Without Sex, What Value Do Women Bring to the Table?


Even women admit sex is their only bargaining chip with men

“Ladies, how would you keep your man if you lost your vagina?” the late comedian Patrice O’Neal used to ask audiences. When women in the audience would invariably respond with oral and anal sex, O’Neal would respond, “See, I gave you the chance to talk and you qualified yourself as a series of holes. I’m supposed to treat you special but you’re just a bunch of holes to yourself.”

This happened every time O’Neal popped the question on an audience. Hilarious as O’Neal was, the awakened man knows how right he is. Women innately know how right he is, too, even if they vehemently deny it.

Given the chance to bring something else to the table other than sex, women automatically turn themselves into sex objects. Women admit they have nothing to offer men beyond sex. And now, they don’t even offer sex in a Neo-Puritan #MeToo world in which hypergamy has also been taken to the nth degree – meaning the average guy doesn’t have a chance with women who are actually inferior to him.

We men are just supposed to cave in to infinite material and comfort demands and expect nothing in return. We are expected to be willing chumps in Anglo culture.

Knowing sex is woman’s only commodity is the reason a feminist culture relentlessly limits the supply of sex. It’s classic economics. If men can get their sexual needs fulfilled with a prostitute or in a libertine culture, what purpose do women serve in men’s live? Nagging? Bitching? Making demands? Spending more money than men earn? Women abandoned being decent wives and mothers at the first opportunity they were given, so they certainly don’t serve that purpose anymore.

Men don’t give a fuck about women’s careers, social status, or finances – which is hard for modern women to comprehend since they try so hard to attract men by emulating Alpha males. But men do care about sex, youth, and beauty. Over 4.5 billion years of evolution has encoded these traits in our genes.

However, women don’t offer these traits to men, either. Now that sex, youth, and beauty is off the table in an English-speaking world that relentlessly represses sensuality, tells women to waste their youth chasing rubber stamps and bad boys, and where 2/3 of potential mates are overweight or obese, women have become toxic burdens in the average man’s life.  At least in the past women brought childrearing and culinary skills to the table, along with a dose of (feigned) sweetness of character, caring and compassion. Not anymore. And they stripped these things from men’s lives with a cavalier, “Fuck you and the horse you rode in on!” attitude. (Further revealing women only see men as objects and not human beings.)

This is how far the modern woman has fallen in a post-feminist world – especially true for the Anglobitch, who thinks her golden-fuzz adorned vagina is so valuable it commands a kingdom of diamond rings, granite countertops, and exotic sheet metal by virtue of its existence. It also demands cushy jobs while “the help” or the men who built the world women covet get squeezed out of the only thing that gives males utility value in women’s eyes – decent, well-paying jobs.

As feminism has returned women to their pre-civilized, feral nature, men are beginning to see them for what they are: unrepentant prostitutes. Whether prostitutes who extract resources from men in a sophisticated way through marriage, or scantily clad mistresses turning tricks on the corner, the equation is always the same. Sex for resources. We see it from the social heights of Hollyweird with multi-million dollar frivorce settlements and high marriage turnover to the banality of lower class life as a neighbor is turned into a slave of the divorce-industrial complex by decree of the family court. Sex for resources is the rule even in the animal kingdom.

This is why in the second half of my life I limit encounters with women to the realm of fun and pleasure. They are consummate destroyers of male lives as they bring nothing else to the table other than holes. Patrice O’Neal was right.

If I like her company we can get it on once in a while, and that’s as far as it needs to go. When relationshits come into play, I’m on the way out the door because I don’t need the manipulation or the emotional and financial baggage that comes with them.

So, what to make of a world in which women are actively working to destroy the only remaining value they bring to the table – sex – after they already destroyed their femininity?

Ultimately, men created the civilized world for women (who don’t appreciate it or the men who created it) and men can destroy it in true John Galt fashion. One might darkly envision a dystopian future in which the artificial womb is created, sexbots have replaced needy, demanding, and thankless women and men decide to do away with females altogether. Eliminating them from the gene pool – totally flipping feminist Sally Miller Gearhart’s statement about reducing men to 10% of the human race on its ear. For it is men who have the creative genius to bring about that kind of world, not women.

Or at least, we can envision a future world in which men bring about a return of the patriarchy and start demanding that the hole people bring something else other than their anatomy to civilization.

