My Visit to the Red Light District in Amsterdam


A visit to the Red Light District

It’s a section of town that all major cities should have. A small area in which there’s carte blanche for women to ply their trades if they decide to become professional whores. A place for men who are down on their luck or find themselves sexually invisible in a world that increasingly marginalizes them where one can drop by for a quick, and affordable sexual release with a pro. An area of town where sexuality – an essential part of the human condition – isn’t shamed or scorned.

Amsterdam’s Red Light District, well-criticized by prudes in the Anglo-American press, is actually underwhelming to the open-minded individual. There are strip clubs, clubs with full nudity, and even clubs that advertise live porno shows for a modest entrance fee. And then, there are the hookers dancing in windows under red lighting (hence the name Red Light District) waiting for the next customer to come by. Prices range from about 50€ to 100€ for full service.

Most of the working girls were average-looking, although there were some hotties interspersed throughout, waving at me as I walked by from rooms illuminated by a red hue. For those who are interested, I only sampled three women during my entire trip. (I spent the rest of the time in museums and other cultural centers.) I banged a Russian chick, a Dutch chick, and a South African chick. The South African chick was my favorite, since she treated me with respect and was the most fun to talk to out of the three.

The Red Light District is teeming with people, especially on the weekend. I heard languages and accents from all over the world, and everybody seemed to be having a good time. It didn’t seem seedy, and it didn’t seem like anyone was ashamed or should be ashamed for being there.

Anglo media frequently discusses the largely fictional human trafficking narrative and the so-called “humiliation” associated with sex work as it heaps nothing but scorn upon areas of the world where prostitution is legal. But, in my nightly walks through the district, I found no evidence of anything remotely resembling human trafficking, and as I stopped to chat with a few of the working girls none of them seemed like they were there for anything except of their own volition.

Nearby, there are stores full of pot brownies, paraphernalia, and product. As I walked through each of these stores in a thriving neighborhood I had the sinking feeling that any of those items would have me sent to prison for possession in America. As would renting some sex for an hour. And then my country has the audacity to tell me I’m free.

My experience in Amsterdam showed various sex businesses and even the recreational drug trade can be handled in such a way that they become practically invisible. They’re hardly the moral crusades deeply repressive Anglo culture makes them out to be. I was totally underwhelmed – as I was the first time I took a hit of cocaine years ago – and asked myself: That’s it? Why is this even illegal?

Much as John Locke fled the thought control, censorship, and intolerance of Anglo society for Dutch society in 1683 by relocating to Amsterdam, I find myself fleeing Anglo society thinking the same thing Locke wrote:

Every man has a property in his own person. This nobody has a right to, but himself.

I could feel that spirit here, and wondered why it has faded away after once illuminating the world as it emanated from Amsterdam – the bastion of tolerance. I don’t feel like I have property in my own person in America. I’ve never felt that way. That I own myself. That my mind and my body are my own. And, the situation is becoming ever worse as the nation lunges towards collectivism in various guises – namely, feminism and socialism.

The fact men are shamed for what goes on in the Red Light District day in and day out, and people are shamed and put into prison for possessing a drug which flows like water in Amsterdam enrages me inside. This is the rift between me and the U.S.

I don’t give a damn about pot, and I don’t rent whores that often. But, if I choose to do so, and I’m not harming anyone else, what makes my personal life the state’s business? Some might call that slavery.

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  • Fantastic place. Been there 2 years ago and a good time. 12 days spent there while staying at a friend’s place so I did not even spend that much money.


  • Nothing like being overseas and regularly spending an hour with a naked 20 year old with a great body, even though I’m pushing 50. Most American men are so stooged by life that they wouldn’t even know what the hell I’m talking about right now.


  • It’s at least C$500-800 to see a “french Canadian” escort who has more tattoos on her body than a prison convict.

    BTW is the South African a white Boer, or an African Black woman? Or mixed race? South Africa is one of those countries where it’s not easy to discover the ethnicity without further explanation.


  • One of the greatest delusions that America pulls off to the modern world, is her delusion that she is the land of the “free” and is a bastion of tolerance

    Sorry, but America is rotten to it’s core with greed, Capitalism, and an insane anti sexual prudishness that governs ALL her decisions….She is now a totalitarian police state that is obsessed with controlling it’s residents

    I don’t think it’s until you visit Europe, and places like Amsterdam that you can see how bad America has become


    • New York City was for a short time, a Dutch outpost, but I see no Red Light District. Louisiana is a former French colony, and they are considered sexually liberated than the rest of America—which is maybe why Anglo feminists are coercing the State of Louisiana to enforce anti-prostitution, and anti-stripper laws.

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    • In the “Land of the Free” there are taxpayer funded, organized stings in place to make sure that a guy can’t go nibble on some young tit when he needs to. No tit for betas. Go decades, if not a lifetime, without any access to high quality T and A, but keep working beta! Big tits framed by lean arms are only for high school athletes and under 30 Chads. The other 96% of the male population has to work their asses off for decades under the cloud of sexual deprivation/frustration. Squirting a load into a 200 pound wife 8 times a year (while envisioning that teen mall cleavage) doesn’t count at all.

      Meanwhile that cyclo driver in Cambodia who just got a fat tip from a drunken tourist is getting ridden by a 20 year old hottie who is a better piece of tail than anything that 98% of Anglo males worldwide will get to lay this year. A guy running his own butcher shop in South America gets to ride better tail than 95% of American lawyers and bankers. I’ve tried to play Paul Revere on this issue to my friends but no one wants to hear it. They don’t believe me. Fine.


  • So how was it compared to other red light districts you have been to? Would you go back again, or was it meh?


    • Relampago Furioso

      It was good, and entertaining. Just not as wild as I expected. Pascha, Europe’s biggest brothel is only 2 hours away by train, though. And offers far more selection and better prices.


  • Usury is the modern slavery. When you control the money you have them by the balls.


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