Trump the Trojan Horse


Some are surprised by Trump’s betrayals – TNMM is not

With the signing of the Omnibus spending bill Trump has delivered back to back slaps in the face to his base. As a result Trump’s signature campaign promise, the border wall is on hiatus. (Building a wall is a stupid idea anyway, because the demographic tidal wave that has permanently changed America into a polyglot boarding house has already crashed ashore.) Gleeful Democrats got everything they wanted out of the spending bill, prompting Pelosi to gloat “We were able to accomplish more than when we held the majority.”

This latest betrayal comes on the heels of Trump’s infamous gun control commentary in which he told legislators “take the guns first, due process second” in a meeting with top Demicans and Republicrats in the White House.

While there is solace in the fact we don’t have to hear the shrill voice of Hillary giving us NWO talking points from the Oval Office each day, we have to wonder how her presidency would have been much different than Trump’s. Stefan Molyneux pointed this out in a recent Twitter post.


There are two possibilities explaining this disheartening outcome of the Trump presidency. One is the U.S. government has been so thoroughly co-opted by Deep State whores of corporate financial interests the presidency has been reduced to a figurehead position with very little actual power. Two, Trump is a Trojan Horse put there by shadowy forces so a white nationalist can be crucified Nixon-style once Democrats take back control of Congress this fall.

Either way, we are headed into some dark days. Hillary didn’t win, but whoever comes after Trump in 2020 (if he lasts that long) will put the final nails in the coffin of the nation. Personally, I’m living for the day because I know what’s coming soon. The completion of the transformation of America into a totalitarian regime.

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  • The Angry Outernationalist

    The nasty little fly hidden in this particular batch of legislative ointment is something called the “CLOUD Act”, and it’s a way in which the US Government can extend its extra-territoriality even further …

    Now if a division of a US company is storing its data outside the US for a US citizen, the US company must provide the data to US law enforcement. Previously this required use of a “mutual legal assistance treaty”, or MLAT, in order for a US court to request the data be made available under the terms of the treaty through law enforcement and courts in that country.

    Prior to the passage of this law within the over 2300 pages of legislative pig product that were signed into law by Mister Trump, the laws of the country in question could prevent the disclosure of the information, such as with a case in Ireland involving Microsoft where the company was stuck between complying with Irish law and complying with American law.

    Now the US has decided that it can unilaterally impose extra-territoriality on US companies storing data outside the US, and that was slipped into this legislative pig product so this legislation wouldn’t come up for further debate. Before this happened, the legislation was stalled in Congress and was effectively trapped in place, which is where it should have remained.

    But why would Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, and Google support this legislation?

    Once again, you are not the consumer, you are not the end-user, you are not the purchaser of services.

    You are the product, and you are being packaged like a product every time you use services from a US company.

    If you want another compelling argument for dumping Facebook et. al., here it is.

    Otherwise, welcome back Mister Relampago to The Exceptional Nation of Spies.


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    I don’t want to think about where we would be had Hillary won. She would have given away the store to feminists before the inauguration.

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  • I’m certainly in the minority, but I stopped paying attention to politics. It’s all BS.
    My co-workers discuss Trump on the daily, at this point I have know clue what they’re talking about, nor do I care.


    • The Angry Outernationalist

      “But we would rather have John Wayne …” — Gil Scott-Heron, “B Movie”

      California wanted Arnold Schwarzenegger when the people of The Bear Shit Republic decided they wanted a prince to ride in on a sterling horse so they could be saved from themselves …

      But what they got was an incompetent who acted like a leader, who acted like a conservative, but who really acted like an actor the best.

      Trump’s an actor, the American people wanted an actor as US President, and so they have one.

      I don’t see the problem in terms of the will of the people not being played out here. If anything, the will of the people is being over-represented, especially when it comes to what Slavoj Zizek once called “a single solitary masturbatory act”, which is the act of voting.

      Instead, I see the problem as one in which the American people believe they’re competent in determining the fate of the country, and yet they’re not competent at this at all. It takes more than “voting the right person” into office to determine the fate of a country.

      And so I’m with you: it will take a lot more than whatever the head of the current regime manages to do to set America back toward a better fate. In the meantime, I’m inclined to believe that Americans are generally getting the blowback they deserve.

      Of course, those of us here are looking for options that include running fast as blazes past the door …

      I see it myself here: am I going to sit around like Tessenow, waiting for the Reich to kick him out of his position for saying “the wrong thing” or doing “the wrong thing”, even if it’s nothing at all, or am I going to make preparations for something else?

      I’m withholding judgement on the merits of Mister Trump because that isn’t relevant or even useful.

      Nothing apart from the American people getting their collective shit together will stop the freight train of “the American prospect” from derailing.

      I can pretend to be a participant, and so can you, but we’re all really just tourists here, and the truth is that being a tourist means you have other options …


  • Trump has held Feminism back somewhat though, you have to give him that. I think the whole MeToo nightmare would have been even worse with Hillary.

    With the expansionary monetary policies pursued by this administration we are in for an enormous bubble at some stage. They will keep interest rates low, and print like there`s no tomorrow. When it finally bursts this time, the dollar will collapse, and the whole nation will descend into a hyperinflationary chaos. I predict this will happen at some stage around an election, possibly already in 2020, depends who Trump is up against.


    • I hope your prediction comes to fruition. This country needs a crazy event like this to slap it back into place. Many of us will be abroad by then. This country is shit at this point, let it go up in flames.


    • I agree.
      Hillary would have advanced feminism, which is an outgrowth of Marxism, which produced all of the greatest mass slaughters in history. Untold numbers but well into the 100’s of millions of people slaughtered by other totally misguided, mentally deranged, people.
      Anybody who has an ‘I don’t care about politics’ attitude is doomed to be slaughtered like a pig or a sheep or worse.
      As they say pay attention or pay cash; I say, pay attention or pay with your life.
      Trump is all the world has got, along with Putin, and you better hope and pray they win the battle against the NWO.
      He is the world’s messiah whether anyone likes it or not.
      Because the world rejected THE messiah and the one who sent him.


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