Two Damning Videos Point to Parkland School Psyop

Update 2/24/18: YouTube has censored the original video link we posted featuring the David Hogg interview with a classmate at 9:32 a.m. However, after some digging we have found it again. 

The United States – in a true display of Neoconservative philosophy based on using the mainstream media to invent phantom enemies in order to influence public policy (as documented by BBC filmmaker Adam Curtis in a film that strongly suggests most, if not all “terror” events since 2001 have been staged) has unleashed yet another probable psyop on a sheeplike populace.

Of course, the Parkland school mass shooting, as with each mass shooting incident before it is intended to fuel the oft-used Hegelian Dialectic in another gun grabbing attempt as the volume is turned way up on mass shootings while rational thinking and skepticism of authorities become the first fatalities in the society-wide march to tyranny currently underway. (The Hegelian Dialectic, when simplified means inserting the “We have to do something!” narrative into the public consciousness with fake news then directing the reaction towards preconceived legislation.)

It’s interesting to note that to this day questions still swirl about the Las Vegas mass shooting as well as other mass shootings, including Sandy Hook.

Case in point: Two damning videos have surfaced that should knock the socks of of those rational men with the analytical capability to understand the gravity of disturbing facts that have surfaced as a result of the videos. It seems we have another psyop on our hands, intended to foster anti-gun legislstion:

  • David Hogg, the son of a former FBI agent (and reportedly connected to Leon Panetta’s progressive think tank) – who was giving news interviews in Redondo Beach, CA six months ago before he resurfaced in South Florida to spearhead a gun grabbing movement – timestamps a video with his own voice that he supposedly recorded while the Parkland School psyop mass shooting was underway. Hogg records the reaction of a fellow crisis actress schoolmate to the mass shooting drill at 9:32 a.m. on February 14 – almost a full 5 hours before the mass shooting began at 2:21 p.m. This is a major bombshell. Those funding the psyop (likely Mr. Soros and other globalists) obviously wanted canned media fodder ready to go when the mass shooting drill was “flipped live” to use Dr. Webster Tarpley’s terminology. (See Hogg’s video above.)
  • In a CNN interview, another poorly prepared crisis actor student spills the beans by admitting police were firing blank rounds at students to “scare” them and “get them trained” before a real mass shooter showed up. This should have provoked a stunned reaction from the CNN shill reporter as soon as it came out of the student’s mouth, that a government-sponsored mass shooting drill was underway the same day as “actual” mass shooting and that police were firing at students! But, the CNN reporter glosses over this stunning revelation and apparently hopes nobody understood the gravity of what this student just said during this live interview. The odds of a  mass shooting drill and an actual mass shooting at a school the same day have to be a million to one. (See the CNN interview below.)

The fact that drills (often identical to purported actual events) have accompanied terror events since 9/11 and accompanied many (if not most/all) mass shootings points to Deep State, clandestine government involvement. In all likelihood, there is a concerted effort to either fake deaths of citizens on a large scale, or worse, the American government is actively killing its own citizens to spur a public outcry for a full gutting of the last line of defense against tyranny: The Second Amendment.

A Nation Running on Lies

It’s hard to know where the lies end and where the truth begins in today’s Alice in Wonderland America. Clearly, the nation is devolving into not only a police state but the greatest social engineering experiment ever known, with multiple government agencies and the mainstream media actively spinning false narratives across the board in order to manipulate the panic-prone populace into giving up liberty for the illusion of security.

Ergo, everything one hears from authority and the media is a lie in 2018.

These are dark times. Realize, the Great Experiment is over. The American republic we once knew and loved is no more. The triumphs of the Founding Fathers are relics supplanted by a treacherous ruling class, and the free society they created has descended into a totalitarian state managed by elite money men hiding behind the curtain.

Those who want to escape the coming tyranny (and the death that usually comes after the populace has been disarmed) might be wise to start making plans to flee coming Socialism and Communism in America, assuming Trump won’t be able to stop the descent into totalitarianism. Or worse, David in this supposed battle with Goliath could be a Trojan Horse and complicit in all that’s happening as Trump could be only symbolic opposition, meant to appease libertarians and the right until they run themselves out of energy from the constant onslaught of Saul Alinsky’s tactics from the  left.

Either way, when a government is manipulating the public mind on this scale, its citizens are in imminent danger. Worse, vigilant citizens are doing the job the Fourth Estate won’t do by unearthing discrepancies such as these, and our narratives have a much harder time bleeding through the Overton Window than those created by the corrupt establishment. So, it’s an uphill battle to get the truth out.

America moves forward, full steam into darkness.

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  • I’ll flee. Where should I go where I can remain armed for self defense and don’t have to worry about corrupt cops shaking me down and or killing me? Switzerland is the only place I have come up with that sort of fits the bill to flee to.



    David Hogg was presenting himself to US mainstream media as a survivor of Stoneman Douglas High School massacre on 15 February 2018

    Independent american researchers have found out, easy enough, that David Hogg was not a student at that school. He graduated from Redondo Shores High School in California in 2015.
    Yearbook photo evidence presented online as below.
    YouTube and Twitter sources are now being deleted.
    Full story at


  • All these events are hoaxes, all the way back to Columbine. Crisis actors, drills, no one dies at these events. It is all made for TV propaganda designed to make people emotional, because people are easy to manipulate when emotions are high. After they eventually ban assault rifles, the police and government, of course, will still have them. It won’t stop there either, they will work on hand guns, next, then shotguns, etc until all guns are banned. The government does not want the people to be able to defend themselves against the tyranny they have planned.


