Isolating the Male Prey: Jealous Woman Nearly Kills Her Boyfriend’s Best Friend


An Anglobitch nearly killed a man by slicing his neck with a knife because he wanted to party with his best friend; Anglo courts say it was an “accident”

Predatory females are well-known to quardon off men from male friends once they “take control” of any male prey item, i.e. once they lock a boyfriend in a relationshit. By isolating a man from potential female competition, his friends, and even his family, women can then practice their most innate talent: their talent for manipulation. A man is much easier to control and extract resources from without pesky voices of reason telling him not to spend his last dime or mortgage his future for a bitch.

Sometimes, this instinct to isolate male prey items gets taken too far. Such was the case in England, when a predatory female went so far as to try to kill her boyfriend’s best friend. From Yahoo News:

A mum has been jailed after she slashed her boyfriend’s best mate’s neck with a knife – because she was jealous of their bromance.

Notice, even though a man almost died the Anglo press feels it necessary to insult her boyfriend, calling it a “bromance” rather than his “best friend.” Misandry runs deep in this culture. It should come as no surprise it was an Anglobitch who launched the attack.

Jodie Goodwin, 20, narrowly missed vital blood vessels and arteries in Anthony Milburn’s neck when she lunged at his throat with a knife, it was claimed. The UK mum-of-one was furious with then-partner Andrew, who said he and his friend were going to a house party after a night in the pub. She armed herself with a 14 cm-long kitchen knife and lunged at Anthony, 27, inflicting a 4 cm-deep wound circling his neck, which needed 16 stitches, he said.

Notice the corrupt media using language in the report to humanize the vicious woman as much as possible, i.e. calling her “the mum-of-one”. (Women are always treated with kid gloves in a gynocentric society.) Interestingly, but not surprisingly the judge who heard the case went light on Jodie even though she nearly killed someone. The pussy pass strikes again.

Goodwin admitted to wounding without intent and was told she was lucky to avoid facing a murder charge by a judge who jailed her for 27 months.

How lunging at someone’s neck with a knife is “wounding without intent” one may never understand. Her predatory attack left her boyfriend’s best friend with a massive scar.

Anthony, a roofer and father-of-two, who has revealed the scar, said: “My best mate’s girlfriend could have killed me – all because she was jealous.”

Predatory females won’t let male prey go easily until they’ve finished extracting the marrow from his bones, i.e. all the money in his accounts, all the value he’s likely to produce in his life, etc. Anthony told reporters:

Me and Andrew were having a good laugh so when I found out a friend was having a house party nearby I said ‘Let’s go’. Jodie had a face like thunder and hissed ‘You’re not going with him!'”

Again, how this was construed as an “accident” in court is baffling.


This massive scar happened as a result of an “accident” according to Anglo courts

Then, it happened. The attempted murder which Anglo courts reduced to an almost laughable charge:

“She stormed into the kitchen and returned seconds later with the knife. After waving the blade towards Andrew she waved it towards me. Then she pounced – it all happened so fast. Her face went pale – my blood was gushing everywhere.”

It seems she didn’t want her walking ATM machine to party without her. After all, he might pick up another bitch and let her into his wallet first.

Newcastle Crown Court heard all three had been out drinking in February 2016 before they returned to Goodwin’s house in Cambois, Northumberland. The court heard she was “jealous of the close friendship he had with her boyfriend” and had openly voiced her dislike for him in the past. Speaking after the case, Anthony said she had been jealous of his friendship with her then-partner, and became angry when he suggested they go to a party.

Once again, anyone familiar with females (especially Anglobitches) knows well their propensity to cut men off from the outside world. From the get go, Jodie Goodwin had her maniacal gaze focused on her boyfriend’s best friend:

“While me and Andrew played pool, she’d complain that he was ignoring her. He said ‘I think she’s jealous of our friendship – she’ll soon chill out.'”

Of course, she didn’t chill out. She became increasingly enraged that her boyfriend’s attention wasn’t solely focused on her and her manipulations. However, it’s interesting to hear her lawyer rationalize Jodie’s vicious behavior. Once again, we must suffer the pussy pass:

Ian Hudson, mitigating, said it was a “drunken, spontaneous act” and Goodwin, had matured since having a baby.

Oh, it’s alright she nearly killed a man and left him with a life-altering scar because she had a baby since the incident. What kind of fucked up logic is that? It’s simply stunning this passes muster in Anglo society. No doubt, with her child support annuity now in hand Jodie will be less possessive of her male prey item.

It seems Rudyard Kipling’s sage wisdom “The female of the species is deadlier than the male” rings true in this case. And throughout the world. The problem is, there’s no counterbalance to stop female temper tantrums and resultant murderous behavior in the gynocentric Anglo world. Women are free to pillage and destroy male lives at will, and suffer few consequences.

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  • All for a titless 5 whose face wouldn’t even cut it in a tranny bar


  • I’m not defending her. What she did was reprehensible and the courts did a real disservice to the victim. It’s also folly to expect the courts to rescue manhood. It’s not in their best interests to do so. But the real source of the problem is her boyfriend. He ignored the signs that she was out of control. That she was trying to dominate his life. That she was trying to own him. He could have prevented this by simply making it clear to her at her first sign of trouble (this was back when he was playing pool with his buddy and she expressed her jealousy) that she was not going to dictate to him who he could have as friends, how he spends his time, and what he did/didn’t do. Furthermore, he should have made explicitly clear to her that if she insisted on controlling him, that she could use the front door, ie. if you don’t like my rules, please use the front door and leave.


  • Jesus, just 27 months for slashing a neck with a knife? A man would get decades in the slammer for such an attempted murder. The Anglobitches currently are all up in arms against Michigan State University because some Arab Doctor did unnecessary gynecological exams on all the midgets on the Women’s Olympic Gymnastic Team. He got off on sticking his finger up their snatch and they gave him 175 years for this, a sentence on par with what Jeffery Dahmer got. That wasn’t enough, they are using the communist inspired Title 9 law to have feminist commissars to take down the Male Football and Basketball programs there too for absolutely no reason other than the Anglobitch is on a witch hunt and wants to destroy every last vestige of masculinity at MSU as the feminist golem was unsatisfied with the blood of just a single Arab Doctor.

    Liked by 1 person

  • UK courts are too lenient with women. This wil catch up with them when these women commit more offenses. I wonder if anyone will hold the prior judges responsible? If not in a court of law, then in the court of public opinion.


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