Obscenely High Sugar Taxes Hit Seattle


A refreshing Coca-Cola will now cost you big in Seattle

Sugar taxes are slowly being rolled out on the docile, sheeplike American populace. Worse, Seattle’s experiment in taxing sugar has birthed an obscene, bastard child that effectively represents a 75% tax on beverages like Dr. Pepper and Gatorade. Now, that nice, refreshing soft drink will cost you big.

How bad is it? From The Blaze:

Pricing labels at a Seattle Costco have garnered much attention because they show just how much soda and other sugary drinks now cost Seattle residents. A CBS News manager tweeted pictures showing the price increase of two drinks.

In the first case, the price of a case of Dr. Pepper (36 cans) nearly doubled. According to the picture, Costco sells the soda for $9.99. But with an added tax of $7.56, the soda now costs customers $17.55. In the second case, Costco sells a case of Gatorade for $15.99. But the tax adds $10.34 to the price, which brings the total cost to $26.33.

Think it’s just Seattle’s problem? These taxes will fizz outwards to other jurisdictions, soon. The increasingly totalitarian American government will keep going, taking everything you like away or taxing it to death until you’re eating Soylent Green. Meat taxes are next, after the shock to the system from sugar taxes wears off.

How did this latest assault on the working class wallet come about?

Last June, the Seattle city council passed a 1.75 cents per ounce tax on sugary drinks. The tax affects sodas, energy drinks, sports drinks, juice and other non-milk based products. Non-milk based drinks include many of those sold at Starbucks and other coffee shops. Diet drinks and those from small distributors are exempt from the tax.

Boom. Just like that another freedom lost – the freedom to enjoy a Coca-Cola. Well, maybe not lost but negatively sanctioned.

The purpose of the tax, Seattle’s progressive leaders allege, is to help thwart people from purchasing the drinks. Much of the tax will be used to fund programs designed to educate young people on making healthy choices.

Bullshit. That money will be used as a slush fund, as is the case with so many other government revenue streams.

You’re now living in ‘Murica, Land of the Fee. It’s amazing to me how the nation has become everything the founders ran away from during colonial times, while people still (laughably) talk about their freedumbs in that police state. In America, you have the freedom to work and consume, and that’s about it. But now, even the freedom to consume is being curtailed as the nanny state decides what’s “appropriate” for you to consume and what isn’t.

Never thought I’d live to see the day there was a black market for Dr. Pepper and Gatorade, but that’s what’s happened in Seattle. Craigslist ads have popped up selling sugar tax-free beverages from other localities. Now, to save $10 a man has to resort to buying sodas out of the trunk of a dealer’s car.

It seems the purveyors of Puritan prohibitions will never learn.

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  • Truth IS the law and the commandments; Ps. 119:142, 151
    The entire universe runs according to them and not otherwise. It does us well to study them our whole lives through.


  • Food is one of the hardest issues to navigate in the matrix. There is so much information/misinformation.

    Sugar is really not bad for you. GMO corn syrup, which has replaced sugar in the U.S. IS very bad. The FDA has infused GMO grains into almost every food in America. Ironically Mexican Coke is still made with cane sugar unlike the newer American version. Take a look at Ray Peat.

    Food and Drug Administration. Interesting how they are fused together isn’t it?


  • As many have already noted- this is NOT a health issue although it may have good health ramifications as a side effect. The intent is to further rob citizens through taxation(s) and the best way to do that is to state that they only have “your good health” in mind while they pick your pocket. Another of a seemingly unending stream of lies from the most proficient liars on the planet. This is not about health per se, it is about money- you have it and they want it. Regardless of how pretty the words; in the end it is about robbery and how they can justify it as somehow good for you- not that they actually care if you buy the justification.

    in a related vein- this whole issue of diabetes was brought to you by the liars and/or incompetents at the FDA who slammed us with a food pyramid for 50 years touting carbohydrates as the healthiest while vilifying fats as the unhealthiest. Recent research shows the complete opposite to be true. How many lives have been lost by people that died of diabetes while trying to adhere to the “healthy carbohydrates” of the food pyramid? The FDA incompetents- 50 full years of getting it wrong.


