Why Young Men are Lucky to have the Manosphere

The manosphere helps educate young men on the dangers of dealing with The Predatory Female

Rookh Kshatriya is the creator of the Anglobitch blog, The Anglobitch Thesis and the author of Havok: How Anglo-American Feminism Ruined Society.

When Gen X males were growing up, we had only Baby Boomer myths from the post-War era to guide us in our relations with women. These myths invariably presented women as semi-divine creatures endowed with boundless intellects, progressive attitudes and warm, giving hearts in slim, comely bodies. Oh, and let’s not forget they also wanted sex with everyone.

The reality of course bore no relation whatsoever to this ideal. The women we actually met were intolerant, moronic landwhales with loud mouths, basilisk eyes and the social graces of a warthog. The very few not comically obese and ugly were invariably toxic, entitled harridans spayed with the female Dark Triad: malignant narcissism, plus the borderline and histrionic personality disorders. The most sexually attractive were often psychopathic as well.

This led us into a haze of cognitive dissonance and internal doubt. At first, we were certain something was wrong with us. Were we crazy? Were we emotional cripples? Why couldn’t we find one of these flawless angels to redeem us? Because the Anglo-American media routinely represents women as goddesses on pedestals, this response was entirely natural. We might have harboured a few doubts about these false representations, but usually wrote them off as lame self-justification exercises.

In sum, awakened Anglo-American males growing up prior to the Internet had to struggle with their relationship disappointments alone and unaided. Although fulfilled in other ways, their romantic lives were a yawning void. As each loveless decade came and went, nothing changed. Many toyed with thoughts of self-harm or even suicide.

And then the Internet came. The old media narratives that once ruled our lives were blasted apart. We were crouching in darkened rooms: then someone yanked open the shuttered windows, kicked in the doors and let the sunshine in. Everything changed. No, I mean really changed – it wasn’t like the 60’s white suburban pseudo-revolution: this was the real deal. And nowhere was our conceptual revolution greater than in the sphere of gender relations. Anti-feminists appeared, pointing out that feminists only want equality on their own terms, not true gender equality. PUAs appeared, revealing that the whole ‘beta provider’ persona extolled by the traditional media was fit only for stooges.

Neo-Masculinists like Roosh arose, striving to reclaim the manhood that had been stolen from them. And of course cultural dissidents like myself arose, who linked the worst excesses of post-feminist Anglo-American society to pre-existing Anglo values like Puritanism and sexual repression. The next manosphere wave is already in formation, re-forging the best ‘first wave’ ideas into weapons of conceptual war for use in the ongoing Kulturkampf.

When the Internet came, Generation X men who had been ‘put through the wringer’ of militant Anglo-American feminism began to lay our insight and experience on the table. It wasn’t always pretty. Truth seldom is. And we did not always agree: hence the emergence of different ‘schools’ of manosphere thought. But the point was, our views matched the real-world experiences of millennial males in the Anglosphere far more accurately than the stale Baby Boomer narratives they received from the legacy media, schools, parents and other authorities. And so they flocked to us in droves.

Online demographic studies reveal the bulk of manosphere readers are males under thirty, not embittered divorcees in trailer parks. This makes a lot of sense: as well as being severely oppressed by modern feminism, millennial males have grown up relatively free of the pro-feminist bullshit laid on Generation X by the post-War authorities.

But the manosphere gives men far more than knowledge and insight. It may also provide men with better long term physical and mental health. Robert Sapolsky, who studies the physical effects of stress in baboons and humans, suggests that the negative effects of social stress – premature ageing, depression and physical illness – can be greatly reduced by strong communal associations.

That is, if we are experiencing a problem it is better to face it as part of a community rather than alone. Sapolsky has shown that poor countries with a strong sense of community such as Greece have better health demographics than wealthier Anglo-American countries where people are more isolated. This set me thinking. Could the explosive rise of the manosphere in Anglo-American countries have been partly driven by an untapped need for honest male communalism?

