If a Man Ever Claims He’s Never Paid for Sex, Here’s What to Tell Him


Self-delusion is big when it comes to men thinking they have women under control or choosing to believe women actually give a shit about their boyfriends or husbands beyond what benefits they can extract from their association with them. Female association with the male is all about the purchasing power of nature’s credit card. She holds the credit card and you hold the bag. Forget that fact at your own peril.

Some guys like to strut around bragging they’ve never paid for it…but upon further inspection that front falls apart.

Poon is never free.

Whether it’s leaving a $100 bill on the nightstand, leasing fleecing a Lexus for Christmas to shut her up, or a man losing his life savings in a frivorce with a frosty-assed Anglobitch, the bill for services rendered comes due one way or the other.

For guys who are married or in relationshits who think they don’t pay for sex, tell them to quit their job or to quit paying for things for their girlfriend or spouse and see how long princess stays around. This should illustrate the point quite well – that men are subservient to women economically in each association they have with the bearer of the fish taco. We all know it won’t be long after wealth transfers are cut off until she’s “accidentally” fucking some other dude. (Unless he’s a bad boy with frame, but even then once he becomes an economic disincentive long enough she’ll move on to more lucrative male prey.)

Men paying for things and striving for social status to attract women is so ingrained in society it’s almost invisible. But, there lurking beneath all the sophistry are the basic biological economics that are the basis of every association women have with men. Many men will perform the most incredible mental acrobatics to try and get around this fact, but there it is – unchanged – even after they’ve tried to deny it.

Even PUAs pay for it with countless hours of “hunting” and practice and psychological manipulation that twists their own psyches as much as those of the women they’re pursuing. Not to mention the investment in clothing (peacocking) and the aggravation of constantly putting on a clown show.

Some guys say the juice is never worth the squeeze. In many ways, it isn’t. But it boggles the mind why living in a society in which paying for pussy with a rock, a McMansion and mortgage is perfectly okay, but paying for it outright and up front is shamed, ridiculed, and met with kidnapping and extortion from America’s thugs in blue.

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  • The issue is that this assumes a guy’s either having sex with a girlfriend / wife (who he pays for indirectly with meals and housing and gifts) or with a prostitute who he pays for directly

    It doesn’t take into consideration one-night stands who aren’t prostitutes (e.g. some woman from a bar or club who he never sees again and who he didn’t pay for a date with)

    >Unless he’s a bad boy with frame, but even then once he becomes an economic disincentive long enough she’ll move on

    Again, this assumes that he wants her for a long time in the first place. But the topic is whether or not he’s paying for sex, not if he’s paying for a relationship. And in the case of bad boy Chad, he’s not paying for sex; who cares if she leaves after they already did it?

    I’m just saying, it’s never worth it to pay a woman for sex in any way. Don’t get suckered into it by thinking it’s how it has to be


  • There are no unicorns, stop fooling yourselves. And women are only the gate keepers of sex because men allow it in modern society. Women NEED men to survival when you take away all the superficial commodities.


  • I’ll have to agree with the gentleman above. Maybe I was like myself, or maybe I’m delusional..But I can tell you with certainty that the “1 in a million” females do exist, but then again they are THAT rare of a fine. My current wife, was a virgin when I met her, here in the united slaves of ‘merica. We both agree on how F’up the world is becoming specially with all that feminism and anglo B.S non sense.

    She was raised in a very traditional family where roles stayed intact, and I had a financial trouble 2 years ago where she was the sole provider of the house as I was cleaning up my mess(investment failure). She said and I quote ” I won’t mind working till the day I die for our family”…bear in mind we’re both young early 30’s and late 20s and have NO kid..so yeah, hopefully every reader here who is “awake” get to find that special one, or like REL head to overseas and try to catch one before globalism take ove..

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    • Indeed, there are still a few rare gems left to be plucked from the mire and made to shine. Even if not a virgin, though what a treasure to find, we all make mistakes and may have another go if we strive.
      I have to ask; how many of those ‘whores’ are really very nice girls deep down inside waiting for the man who will make them whole? Given the choice of being a shop girl or a waitress and starving to death versus selling your slit and surviving??? A man should ask himself what would he do in that state of being? Usually they buy a gun on the low side.
      The right partner can make life glorious and sublime.
      Today’s world is like all of history; no different.
      A woman needs a leader and a man needs a helper.
      To deny that is the mark of ignorance entrained by coarse and brutish men, sodomites and grown catamites who rule from the shadows. Their helpers are women with broken spirits and unnatural desires.
      When the manosphere grows up, as it is now but youth, it will discard ignorant habits and give women the help they so badly need.
      When the feminists grow up they will learn to be real women from real men.
      That is a future I look forward to though now afar off.


