Police State USA Takes “Human Trafficking” Farce to the Super Bowl


Police State USA is out in force at the Super Bowl to stop as many heterosexual hookups as possible

After a recent New Orleans “human trafficking” sting went door to door at Bourbon Street strip clubs right before Mardi Gras season trying to snare horny patrons in Police State USA’s anti-sexual gratification net – yet failed to net a single human trafficking case – American police forces are taking their circus on the road. In fact, they’re taking it to the Super Bowl. Reason magazine reports on the sexual prohibitionists and myth makers’ activities:

Dan Conboy, a police lieutenant in the Minneapolis suburb of Edina, said cops from all over the area would be focused on sex trafficking this weekend, with help from federal authorities. Their focus “won’t just be hotels, but also the airport, clubs and bars–any area where large groups will congregate,” reported the Minneapolis Sun Current.

First off, it’s amazing that this many resources are being deployed to try and stop heterosexual women from selling sexual services to lonely men. This is where we’re at in America, folks. The immoral government is on another classically neo-Puritan moral crusade, turning itself into the biggest cockblock possible. Continuing from Reason:

“This year’s Super Bowl will have the greatest deployment of federal resources yet, due to the city’s relatively small police department,” reported KTSA Minneapolis. Around 1,700 federal agents are expected in town, along with state and local police, the Minnesota National Guard, and officers from more than 60 police departments around Minnesota. In addition, “a 10,000-strong volunteer force has been trained to spot suspicious activity” around town.

You read that right. The latest angle from those planning a totalitarian, socialist state is getting citizens to spy on and tattle tale on each other.

“Hello, I saw some guy with what looked like a slut!”

“We’re on it. We’ll throw his ass to the ground, humiliate him, and give him a criminal record for having those disgusting urges!”

All these public resources and public relations bravado have been directed at a human trafficking problem that largely doesn’t exist, as the matrix lunges at the victimless crime of prostitution. (This is also the case with many other invented “problems” created out of whole cloth by The Anglo-American Matrix and its love affair with the Hegelian Dialectic, i.e. creating problems that don’t exist to create social hysteria and profit. Ultimately, the goal is to make the populace enslave themselves with constant, invented security threats like these.)

Even Reuters accidentally admitted the “human trafficking” campaign is largely a farce in one of their reports on the Super Bowl sex stings:

Although the attorney general of Texas dubbed the Super Bowl the “single largest human trafficking incident” in the United States in 2011, this is largely a myth, academics and anti-trafficking campaigners said.

The commercial sex market grows modestly during Super Bowls, but also during other large events, from the Las Vegas consumer electronics show to Memorial Day weekend, said Lauren Martin, a trafficking expert at the University of Minnesota.

Meaning, willing whores come to the Super Bowl and other big events to sell their “product” to willing men. It’s plain to see P4P (pay for play) is what the matrix wants to wipe out, not human trafficking.

Troublingly, operations like this illustrate the fact the American police state now likes to insert itself into every area of its citizens’ lives as possible. Including their private lives. And there’s nothing as private as sex. Our overlords are quite serious about the War on Sex. From Reason:

In other words, “sex trafficking” gives federal and local authorities an excuse for posting police anywhere and everywhere people are gathering—and for enlisting citizens as spies, too.

Just as TNMM has been reporting, the matrix is making a push to conflate “human trafficking” with regular old prostitution, in an effort to completely take sex away from heterosexual men who don’t agree to subjugate themselves under the gynocentric terms of marriage in feminist-dominated Anglo culture:

Even police willing to admit there’s no evidence for a surge in sex trafficking around the Super Bowl are still planning on using the game as an excuse to conduct prostitution stings. Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) Sgt. Grant Snyder explained the theory: More men than usual may be looking to pay for sex this weekend, and even though most of the people they’ll approach will be consenting adult sex workers, someone getting paid for sex could be a trafficking victim.

Note the typical logic pretzel Clancy Wiggins and Co. twists with the above statement. How long before the remnants of the Fourth Amendment (protections against illegal search and seizure) go out the window? After all, someone in your house might be a terrorist concealing a sizzling bomb. Probably not. But “you never know” in these days of government-fostered paranoia.

Reason magazine injects some reality into what the police will really be doing. Contrast this with the heroic language at officials’ self-congratulatory press conferences:

Therefore—rather than rescuing victims, or finding the people exploiting them—the police are going to arrest a tiny fraction of potential prostitution customers and publicly shame them. (It’s the thought that counts, right?)