My guess is yes. When Generation X was growing up, all we had were unsecured myths about Anglo women being perfect saints and sex goddesses to guide us. Pop music, TV shows and films rammed these fictions down our throats with Stalinist zeal, permitting no dissident perspective. Indeed, anyone who did not pay lip service to these absurd narratives was ridiculed and denied a voice. Now, an online community of truth exists where any man can share his experiences of women, however negative these might be.

And such freedom is healthy, not just liberating. For it is obvious that manosphere involvement has an addictive quality. This is not the lame, dutiful communalism extolled by Marxism or organized religion but rather a sense of finding long-lost brothers and long concealed truths. If Sapolsky is right, men sharing the problem of toxic Anglo-American women in this way can only enhance their lives both mentally and physically. And millennial males will reap these benefits much earlier, in their prime years.

What’s not to like?

Perhaps if mainstream Anglo-American institutions had been more honest about women this eruption of online male communalism might never have occurred. But then, if the socio-cultural mainstream had been more honest, men would never have needed a vibrant manosphere in the first place.

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  • @ Moriyah, that image came from a sexual education class in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Good luck with your niece trying to avoid teaching such liberal shit in schools. The Ontario elementary federation of teachers send police with guns on anyone who criticizes that female teacher in the pic. Her name is Carlyle Janesen and she teaches sexual education for quite a while.


    • Well, one thing I noticed after the 3 shootings and the 2 nd machete attack in the back alley at my place on Vaughan and Oakwood is that Toronto has a street justice that often works better than Queen’s Pub, I mean Park.
      The little lady, make that Lassie, may find that after she gets ‘serviced’ a couple times, not that I would advocate that, she needs to find another line of ‘work’. Prostitute with strap on for sado maso lizzies comes to mind.
      Still, if that is Toronto’s mind set, and future path, more power to them. The sooner they degrade to a viral contagion outbreak of the plague the better for the Great White North.
      That would be my signal to get out of Ottawa as the bug would be here next.
      Thanks for the pic. It does make the ‘point’ dramatic. Hope CBC gets it on the nightly news. Maybe not, it might get them too excited to pander, I mean work.


      • CBC encourages parents to allow their under-10 students interact with nude LGBT feminists and homos at Pride in Toronto and Vancouver. Children as young as 4 or 5 are allowed to interact with naked feminists, but countless men have been threatened with arrest or criminal charges for standing on the street preaching the Gospel or videotaping the event, which feminists view as “invasion of their privacy”.

        Carlyle Janesen is a very vocal supporter for obscene sexual education and “feminist pornography” while her organizations and allies criminalize adult heterosexuality….The Toronto District School Board was also clever to spread ‘fake news’ to Alex Jones to try and discredit the photo.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Knowing Alex Jones, knowing Austin, knowing Texas, knowing the USA, I think Alex was co-opted long ago and he can be bought with pussy. Even aged and decaying pussy.
        At one time I though of closing my TD account because they are such vociferous proponents of ‘Rainbows and EunucHORNS’ but thought, nah, all Canadian banks are as dirty as that industry gets having financed multiple revolutionary bloodbaths.
        Not to mention, bankrolling the likes of Barrick Resources, financiers of Bush Sr., Trudeau and Mulroney amongst others. What’s the point?
        Just spend your money banking your future before they can tax it away. Leave pennies in your account month to month. To do less, rather to leave them more, just encourages their wicked ways.
        Sorry, I get distracted easily.
        Interesting how they want to combine Nazism with feminism. Canada Day becomes Pride Day.
        Makes sense. The SS would love it. SS, that’s US Secret Service.
        Speaking of Rape, Canada’s about to get raped by the USA over NAFTA, again!
        AND, go back into Korea, again!
        My dad would be pissed. He always said that War is not over yet, 50 yrs ago.


