Video: Looks Like These News Anchors Need Parrot Feed

You know you’re living in a truly Orwellian world when news anchors all across the country are denouncing fake news and biased narratives while becoming shining examples of fake news and bias themselves by parroting the same lines nationwide.

This creepy video showcases how the Fourth Estate has become the Fifth Column. Note the vomit-inducing pretense their version of events and selection of topics are the holy grail. That they’re the only unbiased news sources out there, fearful cubicle drones making shit pay with student loan, car and mortgage payments that they are. We little people don’t need to be talking amongst ourselves is the message. These vacuous presenters will do our thinking for us.

Here’s some reality. Before I left the news industry for good things got so bad we were scripting stories before shooting them rather than reporting on reality as it happened. That is nothing short of utter betrayal of what journalism is supposed to be. There are many other betrayals of the public trust beyond setting up literal fake news stories. Not the least of which is the echo chamber seen in this video, as news agencies across the nation read off a script prepared for them by one of about half a dozen corporate conglomerates that control all the information distributed on these tarnished, legacy outlets.

It shows us how centralized communication is such an epic fail. One keyboard literally controls so many channels in so many cities.

Just like Ron Burgundy these talking heads in cheap suits standing in front of plexiglass will read anything that’s written on the teleprompter. Anything. And the irony is this video intended to attack so-called fake news on the Internet has become a shining example of what fake news really is.

You stay classy, MFers.

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  • The Angry Outernationalist

    I just realised the biggest reason why I don’t watch much American news crap: the women presenters aren’t all that good to look at.

    They’re not quite down to CBC Vancouver quality standards, but they’re certainly getting there …


    • Ohh. yuck!
      As soon as someone mentions CBC I think of Pink Hair and wonder how long will it be till the newscasters sport blue hair on the boys and pink on the girls.
      CBC surely stands for Cocksucking Bastards and Cunts.


  • This is not new news.
    I remember in early-2017 watching Jimmy Kimmel highlight large numbers of newsreaders from across the country reading the same exact words for various stories.
    He did not, however, tie them to one media conglomerate like Sinclair.
    Why have we never had a whistleblower reveal the initial message that went out to all the stations?
    We also see this in politics where every pundit and commenter of a liberal or conservative bent always has the same talking points.


    • Ever seen a dog chase its tail? Once he catches it he lets it go. Then, if not yet bored, he starts again.
      Humans are much the same. The end goal is not catching the tail; it is the chasing of the TALE.
      Generally, when the news covers a story, the purpose is to plant the meme in your mind that this has been addressed and therefore no longer needs your attention. `Nothing here, move along`.
      All `NEWS`, so called, falls into 3 sub categories with 1 purpose:

      1 purpose is to keep you afraid and dependent and malleable, or amenable, to do your part as directed or dictated.

      The first category would be crimes, accidents and disasters of which probably half are caused by our benevolent dictators, the 1% ers, incompetence, negligence or corruption. The other half of those events are the 99% taking out their frustrations on each other instead of the real psycho perps, the 1% ers.

      The second category would be the latest and greatest toy you need to be completely satisfied with life, your wife, your idiot savant children, your stupid fucking job or whatever else it is you hate and can only endure with the help of the tidbits thrown at you, which you pay for. Often all that`s needed is a beer ad to set you off and running to nirvana. Sometimes it needs more like giving your wife a $100 to spend at Victoria`s Secret. The real Secret is that Victoria is transgender AND bi or worse. Sometimes you need to cough up a grand, or two, for a new toy phone that does what your last phone did only a little different.

      The third category is; how Peace was achieved, for the weekend anyways, and Nuclear War has been averted once again, or; your loving govern-the-mint has financed a new budget to pave over the ganormous debt that has to be paid eventually anyways but not today, or; you should be damned thankful that it is not you starving but some poor illiterate, different race, on the other side of the planet and cough some more money or we will return you to the dark ages too.

      That about covers the NEWS for today. Tomorrow, just read this again and insert your own cause celeb or celebrities cause and hit play.

      That covers the new for today and forever. `There is nothing new under the sun` so said Solomon.

