#MeToo is a Socialist Purge of (Mostly) White Men from Prominent Positions

The fact Americans remain fast asleep while a silent Socialist revolution reshapes the nation in profound ways continues to amaze. It seems the election of Donald Trump has been an effective distraction for those whose dander was being stirred by the fast pace of change in America as the nation pivots away from freedom and towards totalitarian, electronic control.

Previously, the TNMM reported on how the #MeToo feminist-inspired fiasco plays right into the hands of those who want to impose totalitarianism in a once free society, by creating division among men and women – natural allies – who are increasingly estranged from one another in the strange world of neo-Puritan Anglo culture. But, there’s another important angle to this story. #MeToo is Racial Bolshevism at work.

#MeToo’s “body count” ultimately represents a highly visible, Socialist purge of white men from prominent positions in society, as even a hasty count of the 40 or so men above who have been accused of sex crimes reveals a few token black guys and a few Hispanic guys, while 80-90% of the damned are white men. (Including a few minorities in the witch hunt gives the corrupt media plausible deniability.)

Worse, there has been no due process for any of these men, no evidence beyond women making claims and expecting us to trust them has been offered in the vast majority of the cases, and the pace of this prairie wildfire of sexual witch trials continues to accelerate.

It seems the ultimate goal is not only rendering men (especially white men) pariahs in American society, but rendering them easy targets for both women and minorities if and when they do earn prominent positions in society. A dangerous precedent has been set, one that will be hard to erase: One baseless sexual or racial bias claim, and a man’s career can be destroyed. Soon, it may be pointless for men to have aspirations beyond becoming common laborers, because no prominent position will ever be secure for them.

In effect, white men are being turned into puerile cucks by one corrupt media campaign after another. Lampooned in film and advertising. Turned into a caricatures of sexual deviance in news stories. Labeled purveyors of “toxic masculinity” again and again. Increasingly overlooked and held back for promotions and advancement so others can be advanced ahead of them. Labeled “defective” for not being like women. Made into easy targets for removal from their careers by American legislatures.

As a result, more men will increasingly lead incel lives. Women only want men who possess money, status, and power, as proven by Briffault’s Law. #MeToo is the first step at erasing all three for white men.

This sort of Racial Bolshevism – or scapegoating of whites (especially white men) for all the issues other ethnic groups face – is only going to intensify as both social engineers and their 1% paymasters become emboldened with the success of each propaganda campaign. #MeToo has turned out to be an out of the park home run for Socialism in America. Expect more assaults in the future.

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  • A lil off-topic ..

    Correction: Sweden-Consensual Sex Story

    The last sentence says it all .. Critics say the proposal wouldn’t result in more convictions.[ .. who are these CRITICS? .. th wimminz ™ in their gubermint!]

    Then why do it (re: new law)?

    Here it is .. In Sweden, the prosecution must present evidence to the court proving beyond reasonable doubt that the accused has committed the crime. Following the changes of the law, the prosecution will have to present evidence demonstrating that the sexual act was not consensual.

    And with regards to hiring a pro (which is in the bill .. which is already illegal in Sweden) ..

    I’ve never hired a pro .. but it seems men in Sweden are helping th wimminz ™ restrict mens right to sex while increasing th wimminz ..

    The proposal is part of a series of initiatives being put forward. Others would make it illegal for Swedes to hire prostitutes ABROAD, and increase sentences for offenders. Buying sex in Sweden is already illegal.

    Which was the end goal from the beginning .. causing men to live in terror .. i.e. TERRORISM by th wimminz.

    It’s coming to the USsA .. just wait and see.

    Don’t worry if you escape that country that leaglized wimminz pro’s or a country without consent forms .. they got you when you return.


  • The fact that the vast majority of prominent men taken down were Democrat libtards (redundant?) is FINE by me! These are the same sanctimonious pricks who preach to us about the ‘war on women’, who are the arbiters of proper treatment of women, etc. Good fucking riddance, I say…


  • What you may be noticing is not so much cheerleading for the R’s but often a takedown of the left and its agenda. The left wants people to be beholden to big daddy government, something RP men are not interested in. The left uses identity politics to encourage people to identify themselves as a victimized group that the left will champion in exchange for votes. Opposition to one side isn’t necessarily support for the other. What you see discussed here is self improvement and unplugging from so-called normality.