  • The Manosphere is absolutely infested and infected with White Nationalists & pro-Hitler sympathizers.

    MRAs like Milo Yannoupolis and that other gay dude Gavin McGinnes encourage their fans to harass and send death threats to anyone who is considered a “Muslim”, which is any male who is brown or mixed black like Somalians. This started from Alex Jones who believed the story of a teen German female being allegedly raped by Arab men, which was later proven to be fake news. White Nationalist MRAs are deluded to think that they should “save” these women when these women hate all men (except the ones supposedly raping them in Germany or Sweden).

    Other MRAs like Roosh V encourages racist diatribes against African-American men and Hispanics from Mexico under the league of Trump-ism.

    In other words, the manosphere has successfully been infiltrated and slowly collapsing from within. Black, Brown, Hispanic and other non-white male MRAs are alienated from the manosphere because of the blind racism and extremism that was fomented by the Alt Right and feminist victimhood movement (“I was waped by that refugee that arrived by my voting stance on immigration, HELP ME WHITE MEN!” type of shit).

    AVFM is also infested with crpto-feminists who ban men whose comments criticize certain components of feminism such as draconian laws related to age of consent, affirmative consent, street harassment, etc.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve always said Canada is about as boring as steaming shit, but, it sure beats the ‘good ol USA’.
      Dang. America is just going down the tubes on lubes.
      Hey, Trudeau, we need to keep those southern ‘shit-hole’ Yanks out of here.
      We’ll end up as a third world nation too.
      Oh! We already is one!


  • I don’t recall saying that Millennial males are having a great time – to the contrary, the Anglo-feminist campaign against men has never been more vociferous than today. Millennial males experience discrimination before the law, in education and just about everywhere else in life. However, they also have the manosphere to guide and gird them (if they want to access it, which many of them clearly do). While earlier generations of men were not oppressed by the same open misandry, they also had no guidance to negotiate the Blue Pill nonsense laid on them by lamestream society.


  • This author seems to suggest that Gen X grew up with worse conditions than we are seeing today. I’d have to disagree. With the exception of a few young people that have swallowed the red pill whole, millennials have grown up in conditions that are, objectively, far worse.

    It seems quite obvious to say that, whatever generation you belong to, you’re going to enjoy life a whole lot more if you are “woke.”


  • What did those Generation X men expect?
    They went looking for cheap whores and that is exactly what they found!
    No surprise there. Not for the men anyways.
    For the women? Yeah, big surprises that ruined their bodies and their lives.
    Since they are oft mentioned it should be noted that these ‘landwhales’ are caused by hormonal fuck-ups generated by birth control pills which are at least half used for the benefit of males who do not want responsibility of caring for and raising families.
    The ravages to the female from BC Pills extends further and further into their lives until they die a wreck from the results.
    I could go on for several pages, but, if men wanted to confront reality they probably already have and they know what I wrote is true.
    For the rest of you I can easily prove what I just wrote from a chemical and physiological perspective if need be.
    Typically, though, people learn best from their own fuck-ups.
    Thankfully women tend to mature in their mid 20’s and they may recover somewhat from their youthful stupidity.
    Men, on the other hand, don’t mature till their mid 30’s, if at all, and often just become miserable in later life.
    This suggests, if the demographics stated in the article are true, that the Manosphere is the last resting place of the modern man. How sad.
    I have as much attention from women as I can handle and get more all the time.
    And, I’m a boomer… ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!
    Nice guys do finish last and last and last.
    You gotta love life.


    • The new generation of female teachers (Millennials born from 1988 to 1991) take birth control pills so that they can fuck their male students like Pornhub. Times are certainly changing for the worse.


      • It takes all kinds.
        My niece is just completing her field work to be a teacher for the Toronto School Board.
        She has never had a boyfriend and is looking forward to getting married to an intelligent kind man one day.
        Hopefully she will find one.
        Pickings are looking awfully slim though.


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