Why Does Anglo Culture Harbor Visceral Hatred for High-Achieving Men?


Being a high achiever is a one-way ticket to social isolation in Anglo America

I’m not perfect. I’ll be the first to admit I’ve made colossal mistakes in my life, and have regretted them. However, I’ve never quite understood the static high-achieving men like me get in the Anglo world. In many ways, being a creative, intelligent man is worse than being a wanton criminal in this culture. Want proof? Criminals average more bangs and more children than college graduates in Anglo America.

The crowd dislikes excellence. (Except in sports, which is – as astrophysicist Carl Sagan pointed out with football – a thinly disguised simulation of hunting.) The crowd dislikes opinions and views which differ from their preconceived myopia. The crowd dislikes men who think and act outside the box. The crowd dislikes men who figure a way out of the sorrowful existence they endure.

They’ll excommunicate you.

When my intelligence was noticed way back in third grade by my teacher, who promptly placed me into the gifted program, being smart was the “cool” thing to be. But, that didn’t last too long. It soon got me pariah status in middle school and high school. The more I focused on academics, the worse the situation became. College was the same story. I had to be serious because I thought college was my ticket out of my impoverished upbringing. But, being serious and focused led to more social ostracization in college. All the friends I had at university I developed outside of school. (Notice a pattern?)

I still managed to get laid as I learned to hide my abilities outside of school, and was an above average looking guy who knew then and knows now how to hang. But, I wasn’t invited to parties my peers had when I was a young man. Luckily, all I had to do was get a job in another town and I made new friends, who then invited me to hang out with them. In each case I hid my abilities and my intellect, though.

There is one caveat, though. Not every group of people treated me this way. While my own ethnic group (whites) shunned me to no end and continues to do so, even family members treating me as a persona non grata most of the time (outside of fake pleasantries) other ethnic groups celebrate my achievements and seem to enjoy my company.

I rarely talk about them, but my tangential interests and wide breadth of knowledge seep out of me. Often I think, “Uh oh. Shouldn’t have said that. Now they’ll know I don’t think like them.” Isn’t that crazy? There comes a point in life when a man is tired of hiding his mind so others don’t feel uncomfortable. So, I guess I just have to accept being shunned by very herdlike Anglos.

But, why should a smart, well-intentioned person catch so much flack? I would go so far as to say this: As my light shines brighter and brighter in my post-corporate, world-roaming, free-wheeling lifestyle, the more “average” people shun me and even attack me. I would even go so far as to say it feels like a visceral hatred for my success, which has come at huge personal cost and as a result of a mountain of self-discipline. (It’s not easy to drive a semi 100,000 miles accident free, stay debt free, and save 90% of a man’s income along the way to enjoy extensive amounts of time abroad.)

As an example of the toxicity simmering underneath, even a tepid Facebook comment I made today about leaving tourist areas to find “real life” and $5 meals that taste as good or better than $50 meals at white tablecloth restaurants provoked an attack. (The typical, tried and true “Don’t want them dirty foreigners preparing my food” Anglo stupidity.)

I’d be lying if I said that being excluded and attacked by people who I thought were my friends didn’t sting some. I recently wrote an article about “friends” abandoning me since I became successful with women and found a way off the corporate plantation.) But why does Anglo culture (and law) seem bent on extinguishing its best and brightest? This isn’t something that’s just happened to me. Ask other high achievers and I’m sure they’ll tell a similar story.

Is there any reason I crave escape so thirstily and so often? In other news, fuck these people. I used to let it make me feel bad. But I don’t anymore. These jerkoffs have the problem. Not me.

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  • I don`t really think it`s achievement that makes people shun the thinking man, but rather they have problems with someone who has the the ability to ask questions regarding nature and the human condition etc, and arrive at his own conclusions. Instead of taking in the ideas you offer them, most will be offended just by the notion that you think you can understand something at a deeper level than they do.(Even if you never state that of course)

    Also you will invariably encounter the State-indoctrination “implanted” notions that almost everyone hold, notions not based in science and empiricism. Simply put, if you want to be liked, you can`t make truthful statements in you conversations, at least you have to imply things very gently and not explicitly.


    • I believe it was Thomas Paine who said, to the effect, “those who would not speak what was on their mind for fear of offense would never speak the truth either”. Wasn’t that also paraphrased by Dr. Seuss speaking as the ‘Cat in the Hat’?


  • Red Pill Brotherhood

    It’s because America doesn’t want the masses to be the best and brightest. They want dumped down, obedient corporate drones.


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    “I’d be lying if I said that being excluded and attacked by people who I thought were my friends didn’t sting some.”

    I don’t usually make so-called “new year’s resolutions”, but it’s obvious that going forward in 2018, there’s an assumption I can’t continue to make.

    I can’t continue to make assumptions about high personal competence.

    What I have to assume in lieu of evidence that people have their shit together is that they don’t.

    Those people aren’t “on the trip” as I put it earlier, but now I realise it’s a lot easier not to make them aware that there’s “the trip” or even the potential for one in the first place.

    The people who dare to get themselves “unstuck” and to improve themselves are the more interesting people, of course.

    But that doesn’t mean that the rest can’t scheme to keep you pulled back into the crab bucket if you give them too much information.


  • It does tend to be our natural inclination as men to brag about any conquests but trust me, don’t bother. You’ll just see people get envious of you and throw you under the bus when the opportunity arises. Stay humble and private and they’ll know you’re doing well with the constant smirk on your face.


  • Yep, they graduated me from Grade 4 to the ‘Enriched’ Grade 5. From there they skipped me to ‘Enriched’ Grade 7. Then regular 8, then Grade 9 at a French immersion school only to ultimately flunk me and send me back. Eventually I ended up under permanent suspension in the library waiting till my birthday so they could expel me. I guess that’s kind of like vomiting me up.
    Little did they know that the library was the only place at school I enjoyed. Needless to say I ran out of decent books to read because I had already read the encyclopedia and dictionary at home. The rest of their volumes were fiction.
    Somehow the girls knew I was different. What I lacked in good grades I made up for in great ‘scores’.
    How life sends us twists and turns.
    I scored more than the quarterback, the running back and the defensive end combined.
    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!


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