    • Real tyranny is never an effective play. It is very effective to maintain. As in Rome. Better to have the ploy of the threat of tyranny.
      You can’t make money from tyranny. America is all about money.


  • As soon as I heard about this school shooting, I immediately told myself that:

    A. The guy was a loner on SSRIs
    B. Might have little or no recollection of what he did, meaning the possible use of hypnotics such as Rohypnol (Flunitrazepam), Scopolamine or similar.
    C. There would be reports of additional shooters.
    D. There might be a police drill close by.
    E. That everybody with an agenda would be coming out of the woodwork.
    F. That too quickly “Spontaneous” and well-funded , (too) well-organized protests would take place.
    G. That a lot of the “survivors” and people involved would have too close links to various government agencies.
    H. The true facts would come out despite the water getting muddy very quickly.

    If you’ve ever been around Psychopaths, you can’t help but notice that they get sloppy in whatever they’re doing as time goes by. In the beginning, they’re meticulous. But in time they get too confident, and they don’t sweat the little details, because, hey, they’re smarter than you.

    And then they get caught.

    Whoever set this thing up, as well as the other shootings, bombings – Boston Bombing. There’s a total B.S. story for you – ad nauseam have become so breathtakingly sloppy and in-your-face arrogant in the presumption of your stupidity that it boggles the mind. Haven’t these guys ever heard of the Internet, aka the World’s biggest and fastest fact checker?

    But still they pull this shit. And eventually, and despite the (ever less successful) censoring efforts of Google, Facebook, Instagram, Mainstream Media et al, to keep the Bovines placid and stupid, they will get found out on a large scale. And when that happens – and if it’s not too late – it will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

    I like reading history, but I don’t want to live it.

    Just a thought.



    • Addendum:
      What the majority of Americans fail to understand is that not only is the USA a client state of Britain’s Crown Corporation, and the Vatican’s Crown thereby, but; you have 50 State Corporations, a Federal Corporation and a gadzillion Oligarchal Corporations each eating their own slice of YOUR pie.
      Whether Vegas or Parkland the local Sheriff gets his cut not for finding the real perp/perv but for protecting them.
      Anybody who has ever been a street vendor knows how to spot a thief before they steal. Anybody that knows NLP knows how to spot a liar while they are lying. Just watch the eyes. It is easier if you can trip them up with YOUR question, like the young man who wanted to take on NBC, but it is still relatively easy when it is their game.

      Vic is absolutely dead on the money for calling all points. It is indeed a sadly overplayed and worn out script, poorly executed, and, sadly there may have been real blood shed by unwitting players.

      Ultimately, of course, it is the average American’s blood which is going to be shed one day very soon. Marxism and totalitarianism is almost at hand. Yeah, in Canada too.
      In Canada, under a declaration of martial law, you can be imprisoned for 5 yrs without trial, and, the 5 yrs can be renewed as often as the Patriot Act. Or the Halloween Act. Remember the vest pocket veto? On the Friday, October 13th 699th anniversary of the arrest of Templar Jacques de Molay!
      You have the right to pay taxes now shut up and get back to work.


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    A phone call …

    “Just so you know, during Week In The Future, you need to stay away from Punishment Park …”

    “I try to stay away from Punishment Park anyway, but any particular reason?”

    “The punishments in Punishment Park may be unusually severe that week.”



  • Yeah, the level of deception is high.

    On the positive side though, it has been consistently high since WW2, but only now has a sizable chunk of the population woken up.

    The highly-centralized WW2 war machine never went away. JFK, Gulf of Tonken, MK Ultra, LSD, government-sponsored feminism, 911??!!….

    That a lot of people are awake is a good sign! Don’t lose heart!

    For the first time in my life, people are actually fighting back.


  • GhostofSteveMcQueen

    While it’s entirely possible this is a psyop (as I believe the Vegas shooting was), I think his timestamp is PM. It sounds like a news broadcast of the story is playing in the background? Probably filmed later that night. He does not say AM or PM when he gives the time.


    • Relampago Furioso

      But there’s still the limp wristed soy boy talking about drills and training in the second video. And why would they be at school that late in the night? With bloody bodies everywhere?


  • I agree with you.

    Most Murkans cannot be saved. They do not accept that Murka is a total police state, that everything is lies, and that the American Experiment is over.

    I don’t see gulags being used for a long time, after they grab the MOG (Mountain of Guns). The USG has to disarm first, then corral.

    The problem with police state is always staffing. The human quality in Murka is falling like a rock. That’s why we see this big push for robots and automation.

    You may be the smartest one of us all. Make money in the USA (the only thing left worth doing) and live abroad. Thinking about trying it myself

    Liked by 1 person

  • There is nothing new under the sun.
    False flags have been used for ulterior motives since recorded history began and even before that. What you are really looking at is ‘Hunger Games’ engineered for multiple purposes including: entertainment for the masses who have craved human sacrifices and need more and more of them.

    It is the spilling of blood that makes the most money of any industry.
    In this case more violence produces more gun sales.

    More murders produce all kinds of revenue streams.
    From the trauma ward to the graveyard. Death is the biggest business of all.

    It is both a delusion and a deception to believe that the USA was ever ‘Great’, ‘Free’ or ‘Moral’.
    The USA was born in blood, established in blood and continues in blood shed around the world every single fucking day.

    The world will continue in this moronic mess until the USA is extinguished.
    No country is safe, no person is safe, no species is safe from obliteration.

    To worry about madmen with guns in schools is lunacy when there are madmen with nuclear weapons.
    Even conventional weapons.
    Japan had 60 cities utterly devastated by firebombing, just like Dresden, before the USA dropped two nukes.
    What is it about humans that makes them so psycho?


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