CNN Now Openly Promotes Cuckoldry

Sexy, ypoung blonde and two men in luxury apartment, hotel

Cuckoldry is the topic du jour at CNN

It’s already been well-established by scholar Rookh Kshatriya and TNMM that Anglo America contains at its nucleus a 400-year old, deeply embedded cultural misandry that has been unleashed by feminism. As “I am woman, hear me roar” becomes the battle cry of predatory females everywhere, their brothers and sons are turned into pariahs – personas non gratas in a culture that worships at the altar of the labia.

The latest chapter in the mainstream mierda’s ongoing attacks on men and masculinity is a Cuckold News Network (CNN) piece that encourages men to let their wives sleep with other men. The latest attack is levied directly at us, the inhabitants of the manosphere or what the geldings in ivory towers like to call the alt-right:

In our current political climate, the term “cuck” — short for “cuckservative” — has become an insult of the so-called alt-right, aimed at men they view as spineless and emasculated. The slur has its roots in the concept of cuckolding, or having an adulterous partner.

Oh, my. Show us the “progressive” way, you luminaries in cheap suits. CNN now brings in three rent-an-experts to give them “sound bites” for their hit piece:

But, according to a recent study by David Ley, Justin Lehmiller and the writer Dan Savage, acting on cuckolding fantasies can be a largely positive experience for many couples, and hardly a sign of weakness.

Actually, letting a man fuck your woman while you beat off is the very definition of weakness. The entire premise of relationshits is about who garners paternity of any offspring his partner produces. When women have the sperm of several men in her cooch at once, who knows which one fertilized the egg?

Let’s just call this what it is, another piece of propaganda aimed at reducing men from fathers to sperm donors – just as Anglo courts have already done legally. Social engineers want a world in which trashy Maury or Jerry Springer-esque “Who’s Your Daddy?” type talk shows become painful reality for the majority of men.

However, there is a grain of truth to the CNN agitprop piece:

“This fantasy has been around as long as marriage and sexuality,” said Ley, whose book “Insatiable Wives” addresses cuckolding in heterosexual couples. “But we’re hearing more and more about it these days, and more people are rejecting the social stigma against this fantasy.”

As Ann Coulter famously said, liberals at networks like CNN are all about bringing down the load-bearing walls of Western civilization in an effort at totally atomizing it. Making what was once taboo behavior (for a reason) accepted mainstream practice is part and parcel of this nefarious agenda.

Of course, the above reference confirms what we “deplorables” of the alt-right already know. Women crave Alpha Fucks and Beta Bucks. Unfortunately for men, Beta Bucks are now forcibly robbed by the welfare state in those instances in which women can’t seduce their way into a man’s wallet.

But cucking men with the power of the state just isn’t enough. Men must literally be conditioned to be willing cucks. Here comes another Cultural Marxism trope, as CNN assails its host culture:

Part of what makes cuckolding arousing for heterosexual men is that they tend to view it as a taboo act. “In a society or culture that idealizes monogamy, the cuckold fantasy is a current narrative that is available to people to conceptualize their sexual fantasies,” said Ley.

CNN closes with a grain of sanity, as it tells readers in the very last paragraph of the screed that maybe it’s better to leave cuckoldry to fantasy rather than making it reality.

For couples who do decide to move forward, it’s important to take things slow. “The reality of watching your spouse have sex with someone else — or knowing they’re doing it, if you’re not there — is often very different than the fantasy.

The closing thought actually cancels out what was said in the rest of the article, in typical mainstream mierda fashion. Circular logic is typical of an industry that really has nothing to say. Take it from someone who was on the inside for over a decade.

This is the state of journalism in America, today. Forced emasculation, YouGoGrrl narratives, and encouraged cuckoldry are considered legitimate topics while men who have a difference of opinion are relentlessly mocked and marginalized.

The way to end the insanity is for the masses of men to realize they hold the cards. This beast, the gynocentric system now plaguing the West cannot survive without the labor of millions of men. The way to end the constant attacks on men, family, and tradition is to stop feeding the beast. Go on strike. Become a minimalist. Become a MGTOW. Become an expat who earns just enough to live abroad half of the time.

Let these bastards see where their bread and butter come from.

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  • If CNN is pushing this…you can expect to see ‘cucking’ as a common place in movies and tv shows. You’ll see it once in blue moon at first in a movie. Slowly but surely you’ll see it more. Eventually, you’ll be desensitized to it and think it’s normal. They did the same thing with homosexuality and are currently doing this with transgenderism.
    Modern Family is a good example of a show that has brought gay couple into the mainstream with their lovable gay character couple. They had a controversial episode a year or two that had a boy (maybe 6 or 7 years old) that was transgender. So, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this show push cucking and open marital relationships soon.
    America is done for.


  • I have a theory (not fully baked) that watching porno is a form of cukoldry. You’re watching an (allegedly) desirable woman have sex with another guy and you’re flogging the bishop to it. Hmm…wonder what role this plays in the acceptance of cuckoldry?


    • Porn plays a role in subconcious wiring of the brain of males to accept their partners being fucked by other blokes, in order to create a real life porn scene, in which they have some for of control over. I believe this is also exaggerated more when coupled with a lack of intimacy from the woman involved, making the man want this even more to at least get a smidgen of intimacy with the whore.

      I might be wrong as I’m no psychologist and only 23 years old.


    • I think your right.


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