      And, as my brother likes to say, `I read the Globe and the Star every morning only to know what lies they are telling today`.


  • Hey RF, “this is extremely dangerous to our democracy!” 🙂


    • What Democracy ?? As an aside, it was supposed to be a Republic, not a democracy. Democracy is just “mob rule” in polite terms. ANYWAY…………… Democracy or Republic. We haven’t had either for quite some time.


  • In the not so distant past, at least the media mouthpieces would use different PHRASING to convey the same point/story. Now, they don’t even do that! They’re literally reading the same thing at the same time…


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    “Before I left the news industry for good things got so bad we were scripting stories before shooting them rather than reporting on reality as it happened …”

    Ever had any stories that nobody would let you edit, with weird names (sometimes written backwards) and odd phrasing, often involving gruesome deaths and completely weird specifics that made no sense?

    Those are stories that are planted codebook and one-time pad ciphers for intelligence agents.

    If someone edited them, that would screw up the enciphered text.

    Usually they’d go out over the wire services as written, making it easier for agents to pick up their messages. It was generally considered good joss when you could get a rival country’s wire service to pick up the planted enciphered story because that made it easier for agents to pick up their messages.

    These days they don’t even need a dodgy shortwave receiver as a backup: a copy of the Tor Browser on a clean laptop will get them “the daily news” as written by the people at the “home office” … hahaha.

    Playing the “Spot the Spy Communique” game on certain major world press outlets used to be a lot of fun.


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    I can remember when network news was carried by the more profitable divisions. When the bean counters forced it to operate at a profit, that cut a lot. I can also remember when most TV stations were owned locally. Without those two factors, the video in the original post could not happen.


  • Jonathan Castle

    Nice. It gives you a lot of insight into what the elite think of you: Idiots to be programmed by other idiot puppets in suits.

    Mass media: TV, newspapers, radio, Hellywood have been programming us for 80 years. what to think, how to act, who to vote for, what to be angry about, who to hate, what to hate about myself, what makes me important, what makes me a loser…

    The older I get the more I think the only antidote is the Bible. They sure as sh!t don’t want you reading that.


    • Interesting to note that Jordan Peterson has only recently become very interested in the Bible. His perceptions are quite brilliant compared to the majority of ministers I have spoken with but still needs more discernment.
      It is certain that the Bible is a life time read and not a throw away Kindle novel.
      At the insistence of a friend I have returned to read the excluded books; especially Jasher and Enoch.


  • Reminds me of the You Tube split screen video of the Australian and Canadian Prime Ministers’s, in their respective Parliamentary chambers, reading the exact same speech to get their constituents compliance in supporting the invasion of Iraq.
    Indeed, the Matrix is a program being aired for your consumption.
    I hope no one gets indigestion.


    • Ryu
      It would be impertinent for me to answer. Decidedly usurpative of those who should but don’t. Which reminds me of a bone I need to kick, I mean pick.
      I have PDF copies downloaded of both Jasher and Enoch. You can find a few versions online.
      Generally, Enoch and Jasper are not politically correct.

      I used to have hard copies a couple of libraries ago. I had a Geneva Bible facsimile also. That was the one burned in 1560 under orders of the King. Only 4 copies survived till today. It wasn’t politically correct either but only, from the King’s viewpoint, in the King NOT having the authority of Yahweh on earth. The priests had that authority but abdicated, what, 5,000 yrs ago? HOLY FUCK, Batman! Yes, Robin, HOLY indeed!

      For those who don’t know and may be reading in order to gain knowledge; there has never, ever, in the history of huwomanity, (dang, let’s hope they don’t adopt that word) been any separation of church and state except when a kings head was separated from his shoulders. There were a few of those before the Church of England capitulated.

      Today, ALL UK bibles admit in the preface or foreword that the English Church is Roman.
      Surprise, surprise!!!

