Fleecing Beta Males: The Feminist/Socialist State Will Fail Without Totalitarianism


Social engineers continue working to make men useless in the eyes of women – but their schemes will ultimately fail without totalitarianism

In my journeys around the world, comparing and contrasting different cultures and societies, sleeping with countless women to see what I could learn about the female mindset and feminine behavior, as well as picking up a good deal of street smarts along the way, the realization that modern American men are the biggest chumps of all time has dawned on me. They’re literally allowing themselves to be walked all over by women and a government that serves the female imperative.

Here’s the play by play as America, Inc. descends into feminist and Socialist totalitarianism, designed to turn women into deities and men into serfs.

Modern American men are on the razor’s edge of letting women totally drive them out of providing the only value the Beta male masses ever had to the offer the female, which is the ability to provide tangible socioeconomic benefits to women – especially the ability for females to improve their lives – through association with with the male. Without utility value, men are as good as dead to women.

Almost every major social policy since the dawn of the feminist era has been aimed at totally debasing men and making them as repellent as Raid to women. Examples: Women in the workforce? Stripping Beta provisioning strategies, weakening men’s hand in family and marriage. The Great Society that turned into The Great Dystopia? Forced state wealth redistribution to finance women’s de-civilizing mating habits – bastard children, disposable dads, Beta male masses left with chafed hands and blue balls, etc. The Equal Pay Myth? Aimed at completely destroying what’s left of the now-metrosexual’s appeal to women. No woman is going to want to fuck a guy who earns less than them. (Hypergamy might as well  be a law of the universe.)

Take male utility away, and soon you’ll have a society in which men are disposable meat bags in the eyes of broads and women clamor to orbit – and fuck – a few dominant Alpha males who rule over all the other males like slaves. It’s a brutish return to the world as it was pre-civilization. Of course, the elites are ready assume the role of the dominant class while the rest of humanity is turned into pawns in their game of world domination.

What’s so genuinely terrifying about the way the world is being reshaped is the fact the cuckolded Beta male masses, cucked by Big Daddy Government and his welfare state, remain clueless at just how badly a government that was supposed to serve them has betrayed them. Cloak and dagger style. Smile in the front, knife in the back. Of course, the women of their society have also betrayed them, but as a matter of genetically encoded behavior. (Never trust a woman. And never trust a government.)

On a related note, going through countless bitches I now know foreign women wouldn’t be so anxious to jump up under me and spread their legs if I didn’t represent the opportunity for them to improve their socioeconomic status. I now know that’s the real reason I can live a swinging lifestyle abroad: Because of hypergamy and Briffault’s Law. If I didn’t represent the opportunity for foreign women to improve their lives or social status (I’m fucking an American, she says to her friends) I’d be just as invisible abroad and detested as I am in Anglo society, in which my value as a man has been destroyed by the welfare state and social engineering via the evil American media.

If men really want to stop the slide into a totalitarian, feminist state, that filches their wallet, spits upon them, and leaves them lonely, bereft of both sex and family, the government must be stripped of its wealth redistributing capacity and women must be returned to traditional roles in society. A society in which women behave themselves or are reduced to the life of a prostitute. No gibsmedats, no handouts, no free rides at Beta male expense.

Our lives don’t mean shit to government overlords and women who can enjoy the fruits of male labor without providing anything in return.

A feminist/Socialist totalitarian state cannot survive without fleecing Beta males, robbing them of their productivity and giving it to women who do not deserve it or appreciate it. This is the real reason the race is on to build an electronically enforced totalitarian world before the ongoing Great Awakening reaches critical mass. If Beta males suddenly woke up and realize how badly they’re being fucked by a system that threw them overboard 50 years ago, there would be a revolution tomorrow morning.

Of course, MGTOW, Going Galt, and becoming an expat who works just enough to get by become even more appealing options than they already are upon gleaning knoweldge of just how badly men are being abused. Why work hard to support a system and women who have nothing but contempt for you? Men need to realize we still have the power of the purse, and resolutely refuse to stop financing those who would walk on us while spitting in our eye.

