war to force Anglobitch rule on strange lands. I’m quite serious in saying the Anglobetacuck truly does suffer from Stockholm syndrome. A dozen years back at work we had a small muscleless glasses wearing “Christian” mega church sissy who went on a mission to SE Asia and instead of fucking the whores he helped out in some “school” that was going to teach “penitent prostitutes” to become beauticians and be content to make in a week what the used to make in an hour. His “game” used to be approaching the hottest chick at work and constantly inviting her to “bible study.” So are guys like this are supposed to awaken one day and throw off their anglobitch chains? No more likely than Marx’s never happened “proletariat revolution.” More likely the whole rotten Anglobitch edifice is going down like Rome, with the barbarian tribes in the midst roving around like Lord Humungous’ rape gang in Road Warrior.


  • So many men have internalized the Anglobitch way of thinking by supporting policies that go against men’s interests (and the continuation of civilization period) that in a way, the Anglobeta suffers from Stokholm Syndrome. I really can’t imagine any peaceful way that feminism goes bye bye the same way Communism collapsed in 1989. Most Anglomen are hip to letting women have male roles in society as a core belief. I can’t really see the Anglobitch losing power without things degenerating to a “Road Warrior” type anarchy with Lord Humungous and his rape gang roving about to finally tear the Anglobitch off her pedestal and deliver long overdue justice. Perhaps if anglo men en masse flee the Anglosphere and “go native” only then will they awaken to how ass backwards the ideas on how men and women should relate are here in the West, but I just don’t see a critical number ever experiencing the liberating delights of non-western attitudes towards women.

    The idea of “women in the home” is a non-starter, under the Patriarchy women always took part in the economy, helping run the family shop, waitressing, girls working looms in sweatshops, managing bordellos, etc. But many, many areas were the exclusive real of men. We need to compile a list of occupations that should be 100% male and completely ban women. This article right now shows #1 should be banning women completely from LAW to keep it from naturally perverted into something women’s hypergamous instincts would prefer. I can add Military, Politics, Fire-Fighter right off the bat. We don’t need women in the STEM disciplines as well, they’re just no good at it for starters, and letting the rare man bites dog exception to the rule into the mix just causes more trouble than it’s worth. How about Dr? What kind of normal woman would want the life of a med student? Going to school till about age 30? This goes against what nature intended for the female to be procreating starting in her late teens, not a power bitch in med school. Women can be nurses like they used to be, or just maybe certain “female” medical specialties can allow some lesbians to train such as obstetrician, pediatrics, and gynecologist. Also any major status career paths should naturally ban women as THE ENTIRE PURPOSE OF THESE STATUS PATHS IS MALE PEA-COCKING TO MAKE THEMSELVES ATTRACTIVE TO FEMALES. The stupid little “good girls” doing as society told them and mindlessly pursuing these “careers” out of herd lemming instinct completely oblivious to the fact that what they are doing is pointless since the rewards can only be obtained if you have a penis. Like a man eating some special diet for women who are pregnant or for producing breast milk who doesn’t understand the absurdity of the thing. Sort of like at the ice rink where my bother works a queer figure skater left a whole box of brand new “free” T shirts with a rainbow flag and the words “On Top” on the front. All these middle aged Mexican Mammas helped themselves to these “free” T-shirts and went around joyfully wearing their new prizes completely oblivious to the homo message that was the true purpose of the shirt. Shows another reason why things are so dysfunctional these days of ages with the little ladies everywhere in “the career world” they don’t get the point of the damn thing! It’s not to make your teachers happy by dutifully going to college and have a career, it’s to fucking peacock your damn status to get lots of pussy! They mistake the means with the ends.


  • Well .. even in Muslim run UAE (not sure if Fem’bots are allowed) you get this ..

    Even in this Muslim run country they are losing the battle.


    • Naw, they’re not losing any battle. Marriage is over, that’s all. Marriage was for women anyway, and they did what they always do; get what they want handed to them by male effort, and then complain about getting what they want.

      This new era of no marriage is the eternal bachelor party. Keep quiet about it though and let betas beta. Someone has to keep the lights on. It won’t be women.


  • In that feminist hellhole you Canucks call “Tawanno” an environmental activist went thru hell over a false complaint from a female doctor named Dr. Alexandra Hogarth (as seen in the Peace Bond) at Ryerson University:

    She claimed that she feared for her life, but in another video where the incident occurred, she went right back into her office to antagonize the male student so that he can end up in prison for “uttering threats”.

    To hell with Toronto. Where is North Korea’s Rocketman when you need one?


  • Thank you Rookh for destroying another fundamental blindspot I had! I need an (Un)American vacation, and I’ll use the money this website is helping me save to have one!

    Also, while out driving I was thinking “You can’t be good at things you don’t enjoy!”

    Think about it. I hate Madden Football games and I suck at them. But I enjoy swing trading and I am good at it.

