“Human Trafficking” Sex Sting on Bourbon Street Predictably Nets ZERO Human Trafficking Cases


American cops apparently have nothing better to do than meddle in the sex lives of the citizenry in a so-called “party town” like New Orleans

Only days ago, The New Modern Man carved up a recent Texas “human trafficking” campaign like a roast, exposing it as another attempt by an immoral government at fostering an anti-sex moral crusade. A uniquely Anglo-American, neo-Puritan crusade intended to destroy sexual options for lonely men by blowing the supposed harm done by prostitution (and recreational drugs) completely out of proportion.

On the heels of the Texas story, we find the Big Easy not taking it so easy on people looking for a good time in what is supposed to be a party town. This week, Puritan-minded New Orleans police went door to door busting strip clubs and bars for “lewd activity” and women offering customers sexual satisfaction rather than the normal case of blue balls they receive at American strip clubs. New Orleans Police Department Supervisor Michael Harrison boldly told the press:

“The reason for this was to end human trafficking in New Orleans, and this is our first step. If anyone chooses to create victims because of the profit they make because of human trafficking, we’re coming for them.”

There’s only one problem with this bold statement. The “human trafficking” operation on Bourbon Street predictably netted ZERO cases of human trafficking. Probably because the entire operation is a front so Police State USA can micromanage its subjects’ sex lives and make fucking for money sound much more sinister than it actually is. The human trafficking narrative is shoddy at best, and intended to oppress the citizenry (especially men who want to avoid the scam that is modern marriage) at worst. Even mainstream mierda outlet WGNO contradicted law enforcement moral crusaders’ claims:

Although the press conference was billed as an announcement about human trafficking at the eight clubs, no human trafficking arrests were announced.

But, prudish police were still able to pull the liquor licenses of eight establishments and claim around 30 girls were offering sex for hire. (What ever happened to My Body, My Choice? Is that campaign only valid for killing the unborn?) Police even went so far as to say strippers offering customers a sexual release were endangering the public. How they twisted logic into that pretzel remains a mystery.

Police say arrests for soliciting for prostitution are forthcoming, as any type of sexual deviancy is apparently permissible in modern America (mutilating one’s genitals with transgenderism, gay men swapping out partners until 3 a.m., etc.) EXCEPT heterosexual sex for hire. As The Advocate writes:

New Orleans Police Department and the state Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control said Monday that this month’s raids uncovered multiple instances of prostitution, drug use and “lewd acts” at the clubs.

So, which clubs were busted?

Eight strip clubs on or near Bourbon Street had their liquor licenses pulled over the past two weeks: Scores, Dixie Divas, Stilettos, Rick’s Sporting Saloon, Temptations, Larry Flynt’s Hustler Barely Legal, Hunk Oasis and Rick’s Cabaret.

The widespread nature of sex for hire exposed by this half-assed operation basically means women are going to offer to fuck for money no matter how much meddling the police force does in people’s personal lives.

Interestingly, only heterosexual clubs featuring female dancers clubs were busted for prostitution. (Probably because women don’t fuck for free. Reference Briffault’s Law.) No gay clubs were busted, which of course hints at bias from law enforcement. (Gays are also lionized in a latent homosexual Anglo culture, as scholar Rookh Kshatriya has pointed out.) Continuing from The Advocate:

All of those clubs are accused of allowing prostitution on their property except for Hunk Oasis, whose dancers are men, according to the violation notices served on the clubs. Three of the clubs — Hunk Oasis, Stilettos and Dixie Divas — were cited after undercover officers were offered marijuana, and Rick’s Cabaret was cited after an undercover officer was offered cocaine, authorities said.

Those familiar with the prudishness of Anglo culture know well its myopic views on recreational drugs and recreational heterosexual sex, i.e. both are verboten and are tools of the devil.

A 2016 story from ABC 13 reveals New Orleans city leaders’ ultimate goal is to destroy adult entertainment once and for all on the famous venue:

There are currently 14 adult clubs on Bourbon Street and city commissioners propose halving that number through attrition and revoking clubs’ licenses.

The War on Sex is a curious one in Anglo America. And it’s becoming stranger with each passing year as the culture lunges backwards in time to the Victorian Era legally while simultaneously trying to make women as slutty as possible.