A feminist/Socialist state cannot stand without the implied or coerced consent of the Beta male masses. Women spend more than they earn over the course of their lives, and men are expected to make up the deficit and keep the trains, planes, and buses running on time without so much as some thank you affection (a fuck once in a while) nor any gratitude. The machine is still humming along now because most men are content with living the life of a mushroom, being fed shit and kept in the dark. But the time will come when even shit-covered mushrooms will see the light of day.

It’s that day, when the Beta males throw their sabots into the machine we’ll see the feminist, Socialist imperium brought to its knees – and the value of pussy will drop from the price of a palace to the cost of a woman’s next meal. Doubt me? Take a look around the rest of the world to see what happens when men refuse to be fleeced the way American chumps are.

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  • Your right about how absolutely clueless men are as to how shitty they have it in the US. Men need to collectively withdraw their consent from “feminism” when you hear stuff on the radio about the latest witch hunt, communist inspired title 9 commissars going after Michigan State University Men’s Football and Men’s Basketball using some doctor who fondled a bunch of midgets on the Olympic Gymnastic Team as the excuse, men should cuss this crap to the lowest level of hell. Same as how Poles viewed the occupying communist government from 1945-1989 as completely illegitimate. They had their power through Russian tanks alone, but not the souls of the Polish nation. American men need to all come together and hate this feminist monstrosity with every last breathe and let it’s legitimacy only come from the guns they wield to keep it in power, not collaborate and think feminism is a moral victory and think this “me too” crap is anything other than a dagger pressed against their hearts. 10,000 years of civilization thrown away by abandoning the male role of being the sole decision maker public policy. No women politicians, no women judges, no female lawyers, no female soldiers, and NO GODDAMN WOMEN VOTING.


  • I like your writing and I like your journey and I like most of your philosophy, but something struck me reading this essay: you acknowledge female hypergamy in the US but also among all women that you are currently giving accolades to as they are so mucy less bitchy than the Anglobitches, but then, in this essay, you acknowledge that these Latina wimen’s attitudes towards you are maked by their hypergamy. In other words, a bloke in Colombia would not get the interest of a chica, but you would, because you are an Americano.

    I think it’s great to take advantage of this fact and have no problems with it. In a way, it is the foreign policy version of game. You see Roosh and others talking about it in Eastern Europe and the Slavic countries.

    I just think that it’s not that great a recommendation, you know, mate? It means that latinas are just chicks who will give it up for a male that they see as high status. I mean, enjoy the hell out of it, but it’s not that much of a deal as you make it out to be. If you ever “settled down” with these Latinas, it would turn out pretty much the same as with Anglobitches.


  • @Relampago Furioso

    I sincerely hope you have a YouTube channel where you teach this stuff
    Your articles have such insight, wisdom and powerful logic at a level that I haven’t seen before
    This stuff needs to get out there, and you will have much larger exposure on YouTube

    Once again you NAILED IT with this article…all I can say is wow!


  • you and i are not in the big club


  • nice carlin quote..i sure miss that guy


  • Women-folk are increasingly playing the role of beta male … if reports of Millennial women out-earning men are true.

    They walked right into the Feminist Trap. ….and I think they’re starting to figure it out.


  • I saw a letter that was hyperlinked from another reader that roasted the Angloskank faggot lesbo community.
    It appears that the Red Pill is being spread to the Caribbean via a former Dutch & British colony. A female educator wrote this letter in response:

    It appears that the Caribbean people aren’t fond of International Anglocentric LGBTQ


  • The primary weakness of the present system is that the cooperation of beta males is required. Every day, more men see this for what it is and fewer will cooperate. Consumers can’t consume unless someone produces.

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    • I’ve noticed that from 2010-2014 the “federal reserve” printed trillions of US dollars out of thin air—roughly the same time as 4th wave feminism and transgenderism began to sprout.
      Other than that, do you find it a co-incidence that rents are rising insanely in Canada and USA at the same time feminists supported mass refugee invasions post-Arab “Spring”? Our savings are being eroded because of the real estate bubble.

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