In a misandrist culture, shaming men for having sexual desires is what the “human trafficking” campaign is all about. In fact, American police are daring people to sexually satisfy themselves:

For the 10 days leading up to the Super Bowl, MPD has been working with other agencies to conduct “Operation Guardian Angel,” in which police post online ads posing as adult sex workers and arrest those they lure to meet them.

It’s classic entrapment by the minions of Big Daddy Government.

“People who are coming to Minneapolis and are thinking about illegally buying sex know there’s a really good chance they’re talking to law enforcement, that we’ve infiltrated and embedded ourselves in the networks that are trying to sell sex,” Minneapolis City Council Member Steve Fletcher said.

Michelle Guelbart, of ECPAT, an organization that claims to have a mission to end the sexual exploitation of children (why this is being conflated with regular prostitution, nobody knows) gives us a hint at the truth behind all this bullshit in another mainstream media propaganda puff piece from mainstream mierda affiliate WTOP:

“The conversation is moving in the direction that we want it to,” she said.

The conversation is indeed going in the direction social engineers and tyrannical feminists want it to. Assailing the sex lives of Beta males in America.

Where does that leave us? French economist Frédéric Bastiat tried to warn us of the dangers of giving police too much power over the lives of citizens well over a century ago. The human trafficking farce is stark evidence we have descended into the type of society he wrote about:

To create crime, create laws. When there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.

When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.

Indeed, Police State USA glorifies itself in human trafficking narratives, while plundering and recklessly destroying the lives of men who dare leave a Benjamin on the nightstand after having sex with a willing woman.

The greatest tyranny ever known to mankind continues to take root, while a largely oblivious and passive American populace sit on their fat asses munching Cheetos and watching men throw a ball around. Bread and circuses, it seems, work every time.

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  • Maggie MacNeil over at the Honest Courtesan blog, a former call girl, writes about the sex trafficking hoax quite a bit and always lampoons the super bowl urban legend. She says the super bowl is a terrible market for escorts as the crowd for the $3K per seat super bowl is very wealthy and almost always brings along their significant others. All she said they catch are local girls serving the local markets who haven’t got the word to get out of town and take a few weeks off when the media shows up for the super bowl. All these sex trafficking busts in general usually are is a bunch of high school gangbangers and their party sluts who have seen too many 70s blaxploitation movies and think they can make the big bucks “pimpin” and get set up by the feds. A 17 year old wannabe and his 17 year old slut party girl associate.


  • They probably asked Angela Merkel how it was done back in the good ol’times in the GDR: People spying on people were called “Inoffizielle Mitarbeiter” or “IM” (unofficial staff/associate/collaborator)…


  • The are moving the verbal goalposts similar to the way “sexual abuse” became “sex abuse.” “Human trafficking” is now being rebranded as “sex trafficking.” See what they did? The first set of terms has a definite or implied victim, the second is like the War On Drugs or War on Terror. It means something far more than the original terms or the things average people want authorities to control. Good citizens don’t want anyone to be sexually abused or sold into slavery, or hooked on drugs against their will or terrorized by political violence. But all these things get turned into systems of control when the so called authorities try to conflate their original intent with far broader powers to control things the citizenry never agreed to. They have to use these weasel words to confuse the population, else they’d be laughed off the airwaves.


    • Notwithstanding, your comments stand but add to it the common knowledge that people in high places facilitate the pedophilia and killer drug epidemics for their pleasure and profit.
      Indeed, everything, EVERYTHING, is a scam for somebody’s profit. If it is touched by banks, corporations, governments or the church it is a scam.
      It does not need to be so.
      Minimalize, seek out a niche lifestyle and compatible associates.
      Eschew the status quo, and its entire Matrix, as though your life depends on it; it does!
      If your satisfaction comes from bars and broads you will never be satisfied. If it comes from a piece of land or property and a compatible mate you will be satisfied and rewarded until death.
      What more might there be?