    40% of women in Anglo America recently surveyed have NO SEX DRIVE! Yet sex (and pharisaic legalism) is their currency. And they couldn’t possibly be any good in the sack.

    Marriage? No Thanks. I’ll pass. Bring on the hookers and the sexbots!


  • In Toronto, ON, Canada., ask any police officer if they investigate complaints of female teachers stripping fully nude in front of their minor students at Pride events or on TDSB property, and you see a look of fear in their eyes before the low-sounding reply of ” we can’t investigate her until the school board “TDSB) tells us to”.
    (bleep) legal system. If a female teacher in Toronto covers up her cleavage to a man while opening the door of her luxury vehicle, then yet she takes off her top and goes naked when on TDSB property, how the (bleep) are men in Canada supposed to respect the law?


    • NEVER trust a Blue Pill donut eater to enforce the law on a feminist, especially in pinko Canada. Avoid such interactions with those pigs because they will find a way to have one arrested for a “hate crime” for complaining that a female teacher is naked with children on school property….As far as I’m concerned, the police are NEVER THERE FOR A MAN, so expect them to only do something like put a man in prison over trumped up charges.


      • Yep, I’m in Ottawa, Previously in Toronto. Ottawa is worse.
        Don’t talk to a cop ever if you can help it.
        If you must, it is; yes sir, no sir, but no significant information. They will twist anything you give them so give them nothing.


  • Understanding THE law, as it stands, and understanding how laws are made are two entirely different things.
    Women know how to argue, endlessly.
    You want to win an argument with a woman? Don’t argue. Leave. Oh, fuck, does that ever get them. And they can stew in it as long as they want. And, they do!
    However, laws are made in court, with arguments. They are also reversed, overturned, rewritten, amended, appended, etc.
    Bit of a dilemma when you are dealing with women liars; I mean lawyers. And women judges. I note that women were chief judges in the bible. A select few. They were also the chief whores and other things.
    You argue it one piece at a time. One session at a time. Drag it out as long as it takes to present your position without allowing any of their preposterous position to stand. Take a break from presenting your position anytime you need to tear down theirs. The courts have no choice, even when it is a woman presiding, but to grant recess any time you need to prepare a response to a surprise bit of bullshit.
    That’s it, that’s all.
    The fact is that most of the laws that favor women’s idiocy have never been challenged appropriately. As in, to appropriate their argument, that is, completely take it away so they have no standing and no basis to law or laws which favor them. Why are they special? Why do they deserve preferential treatment? To redress crimes? To rewrite history? That is inane. And insane.
    I admit women have on many occasions been give a raw deal. I also would argue they are very shrewd, manipulative and predatory.
    This is not a battle. It is a negotiation for peace to save our species.


  • You can already see the results of the feminist/legal mind in our divorce court system. A comedy of illogic, sexism, unfairness and incoherence. Female judges immediately default to attacking the male with more aggression than prosecutors. A husband is determined to be an active pedophile victimizing his own children while custody is granted, yet is all of a sudden not a pedophile a couple of proceedings later when the mother realizes she’ll be wanting a few weeks off to travel every year. Previous testimony is conveniently forgotten (despite being the foundation of the custody ruling) as is the glaringly obvious perjury. It’s hilariously stupid but not to the male being victimized, for sure.

    So look to the debacle of family courts if you want to see the future of all government once women and manginas overrun it. Swedish feminists/manginas only needed about 20 years of power and influence to absolutely ruin what was once arguably the world’s best country. Even the UN projects Sweden as third world by 2030.

    Everyone will do what they will, but as for me, I’m not making any personal sacrifices in the era of identity politics.


    • I’ll be sipping my champagne in Nova Scotia while I see Turdonto (Toronto) turn into a Muslim-dominated city where the same female teachers who strip naked in front of minor students will be buried chest deep into the sand with huge rocks hitting their faces (while complaining about street harassment and how adult entertainment venues are selling sex on the basis on how the performers are dressed hypocritical much feminist cunts?).

      Men should not respect the law to the extent that they are not breaking any law, such as a felony. Become a civil disobedient person to society. In downtown Toronto I see all of these 80 and 90 storey floor skyscrapers polluting the skies, while at the sidewalks and streets below hundreds of homeless men sleep on the streets because of Divorce Court which is far more totalitarian than the American justice system.


      • I agree….They’re not constructing hundreds of 90 floor high luxury towers for Red Pill men….Not at all….They’re constructing that for the Sex & the city feminists who earn $$$$$ from either paper-pushing gov. jobs or working as escorts for Blue Pill simps…..I’d say, fuck Toronto, it’s NEVER MANHATTAN AND TORONTO WILL NEVER BECOME MANHATTAN IN 1000 YEARS TO COME!


  • It is well known around the world that the ‘rule of law and order’ is a pinnacle hallmark of English-speaking cultures. However, many anglophones who grew up in this culture fail to understand this about themselves – that their massive reliance upon law is their weakness, as well as their strength.


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