The Incel to Obesity Ratio: Millennials Both Fattest and Least Sexed Generation on Record


Obesity and sexual repression are linked

A few months back, TNMM proposed a radical new idea: The reason Americans are the fattest souls on the planet is directly related to the fact they live in one of the most sexually repressed cultures in history. In modern times, religious Puritanism has morphed into secular feminism and as a result normal, healthy sex lives have become the third rail of discussion and behavior in a society that shuns and shames sexuality.

The Freudian id demands satisfaction, and if humans’ innate sexual desires (and important planks of Maslow’s Hierarchy that demand sexual release) go unfulfilled, perhaps the sexless masses have started searching for satisfaction by “fucking” their food and eating to excess. There is science to back up this idea of humans substituting food for sex in the absence of satisfying sex lives. As foodie web site Spoon University puts it:

The brain is also the most important sex organ. It’s the center of all our emotions and thoughts. The brain is also the operating center for a complex network of neurotransmitters and neuroendocrine systems. These nerves, hormones and other chemicals are responsible for not only sexual desires but other responses, such as how you taste and react to food. Good food has similar neural pathways to good sex.

The importance of that last sentence can’t be overstated: Good food has similar neural pathways to good sex. And one only need bring up the topic of food and restaurants in the quaint, PC office hell of today and look on in disbelief as gluttonous coworkers take eating conversations to a level of sensuality normally associated with sex.

New research has appeared adding weight (heh) to this hypothesis: Millennials are simultaneously the fattest, and the least sexed generation on record. Surely, this isn’t a coincidence. The highest rates of obesity worldwide are seen in deeply sexually repressed Anglo countries, like the United States and Great Britain. (The fattest in the world and the fattest in Europe, respectively.) The BBC reports:

Britain is the most obese nation in Western Europe, with rates rising faster than in any other developed nation. UK millennials are on track to be the most overweight generation since records began, health experts say. Based on population trends, more than seven in every 10 people born between the early 1980s and mid-90s will be too fat by the time they reach middle age.

Similar trends are unfolding in America. On a related note, Maxim writes of lovelorn American millennials:

To throw in some hard stats, let’s visit a report that the CDC released last week, documenting the decline in sexual activity among teenagers: between the ages of 15 and 19, 42% of women and 44% of men reported having sex, relative to a significantly higher 51% of women and 60% of men in 1988.

So, the takeaway message is as sexual satisfaction decreases, obesity increases, and vice versa. The incel and obesity relationship is inversely proportional.

These findings also jive with sexual market trends shifting towards a cornucopia of poon for top dog Alphas and Sigmas and worsening incel lives for Betas and the rest: Men saw the sharpest decrease in sexual activity over the last 30 years. The percentage of women having sex dropped 9%, while the percentage of men having sex dropped 16%. The Guardian reports these trends are impacting other age groups, too:

Further analysis, taking into account the age of the participants, year of the survey, and looking at all participants older than 18, provided further insights, with a shift towards increasing abstinence seen among all adults since the 1960s.

This isn’t voluntary abstinence, by the way. The human sex drive is still as powerful as it ever was, it’s just that men have been conditioned to relieve themselves with a dose of porn and a bottle of Jergens rather than chasing after the real thing in a world where women heap scorn upon most men. Most men aren’t “good enough” for the land whales that inhabit the modern dystopian landscape.

Beyond obvious chafed hands and porn addictions, these findings have serious societal implications. People are eating themselves to death in the absence of satisfying sex lives, and this is a trend impacting everyone who lives in Anglo culture. But what other effects is the dearth of sexual release having on the Anglosphere? Could it also be spurring the orgy of consumerism? The overall unhappiness – and frankly – deranged mentality of much of the society at large?

People fucking food rather than each other can’t be the only negative side effect of a culture that is attempting to eliminate the genetic, biological, and pleasure-giving prime directive of the human species. But, at least now we know one reason fatties are popping up everywhere.

P.S. Is this one reason fatties are considered universally unattractive in so many of the world’s cultures? A fat person is a person who ain’t getting any, and is therefore a bad bet genetically? Paging the evolutionary biologists.

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  • Well, considering I always fuck my food before I eat it, the conclusions made in this article must therefore be 100% accurate.

    Liked by 1 person

  • Manhandling the Anglosphere

    Excellent read. I could not agree more with the analysis.


  • western men are incel betas.unfortunately its gradually getting to africans,african men are becoming serious total betas,as the women are becoming more powerful and wealthy


  • I remember some great articles posted on Return of Kings maybe a couple years ago written by the incomparable AV8r. In one, he essentially said that the women we have are what we’ve got in the U.S. and they aren’t going anywhere. Once they have become corrupted by American “culture”, there is no putting that genie back in the bottle, so to speak. Also, they are almost certain to raise slutty, damaged daughters by default. It will take several generations in a best case scenario of a full-blown reversion to patriarchy in the West to start producing decent women again. This scenario of a rapid return to sanity/cultural turnaround seems unlikely to say the least. As an aside, perhaps awakened men should invest in health care stocks that profit off the obesity/diabetes epidemic.


  • “Most men aren’t “good enough” for the land whales that inhabit the modern dystopian landscape”



  • “Paging the evolutionary biologists.”
    I hear you! Do you hear me?

    Your argument may only be supported by scientific data because they rig all of their reports.
    I would take the exact opposite position in that; crap in / crap out.

    Food is not food anymore and therefore people are not people anymore.
    Eat shit, feel like shit, emote like shit, exercise like shit. Make love not war has become have shit not sex. Even further; make war not love.

    Yes. We no longer follow our prime directive ‘be fruitful and multiply’ but instead destroy including our own bodies, minds, hearts and souls.
    The ‘brain’ is our DNA which inhabits every cell in our body.
    The potassium/sodium ratio rules the cell. Bad nutrition means bad bodies, even bad DNA, and certainly bad sex, or, in the case of this argument, no sex.


  • As an aside to this, what gets to me about women is that they are so convinced that they have men over a barrel with respect to sex that they believe their obesity should not be a factor in their sexual attractiveness. They expect to pull men as if they were at healthy weight. I have read too many online dating profiles.


    • Once fat bitches started rejecting men who are way above them in terms of SMV, you knew anglo society was fucked.
      This is a fairly new phenomenon by the way, really gaining steam in the last five years or so from my experience. That’s when you know it’s time to leave this cesspool for greener pastures where a man can actually obtain slim women sans p4p.


      • It’s not just that they are fat. Anything and everything that can reduce their SMV they are going to do and not have to take a hit on it. It is collective vanity. They think they can dictate to guys and we will just take it. It may work for a while, but we can’t take this indefinitely.


  • While I see a lot of truth in what is said, I am reminded that ascetics are usually underweight. They deprive themselves of all pleasure.


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