Modern American women are drunk on their own power, as men are crushed under their high heels. Not only do they want to flaunt their sexuality, but they only want to share it with men at the very top of the socioeconomic pyramid. Other men are not even to look at it, let alone make sexual advances towards them. Additionally, Anglobitches want to be able to destroy the few men they do fuck and suck on a whim once they have shared the Golden Vagina with them, in true Predatory Female fashion.

#MeToo was an illustration of this predatory disposition.

This is why women have been known as destroyers of civilization since the Bronze Age (and probably before that – but that’s when their propensities were codified in the foundation of the world’s three major religions).

Above is a photo collage that illustrates the odd “look but don’t touch” nature of sexuality in Anglo culture. The same Hollywood that denounces sexual advances also dresses like this, with legs, thighs, breasts, and buttocks exposed, and in one case, a chick’s vagina literally flapping in the breeze. Rihanna’s nipples and crack are exposed in her dress. Of course, this makes the #Hypocrisy of the #MeToo movement all the more astounding. Why would women dress like this if they’re so averse to sexuality?

It’s as if women want to rub their sex in men’s faces in a sadistic fashion, then deny them the sexual release they both crave and need biologically and psychologically. Only a society that has allowed women carte blanche and totally gelded men will see them behaving in this fashion.

We know sex sells, but why must this culture always tempt with sexuality then stolidly refuse to whet the appetite created by its displays? Quite frankly, it’s just cruel.

And, it won’t be long before a society like this implodes, as the vast majority of men realize they’re to be given no incentives for their participation in society other than a tempting whiff of the Golden Vagina, but never a taste. Women’s natural propensities lead to a society of male slaves for 80% (or more) of the populace, and brief sexual dalliances with the top 20% (or less) of men.

This is where we’re headed. Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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  • I became a feminist after Trump was elected (I still do not agree with his behavior and policies), but after 2 years, I’m done. I can’t believe how whiny women have become with all the power they have accumulated since the post WW2 world order has been established. I’m fine with #MeToo. I agree that one’s current environment does not give license over another’s body, but increasingly I see that women are “exposing” jerks and assholes on social media, and flaunting their bodies online under the pretense of some other nonsexual, educational content.

    You have all that power, you still pursue assholes because they look like high school quarterback, then you cry to the world when you get burned…. surprised? You knew he was a jerk from the beginning. You just didnt care because you perceived him as more socially valuable and beneficial to your image. And now the 80% of the rest of us guys who are basically celibate due to feminism’s sex economy are supposed to be sympathetic? I’m done


  • Once again I am astounded at how perceptive these articles truly are
    It’s like you have a sixth sense to cut through all the garbage and see what’s “really” going on……Please don’t ever stop doing this blog

    The pain of having a hardwired biological need for sex and release, only to be denied it because of the sadistic control women have over their sexuality can only be described as a living hell
    I actually hope this world burns to the ground now, and after the ashes will arise a true Patriarchy where men will once more dominate women because living under this Matriarchal bullshit has become intolerable

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  • No talent whores who wouldn’t been famous if it weren’t for male-dominated musicians, lyric writers, screen writers, Directors, Advertising and Public Relations funded by male-owned record and movie labels!
    Even Kim Kardashian wouldn’t have become famous if it weren’t for her lawyer father in the OJ Simpson trial, nor if she didn’t take Ray J’s willy into her fartbox for amateur porn in the golden era of the internet (2000-2008)!


  • A short, succinct and on point article. America is truly a living, daily hell for hetrosexual men for the exact reasons you point out in your article.
    Indeed, it is a biological, physical need for men to want sex, yet we cannot obtain it in this society, all the while having it shoved through our eyes. It is truly f’d up.
    It’s a sad, depressing time to be a man in America.

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  • It doesn’t matter if a man is in the 80% or the 20%, it is the same sexual dystopia.

    The 80% blue pill man will consider himself “lucky” to land a woman who will “settle” for him while she is constantly looking to trade up to the 20% behind his back and if she does land one she will destroy the chump she settled for in the divorce. If she can’t land a 20% upgrade she will make the chump she settled for miserable for not being able to meet her never ceasing and ever growing delusions of grandeur of herself.

    The 20% blue pill man is nothing more than a field to be harvested or a prey animal to be ambushed. “I didn’t marry him for his money. I divorced him for it.” Just ask Robin Williams, Brad Pitt, or Johnny Depp. Oops, Robin killed himself you can’t ask him. Being in the 20% offers the same protection as the 80% man has – zero.

    Hypergamy is (and has been for some time) codified into law. It is now codified into the social fabric. Sticking your dick in a woman used to be fun and profitable (children and a home). Then it became dangerous. Now it is a guarantee of emotional and financial destruction.

    It doesn’t matter if you are 80% or 20% – the result is the same. No amount of 80% blue pill begging or provisioning will save you. No amount of red pill alpha game or pimp hand will safe you. To paraphrase Mike Buchanan from J4MB, “It is now official. It is too dangerous to have sex with a woman. MGTOW is the only choice.”

    But, Mike didn’t go far enough. It is now too dangerous to even be around a woman much less interact with one. Add that fact to the plethora of social white knights and a feminist doctrine enforcement police state and simply being MGTOW is not enough.

    One must now become a MGTOW ghost monk to survive. To quote my deceased psychologist sister; “In order to survive in a sick system one must become sick.” MGTOW ghost monk or sickness. Take your pick. There are no other options. Cheers, I think.

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  • The idea is for women to stay in control over their own sexuality. A woman’s sexuality was once thought to be owned by her father, until she was married, and then it belonged to her husband. All of this is just women taking back control of what is rightfully theirs, and keeping it that way.


    • When women’s father s controlled their sexual choices, society actually functioned and all people on the whole were far happier. Left to their own devices, women’s sexual choices (which are the only choices they have in this life that really matter at all) will invariably reap misery and destruction on men, children and themselves. Emotional, hormonal children in adult bodies should never be allowed to choose their mates. It is for their own good, but more importantly, for the greater good that they do not.

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    • Relampago Furioso

      Unfortunately, female instincts also destroy civilization. That’s sort of why women had their choices taken away in the first place. Personally, I say let it burn. I’m beyond giving a fuck. I’ve moved on to the “every man and woman for themselves” part of the cycle.

      Feminists have been at that part of the cycle for 50 years. Men are now arriving at it, since the “social contract” was burned by bitches first. Women have been acting in their own self-interest for some time as you alluded to, Ash. Now it’s time for men to act in our self-interest. No free labor, no free tax money, no free rides, no frivorce court winnings, and no participation from us in roles as willing cucks and slaves. Back to nomadic, devil may care, zero fucks given lives NOT investing in women and society for us. 🙂

      That’s the error women make, in their arrogance over their sexuality which is truly all they ever had to offer men. They take male participation and productivity for granted. I can’t wait for MGTOWs and John Galts to pull the rug out from under women like you.


      • i feel bad because i pumped some gas for an old crippled 80 yo woman..
        should have made her do it herself and then knocked her down and broke her hip..
        the bitch


    • What?! That woman in the orange (last pic) is committing a crime— indecent exposure. It looks like she was showing her meat flaps off to a little boy dressed in a tuxedo in background. Is she a pedophile taking control of her sexuality of showing off her snatch to Nickelodeon fans?!


  • The truth is a sad but necessary subject. Thanks for the morning mental coffee.


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