      I’m sure you are aware the Queen Lizzie and Phillip the Cuck visited Rome to be reprimanded just a few years ago.
      A 15 minute audience with the Pope; for tea and crumpets and a copy of the document from Edward the Confessor ceding all lands and authority of the British Crown to Rome in perpetuity. The British Crown is the Crown Corporation of London, protected by the BAR of London, supported by the Police of London, and therefore all British intelligence agencies, and, effectively controlled by all the Lords and Knights. Sir Elton in drag type Knights.
      Shows you why you can’t get any Jimmy Savilles, or priests, hung out to dry.
      They just pay the hush money and move the pedos to greener, younger pastures. It now behooves them to bury more witnesses these days.

      You may have noticed that the Pope refused Trudeau’s request to apologize and take responsibility for the residential school murders. 50,000 times $1,000,000 is how much? Trudeau himself was almost certainly sodomized to break his mind for programming purposes.

      Settling the claim over the residential schools, of which my younger brother was a victim, would, of course, open the door to a claim for settlement against the murders of 60 MILLION North American natives and who knows how many Aztec, Inca, Aussie Aboriginals, Phillipinos, Hawaiians, ad infintum, ad nauseum.

      Sorry Ryu, that was not quite the answer you were looking for.

      Anyone who cares about truth should not only read the Bible knowing that there are 20,000 admitted errors, but, recognizing a huge amount of pre-history has been removed because of the the missing books.

      Kind of like the Smithsonian collecting all the skeletons of giants from the North American Mounds so as not to need to explain incongruities and inconsistencies in the partly line. Make that both party lines.

      Further, on Jordan Peterson, I notice he is smart, well read, literal, sincere, but, 99.99% of what he says is regurgitation and not reconsideration. He has very few distinct thoughts separate from one doctrine or another whether secular or religious, political or legal. This is problematic because, though his targets, like Social Justice warriors of all stripes, academics, bureaucrats, left wing wackos and lightly neurotics are socialist, feminist and Marxist for the most part; which are very dangerous sub-movements within culture as the Bolsheviks proved clearly, Jordan is decidedly Fascist and supportive of the Church, State, Banks and Corporations to what I think is an equally, even outrageously, dangerous degree. Further, left and a right don’t make a centrist and most centrists are actually leftist or rightist in drag anyways.

      If we keep looking in the same place for answers, when we have never found any satisfactory there before, we are nuts and should beware of squirrels.


      • Ahhhh.

        So you know the Smithsonian was originally designed to house artifacts of North America. Word is, the really good stuff is hidden away. Like those bones of the red giants.

        You remind me almost exactly of Tex Arcane. He too insisted large parts of the Bible were left out, like the creation of Satan or the Nephillim.

        Do you know the story of the Neanderthals, Melonheads, Sapiens and Starchild?

        Tex knew about Jimmy Saville also. He insisted that most BigGov leaders are now pedos. He tied this with a Roman invasion of Carthage, because they wanted fresh kiddies back then to.

        …and the caverns in Malta – you know about them?


      • Ryu
        Far too much time required to go into all of that, but, it is enough to say that most prehistory has been covered, not just by the Bible in its current form but, by many researchers over the last 2 centuries to expose that there have been at least 6 major civilizations, unrecognized by officialdom, in no particular order:
        James Churchward must be given enormous credit for covering Atlantiyah, Lemuriyah and Mu. That covers 3 at least.
        In the fourth we can lump the giants, and the dwarfs/pygmies they often ate, together as another, not very civil, civilization which probably encompassed most of the planet.
        A fifth would be the Indo-european, supposed, the early Egyptian, and, the Vedic cultures, combined, who destroyed each other with Electron weapons and maybe nuclear.
        My focus of study is on the Celtic`s predecessor`s civilization and their ethnobotanical focus; along with their ability to get along with many extinct species who had then managed the planet bio system. The Celts themselves were apparently throughout the Northern Hemisphere and not just the Isles.

        The real ‘civilization’ wild card is the ‘other’ ‘equator’ of neolithic sites surrounding the planet. From Machu Picchu to Giza to Stonehenge, etc., there is a common thread if only in the geo-locations and obfuscance of the facts.

        If we don’t know our history, we are ‘in deed’ doomed, or directed, to repeat it. Thank you Mr. Orwell, MI5 Ret.


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