Of course, the raids are unpopular as anyone can see for themselves by reading comments sections following mainstream news reporting on the matter. WWL-TV in New Orleans even featured an adult entertainer in their reporting who blasted the sting operation.

“I am close to my family, I’m a dog owner, I’m an aerialist, and I also have a full-time job in public health,” Alison Huddleston said.

“For me dancing is a really important side hustle.”

Huddleston also contradicted the standard “females are being victimized” racket Police State USA regularly likes to throw out at press conferences.

“We’re here to provide entertainment, and that’s what we do it’s not seedy, we’re not doing this out of desperation. These raids don’t make us feel safe. Having law enforcement come into your work place makes you feel like a criminal.”

Indeed, having American cops meddle in your sex life, cockblocking you before a girl willingly spreads her legs for you, or barging into your hotel room/bedroom and prying you off another willing adult you’re having sex with certainly has a way of making one feel like a criminal. And, that American law enforcement is out of control.

Worse, these moral crusade raids disguised as “human trafficking” Captain America saves the day type operations come as the city ramps up for Mardi Gras, a weeks-long party centered around Bourbon Street. Women famously flash their tits at these parties. How long before moral crusaders start rounding women up for that?

On a personal note, I just came from Colombia where prostitution and recreational drugs are either fully legal or decriminalized. Seeing this shabby attempt at creating another prohibition in Anglo America out of the largely fake menace posed by human trafficking only further estranges me from Anglo culture. Seriously, fuck this place.

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  • To get back on topic, I think that the human traffic meme is overblown, just like most stories in the national media. In fact, I’m suspicious of ANY story appearing in the national media…


    • Suspicious to the tenth degree.
      Before Canada and Australia signed on to the illegal, unjustified invasion of Iraq the Prime Ministers of both countries made a speech explaining why it was essential for the free world to bomb the shit out of that country.
      Each individual speech was WORD FOR WORD exactly the same as the other!!!
      There was a video on YouTube with the PM’s speaking side by side in split screen.
      Who writes their speeches? Who authors their agenda?
      When Bush senior retired from politics he was Knighted by the Queen of England!!!
      The Queen is indentured to the Pope since Edward the Confessor pledged all his power and authority a thousand years ago. The Pope reminded the royal couple of this just a few years ago when they went to Rome for tea. Seriously, a 15 minute appointment.
      No shit!
      One thing Red PIll does well; it teaches us to pay attention, or pay cash.


      • When Roosh V hosted his Return of Kings meetup, every Western media used the Canadian smear campaign to cause a worldwide outrage. It was cathartic that the media could have riled up that anger against Roosh V the Iranian posing as a white man.
        Roosh V looks like he doesn’t even have an extra grand in his name, so why would the media work so badly to censor him using slander and mob violence? I guess the elites are scared of PUA Muslims and Iranians?


  • Rel, no disrespect to you with the link; if anything, I consider him your forerunner, your ‘spiritual ancestor’, if you please. Readers who enjoy this fine blog (and I’m one of them!) would enjoy the work of that fine trailblazer also.


  • OT again-sorry, I messed up the link I put in before. In any case, you want to check out Mirror of the Soul, which can be found here: https://mirrorofthesoul.blogspot.com/


  • Proof that this is a fake PR campaign of lies is the fact that you NEVER HEARD OF SO-CALLED “HUMAN TRAFFICKING” BEFORE 2000. Entirely made up, whores were portrayed as fallen women of questionable moral character in pop culture in the 80s and early 90s. Any anti-prostution campaigns then by prudes involved the myth of heterosexual aids. (You only catch the aids by having aids ridden semen ejaculated into your torn up rectum during receptive anal intercourse, not something straight men do.) As the leftists movement got more and more radical, and the common sense generations aged and died, they upped their bizarre feminist agenda by rerunning the “White Slavery” canard from a century back. Don’t put it past these fuckers to rerun the “Satanic Ritual Abuse” hoaxes from the 80s again some day in pursuit of some new leftist crackpot campaign.


  • Feminists wanted to raise the age of prostitution and adult sex work from 18 to 25 in Louisiana. In response a lawmaker or politician suggested that strippers must not weigh more than 140lbs or something like that.