    • AND, Dr. Thomas Willis told us almost 500 yrs ago that sugar causes diabetes and a host of other ailments and deadly disease.
      They have us addicted to sugar in everything and now they want to raise the price, and the profits, by taxing it too.
      THANK YOU, thank you, all seeing, all benevolent, all worthy, Government of dystopia.
      WE will surely vote for you again if we don’t HANG YOU FIRST!


  • you’ve gone too far on this one relampago. as someone involved with public health and economics, this is simply incentives at work to improve health. people dont always make the best choices for themselves, and in this instance diabetes and other chronic illnesses cost the health system billions annually and make for fat women.


  • First they came for the sugar… but I avoided sugar anyway, so I didn’t say anything. Then they replaced all crops with GMO that contain 20% of their weight in sugar and I couldn’t say anything because I was too busy eating tree-bark and squirrels (the last “pure foods” for nourishment!


  • So while everyone is on fire over the insanely stupid sugar tax…what is getting done in the wings out of public view?



  • They had this tax in Cook County (Chicago) and it was so unpopular they got rid of it. When driving though I stopped at a gas station and bought a liter of Diet Coke and got whopped with a 32 cent “sugar tax” even though there was no sugar in the drink.


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    What an unexpected windfall for the grocery stores in the rest of King County, Washington …

    This is about as brilliant as heavily taxing the sale of ammo in the City of Seattle.

    The gun buying business went elsewhere, as you’d expect — there’s even a gun store and firing range next to where the Seattle-Tacoma regional bus ends its run in Tacoma. It might not be legal under Washington state law to take a gun you may or may not have just purchased on the bus, but as far as I know it’s within the law to roll a small locked suitcase loaded with ammo onto it.

    It’s even more convincing if you leave an AMTRAK HEAVY tag on your previously empty suitcase for the return trip by bus, but you might have better results if you take a few towels for padding with you.

    For what it’s worth, some of these Seattle shoppers are going to have a surprisingly more pleasant experience when they shop at the Whole Foods near downtown Bellevue as well as at the big Fred Meyer at Crossroads …


  • This sounds like a really poorly conceived tax. It must me either municipal or county . So, to avoid paying it, a consumer need only make a short drive to where it is not imposed.


  • The fact is that you cannot spend a dollar without paying tax. Even if your purchase has no local sales tax, no state tax and no federal tax there is still tax paid out of that dollar you just spent.
    Ultimately, about 98 cents out of every dollar earned by anyone is taxed away either through direct tax on top at the register or hidden taxes of all kinds including income tax on the owner of the business, everyone who got a paycheck anywhere along the line from farm, mine, factory, distributor to retail clerk. If the business is financed with a demand loan, capitalization loan, mortgage loan, vehicle loans, franchise fees, bank fees, utility fees, etc., etc. Corporate taxes are relatively low but income taxes on middle and senior management is often 45%. You paid that.
    Trump is a Billionaire because 10’s of thousands of tenants paid his taxes for him, paid his mortgages for him, paid his utility and construction costs for him.
    It is all taxed at every step, at every transaction, and the pace and volume of money is always increasing and now very, very rapidly.
    When you finally make it big with BitCoin or LiteCoin or FakeCoin you will be taxed on your increase/profit as measured in US dollars and the tax will be due in US dollars and you will be bankrupt because Crypto coins are worth something until nobody wants them and then they are worthless.
    Can you feel your scrotum being squeezed yet?
    Welcome to the real world, Neo!


  • “…assault on the working class wallet….”

    There’s your answer right there. If sodas were as fashionable as bottled water, and were consumed exclusively by the Upper Classes and the “Smart Set,” then you wouldn’t see a tax, prohibitive or otherwise, on them.

    But the “Lower Orders?” Well, they can’t be trusted to make a correct decision by themselves, and like small children must be instructed in every way possible.