    • Relampago Furioso

      I’m glad you’ve found happiness. But I still can’t bring myself to believe in unicorns.


      • It’s not about Unicorns, though, there is truth in all myth and it is likely that Unicorns did exist at one time. Since there are unknown creatures, and plants for that matter, discovered every day the lack of contemporary evidence cannot displace nor disprove myth or legend.
        By example the Mercurial medical system we have in place in the Western world is a carbon copy of that under the MYTHICAL god Mercury. Mercury, AKA Hermes, was/is god of medicine, a position he hijacked, as well as communications, thieves and commerce. He was also in charge of escorting souls to hell. That’s his symbol, the Caduceus, on the side of the ambulance. Where did Dr. Frankenstein came from? That was a blueprint for what is now standard medical practice. The USA is 20th out of all developed nations in the success of its medical system. In other words it is a trillion dollar failure.
        I digress.
        If you want to find a Unicorn, your words, you might want to look somewhere other than bars or whorehouses. You might find a girl that wants to be a Unicorn but could you make her into one?
        Not likely, you are better to believe they exist and go looking for one where they like to play. How about the library and a class for learning useful skills like sewing, cooking, midwifery, childcare, alternative medicine, gardening, crafting necessities, hunting, fishing, building, etc.
        That simple paragraph written in two sentences is the poorest product of your pen ever.
        You better give yourself a shake buddy; before your dick falls off.
        There are women looking for real men. There just don’t seem to be very many left.


      • @moriyah

        “That simple paragraph written in two sentences is the poorest product of your pen ever.
        You better give yourself a shake buddy; before your dick falls off.”

        What a load of absolute BULLSHIT….I think It’s one of the best articles I’ve ever read
        The reason you hate it is you’re too cucked to see that ALL men pay for sex one way or the other
        Women are the gatekeepers of sex, ONLY they decide who gets access to their puusy’s or not….with that kind of dynamic at play, and that much exclusive power in woman’s hands, it is inevitable that men pay for sex, one way or the other….It might not be financial, but men pay regardless
        It might take the form of acquiescing to her demands, or doing some chores around the house, or waiting to she’s in the mood (which she can defer forever if you upset her emotionally)

        Never forget, which you obviously have, that in relationships/marriage you don’t own her pussy ever, you’re only renting it UNDER HER TERMS AND CONDITIONS

        Denying that just makes you delusional, who believes in Unicorns


      • Kryptonite is toxic only to Krypton’s.
        Everybody has an opinion. Some are based on emotion, agenda, fear, money; some are based on facts, experience, knowledge, understanding of human behavior and why that behavior.
        I believe that I can decide which girl gets me. I certainly decide whom I might want. And why.
        I turn down most all women who come on to me whereas I used to take on all comers.
        When they look at you with that come hither, watch out. They see a meal ticket.
        I discern who and what they are and whether they are worth my time.
        I have no idea what your issues are but mine is the decline of earth’s species including humans.
        The species will survive, all species can be resurrected, but most of the current crop is going to die.
        Group suicide! Who’d of thought?
        That’s ok though.
        When it all goes to shit, the women who survive will be ready to shut up and listen. Till then, I just watch and listen for those who know how to conduct themselves now.
        They are out there, probably not looking for you though.

        In the meantime thanks for supporting them with your tax dollars on everything you buy. I really appreciate it.


  • Red Pill Brotherhood

    One of your best articles yet. The deniability guys have to “not paying” is ridiculous. It’s normally the serial monogamists and guys in relationshits that go through this hamster wheel. They think they are superior because they’ve been paying indirectly rather than directly. The truth is, the prostitute is honest about her intentions, won’t steal half your shit and it’s a guaranteed lay(just because you pay indirectly to women doesn’t mean you’ll get laid). These morons who brag that they’ve never paid have bought into the shaming that women and society perpetuate and the last laugh is on them in the end.

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  • Sorry, I have never paid for it.
    I found out very, very young that the women who ‘needed’ ‘stuff’ to hang around were not usually worth anything at all relative to honesty, loyalty, hard work, kind, considerate, compassionate and a few other notables.
    The very few that I tried to appease early on never put out period so I sure didn’t pay for it as I didn’t get IT.
    The ones who put out either wanted fun or wanted me or both.
    The only ones I regret are the ones I fucked and forgot, and, the ones who aborted my children.

    Of course, in those days, Canadian women were far different than American women. Today, there is not much difference anymore.

    Still, there are some women who take it as a matter of personal responsibility to carry their weight.
    Women carry a far greater load of responsibility than men, specifically, in procreation.
    Physically they are far more complex and suffer many more ailments, including mental, than men. The physicians actually qualified to assist them are extremely few and most women around the planet are fucked over by the medical systems. Starting with birth control pills which tend to fuck them up for life as do abortions.

