Update: Escape Now Available for Pre-Order on Amazon


Tentative book cover for Rel’s upcoming release

Update: ESCAPE for Kindle is now available for pre-sale on Amazon with a release date of January 1, 2018! An early manuscript has been uploaded. The official release will be over 100 pages in length. A paperback edition will follow.

This is my first original, standalone book. My first two eBooks were successes thanks to my loyal and much appreciated readers. The success of these eBooks and the growing readership of TNMM have encouraged me to write ESCAPE. Here’s the book description:

Relampago Furioso, creator of The New Modern Man tells the story of how he went from dreaming of being a TV newscaster during his childhood as a poor kid growing up on the wrong side of the tracks to being repulsed by an industry built on fake news and propaganda once he made it to the ivory tower – and how life on the corporate cubicle farm ultimately left him fat, lonely, and unhappy. As he freed himself from the traps of consumerism and debt bondage through minimalism and self-discipline, he started traveling the world looking for answers as to why life in America had become so dreary, with the outlook bleak for independent, freedom-loving men like himself.

Relampago discovered other worlds not afflicted by the myopia of consumerism and the Puritanical cultural and sexual mores of Anglo America. He was suprised to find lands where women didn’t hate men. Women were thinner, prettier, and sweeter in these magical places. Each trip out of America began to seem like he was passing through a membrane into an alternate universe. It wasn’t long before these trips to other worlds led him to want to abandon altogether life on the corporate farm and the sugar-coated fantasies of consumption it foists upon millions. He wanted to Escape the gilded cage forever.

Come along with Relampago as he tells you of his journey from poor kid to media rising star to dissident and devil may care, world-roaming naughty nomad. Rel credits the manosphere with literally saving his life, and how the revelations he found within the Realtalk men’s movement led him to design a new lifestyle template for other men to follow. He illustrates how other awakened men like can follow in his footsteps when 70 hour work weeks, mean-faced, clipped hair women, and a lifestyle of getting and spending won’t do.

Find financial and lifestyle freedom in Escape: Why and How I Abandoned Corporate America – And How You Can Too.

There will be information on how to escape student loan payments and other forms of debt bondage, as well information on using the power of minimalism and self-discipline to enjoy – at the minimum – a part-time expat lifestyle. Or, if one prefers, a MGTOW lifestyle right here at home.

The book is also intended to detail my personal journey – sharing the anger, frustration, sadness, and tragedy I encountered along the way since beginning my Red Pill journey and mission to enlighten other men. These negative emotions were followed by some of the happiest, most memorable moments of my life once I started leaving the matrix on a regular basis.

It is a book about enjoying the world as it is, as it was before humanity was assimilated into the “Borg” collective. (If Anglo-American globalism succeeds.) Again, the release date is set for January 1, 2018. Stay tuned.

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  • Red Pill Brotherhood

    I will be buying the paperback as soon as its available. Glad you found happiness Rel, it’s a great thing that you’re spreading the good word as well.


  • Canada could be a huge market for your books….Only one city & at least 4 men in a thread of about 100 either offed themselves or are planning to harm themselves because of the pinko Angloskanks…This is all on a thread about cost of Living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada:

    Men are suffering in Toronto because of the women.

    It can be also co-related that Angloskanks, feminism and feminist policies cause cities like Toronto to become a living Hell for men. Toronto is basically an overpriced New York City, but with stifling social life, more stubborn women than LA, and with that isolation like the middle of flyover county.


  • I hope Angloskanks from USA & Canada aren’t infesting your Poosy Paradise retreat.
    I can tell you that I’m quite nervous after that Cuba Dave debacle.
    Americans need to stop Hitlery Clinton from bribing foreign governments, or worse, coercing them using violence by proxy, so that she could spread her Angloskank police state in a war zone.
    Angloskanks are the filth of this planet…we need to avoid them.
    Never even talk to an Angloskank when she is overseas. She will definitely attempt to falsely accuse anyone of sexual assault so that it gains another #METOO statistic.
    Pax Britannica fell because they couldn’t afford to maintain their worldwide colonies, even the ones they stole from other countries like France & Holland Netherlands & Spain.
    Pax Americana will fall because Angloskanks collapse America from within.


  • Congratulations!


  • Soon as it’s in paperback, I’m buying a copy!


  • Hahaha, it’s about time… we all been waiting…lol. Hey if you need a few early-readers for feedback and comments before your public release… I’m down for an early copy.


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