    Wine probably has as much sugar as a soda; I wonder why they’re not taxing that to death? And Brie? Loaded with fat, more than a bag of chips. Why isn’t that being taxed as well?

    Oh yes. That’s what we serve at our parties, where we smugly peer down at the “Little People” and laugh. After all, we’re better than them.

    Just a thought.



  • Whether or not sugar, or anything else, for that matter is good or bad for, isn’t the point. No government, in my opinion, has the authority to state what is and isn’t good for you.
    Basically, it comes down to this. What the government says is, “you are not competent to govern your own behavior, someone else must do it for you. Since I am the state, I have the authority.”
    The long term consequence of a parental state is a infantilized population wholly dependent on the government to make decisions for them.
    No thanks, sez me.

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    • You have no choice in actual fact.
      If you use their currency, and all currencies in the world are backed by US T-Bills, you owe.
      It has been this way since the beginning of time as we know it.
      You will pay back your Capital to those you borrowed it from, it is theirs after to all, to those who govern (the) mint (goddess monetas {money}) of Rome even if it is through your state Capitol to their Capitol, Washington, to their Capitol, London, to their Capitol, Rome, to their Capitol Jupiter Capitolinus of the Vatican.
      At least, until Rome, and its government is burned up to nothing.
      It will take a very large fire to do so and, of course, those who play with fire get burned.
      Yes, you are free to play with fire! In fact, you must play. You are compelled to play.
      That is your only actual freedom.
      Which leads to the question; what is free? What is dom?
      Free means ‘not a slave’. Dom means domain.
      Not a slave of the domain. Slaves have all their needs provided for. Everyone else has to pay.
      What’s the difference? None. Just a title. The state, personal, of being is effectively the same.
      McCain and Trump are both slaves to the system. They get paid well for making you a slave to one of their corporations.
      Are you sick to your stomach yet?
      What you believe to be a state of Free is only possible by being in complete subjection to the universal laws of life under which the entire universe operates. What are those?
      Great question.

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  • moriyah,

    I think we can all agree that industrial sugar drinks are not good for us. Taxing the use of industrially produced consume-stuff as a disincentive is morally defensible, and I imagine that the public dialogue will continue on.

    As long as we’re having the same dialogue, though. I don’t think RF is trying to convince the reader that diabeetus juice is good for you or not good for you. The major points of this piece are that, 1. It’s a short few steps from enforcing a teetotalling temperance consensus to outright totalitarian behavior control, and 2. We’ve seen this before — cynical tax farming disguised as do-gooder social reform.

    “Lips that touch liquor shall not touch THESE lips”. People start off as backing up what seems to be a righteous cause then buck up once they realize the admonitions are a prelude to total behavior control.


    • Zarathusra
      The government is not going to outlaw sugar, alcohol, cigarettes, weed, heroin, suicide, death in general, fucking, babies, abortion or anything else they can make money on as they do.
      Like corporations; governments have zero morals, nada, zilch, including Trumpie pie.
      My hope is that the taxes will be a disincentive for some and they might thus live a longer and more energetic life, and, that with less revenue the government might die a slow death. Of course, the faster that slow death the better.
      In Canada, where cigarettes are $12.00 per pack and up, the smoking population has dropped in half over 10 years. Hooray for the ex-smokers. Less money for the governors to buy bullets and bombs to kill people.
      Hey, I appreciate your thought though.


    • I think your comment nailed it. There’s no question that sodas and other sugary crap is no good for you – but it’s really no one but yourselves business whether you smoke, drink booze, have sodas and hot dogs, etc. Americans no longer do anything in moderation and we have become a nation of disgusting fat bodies, so the government/nanny state decides to step in. Insurers can no longer even turn down poor risks because we all apparently “deserve” health care, as if it’s a right or something. So, now we ALL pay for the fat fuck with diabetes sitting around sucking down Pepsis and eating crap. Aggghhh, don’t even get me started…


  • Very glad to hear it.
    The most insidious poison known is sugar (dextrose, maltose, sucrose, lactose, corn-nose) and has been for near 500 yrs. Causes diabetes, cancer, plagues, etc,, etc., etc.
    That price increase is nothing. Go to Rome and a can of coke will cost you $8.00 on the street.
    First beneficial deed a government has done in decades. Maybe centuries.
    Hooray for Seattle!
    Not that I would promote Diet drinks as they are really terribly nasty too.
    Hmmmm? I wonder what water tastes like?


