Inside the Twisted Mind of an Anglobitch: “So What You’re Saying Is…”

In a stunning interview showing how convoluted and obtuse the Anglobitch mind is, Jordan Peterson (a leading intellectual) just endured a half hour of “So, what you’re saying is…” questions from Cathy Newman of Channel 4 news as she deliberately misinterpreted what he was saying to manipulate him into making a fool of himself. As he laid out his libertarian views, Cathy tried to crucify Peterson with repeated claims he was a heretic for not adhering to feminist, leftist politico-religious doctrine.

The plan backfired, and Cathy made a fool of herself as her incessant “So what you’re saying is…” act has become a viral internet meme. While they argue their way through a number of issues, including the “evil” patriarchy, fallacious gender pay gap and the insane leftist claim that men and women think and act exactly alike, the climax of the interview comes when Peterson sticks to his guns under Cathy’s criticism of him for refusing to use invented, gobbledygook transgender pronouns the insane left created out of whole cloth. As reported by Life Site News:

“Why should your right to freedom of speech trump a trans person’s right not to be offended?” Cathy demanded.

As we all know, the totalitarian left is obsessed with not offending others even though they can be some of the most offensive people on the planet. Peterson traps her in her own self-righteousness.

“Because in order to think, you have to risk being offensive,” said Peterson. “Look at the conversation we’re having right now. You’re certainly willing to risk offending me in the pursuit of truth. Why should you have the right to do that? It’s been rather uncomfortable.”

Even Cathy couldn’t come up with an emotional, hamster wheel argument against that logic, demonstrating time and again throughout the fiasco how women can’t debate men logically – as the emotional realm is their domain. (Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with that.)

“Well, I’m very glad I put you on the spot,” Newman stammered, visibly taken aback, as Peterson laughed.

Watching this interview actually reminds me of arguments I’ve had with women in which they distort everything I’m saying. In debates or arguments, women will hamster wheel the most stunning non-sequiturs, stumble through the most inane logical fallacies, fog the mind with emotional nonsense rather than adhering to rationality, and perform the most amazing mental acrobatics to either completely avoid the truth in one’s statements or try to confuse their opponent by jumping around from one point to another – much as a squid squirting ink into the water to confuse its prey.

This is not only a good demonstration of how closed-minded the corrupt media are in the Anglosphere, but it doubles as a good display of how wily (and frankly, maddening) women are when engaging in arguments with men. It’s as if they want to avoid facts altogether, and create their own version of truth.

If you can get through the entire interview without shoving your fist through the screen due to Cathy’s typical Anglobitch combativeness and argumentativeness, the interview is a good demonstration of how to maintain frame and destroy feminists and leftists with logic and reason as they bounce around from one half-formed argument to another. Enjoy.

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  • The interviewer and the interviewee only serve the so-called Liberal agenda for degradation of the relationship between men and women and not any kind of regeneration.

    This video (vi-see, deo-demon; see the demon) is a classic in the high art of vain philosophy (philo-love, sophist-argue) with no redeeming qualities suitable for bringing man and woman back to the table as equals though quite different in nature.

    It appears that only through a situation of real desperation are men and women going to once again act like men and women.

    If the programming of Hollyweird has not thoroughly corrupted your heart and head then this master mind manipulator, a clinical psychologist, an admitted re-programmer, and his fence, his front, his promoter, a professional prostitute of the highest order, will definitely have you programmed, or reprogrammed, in no time at all.
    Truly, a couple of wolves in coyote clothing.

    What is desperately missing in the mix of men and women today is morality.
    Without fealty and fidelity to morality between the components of the pair on which the future of our species depends there will be neither matriarchy nor patriarchy possible.

    We all lose.

    I could see some little hope if Jordan and Cathy were to marry, seriously, and really make a go of it. She is over the hill and he is mature enough; though not much.
    It is their type of kinetic energy, displayed, properly applied and directed, with an unshakable moral foundation, which can produce long life, legendary exploits and legions of loving generations.

    Undoubtedly, the world needs a messiah, or two.

    I have my work cut out for me, I suggest you do too.


  • Cathy Newman also falsely attributed so-called “death threats” to Dr. Jordan Peterson w/o a shred of evidence. It could even be herself who posted those online death threats to promote her feminist cause. This feminist war is only getting more and more brazen.


  • BTW another Anglobitch teacher abused a 14 yo boy


  • Lol…..


  • It is literally a waste of time to talk to a woman. You are talking to an evil, selfish, immature child. Women are not worth the time of day. Go MGTOW and do what you want, not what some retarded b…. wants!


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    It is impossible to have a reasoned argument with someone who won’t accept reason. All those years as a clinical psychologist paid off for Jordan Peterson in that interview. Turning the tables on journalists who do ambush interviews is not for everyone. The one thing we can hope for is that Cathy Newman sticks to reading straight news for the rest of her career.


  • If it were me being grilled like that on live TV, I would have just start beating the living shit out that cunt. I don’t have the patience that Mr. Peterson has. I would make goddamn sure that cunt had two black eyes before I got thrown off set and arrested. Fucking hell.


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