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  • Thank God for foreign women who are culturally different.

    There is more to Colombian, Ukrainian, Dominican, etc. women besides sex.

    There is respect for men, acceptance, unconditional love, unity, peace, and so on.

    I would rather dance with a Dominican woman instead of talking to an American woman about something dramatic or stupid.


  • Jonathan Castle

    “… vagina is so valuable it commands a kingdom of diamond rings…”

    Please tell me this idiotic practice of blowing 5k on a diamond is over. If I ever remarry (possible if unlikely) she gets no rock.

    It’s so Marriage 1.0. Marriage 2.0…yeah, no rock.


  • Most red pill men aren’t intimidated by some clown mask thot with smelly fish holes (symptom of vaginosis from wearing yoga pants &/or having unprotected sex and STDs), but we fear violence from her thugs from either legal police gun violence or violent organized crime gangs.
    We already saw countless cringe videos on YouTube on how innocent men end up being beaten by manginas because he offended a woman.
    There are manginas who are willing to use violence from the barrel of a gun, or from the blade of a sharp knife, to attack a man because of a woman with her smelly fish hole.


  • Keep takin’ those red pills, John. Lolz


  • Haha. Sort of related. My wife and I had a conversation in the shower about stay at home moms.
    She said, “Raising a kid is hard. A lot of moms would rather work!”
    I thought a while, and finally came back after the shower.
    “You are right. A lot of moms would have it easier working than raising a kid. Doing jobs woken do. Grab any stay at home mom, and have her come do my job for a week. She will gladly go back to the simplicity that is being a stay at home mom.”
    Her only response is, “Yeah, I wouldn’t want to do your job.”


  • Perfect description and 100% truth!


  • So. Neo, what are you going to do?
    Continue fucking away the little that is left of anything of value from females to the species?


  • what you ask? a lot of positive traits such as nagging, whining, bitching, complaining, harrassing and spending your hard earned money. And in the end she will even #MeToo you


  • Someday Relampago….Someday….

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    • Cool graph… you should do another one reflecting their ages… like from 16, (well I guess you better keep it legal)… start with 18, the line goes up to say 25 then it begins a slow decline… at 26 – 29, dips more from 30-… to I’d say 34..then hits a heavy decline at 35… smashing into The Wall at 40 and straight to menopause hell afterwards…. lol… now that would be a great graph. Also, to make it even more interesting, you can attach a dollar value to each age bracket.

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  • On the topic of women’s holes.
    I recall some 8 years ago a woman I met. The first time we were getting intimate I pulled down her pants whilst she was engaging me in fellatio. Her nether region was a few feet away from my face, but the instant I pulled down those pants, the worst, most odious, disgusting odor emanated from betwixt her legs. It was the combination of shit stained anus and rotten fish vagina molded into one, which to this day is the most odious smell I’ve ever experienced. Suffice to say I lost my boner but had the decency to tell her I had an upset stomach and not that her holes are what caused the boner kill.
    After that day I saw women for what they are, a human and not an angel the way they or the media love to paint them to be.
    It made day game so much easier. Why would a man be afraid to approach a woman who has the natrual capability to produce the most horrid smell straight from her holes? The very holes she utilizes to subjugate men and to take advantage of them. So, the next time you see a hot girl and feel intimidated by the thought of approaching her, know very well that betwixt her legs lies horridness that you as a man cannot produce or imagine.
    As you were gentlemen.

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    • Great comment!!!

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    • As a jeweler of fifty years I would argue with you at length but as a man that is definitely the funniest thing I have read online in 20 yrs.
      Indeed, women have a nauseous side that will throw you to the wolves if you allow.
      Fuck them, brother, fuck them, and they will do you no harm.


  • At 54 years of age, a wife of 20 years, and a kid, I literally can’t think of anything a woman brings to the table. They are a royal pain in the ass, all the time, even during the good times. Oh, always remember it’s us men who create the good times, for we are brought up to be the clowns that amuse women. Oh God I’d wished I’d known all this red pill stuff at 18, I’d saved myself tons of heartache dealing with these retarded c….!

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  • This article is so spot on that I don’t really have words to adequately describe my admiration for both it and it’s author. Should be required reading for ever man.

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