  • OT: for those new to the manosphere, here’s a blog (an oldie but a goodie) you MUST check out: https://mirrorofthesoul.blogspot.com-good stuff! You can think of him as RF before there was a RF. Go through and read the whole thing beginning to end. It’ll do you good-trust me…


  • If we legalized drugs and prostitution, we’d remove the justification for a majority of law enforcement’s existence. Come on, man!


  • I’d say there’s a DA who is about to go through an election cycle and needs to prove he’s tough on crime. It happens all over the place every few years. My big question is how many customers were arrested? I’d imagine very few if any but the clubs and dancers took it on the chin.


    • Uh, Rat Man, no offense intended.
      I worked in the French Quarter Flea Market for 7 months. Nice to be able to drink a beer with lunch while you try to make sales competing with another 127 vendors.
      I drove down Bourbon Street every morning at 7:25 so I could stand in line and get my rental spot at 7:30.
      In the process of driving I tried to avoid the sleeping drunks and empty glass bottles on the road. The plastic cups I tried to run over just for target practice.

      I know cops. Lots and lots of cops. They are all crooked. So fucked up they should be in separate facilities on their own. Some of them are even nice guys and gals. Most of them are irredeemable except with a pension.
      A very few of them are watching out for my, and your, ass.
      Most of them are in it for the paycheck and fringe benefits.
      As I like to point out, to them; ‘that paycheck will be called due one day and it probably will terminate your life’.
      Nonetheless, as they say, it is what it is. Stay away from the cops. If they come in you go out. ‘Evening Officer, everything alright?’
      ‘No, I don’t know anything about that but give me your number and I will let you know if I hear something.’
      Clean break. He will probably decline your number.
      Experience speaks volumes.
      I had one Border Patrol (US) tell me ‘fuck, no, you can’t come in’.
      The next day another told me, ‘hell, yeah, here’s a Visa. Sorry about that last agent. He must have been new.’
      You better be sharp and you better be true. Just like a knife except you don’t want blood.

      If anyone is going to ‘The Big Easy’, (it ain’t), please note that Bourbon Street is the LEAST entertaining of all of New Orleans. AND, It is NOT like going to Planet Hollywood.
      Fucked up shit to say the least.
      Have an nice evening.


  • It seems to me that if the city wants to reduce the number of these establishments by half, there is a straightforward way to accomplish this. Buy the businesses outright. Shutting them down by underhanded means will cost them a lot, especially when they have stated their intentions.


  • Red Pill Brotherhood

    Thanks for spreading the light onto this issue. There really is a war on sex in the west, and it’s why men are seeking foreign lands. Ethically, I see nothing wrong with prostitution. But the US manipulates it into a dirty, disgusting act that only losers (illegally) pay for.

    Liked by 1 person

  • Seriously, no, you fuck it.
    I already did.
    Now, when do I fuck off Canada too?
    The clash of races, cultures, gender-benders and polite-ticians is about to start.
    Keep your eyes on California. Every new fad starts in L.A., or, la-la land.
    When the rioting starts there, with indiscriminate ‘nothing to lose, nothing to fear’ killing in the streets, your city is next.
    Gotta love them CB radios.
    ‘Heads up buddy, get your ears on, there’s a convoy coming!’

    What about Spain? There must be a reason it is number one tourist destination in the world. They speak Spanish too! I know, duhhh.
    You can always cross the lake to get some Moroccan smoke once in a while.


    • The Angry Outernationalist

      “There must be a reason it is number one tourist destination in the world …”

      Yes, it’s relatively cheap compared to a lot of the rest of Europe.

      But don’t let cheap Spanish splendour fool you: plenty of ex-pat Americans and Brits found out how they could be schemed out of their holiday homes in Spain as a result of corrupt building inspectors and local councils.

      Then there’s the women who will play the kiss-kiss game so they can invade your personal space and so they can attempt to establish personal dominance over you.

      The Spanish even lie about “Spanish saffron” which is mostly repackaged Iranian saffron, all so Westerners can feel good about not supporting the Ayatollahs.

      Visit for the jamón ibérico, the hand-made leather shoes, and the shops full of cheap blades, of course, but don’t think you’ve discovered some kind of quasi-affordable utopia that happens to use the Euro as currency …

      If the traits of the past are reflected in the people of the present, everything tells me that the Spanish absolutely deserved the Moorish invasion.


      • And I thought the Moors were bad in being defeated by their love of wine and turkish delight!!!
        Thanks for the tour guide. Very inexpensive service.


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