    I have no problem telling off a bitch in heat or a bitch in general, but, I treat the vast majority of women with the utmost respect including opening doors, carry bags for old women I don’t know, watching out for dangers they don’t see. etc. etc.

    If men want to pay a whore for a transaction, fine, that’s just business.
    A man taking care of a wife and mother for his children is also business. A necessary and useful business which can be equitable and profitable for all committed to such.

    It is a whole other matter when every aspect of human life is turned into a profit center for useless parasites that run tyrannical dictatorships as is now the norm globally. Oh, you gotta love those western ways. Fuck that shit! Who thought that up? Temple prostitutes go back a long, long way.

    I is important to note that the longer a human lives in the ‘civilized’ cities the more corrupt, and lazy, they generally become.
    Those who make their lives in the countryside growing things and raising livestock, in other words being productive, have an entirely different view and attitude towards life.

    In retrospect, my life was so blessed by women that I hardly knew, in addition to my mother, sister and others close by, that my current life’s work is dedicated to them and will be my testament to their fidelity and fecundity.

    I salute all women of the world who give their lives wholeheartedly to the care and sustenance of their man and his household.
    They are the greatest treasure in life. Far beyond gold, diamonds or so called freedom.
    Any man who does not seek out and nurture such women has no understanding of what it is to be a man.
    Study to show yourself approved.

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    • Thank you, sir, for leaving alternative, more moderate opinion here.

      The generalizations and economical theories about “average” woman’s behavior are interesting and there’s truth to them, but in the end, they are just typical mechanistic constructions of Faustian mind, borrowing from Rel’s parlance. As any other mechanistic construction, they are imperfect and arguably don’t have much predictive power when applied to individual cases.

      There is also a latent danger inherent to these theories – one can imagine, that they can be warped and abused by psychopaths to create some sort of vile and divisive anti-women ideology posing as anti-feminism.


      • If I might try to present a cohesive statement of position:
        It does seem apparent that men and women have been under some deception and delusion since the birth of the Greek empire. The Romans kept it going through the franco and anglo stage up until Shakespeare and then he drove it home; Complete cuck that he was!!!
        Using the Romaunt of the Rose as a blueprint we have managed, quite well, a mockery of creation at best.
        Chivalry and gentlemen be damned and damsels in distress also.
        The idea that the pussy rules, and therefor dictates as desired, is bullshit. Somehow men and women bought it all.
        Surely we can love and respect each other without being mercenary in the extreme.
        Each with rare abilities, strengths and weaknesses unique it makes more sense to cooperate, get along and get ahead.
        Sure, I have my opinions. Some are a necessary response to feminist bitches, snitches and witches like Greer, some are my own Machievalism’s developed in response to human nature not of my liking.
        I can’t honestly say they are in self interest, though, if it divides the sexes instead of drawing them together into peaceful, productive units called families.
        It definitely does not, has not, will not, work to treat women as whores even if they are or want to be ala 50 Shades. Nor to treat them like righteous, virtuous Queens which they certainly are not. However, Princesses in training they might be, and, with Princes of character and strength instead of insipid weakness of the flesh our individual characteristics may compliment one another and produce a desirable result rather than disaster.
        To me, the value of the manosphere lays strictly in exposing the folly. It has presented thus far few, if any, practical long term survival options for our species. And that is not Hyperbole.
        We either wrestle this one to the ground and then stand it upright or we are truly fucked at a planetary level and beyond.
        My operatonal plan is simple, straightforward and relatively easy in spite of the fact that I am uneducated and not overly bright: We give women what they need, always, and sometimes what they want.
        That is all I have ever got and it is working fairly well. Maybe it won’t work for everybody but I don’t care that it does. I care that our species survives and we improve in our ability to care for each other and for what has obviously has been put in our charge.
        To do less is a fine definition of foolishness which has a limited life and really no profit for anyone. Just pick up a history book.
        There is a great beauty to feminism and it’s not tits and ass; it is what women show themselves to be when they don’t have the mirror of men to show them who and what they are and can be.
        I don’t mind being made a fool, or acting the fool, or being a fool on occasion if it serves that objective. Self deprecation may have great advantage when used as a tool to get attention and compliance when that is needed and required. They, women, won’t do it, but rarely, unless we do it first and then some may take refuge in it, humor, and joy from it and together I can see gain.
        There are other tools, made for us in nature, that we can use at great profit but not if we don’t see or understand them nor pick them up for use.
        In the meantime we, men, need to agree to get along even if we don’t. agree.
        Otherwise the manosphere is a huge lie built only on selfishness and not self determination never mind helpful guidance to others
        At least feminism is built on self preservation as well as selfishness. They just don’t have much determination. They don’t have a point. We do.
        Anyways, I wasn’t out to write a book here.


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