  • (((white men)))


    • Exactly genesis! Lets not confuse (((them))) as white men (although a few are indeed white (and black) and not one of the chosen ones). My only question is, why are they sacrificing their own? (((They))) are very patient and play the long game like no one so I guess we’ll see why as time passes.


  • GhostofSteveMcQueen

    So Rel, I have another theory on this, not discounting yours.

    If you’ll recall, Hillary was the assumed heir apparent to the White House. It was “her turn”. And no one believed that Trump would make it. But he did, against all efforts and expectations of the Establishment. (I say this as a guy who voted for neither one.)

    In the wake of this stunning upset the statistics showed that white men voted in great numbers for Trump. In establishment, media, and leftist circles this was cited as the prime reason for Trump’s narrow win, and then became the focus of their rage.

    It’s my belief that this Metoo movement is being pushed and having its flames fanned by the media and elites for the purpose of setting up a candidate to win in 2020 who is female and ready to do the bidding of neo-conservative corporatists and warhawks. Of course she will also tout the multicultural and anti-male narrative to ensure division and mistrust is sown among the people.

    Now, I’m not flat out opposed to a female president if she’s anti-corporate, pro-freedom, and for bringing our troops home. But I am against one like Hillary Clinton, and if this Russia-gate farce isn’t a strategy to give her a second chance, the establishment elites will prop another one up like her as they ride the tide of anti-male, anti-white propaganda.

    Anyway, just a thought.


  • I sit in my comfortable lounge on the sidelines watching the turbulent seas.
    This fight has been left to my younger bros for I have already been,
    at the point of a gun for the sake of children, women and men killed at war,
    and for all of them, with no point but greed. I surrender my fight to thee.
    What’s the game plan. Cut and run? Stand and fight?
    Give up your future, your hope, desires, her cunt, or, stand for your rights?
    There is not one position, of any one of those men, that I would take to my own at any price.
    They sold their souls for a piece of pie and now they are slain by those who lie.


  • I love this website. I believe that you have some very informative and realistic posts that do help men “wake up” from female abuse. With that said, I’m starting to notice a Republican theme to this site that doesn’t reflect all men.

    I’ve commented on this in the past and let me re-state that the only reason it seems that more “Powerful White Men” are being accused of sexual assault is because there are more “White Men” in power. If you go to any black / Latino / Asian… whatever community and find the so called local leaders you will find that men of all races who have power use it to get women.

    The goal for most men is to make money, get power, and then get laid as much as possible. This is NOT a black or what thing or a “Socailist Purge”. Go to any country in the world and men will hit on women.

    Women love men in power so there will always be a cycle of this happening.

    So please, spare us this false narrative of a socialist liberal takeover.

    Not all TNMM readers are Republicans or Dems, or Independants.

    We are all men looking for a dose of reality and advice on how to deal with women.

    Happy Holidays!


    • alan ..
      I’ve commented on this in the past and let me re-state that the only reason it seems that more “Powerful White Men” are being accused of sexual assault is because there are more “White Men” in power. If you go to any black / Latino / Asian… whatever community and find the so called local leaders you will find that men of all races who have power use it to get women.

      And when they get run through the #metoo meat-grinder we will recalibrate our .. currently white men comment .. to be more inclusive. Until then the facts support the conclusion. Your feelings should’ve been left at home.

      If your feelings can’t be shelved to look at the facts with a rational mind .. maybe this will help your poor little feelings ..

      For your viewing pleasure .. you’ll notice above those white men are mostly socialist progressive liberal white men.


    • Relampago Furioso


      Don’t know where you got the impression TNMM supports Republicans. This article calls into question blind faith in Trump, the previous article on #MeToo asked readers to look beyond the left-right paradigm, and TNMM regularly questions the totality of the political game in America.

      You are listening to the MSM too much. Look beyond Republicrats and Demicans to see beyond the shadows on the wall.

      Liked by 1 person

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