  • Psychology has proven a very strong correlation between sexual repression and violence.
    Do we dare question how repressive and violent America has become?
    This latest effort by the totalitarian state only serves to prove my point


  • I don’t know if I will live to see it in fact but in my mind I can see the day when fat bottomed American women, and Canadian too, will be glad to PAY MEN a whole bunch of Benjamins for a little ride, but, there will be no takers.
    It is the dead of Canadian winter and today I was surrounded by at least 500 wood ducks down by the Ottawa River. They were so fat they turned their noses up at the seeds i brought them.
    The Chickadees are not quite so picky.
    I also found another 20 wild rose bushes. It is the one genus that can tame any bitch quick.


    • Fatties with square asses in Toronto and Montreal have attitudes that stink more than a sewer, and on Tinder they have dozens if not hundreds of men competing for them. The Pussy Bubble is still here, but yes, one day this will all collapse like the housing bubble, stock market bubble and fiat currency bubble.

      I’ve heard from men in Toronto that if the average cunt in Toronto doesn’t see you driving a Lambo, Ferrari, Bugatti or high-end sports car, she walks away from you faster than a missile landing on the battlefield.


  • The one consolation for all this injustice is that the police are making enemies of ordinary citizens.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Police harassment was usually confined to political dissidents or outlaws, but feminists are using police to harass and brutalize innocent men for no reason other than feminist hate for men.

      Then when we hear on the news some sexually frustrated and disenfranchised male driving a lifted Ford F250 with 45 inch military monster truck wheels into a crowd of gays or women, they blame the manosphere or encourage men to fight some shitty war in the middle east.


      • Fundamentally, police are cowardly mercenaries. Any honest cop is gone by the third year out of college. That Detective’s suicide at Ottawa Police Headquarters was not exactly as portrayed.
        I met lots of girls I liked in Toronto, some I didn’t, but I just couldn’t stand the city. North York and New York are way too much alike for my taste. PUKE!!!


      • When was the last time you were in Toronto? Most men who visit Toronto eventually became gay or they started to hate women after their experience with militant feminists.


      • I left Toronto in Sept. 2013.
        In my view, from observations throughout North America, Toronto will collapse into anarchy faster than any American or foreign city.
        It is entirely composed of extremely self centered individuals who have little respect for anyone or anything except their paycheck.
        That is to be expected from a city dominated by banks and corporations.
        Of course, if the Catholic Monsignors can afford a Maserati Quattroporte to cruise with the other go boys, what do you expect.
        Burn baby, burn.


      • You left just in time for Chanty Binx and years before the Roosh V outrage. Toronto has turned so bad ever since that men are either jumping on the subway tracks or vandalizing the subway tracks so that to spite the paper pushing harpies who have to arrive to work or reach home after work. Toronto is a city where men are starting to feel that Toronto ain’t got any loyalty for men, so men are actively trying to find covert or small ways to fuck up the system little by little.


      • If all of the disenfranchised men in Toronto would move to Ottawa it would paralyze the country. As it is they are just another cost born by the proletariat as the cost of doing business. The average suicide, about one a week between TTC and GO, costs the province and municipalities one million dollars each. That is the value of a suicide. Too bad the suicide could not collect that.
        Admittedly, Ottawa is about as asleep as Sleepy Hollow, but, it is open and progressive to thinkers in several realms. Closely connected with the hill country hippies and back to the earth movement it is far easier, and cheaper, to buy organic food in Ottawa than in T.O. or Mont Reale. The handcraft movement is still alive and fairly well even after 40 yrs of the feds trying to kill it.
        There is zero hope in or for T.O.
        Better to be on the Niagara escarpment or in Leamington or Kingston areas though not in their metros.
        I have a current invite to the interior of Vancouver Island which I am entertaining just for a visit to scope out the land for farming and crafting. The Haida from thereabouts were the most advanced and wealthy of any identifiable tribe in the country. They still are.
        I have some other interests there too.
        Canada is a big country. The Canadian military cannot hold it and neither the US nor Russian could take it. Way too expensive and adventurous for their economies or purposes. No real reason for China to take it as they would be diluted considerably in the process.
        I still see opportunity for real freedom but we have to go through a serious catharsis on earth before we move on and up.
        It is coming like a slow freight train into the yard. You can see it moving slowly, almost imperceptibly, but, a little faster, a little faster each day.
        Fuck Toronto. Fuck Wynne. The Blue Jays and the Leafs too.
        Sin City? No, sick city and dying.


  • forward over the cliff..
    when the system goes pop, the pendulum will swing way back the other way..
    not going to be a good time for betas and bitches when the trucks quit running..


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