    • You really don’t get it, do you? It’s about freedom. It matters not one iota if sugar is bad for you (which indeed in large quantities it is). One should not have money forcibly stolen from them, sorry “taxed” (theft under any other name/circumstance), because of their bad choices.

      Now if you want argue about the health consequences for society at large and how we all end up paying for it, fine. But if we had a truly free, voluntary society, the general public wouldn’t be affected (have to pay for) by other’s poor eating choices. But that’s a whole other discussion.

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      • Oh, I get it, alright.
        Sugar is a deadly poison in any quantity whatsoever.
        Until the day you die the government will make sure you never want for sugar. Whatever you want.
        Nutrients? That is entirely another matter.
        You will be sacrificed so there are sufficient nutrients available for those who have ‘papers’.
        Sugar is the most painless death until the last few months. Then, they give you another type of sugar to dull that pain.
        And your children, or your brothers or neighbors children, pay for that final hit.
        What a beautiful money making concept.


    • I agree that sugar is a poison, but don`t forget that Governments all over the world, and especially in the US subsidize the sugar and HFCS syrup industries quite extensively. So they basically steal tax-payers money to in effect sponsor the bottom line of huge corporations, from which they do doubt receive bribes, usually after they`re political careers are over. Then they have the nerve to tax citizens who buy the very products they`ve first been forced to subsidize with their hard earned money.

      That`s Government for you, nothing but a glorified mafia!

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      • Since all you have written is correct all I can do is add to it.
        The government is indeed the biggest mafia operation of all, but, in bed with the church(es), banks, corporations, and other mafias of all types.
        We have an obligation, in support of our survival and freedom, to boycott all of them at any length required. Though the bees are intentionally under attack we can still raise bees without a license and get enough real sugar to make wine, preserves, condiments, and bribes for women. We can isolate those bees because they won’t fly more than 2 miles if they don’t have to and less if they can get away with it. What do like? Lots and lots of flowers!!!
        Your own garden with edible flowers, edible fruits, edible vegetables, edible and utilitarian herbs.
        Yes, adding some sheep, goats, chickens, children, wive(s) are all a great addition. They will all get along fine and the aforementioned parasites can starve and kill each off.
        That is the only way of freedom as every dollar is worth less every day, and soon, hyperinflation will explode eradicating what little inherent value is left in fiat currency.
        There are only a few enclaves of hope left around the world.
        The men, and few women, who frequent this blog/forum remain some of the last hope of this species we can homo!!! Erectus that is. Made to fuck and make babies.


    • @Moriyah

      I guess I need to restate it. Again, it is not about whether sugar is bad or good for you. It is about freedom. And whether or not we own our own bodies (hint, we don’t). Whether or not we have the choice to ingest into our bodies what we will without threat, force, or duress. This is not about the merits of sugar. It’s about whether gubermint goons can decree what we can can and can’t ingest; and at what level of theft,oops…sorry “taxation” will be foisted upon us for said choices.


      • I get your point, do you get mine?
        There is no point to your point, because as you admit, you are not free.
        You are either a slave to the republic or a slave to a slave of the republic. No men are free in the new Roman republic which is what the USA is. Note the facis on the wall of the Senate.
        The deadly wound is healed, for now.
        When Rome collapses, the USA collapses and the whole world with it.
        Then you will be free.
        What will you do with your freedom?


      • A large part of freedom is knowing the truth and owning your health. You can’t own your own health if you don’t know the truth about food, 99% of people don’t know the truth but just parrot FDA directives about salt, fat, etc. FDA=Lie. Ray Peat knows what truth is.


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